Digital Marketing Assets You Need for Business Growth

Do you wish to use the power of marketing assets to the benefit of your business? Check this complete guide on these assets and explore great ways to use them to your business advantage.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Assets Available for Your Business:

Marketing assets are promotional tools, which you can use to bring your business in front of your audiences and others. Brochures, blog posts, emails, website content, images, videos, and sales letters, all form different kinds of marketing assets. Whether you plan a digital marketing strategy or practice a traditional form of marketing, you can use these assets to bring lasting benefits to your business.

Marketing Assets

Your company can acquire these assets either by creating them itself or by reaching out to paid services. No matter which way you take, these assets are highly beneficial, reusable, and can be the best fit for your business model.

The prominent types of digital marketing assets available are:

  • Sales Letters
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Emails
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio recordings like podcasts

You can select one or more of these marketing assets, but make sure you review them on a regular basis. This is important to ensure that the assets remain relevant for the marketing campaigns. If required, you must update the marketing assets so that they can be used in present as well as future campaigns.

Finding Out Marketing Assets Relevant to Your Business:

Rather than finding suitable marketing assets for your business, it is best to create them. Creating great assets is not difficult. You necessarily, don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to be more focused and appropriate instead. One easy way out to this is to consider the marketing assets used by your competitors. Check for measures they are following in order to create content, which is unique and great at the same time. You don’t have to copy their bit, but you can definitely create marketing assets that are similar to them.

Moreover, you can find out marketing assets in different platforms, like reports, photo libraries, industry journals, subject matter experts, and others. While some platforms offer marketing assets to be used for free of cost, others may charge a fee for it.

Additionally, you can search for marketing assets on Google. High-quality images are available on Google images and photo gallery category with a filter that is the only material available for use. Might be, you have to follow certain guidelines like giving credit to the hosting service or photographer, and others.

Some of the potential platforms to get access to rich marketing assets is:

  • Websites of your competitors can be considered to create similar rich content. You must not copy the content on your competitor’s website directly but can always use it as an inspiration to design high-quality marketing assets.
  • Sites with content license, like Flickr, Google images, and etc. are other sources to get marketing assets. Such sites offer a portion of the content, which is free to use for business or commercial purposes.
  • Furthermore, you can also redesign and repurpose the existing assets of your company. This includes materials used in previous campaigns along with materials that were created but not used for marketing purposes.
  • Finally, you can use feedback from your customers to create adequate marketing assets. Emails from clients can offer you feedback on the product, and the same can be used in the marketing campaign. Additionally, you can consider testimonials that feature customer reactions in context to your products to create potential marketing assets.

How Can You Secure Ownership of Marketing Assets Received from Other Sources?

There are multiple ways to get the usage or ownership of marketing assets. Some of the best ways are:


You can ask assets on rent for use for over a course of time. It is a cost-effective method that is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. These assets can be used for specific time duration and you have to pay a fee in exchange.

Purchase Assets:

While this is a straightforward way to get ownership of marketing assets, but this might be expensive. You can practice it only if you have the budget with you.


Another way to secure ownership of marketing assets is by forming a partnership with another entity. This way, you can expect joint efforts as well.


Finally, if no other way seems perfect for you then it is best to create marketing assets for your business. You can get them created either by your employee or hire services from a paid agency.

Ways to Make Effective Use of Marketing Assets in Your Business Campaign:

Marketing assets can deliver effective results only when they are used in the proper manner and in the correct context. Hence, you have to employ them precisely in the correct campaign. Logo and brand name can be used in a strategy outlined to boost brand recognition. Your business strengths such as distribution reach, core competencies, and brand image must be considered while designing a market-based strategy to marketing assets.

Your marketing assets must be a perfect match for the media. There are numerous marketing platforms or media sources available for use. It is essential that you use a marketing asset that is in conjunction with the media that you are using for the promotional campaign. This is important to bring maximum exposure to the campaign.

Here check some of the common ways where you can effectively use marketing assets into your marketing campaign.

Promotion on Radios:

The structure of advertisements on radios is defined by the medium. What you speak on the radio means a lot because your audiences are only able to listen and is not able to view anything. The words you speak must be based on the script designed by your agency, company, or contractor retained for the aim of designing the script.

Advertising on Television:

Television ads mean video ads that are used to display promotional content on the television. But based on the audience targeted, infographics, usability of charts, and other written materials can be used at times. This is particularly important in the modern age where consumers expect multitasking and information.

A large number of customers may not focus only on the sound in a television ad. Hence, it is important to back-up your ads visual components with written materials that explain customers about features and benefits of a product.

Print Advertisements:

Print ads have to be rich in both visual and information content. These ads appear in print publications like magazines and newspapers. Hence, you have to focus on both aspects.

Online Marketing:

As far as the internet is concerned, it offers a variety of routed to reach out to customers on the Internet. Therefore, the marketing assets used on this platform will differ a lot as compared to those used on other platforms. The assets used will differ based on the specific outlet you chose and the kind of marketing strategy you approach.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing involves using techniques such as pay per impression (PPM) and pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns. You can, therefore, use marketing assets in accordance with these techniques.


Your website is a rich platform to showcase both visual and written assets. A strategy combining both these assets will depend primarily on the type of services or products sold by your company as well as your distance from the relevant audience. For example, if you are a company selling jewels or ornaments for the elite class, then you have to use a mix of marketing assets that include written descriptions about company’s products and videos or pictures displaying such products.

Considering another example, if your company sells vacation deals then you have to use both visual and written marketing assets related to your products. Furthermore, you can use videos offering customers with a detailed appearance to specific vacation spots in order to boost the conversion rates.

Social Media:

Out there are numerous social platforms available that can be used with different marketing assets to bring benefits to your business. Some of the prominent social media platforms where you can employ marketing assets are:


This is the most popular social marketing platform that is excellent to post videos and photo marketing assets related to your business.


This social platform is more like a message service. You can use it to link videos, photos, blogs, and articles related to your products, service, or business.


It is the biggest video hosting website across the world. This platform is a rich resource to host videos explaining how to illustrate or use the features of your products or how your services can benefit the users.

Pinterest and Instagram:

Both of them are awesome websites to share photos. You can share photos relevant to your business in order to engage the targeted audience.

Only using the right kind of media for your marketing asset is not enough. Equally important is to employ a system that lets you effectively deploy and manage corporate assets. You can successfully achieve it only if you have a well-planned and managed system for marketing asset. With such a system, you can easily categorize, store, as well as obtain assets from a digital platform. Such a system must be applied in conjunction with your efforts for brand management.

You can include the following assets for an efficient management system:

  • Marketing materials
  • Photos related to the products
  • Logos
  • Descriptions related to the products

Tips to Create Your Own Marketing Assets:

The good thing is that there are numerous tools available to create content and marketing assets relevant to your business. Whether you wish to post a high-quality video on YouTube or you intend to post a blog, there are numerous ways to create content specific to your needs.

Additionally, there are numerous freelancer websites, like Upwork available where you can hire freelancers to get created rich assets for you. Alternatively, you can hire an agency specializing in the field to create different kinds of content.

However, if you plan to create different marketing assets yourself, then here are a few helpful tips.

Articles and blogs:

Create blogs about your company, its products, and services in an interesting and engaging way. Make sure that your audience is able to understand your point successfully.

A good article or blog post is one that provides readers the insights on how a product or service can benefit them. You can even include stories related to how others have benefitted using your product or what makes your product innovative and useful.


In order to get rich graphics for your business and let your company logo stand above the competitors, it is worth hiring skilled graphic designers. A distinctive logo design is an excellent way to grab customer’s attention to your brand.


A great way to boost the engagement of your audience is creating how-to videos. Demonstrate videos showing your services and products in order to increase the interest of your customers.


Attractive images can draw your customer’s attention to your ad or product. It is of the utmost importance to create high-quality images.

Case Studies and White Papers:

Both of them are rich ways to offer your audience with detailed information about your offerings and how they are better than the others. Case studies provide an in-depth analysis of your offerings in context to the industry trends. Also, they are efficient tools to demonstrate the value of your products to the users.

Maintain Shareability:

When using marketing assets to your business success, do not rate one above the other as each marketing asset has its own benefits. While videos or posts can go viral, emails, brochures, and other assets can quickly gain momentum and let you have a large audience group by getting shared on social platforms and among peers. This way, your marketing assets can become really valuable and help your business extend its reach.

Hence, no matter what kind of marketing asset you create and use, make sure it is shareable and spread out your message to most of the people.

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