How to Use LSI Keywords to Boost SEO Traffic Easily

Using LSI keywords is helpful in several ways. It can take some of your oldest content and bring it back to life, provided that you give it the best results in the fields of search and ranking.

For those of you who don’t know, LSI is understood as latent semantic indexing.

This method is used by several search engines and Google to understand the relationships between various concepts and terms and study them at the same time.

The keywords are used to help the traffic in SEO see signs of improvement, get higher rankings and boost traffic in the search results.

LSI Keywords

For today’s post, we will be teaching you how to use LSI keywords to boost SEO traffic.

Define LSI keywords:

LSI keywords in basic terms can be understood as those keywords which are related to main keywords.

Most of the engines such as Google tends to use this to understand what type of link should be used between the various entities used in every web content.

According to various researches, it helps in analyzing the different search queries.

The content is not linked to any kind of search query directly and returned, later on as well.

Google tends to carry this out so that they can fight all spammers that are using keywords to cheat or using any black hat method on the search engine

Benefits of LSI keywords:

LSI keywords are helpful in several ways. Here’s a look at some important points you should definitely know about!

The use of LSI keywords in a piece of writing is advantageous in the following ways:

Perfect for Ranking:

LSI keywords are required for ranking websites. In case you didn’t know, the most important keywords are used by Google rankings.

A technique popularly called the yardstick is used to make sure that the content which contains both the proper LSI variation as well as the primary keyword has the biggest chances of high rankings in Google.

Helps in Avoid Penalties and Algorithms:

A major advantage of LSI keywords is that it helps in avoiding algorithms as well as manual penalties.

Let us use an example to explain this to you. If you have some content in front of you that is filled with keywords, without a doubt, that one will be put in the spam section.

In order to make sure this happens to you, make sure to make the content natural in every way you can. This will allow you to get better rankings on Google.

LSI keywords tend to increase more interest in others:

LSI keywords are essential and helpful in a lot of ways. This one is a special point you should know one.

Several readers these days don’t have the time to read much obviously because they lead hectic and busy schedules.

This is generally done to any content which has no sort of clear keywords.

This also ensures that the LSI keywords are extremely helpful if you aim to create content that will interest your readers.

What are the ways to get better usage of LSI keywords in any description?

It is essential to understand how you can use LSI keywords in the description. A good chunk of meta description is deemed as quite useful during the entire performance of the SEO.

You should always use that main keyword along with the LSI keyword phase in the description and you will automatically see that Google is giving you some priority.

The results will show an improvement instantly and at the same time, the rankings will be high too.

Google’s algorithm gives you permission to rate the content as more relevant to the keywords that you can use LSI keywords which are helpful. This will help you get a lot better results than expected.

Important tools that are beneficial for LSI keywords

A smart way to use LSI tools is by using generators and tools that are deemed as helpful. We suggest that you begin with tools that are popular, such as Google keyword planner.

For that, you will have to put the keyword through the tool and then click on ‘get ideas’. You will then see two different kinds of tabs which happens to be an amazing source of LSI keywords.

Ad group ideas happen to be an underestimated option, but it is also one of the most essential resources for LSI keywords.

You can take a look at the list with suggestions and ensure that they can be included in the final copy.

Google related searches:

Google related searches are always deemed as helpful.

For example, when you search the word keyword in Google, it will bring autosuggestions which shows another list of LSI related keywords that are also long tail keywords.

The keywords are also understood as long tail keywords but may be related which is the reason why Google displays it so that the end user who is trying to search for some kind of query will find the results they want.

Usage of keywords in the content:

LSI keywords generally allow the main keywords to be supplemented and may follow the act of helping instead of replacing the original keywords.

The keywords that are main are considered important. Not using the primary ones will not help your rankings improve. The main keyword always acts in conjunction with the other LSI keywords.

You should not add a lot more than keywords that are LSI to the one that is main. This will help you avoid stuffing of the keywords.

Following such a strategy actually will slowly help yourself recover from any kind of penalty from Google.

Google autocomplete:

Using Google autocomplete is helpful. It suggests keywords that are identical to a certain keyword when you search something on Google.

From this, you will get hold of 8 different keywords in the related searches on Google.

All you have to do for this is to find keywords which are autocomplete and search them again to find keywords that are related.

The SEO tools:

The SEO tool is actually a free tool which helps you find LSI keywords easily.

For this, you will have to enter the keyword which will give you a list of keywords along with an a+ sign.

Once you click on the keyword, it will show you a related keyword which also means the same.

An example can be used to explain this. The words ‘keywords definition’ and ‘keywords meaning’ are two different keywords but the meaning is the same.

The keywords can be used in different areas like H1 or H2 or in the body text to increase the relevancy of the keywords.

LSI Keywords for Image Optimization:

LSI keywords are definitely considered useful whenever the topic is about image optimization.

Let’s say that you have an old image which has been used several times.

You can bring it back to life with the help of LSI keywords to rename the image every time you see it.

This will help in optimizing the image for every piece of content that it is used for.

How to add life to your dead content?

Adding life to your content can be done if you add your LSI keywords to the main phase.

This method will help you revise the old content which in turn allows ranking to start again.

All keywords that are new will give Google the chance to find the content and rediscover it.

It is important to keep your keyword phrase original and supplement it using one LSI keyword.

This will allow the traffic amount to your website increase. When you use new content, you will be able to see results immediately.

Can LSI keywords be used for marketing strategies?

Yes, of course, you can!

In all campaigns related to PPC, always remember to add the keywords of LSI related to the campaign. This also includes several other variations for the keyword that is main.

The ad will show frequently in those search results which have a higher ranking.

Adding LSI keywords to the Metadata will provide Google with needed information that is related to the content’s subject. This strategy will make sure that the website is visible, is showing up in the search results and rankings.

How can you use LSI keywords in practice?

LSI keywords can be used to rank high in Google as well.  There are some main areas where you can implement these LSI keywords and make the most of them.

They include the page title, tags such as H1 and H2, meta tags, images alt text, the first paragraph of the text, your body of content, links anchor texts, last paragraph of texts, etc.

By sprinkling these LSI keywords you can get the best from the organic SEO as well. If you can ask a professional expert, to help you with the writing bit, the results will come much faster.

Target more positions:

You can always use the LSI keywords in the post title. It could be a question asked in the conclusion or an anchor text which can be used for an internal link.

Other places are permalinks, title tags and most importantly, the introduction and conclusion section of the blog posts. This generally gives the post a very natural look and flow.

Other important ways to improve LSI keywords:


The headline of the blog post is highly important. Since title tags are considered to be one of the biggest search ranking facts, you must know how you can optimize them without affecting the readership.

It’s important and safe to get at least 3 to 5 different variations of the headline.

You may use free tools if you want better title ideas by inserting keywords that are important.

Blog Post URL:

You should always make sure that the structure of the URL and the blog post is not too long. It should be kept short and simple.

More than that, the URL that you use should have an optimized keyword if you need better rankings.

The URL is what you can see on both the site or the search engine results so that the better you optimize, the results are automatically better.

Keyword density:

Several experts suggest that you don’t always have to stress about the keyword density. But that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t matter.

Keyword density is essential but it is advisable not to go overboard. Make sure that it is under 2 – 3%.


Internal linking will help the search engine crawlers to crawl on the pages deeply that are good for the SEO and the indexing of the site.

So whenever you publish the latest blog post, you will have to make sure that relevant links are added to the old blog posts too.

In the same way, you should begin linking out towards the content of other bloggers which is considered useful.

Later on, use the outreach strategy of bloggers to get more incoming links which are an amazing promotional tactic to get more traffic, links and build relationships.

H2 and H3 Tags:

H2 and H3 tags are effective and definitely the best way to optimize the page and use as many subheadings as you can.

You can use H2 and H3 tags and sprinkle the LSI keywords everywhere.

The H2 and H3 tags are generally weighed in Google search. They will also show if you optimize them well for certain keywords.

To be very honest, it is not easy to create content that gets the best rankings and levels up in the search results. However, it does not mean that you can never do it.

The usage of LSI keywords will add life and variety to the content and improve the search results and rankings.

Adding new and relevant keywords to the main keyword phrase can easily be used for both the new and old content. This technique has been useful to several people and we hope it does the same for you too.

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