How do you Make Money on Instagram? 19 Best Tips

In order to share your passion by means of short videos and photos, Instagram is the right source. Users are able to develop fan following, connect with friends, and also become familiar within their niche. There are many individuals who started with 10 followers and are counting to millions now.

Instagram is used by many people such as politicians, top businesses, marketers, celebrities and more. Amongst familiar social networking sites, Instagram tops with about 100 million users monthly. There are about 300 million users who share videos as well as photos each day.

Make Money on Instagram



You must be aware where users are monetizing with their pictures and snaps on Instagram. Here are a few ways by which users can monetize with an Instagram account.

How to Make Money on Instagram?

1. Affiliate products can be sold:

The best part of Instagram is your bio section, as well as description, which can be added with tracked links. Your page is linked to other company websites by making use of these tracked links. For this chore, the organization pays a nominal amount. In case the user goes for a purchase, then a percentage of profit is obtained. Also, affiliate marketing links can be optimized in certain ways.

  • To grab the attention of the users towards your post, you need to use the appropriate hashtag.
  • Link shortening service such as Bitly can be employed to shorten the affiliate link so that there isn’t a spammy look on the post.
  • When purchasing the sponsored product, the users can be offered with a discount code to be used. This can also be mentioned as a referral code and permits the company to understand that sales are being boosted through your page.

2. Having solid followership:

When you hold a longer follower list, it leads to social media marketing to be successful. When you possess a good amount of Instagram followers, your leads would be turned into sales. Instagram followers can be increased in a number of ways such as requesting others to follow you, like pictures in your niche, running contests as well as socializing, etc.

3. Advertising products:

When you’re a social media influencer you’re benefitted, as you have the opportunity to sponsor products by means of Instagram page. When you make any post associated with the organization’s product, they would pay you. Such aspects can be done once in a while or as an influencer you can get linked with the company and post on a regular basis. Affiliate posts work with few ways and they are

  • By means of your posts, your experience with the product is required to be posted to your fans.
  • Report a few company posts on your page.
  • Also share your picture along with the product and also tag the company in the image.

4. Providing a link to the blog:

When you’ve decided to make money on Instagram, it is very important to have links as well as product links to your blog. There must be a CTA for every video, image share being done on Instagram. It would also be suggested to make use of a tag or item number so that purchases are made simple.

5. Own merchandise:

Ones who desire to be entrepreneurs can sell their own product on Instagram. Your products can always be fashioned and sold to your own followers on Instagram. To initiate this plan, the user needs a brand on Instagram and marketable product so that followers are behind you. You can sell your product to your own online followers instead of looking for a larger company to license your product.

6. Quality images to be shared:

Apart from all new features, Instagram has always been an outstanding social media for sharing gorgeous images. A high-quality perfect picture is the only way that would help monetize your account. The images you post should be appealing for your followers and images should show what your brand is about. It is suggested to be creative in marketing by product show off, with graphical images, and also be representing a brand story. The latest product pictures are to be shared for better marketing.

7. Paid service can be provided:

When you possess a number of followers on Instagram, it means that you have some talent or skill in which others are also interested in. It isn’t a rule on Instagram to sell only physical product all the time, you can also offer services like dance lessons, yoga, exercise, etc. This can be done by

  • By adding your skills to bio
  • Mentioning that you’re ready for work offers by providing personal contacts
  • By adding a link to your bio, where your link offers complete details of your profession and services.
  • Provide services with discounts and a limited period for reduced rates.
  • Getting associated with similar niche people and develop a professional network where leads and tips can be exchanged.
  • Your skills can be advertised by means of videos, pictures, and posts. The posts and skill can be anything from dancer, photography, artist, etc.

8. Using the video function:

When you think a picture is worth a thousand words then a video would fetch more rewards. The best feature on Instagram is the new 15 seconds video sharing feature. Users can use this option and be creative with their products and services. You can always make short videos for your fans and mention the importance of using your product. With video building, you can be as creative as you desire.

9. Selling Instagram photos:

Selling photos on Instagram is one of the best ways to earn money on Instagram. To achieve this, a great following isn’t required. For ones who are interested in drawing or photography, then you can earn good money. There are many online courses by which photography enthusiasts can get skilled in photography. Professional photography can be sold by

  • Subscribe with sites like Shopify as these sites help in selling photos on their website. These sites assist their audiences in getting them their desired photos.
  • When you have large followers, you can also sell the print of photos for free for your followers.
  • Your photos can be printed on merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs and can be sold.
  • There are many companies that provide picture services which you can reach out for. Such companies would pay you when you post pictures associated with their products.

10. Fans to be involved:

Your brand would surely be endorsed by followers and fans when they are also posted on the profile. This is one best way to associate followers and also outsource quality and original content. It would be great to offer an opportunity to submit the follower’s photo along with your product. This can be as a photo or as a video. There can be rewards, recognition, discounts in your products for the best submissions along with your brand name.

11. Instagram tutorials for money:

It is actually a tough task to become an Instagram influencer. Success is measured by the knowledge you possess about Instagram and marketing skills. You should also be well-versed in Instagram algorithms, in order to gain more followers, likes, and comments. When new users are up, you can grab the opportunity and offer them Instagram tutorials for fees. Plenty of software is available that can be utilized to create classes as well as presentations. These can be sold to subscribers for fees. The courses can also be uploaded on tutorial sites such as LearnWorlds and Digital Chalk. This can be associated to your Instagram page too.

12. Engaged followers:

In order to earn money on Instagram, you need to have engaged followers and thats really significant. Your followers should be ones who take action in order to earn money. You should follow ways to inspire and make your audience like your post. In that way when you have unengaged followers, this can be really tough. Hence to earn a few coins, it is important to have engaged followers.

13. Events and contests to be organized:

When you run an event or a cool campaign, remember that more people would follow and also like your posts. It is also advised to provide good deals for a time period and keep reminding users about the deal. Followers can be engaged in contests by offering coupons and promotions and this would help to boost sales.

14. Post regularly:

In order to enhance the number of followers, you need to post on a regular basis every day. It is suggested not to post all post at the same time. It would be better to post one quality post per day. Followers would remember and certain followers would wait for posts, hence it is important to post regularly.

15. Testimonials from clients:

Videos and pictures of happy clients who use the products can be uploaded. When such videos, pictures, and testimonials are uploaded, it would be convincing for the followers for purchase. Hence such testimonials must be followed without fail.

16. Instagram influencer community:

Instagram influencer communities are another way by which you can get in touch with brands. These brands would be ready to pay for your voice, photography skills, reach, etc. Brands work with a database of influencers developed by Instagram influencer communities. There are plenty of Instagram influencer communities and few of them are shoutcart, heartbeat, Influenze, Tribe group, popular pays, etc.

17. Having a perfect profile:

To attract brands as well as followers, Instagram needs to have perfect profiles. When influencers are considered, they do have eye-catching visuals, a particular style, and a healthy profile.


Brands do not concentrate and try to reach everyone. They already have a set of people who are ready to purchase their product. When an influencer is interested in fashion and posts are often about clothing, then a clothing brand would reach that particular influencer. Hence it is important to concentrate on niche area as followers as well as brands would decide their expectations when they land to your page. Concentrate on your profile and mention about your passion. It should be in a manner to develop a particular audience.


Since Instagram is a photo-based social network, it is important to have a keen eye on photos. It is significant to have a perfect photo on your profile. This does not require expertise or great equipment.


In order to gain a cohesive look, there needs to be a specific style in your profile. For this, the user needs to concentrate on mood, editing, photos as well as colors to bring out a unique style for the profile.

18. Instagram can be used for youtube videos:

Youtube and Instagram together make a perfect bond, since both are associated with visual media and depend on the graphical content of the user. The best aspect of Youtube is that it rewards the top performer whereas Instagram does not have this feature. Hence Instagram can be used as a platform to promote youtube channels. Youtube videos teaser trailers can also be posted on Instagram. In order to engage with audiences, Youtubers can make use of Instagram too.


The best lucrative way to make money is Instagram. The above mentioned are few ways by which money can be earned with Instagram. There are ample ways by which users can earn coins with Instagram. The users need to plan and think in a smart way to grab the attention of the followers. The followers are the main asset in Instagram to earn money.

Hence users should think ways to lure the attention of followers in their niche. Tips and tricks to be followed for specific niche should be strictly followed in order to gather fans. As a creator, there are tons of possibilities to just sit at one place and earn money with a few clicks. With all these tips and tricks, it is the responsibility of the user to create an empire with interesting posts and followers. Make sure to have a unique style and way of marketing on Instagram.

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