How to Learn SEO and Master it as a Beginner

Search engine optimization is an important task every one need to know if you want to start a career in blogging field.

Beginners to this field may be unaware of what to do to learn more about search engine optimization.

One who wants to start a career in this field learning more about SEO is very important.

This is one of the reputable profession one can try, as it is very easy to do if you get proper knowledge about it.

Everybody says that the Internet is the best source to study anything new. But, the truth is that every time we cannot rely on articles on the internet because the information will be scattered and cannot trust all data too.

How to Learn SEO

If one actually wants to learn more about search engine Optimization, there are many courses being offered.

Some of them are free and some others are paid one. But expert professionals will be guiding you on those classes and this can help to get a thorough knowledge about that concept.

This can help to improve your business and sales well if you are into content marketing.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks every webmaster should know to get listed under SERP. This is a long-lasting learning process.

Search engines change their algorithms more frequently and an SEO expert should be aware of any new changes. This will help him to optimize the website accordingly.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improvising your website for search engines so that it can bring more sales and traffic towards your site.

There are many aspects of SEO like on-site SEO and Off-site SEO. Both are very important and it will help your site to appear under the top search result.

Nobody clicks on websites that are on the 4th page. So, the main purpose of SEO is to list your page on the top of the search result.

Learn SEO and Get these Benefits:

Improve site traffic:

If your goal is to attract more users to your site then learning SEO is very important.

Search engine optimization helps your website to list under top search results and attracts the user’s attention. Thereby traffic also increases.

Grow business:

Improvement in site traffic means more followers and thereby sales also increase

Manage SEO alone:

By learning to optimize your site, you don’t need to hire someone who can handle your website optimization. You can manage it alone and this helps you to save some money also.

Save time:

When a site owner manages the optimization of his site, this can help to manage some time compared to someone else who manages it. This is only possible if you can learn about it well.

Improve your site:

This is the main aim of learning SEO. This will help to improve the on-site user experience. Every optimization you do on your site will improve its outlook and it will be user-friendly.

Beat your competitors:

Optimizing your site will help with its ranking and it can help you to beat your competitor.

Knowing modern SEO practice is an advantage and you can get this only through learning new SEO practices. You can apply these modern practices on your site to make it popular.

Now, are you ready to acquire some extra knowledge that can change the future of your website? There are many sources from where you can learn about Search engine optimization.

You should always choose the best and reliable source to learn about it. This is what you can get from this article.

Best Blogs and Resources to Learn SEO:

Here we are going to discuss various available sources from which you can learn to manage your site SEO well.

1. Find a suitable source to learn:

If you want to get a better source to learn SEO, then the best source is Google.

Google created a 32-page content to help beginners with SEO practices. This guide is very useful as it discusses various SEO practices and how to implement them on your website.

There are many other sites which offer a guide for beginners on SEO topic. You can even try them out.

Some of the popular SEO guides comes from SEO Moz, Kissmetrics, Hubspot, etc. They are top internet marketing sites and many users follow their tips to win the market.

Reading more about SEO is a fundamental process. Even though you join any course by paying money, you need to read well to know more about every aspect related to SEO.

There are online courses on this topic available from sites like Udemy,, Hubspot free SEO crash course, etc are some certification course for you. You can try them too if you are not satisfied with the free courses.

2. Practice:

After completing the SEO course, you need to practice well. one cannot manage SEO only with theoretical knowledge.

Practical knowledge is very important in this field. There are tools you can use to manage and learn SEO easily.

Try some of them by creating a website for yourself. Otherwise, you can practice your knowledge on other sites of your friends. There are many tools available to handle optimization.

Try with free tools first and then you can explore trial version also. After applying any change, you need to watch the variations that it can bring to your site traffic and ranking.

Trial and error is the best way through which you can learn the process optimization well.

Google Keyword Planner, SEO Moz tools, Google Analytics, quick sprout, etc are some free tools available.

Many factors are there when it comes to SEO. Both on-site and off-site factors need separate tools and you can find the best free tool for each task.

The practice is the only thing that can help you to be an expert in this field. Try experimenting and be successful.

3. Connect with the same group:

In addition to learning and practicing SEO, you can connect with people who are working in this field. This can help you to get more knowledge from them based on this topic.

There will be social media groups of SEO experts, professional bloggers or even marketers. You can actively participate with those groups online and share your thoughts.

Actively mingling with experts can help you in getting new information related to this topic.

Also, follow expert marketers to get all the updates and information you can use in your marketing strategy.

4. Find an expert:

There will be an expert in your niche who handles everything.

You can connect with him and learn new things from him. If he is an experienced person there will be many new things you can learn from him. It is only possible through connecting with him.

Accept his advice and implement them in your blog to increase your content reach.

You can attend seminars and conference happening related to SEO and get more information in your files.

Other than that, you can meet many new people who could help to guide you through this process. Don’t waste even a single chance you can get, to widen your knowledge.

5. Stay updated:

This is a world where new things can happen anytime. You need to stay updated always.

New changes may occur according to a new algorithm. You can get new updates by following some SEO experts on their social media platform.

Act fast according to new changes because this is a competitive field. If you become slow, your competitors will get to the place you look for.

Follow each update properly and apply them on your content to take it to the top of the ranking.

6. Create your own site:

After getting everything about optimizing your site, you can create your own website. As you know various options to optimize your site, try them.

You can learn more if you try the things you learn on real contents. After applying Optimization, you can check the Analytics to know the result of your effort.

Some of them may hit success and some others won’t. Find out the reason for failure and implement new options to get succeed.

Experts say that search engine optimization is a field where you don’t need any formal training to succeed. This is a talent that anyone can acquire through practice.

If you have a website and an internet connection, experiment well on your content and acquire this marketing talent.

Well, SEO is the best field where you can learn by doing things. If you really want to master this talent, get ready to learn new things by doing it on a real site.

SEO Beginners Kit:

Getting the right source of information will help every beginner to learn this topic well. There are many processes in SEO. Here I am enlisting some best source to learn about each process.

Basic SEO Guide:

Before going into the advanced SEO process first everyone should know basic things about SEO. There are many SEO guides for starters. But try

  • The Beginner’s guide to SEO created by Moz
  • Google search engine Optimization starter’s guide written by Google about various optimization techniques

Keyword research:

Keyword research is an important SEO procedure. There are many tools to find keywords. But it is important to choose the right keywords and to know about that below guides will help you

  • Keyword search for SEO – A definitive Guide written by Brian Deans which explains well about how to choose proper keywords for your content
  • How to do keyword research is another one from Ahrefs to help you with choosing the right keywords and how to include it in your content.

Competitor research:

Competitor research is very important if you want to grow in this field. This will help you to know more about the strategy they apply to win more users and attract search engine. These are the guides you can read more about it

  • SEO Competitor Analysis written by Nathan Gotch guides you through various factors to note when you want to do analysis on your competitor site
  • How to Run a competitor Analysis from Hubspot help to analyze your direct and indirect competitors and their strategies

On-Page and Off-page SEO:

There are many factors on a webpage you need to know. You need to know well about those factors before implementing changes. You can follow

  • On-site SEO Guide – Written by Matt Diggity which lets you learn various on-site SEO factors you need to change while optimizing your site.
  • On-page ranking factors is another guide from Moz you can refer to
  • Off-page SEO – What it is and how to crack it by Joshua Hardwick is another source you can check, to know more about off-page SEO factors
  • How to do content auditing from Moz will also help you to get an idea about these topics.

Technical SEO:

Other than on-site and off-site SEO there are some technical factors you need to consider while optimizing your site. To help you with that, check out some best sources

  • Step By step guide to Technical SEO checklist written by Ryan Stewart gives you a checklist of important technical SEO elements.
  • Complete SEO checklist for 2018 from is another site you can check out

Analytics and reporting:

After applying new SEO changes, measure the success of your SEO efforts using an analytics tool.

There are tools available but a guide will help you to do the analytic documentation and interpretation.

  • Beginners guide to Google Analytics
  • Google search console guide

Final words:

If you are trying to get all the information about search engine optimization, this is the best place.

Just by learning SEO you cannot master the technique. For that, you need to practice it on a website. SEO is not a constant technique, it keeps changing according to changes in search engine algorithm.

Keep learning is the best way to be an expert in this field. If you want to grow your business, this is one of the key tasks you need to perform.

Are you ready to optimize your website and get more leads?

Make your website friendly for both the search engine and users, by applying SEO techniques.

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