How to Make Money on Fiverr Fast: 14 Easy Ways

In recent times this world-renowned online marketplace named Fiverr has gained immense popularity. For those of you who are unaware, Fiverr offers a broad range of over three million tasks and services on its site for anyone who is willing to purchase them.

These services start at a nominal rate of five dollars and continue up to as high as five hundred. Here are some of the best ways to make plenty of money using this user-friendly online marketplace.

Make Money on Fiverr

Easy Ways to Make Money on Fiverr:

Selling services no matter how unconventional or rare:

No matter what your skill or talent is, do not shy away from offering your services for others to avail of. If you are able to write lovely poems that are both original and highly appealing to others then you could consider selling that.

Do not think you ought to stick to the conventional services, no matter how novel, you never know what yours might be the exact kind of service someone has been searching high and low for?

Doing Social media promotion for companies willing to pay:

In today’s technological age almost 70 percent of individuals who use the internet make use of social media in some form or the other and besides using social media as a means of getting in touch with old school friends they also make use of it to promote their particular product or to get visibility for their pages.

So whether the service is getting their posts shared, their pictures liked, or tweets, re-tweeted, you can turn to Fiverr to do the job and earning lucrative sum.

Being the cheeky middleman:

As you might have noticed, there are numerous people on Fiverr, who are willing to sell interesting customized goods as per your requirements, whether it involves painting something in watercolors or doing a quick sketch.

So your job would be to offer this service on eBay and as soon as someone purchases it, you go and avail of this service yourself on Fiverr, you buy it at the petty cost of five dollars but you can sell it at a much high price, Being a middle man involves little risk and yields high dividends.

Offer the service of enhancing social media profiles:

As everyone already knows, most people spend an awful lot of time online, on social media owing to the fact that technological advancements, as well as excellent connectivity, has made it so incredibly easy to access the internet at all times, even on the go.

People take their online profiles very seriously and are willing to pay for services that can help to enhance their social media profiles and accounts, whether it’s editing pictures or anything else.

Selling personalized gifts for people to send to their loved ones:

Giving gifts is an age-old practice; however, gifts become much more meaningful when they are something personalized so that it makes the one receiving the present feel incredibly special.

A mass produced bag from a big brand could never have the same impact as a customized mug or a touching video to show someone you truly care.

So if you can make personalized gifts, then this is surely a service which people will be willing to spend big bucks for!

Offer gigs that can be completed in a short amount of time:

Giving quality output is a must, however at the same time, you must ensure that you offer gigs that do not take very long to complete because you would not want to spend an hour or two on a gig and only make around five dollars.

Ideally, your gig should not take up more than five to ten minutes or less to ensure that you are able to complete at least roughly six to ten gigs in an hour otherwise, you will certainly not be yielding good enough dividends for your hard work.

Offer good incentives for people to order again:

In addition to doing quality work, another way to get people to keep availing of your services is to ensure that you offer good incentives on repeat orders, doing this has multiple benefits.

First and foremost it will help you earn more money as you will receive more orders and secondly it will do your gig the world of good in terms of search results.

Your incentives could be as small as increasing your word limit from the usual 100 on product description to a 110 words description on repeat orders.

There selling of video testimonials:

Yes, you read that right, instead of taking the pains of making a video testimonial on your own , all that you need to do is post an ad on Facebook, Twitter, or even advertise in a local newspaper stating that you can make fun and unconventional videos on any given topic or theme and once you get a call from a company all you have to do is purchase a gig on Fiverr, so you spend a pittance, however what you earn from that company is bound to be a lot !

Selling graphic design services:

This is one kind of service that any company is willing to pay big bucks for. If you are good at graphic designing and like to freelance then this is an option that is sure to interest you.

In addition to this, many individuals go a step further and choose to resell the graphic designs of other people which they have purchased on Fiverr.

So whether you decide to sell or resell any graphic designs in the form of logos or posters, rest assured that there will be many takers.

Start off by selling a few free samples:

All you need to do is get in touch with companies whose online pages are highly unpopular and offer to increase their number of likes in a day or two.

They are sure to be interested in your offer as every company wants online visibility. Subsequently, you simply need to purchase a gig or two on Fiverr.

Though initially, your service would be free of cost, however, once companies recognize your potential, they are bound to avail of your services at any cost.

Offer services which you like have fun carrying out:

If you offer gigs that are easy to complete and you have fun doing them, then your job surely will not seem like a burden to you.

However, if you make the mistake of offering a service that you hate doing, then this could spell disaster for you as you are bound to feel burdened and even unhappy.

If your service pertains to some field where your interest lies then you are bound to have an immense amount of job satisfaction and your world quality will also be top notch.

Join various gigs together to make even bigger profits:

Instead of offering simply one gig, all you have to do is bundle a few of them together and you can be rest assured that you are going to be earning a lot of money. Instead of simply getting likes on simply a Facebook page, think of how much more you could earn by sharing the page, re-tweeting the post as well as making a killer thirty seconds video.

The companies would sure be willing to pay a great deal for such services as they would not have to do an ounce of work themselves.

Spend a bit of your own to get back many folds:

If you wish to get a company to hire you all that you have to do is offer to get them a lot of visibility on their pages and if you do so you can be rest assured that they are sure to be highly pleased.

Companies are willing to spend good money on trying to increase the traffic to their pages but often they don’t know how to do the job properly, so to impress them all you need to do is purchase a few gigs, it won’t cost you much at all but it will go a long way in earning you much more than you initially spent.

Respond as soon as possible to messages:

Fiverr makes use of a complicated algorithm to help rank your gig in the search results, one of the main things taken into consideration is the time taken to respond to messages.

Many people choose to get in touch with sellers, initially via messages before they actually make a purchase, so if you reply promptly you silently communicate to the buyer then you are an active user who is prompt and reliable.

So these simple methods are some of the easiest ways to help anyone make money on Fiverr, there are innumerable people who earn quite a lucrative income for themselves simply by sitting at home and implementing these simple ideas. These are just some of the few ways to earn money there are much more. Simply browse the Fiverr page and you will be amazing to know what services people sell and how many people are actually willing to avail of them!

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