How to Make Money Online Blogging – The Best Guide

Blogging is a respectable profession. There are people who do blogging as they love to write.

Some others consider it as a profession that can help to get income. So, there are many types of blogging and each of them varies.

Some professionals create blogs as part of their hobby and they seriously write about the topic they know about.

Most people come to this field when they hear that blogging is good money making option.

Now, Is that true?

Can you make money out of it?

Those who don’t know about money making by writing blogs, this is a good source of information.

Creating a website to blog is a process that takes time. Because you need to select a domain name, web hosting service, CDN network and need to design the website before adding content to it.

Make Money Online Blogging

After completing all these steps, you need to produce quality contents that can attract all followers. All of the above processes need money.

So, when you create a website, you need to invest money and if you cannot get any income from your blog then that is a total loss.

Bloggers initially won’t get good income from their blogs. After establishing their name in the industry, they can earn as much as they want.

We can say that the income from blogging depends on the writer’s ability to attract users with their writing.

In addition to good quality content, writers should know how to use these money-making strategies effectively. There are many ways you can try, to make money from blogging.

This is a guide that can help the bloggers to convert their blogs as an earning one without much effort.

Steps to Make Money Online Blogging:

Before starting, you need to decide the topic you are going to handle in your website.

If you are new to blogging and don’t have an idea about making a website, follow these steps.

1. Choose a domain name:

The first thing to do when you want to do blogging is to, create a website and you need a name for it.

You can select a perfect name and check whether the name is available to use. If it is available then get it registered as your domain name through a domain registrar.

2. Web hosting:

You need a place to hold all your website file and support it. So, choose a good web hosting service by checking its features.

There are so many services available and you can select an appropriate one according to your budget. Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc are some of the top web hosting services.

3. Choose a blogging platform:

You need a software where you can create a website. There are so many platforms where you can blog.

Some of them are WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, etc. Most bloggers prefer WordPress platform because it’s free to use and easily customizable too.

You can get plugins from it that can help you to customize your website easily.

WordPress is also suitable for monetizing options also. You need to go to and download the software on your device.

4. Start blogging:

After creating your own website and designing it, you can start to upload your bogs to it.

While creating contents building a great readership is your main aim. If you want to achieve it, quality contents are essential.

Write well-articulated contents that users want to read and publish them on your site.

Promote site within your circle and all social media platforms. If you can create useful articles, it is easy to get a good number of followers. This increases your blog reach and popularity.

5. Promote blogs:

It is not easy to get followers for a new blog. Even though you have done SEO and tried all options to get your content to top of the search result, it will be difficult.

First, you need to improve your reach by promoting yourself on social media platforms.

Participate in discussions and put your opinions about a particular topic. If you are a regular participator in discussions and forums, people will start noticing you.

This can lead to popularity and you can reach to a wide audience easily. If you have got good viewership, then money making will be easy.

6. Start making money from your blog:

After building a good number of followers, you can start thinking about making money from your bogs.

There are various options you can follow to monetize your blog. Just getting a good readership is not enough to make money.

You need to implement some money-making strategies to your blogs to succeed. If you are ready to work hard and experiment new thing on your blogs, it will help to make money from it. You can read about various options from blogging below

Income from advertising:

You can turn your blog into an earning source by including various advertisement. When I say advertisement, don’t think like that of newspapers and other mediums.

When your site gets enough traffic, advertisers approach you to help to promote their content. There is a mediator in this which is Google AdSense.

It analyses your website traffic and readership. If they found out that your blog is excellent to promote certain products, it will approach you.

You will get a commission for each click from viewers. Every blogger starts their money making from here. Various types of Advertisements are

Display Ads:

These are the ads that you can find on your page sidebar, header, footer or in your content

Giveaways and reviews:

You need to include reviews or about the product on your blog and you will get paid for it.

Sponsored& underwritten post:

Companies pay you to feature their product on your blogs

Newsletter /Video/Podcast:

Here you need to include advertisement in emails or small commercials in videos about a product on your page.

Affiliate Marketing:

In this type, you need to promote a product on your blogs and if a user clicks on the link and end up buying that product, you can get a commission for it. This is a great way to earn money without many complications.

If you have got many engaged followers, you can make a decent income by doing affiliate marketing. There are many programs available where you can participate.

The process is very simple too. Amazon associates, Bluehost, Affiliate acceleration, Amazon Influencers, etc are some of them.

Digital products:

This is the most common type of money making technique from blogs.

When you write blogs, you can add the eBooks, Ecourse, Apps, and plugins, etc on your content.

If any users have an interest in them, they will purchase it and you can earn money from it.

If you are an expert in that topic, you can also include classes or course on that particular topic.

If there are serious users, they will join your class to learn more about a topic.


Some sites include membership programs to their readers. If they want to use some special features for free they need to enroll in the membership program.

Premium members can get access to tools, classes or some special features on your site. This is a good way you can try to make some money.


Some bloggers with expertise can help their readers by accepting payment if they have some special skill like consulting, coaching, writing, etc. Freelance services include in this category.


Some users sell their products using blogs. It could be anything like a book, handcrafted products, classes, decorating, cooking, etc. They need some special skills and can make money if users got impressed with their skill.

These are some popular money-making options for bloggers. The money you get from this depends on your user participation.

If your site is more engaging and users participate or follow your reviews, then you can make money from this field.

Tips to Make Money Online Blogging:

  • Don’t follow the same money-making strategy always. Try various option that can fit into your blog
  • Create long quality contents and implement your strategies
  • This is a long-term process and success will not come immediately. Patience is very important for this
  • There is not a right way of using these techniques. You can experiment with each option and analyze your income. Change your techniques to identify the working option
  • Don’t consider blogging as an option to make money. Take this seriously and produce quality contents that are useful to viewers. The money will come automatically.
  • No need to copy other bloggers while using money making options. You need to develop your own strategy to use them in your content.
  • Don’t inject ads unnecessarily in your content. Only include relevant advertisement to your blog.
    There is a common question many people ask about creating a blog.

That is, Is it possible to create a free blog?

Actually, you can create free blogs without purchasing domain names and web hosting service.

There are many online sites which allows you to create blogs on their site. But the problem with them is that it is not your own platform.

So, no modifications or changes can be made to your content. Also, after publishing you cannot access it. It becomes their content and you will get the payment for it.

Popular Money Making Niche for blogging:

You need to find a blog topic before starting a website. It is not very easy to find a well-accepting topic.

Bloggers should be careful while picking a topic because if you don’t write on topics users interested in, then nobody will click on your site.

If you haven’t found a proper topic to create blogs, here are some suggestions

1. How to make money:

Everyone wants to make money. People always search for some easy options to save some money. Even readers want to know some new techniques to make money.

If you can express your knowledge of making money, share it with readers. Some popular bloggers like Pat Flynn, Melissa Griffin are very famous in this field.

2. Personal savings:

Users want to know about various budget saving options. You can write tips for users to save their personal finance.

3. Health and finance:

Health and finance blogs have always demand among users. Nowadays if people want to get any health advice they search for it in Google first.

If you can write well-researched articles based on these topics, it will be very popular.

4. Food blogs:

This is a hard field to earn money through advertising when it comes to food blogs where users always look for recipes.

You cannot include any buying choice in this. But there is another possibility like recipes bookselling.

You can research well about money making options on sites like FoodPro before choosing it as your blog topic

5. Lifestyle:

Lifestyle is a broad topic which includes so many topics. There are various topics like gardening, travel, organizing and more.

The money-making option here will be advertisements and ebooks.

6. Personality development:

Many users look for various options to increase their personality. If you can write about different ways to develop their personality, this is the best topic to choose from.

You can also conduct classes and sell books that can help people to improve personality. This is a hard topic to make money from ads or affiliate marketing.

Find other sources that you can use to earn money.

Final words:

Online blogging is a good source of income if you can use all techniques suitably.

Most of the people who choose this as their profession aims to make money from it. Experiment new things with your blogs which can help you to earn money.

The main thing that helps you to get income from blogging is your site traffic. Before monetizing your blog, implement various options that can increase your site traffic.

Many advertisers pay well to blogs that can help in their promotion. Don’t expect an immediate result after creating blogs. Wait some time and work hard to earn more followers and achieve your goal through hard work.

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