How to do Marketing for Jewelry Using Social Media

How many of you have heard the saying, “The world is your oyster.”?  I presume many of you!

Digital space is a buzz right now. Almost every other person is getting on digital media platforms to establish themselves as influencers, or brands stepping into the retail world. There are even bloggers everywhere, showcasing their personality and talents, out loud.

I guess, in this digital era, it is safe to say that the world is indeed your oyster.

Especially, if you are a brand.

Marketing for Jewelry

The entire era is on the various digital social media platforms. Count on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and others in the pipeline. People on these platforms are able to promote and advertise themselves as trustworthy lions in the online retail market.

It does not matter if you are a giant or just a newbie stepping in, to test waters in the digital market, the online space is all for you to take advantage of millions of consumers gawking businesses for new and improved products.

There is no doubt that a decent presence in social media can boost the marketing of a brand. There are tons of such businesses running online. But isn’t a new and refined plan to stand out, a better option to get recognized?

Don’t worry! The answers are simple. Here are 8 stellar tips that can turn you into a successful Jewelry brand online.

Social Media Marketing for Jewelry Brands:

1. Focus on building a positive brand image:

With the competitive online space and an increase in the number of brands trying to create a label out of their business, there is a strict need for you as a retailer to build your own landmark online using the latest skills. For you as a jewelry retail brand, creating a label should be a priority.

The first step towards creating a place for yourself will be by having an active and consistent online presence. This online presence is the ice breaker. It gives you the license to reach out to a maximum number of people present online using creatives, and a distinct portrayal of your brand.

  • Create a responsive and crowd-pleasing website.

Whether you have an online store on Instagram, a showroom, or just an online jewelry shopping website, it is necessary for you to showcase your products and attract customers to pay attention to your brand. This consideration for your brand name will only come once you have a seamless and responsive website that can help significantly to showcase your identity as the brand, increase your business and look forward to your future products.

  • Build SEO strategies with content rich in SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is hip right now. It is the sole and whole reason behind brands achieving their name in the online world. Hence, a website with content rich in keywords can help you rank on the very first page of search engines. You can do this by ensuring that your brand’s website uses the universal SEO checklist, follows almost all the link building techniques, and uses SEO plugins to assist while you create content for your website.

  • Write original and good content that can reach millions!

Ever wondered about the perks of blogging?

And how a blog reaches millions?

The one thing that the internet worships is the way a brand or website showcases information to the audience. The way you portray information about your website makes sure that your audience is well fed and kept in the loop.

As a jewelry brand, you need to understand the importance of visuals and images. Along with informative blogs that talk about your products and ways to accessorize your products, you can even play around your website using creative videos, and exciting infographics to keep your audience engaged.

2. Build a strong social media presence:

Social media, without a doubt, is a great way to reach your target audience. It is the best tool ever invented to wow the hearts of your potential customers using all your quirky ideas. In fact, Sprout Social, a leading online mag reported in an article dated February 01, 2019 that, “Between September 2017 and June 2018, the number of monthly active users on Instagram had increased by 200 million.”

It is not just Instagram that is ruling the digital media business but there’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube too, that are all leading social media platforms helping retailers boost their business if they know the right tricks to lure their customers. But how exactly to do that?

Try to answer these questions for your brand.

  • Who is my audience?
  • What does my audience want?
  • Which posts worked best for me?
  • What kind of content should I keep recreating?
  • Which platform is working best for me and the brand?

Social media, though it is easy, it’s a huge web. Answering these questions for your brand will help you understand and analyze your current situation. These answers will also help you draft you a marketing plan for your brand.

After you analyze and plan, you can go ahead and draft innovative social media campaigns for your brand. You should also work on crisp and creative video edits. Apart from what changes you can bring to your profile, keeping it simple will be my only answer. While your creativity will pay you off, don’t go overboard with your creative. Let your users and customers know that you are human.

3. Launch a new campaign (Try to interact more with your followers)

Campaigns are in a full swing everywhere online, now. Almost every brand online has been indulged in posting digital content announcing some oddly satisfying new campaign or crazy discount deals that attract masses.

Running new campaigns is a massive weapon that most businesses and online brands use to reach a large number of people and make their products visible to their probable audience. Forget traditional methods of advertising and marketing, this new way of putting up your new range of jewelry will create a greater impact.

  • To launch campaigns as a jewelry brand
  • Use an innovative hashtag that your followers can use on any platform to take part in the contest
  • Try to create interactive videos, polls
  • Post relatable or humorous GIF’s that may create an emotion
  • Create a contest with polls, QnA on Instagram, attracting your audience to participate in contests
  • You can also post an album of creative pictures or memes that will create a better and expensive brand

These simple yet interactive brand will not only give your label greater visibility but will also create more brand awareness. That too at a minimal fraction of your money. Now, isn’t this a cost-effective method to increase your visibility?

4. Videos are the key to proper content management:

Videos are a great way to tell any story short and help connect with your customers easily. They are the most lucrative assets that can be used as a medium to link your customer needs and your business.

This can be done to celebrate any special occasion (eg, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

Your customers will feel valued when you become sensitive to their emotions. Playing by invoking positive customer emotions to increase your visibility can really bring in more added value. You can even create thought-provoking snippets that are guaranteed to draw in more customers and viewers. Viewers like crispy new concepts and out of the box edits. Give them something new!

5. Proper Influencer Marketing:

Nothing in today’s world will sell unless there are influencers suggesting it. Tracing down the path of the media’s history, masses used to favor a particular product only when an actor used to pose with it. Potential customers or viewers who are thinking of buying a product from your jewelry brand will most likely look at names and brands you are associated with. Believe it or not! That is how human psychology works.

If your audience knows they can trust something and there are other people to prove that your products have been unquestionably successful, your new customers will end up giving it a shot. Right?

6. Opt for online advertisements for higher and better sales:

Online advertising is a must especially if you are looking to increase your customer base. Social media advertising can help you target a special group of people- fast and easy. Of course, it might be risky in the beginning to start putting money on the advertisements but you will be surprised to know the tricks to achieve better results while minimizing your spend.

  • Facebook: If you are well acquainted with Facebook and its advertisements, you might also understand the potential it carries along with it. As a jewelry brand, Facebook ads can help you to reach out to more people who are looking for the latest jewelry and new brands to try on. Facebook gives you detailed targeting options with features that may drive traffic to your website, other social media profiles drive foot market to your offline showrooms.
  • Instagram: Instagram is nothing different. Facebook owns Instagram so it isn’t surprising at all, how it may also work seamlessly in driving more audience to your online portals. With Instagram, you can attract more people using advertisements targeting millennials. And millennials love carousal ads.

Apart from all the advertisement services provided by these two leading social media platforms, there are others like YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest, also.

Online shopping websites like Amazon can help you in enticing more audience. You as a jewelry brand can benefit using Amazon ads to drive more traffic to your e-commerce website and increase your selling. You can also register yourself as a seller on the platform, providing the right links to your website and increase sales.

7. Post more real photos and let your potential customers see real feedbacks!

Getting real will never hurt you. If your customers can see how you have made other customers happy with your services, they will most certainly relish buying products from you. It’s a universal law.

Since you are a jewelry brand, building good reviews make your customers happy. And displaying real pictures from common people like you and me will build their trust. You will get more engagement if instead of using ad shots, you prefer putting pictures of your customers trying your products.

NOTE: You can even create exclusive hashtags, encourage customers to use that hashtag when they purchase a product from you.

8. Don’t forget to put your website links in your social media profiles:

This is a common mistake noticed online. A number of bloggers, influencers and brands miss to include the links to their media pages in their email letterhead, signatures, business cards and even social media pages.

In case you want your potential customers to visit your store or the official website, do not miss on adding your target links to all your marketing materials.

9. Grow your online retail market targeting bloggers:

Word of the mouth is the key to your future in the online retail market. And consumers of a brand preference when they see the usage of your products done in a beautiful way.

The game is easy. Check the following bullet points.

  • All you need to do is tap through potential influencers and bloggers who are major players in the market. They are the ones with better potential, a relevant audience, and the ones who can do justice to the name and purpose of your brand.
  • So, why wait!? Reach out to them and increase your jewelry brand name in a hassle-free and easy way.
  • Give them more than you may earn back. Provide them free products, hold giveaways, collaborate with them or build special hampers for them. This will, in turn, make the influencers become your brand followers and not just ambassadors.

Jewelry is an expensive commodity, it is difficult to gain trust, build a client base and keep them hooked on to your products. It is a marathon out there and the best solution is to make sure that all the above tricks are put to full use. Also, building a brand is easy, but sustaining it requires a lot of work and effort. It is not just about building a steady pipeline to your brand, it is also about working innovatively to get newer customers.

Nonetheless, it is time to unleash these digital tricks to expand marketing for jewelry business. Go on, use these tips and own the oyster!

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