Landing Page Optimization: Best Practices You Need to Follow

The advent of the internet has brought the online world to new limelight.

Every business wants to be successful and online marketing tools are the best to get faster success.

There are various types of online marketing tools which are useful for the success of the business. – It is preferable for every company to have a website of their own with its own domain name.

When a company has their own website and domain name, the company can easily market their products and services.

Internet marketing has many advantages over other methods of marketing and advertising. Looking at the present competitive market, it is vital that companies have an excellent marketing strategy in order to survive in the market.

Online marketing is an important aspect for any company – irrespective of their sizes.

When we talk about landing page – it essentially means the lead capture page; in simpler words, it is the destination page. This is one web page that appears when a person clicks on the search engine.

The landing pages are useful for lead generation. Landing pages are mostly linked to social media, search engine marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc

They are used in order to increase the effectiveness of advertisements. When a visitor reaches the landing page, the main idea is to convert the lead into sales.

There are two types of landing pages namely:

1. Reference landing page:

The reference landing page provides information which is very relevant to the visitor. This type of landing page displays images, dynamic compilations, text, relevant links, and many other related elements.

2. Transactional landing page:

The main idea of the transactional landing page is to push the visitor to take action by completing a certain transaction.

This aim is completed by filling the form wherein the details of the visitor is mentioned. Email marketing is used in order to capture as much information possible from the visitor.

Let us understand how the landing pages work:

  • The main idea of having a landing page is to convert the visitors of the site into sale leads. These pages are prepared without any much distraction and to the point pages.
    When a person clicks the landing page, it provides information about the product or service directly and ensures that it is converted into a sale. Before you begin Online marketing, it is vital to understand the working of landing pages.
  • We use the money for our day to day needs – this concept of monetary value should be applied for the landing pages. It is very simple when you pay money, you expect to get the right goods or services which you want.
    The same logistics apply here also. You are exchanging valuable information to your visitors at a certain cost.
  • When the visitor will fill the form, they will ensure that the content is correct and useful for them; thus making it a win-win situation.
  • When a person checks the page, it is called call to action and thus the visitor ends up on the landing page along with a form.
  • In the next step the visitor fills out the form; then the form is further converted to a lead.
  • The information which is received from the form is stored in the leads database for all future correspondence.

Further, the visitor is contacted and necessary marketing is done in order to convert them to a potential buyer of the products and services.

Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page:

Landing pages aim at converting the visitors into sales leads and hence it is vital that you understand the essentials of the high converting landing page.

There are many factors which are to be kept in mind while designing the landing page. There has been no standard manual which has been prepared for high conversion of landing pages – but these practical points will give us the best insight.

1. Fantastic headline:

The headline is where the work of the landing page begins. The interest and attention in the headline will hold the visitor and this is what compels them to explore more about the site.

It is important to have a strong headline in order to have a successful landing page.

The headline should be able to grab the attention of the reader at one go. The headline should contain all the details as to what product and services are being marketed.

The length of the headline should be very short – preferably not more than 20 words.

2. Persuasive Sub-headline:

The next step is to have a sub-headline. In the words of digital marketing you can say that if the headline holds the interest of the visitor, the sub-headline should convert it to a lead.

What you need to keep in mind is that the sub-headline is directly placed under the headline. When the sub-headline is created the amount of persuasiveness should be more.

In the case of sub-headline, it needs to have more in-depth details for the visitor. You need to arrange the contents in such a manner that it provides all the required information to the visitor.

3. Images and pictures:

It is often said that pictures speak a lot. This stands true even in today’s digital marketing era.

Visual content has always been a major attraction to the visitors – if you have eye-catching images then you will tend to have more visitors. The conversion rate to leads also increases.

You need to remember that the images should be large and sound. It should be relevant to the product or service you are marketing.

In case you are selling a physical product, the image should be managed accordingly; whereas in case of a service it has to be placed accordingly. The pictures should be natural and of high quality.

Until now you would have understood the requirement of a landing page. This is supposed to be the heart of your business.

In the digital marketing world, if you do not have a proper landing page which reflects your products and services – it is very difficult to convert the visitors into your prospective clients.

Hence the Landing pages have to be very effective – it should be simple and at the same time attractive.

How to Make a Landing Page that Converts:

It should be able to provide all the details of your business in one go. Here are some tips for creating effective Landing pages –

1. Line up your offer for your target audience:

Digital marketing is such a tool that it requires updation every minute and hence the landing pages play a vital role.

In order to increase your conversion rate, your product or service offered should match the requirements of your target audience.

In case your audience is not interested in your offer or products, then it is difficult to convert your leads to your customers.

Thus the conversion rate would be dismaying very low. Hence ensure that your offer is in line with your target audience.

2. Advertisement copy should match headline:

Every advertisement should have a headline. This headline should contain in a nutshell, what is your product and service all about.

The headline should be in sync with your landing page; if this does not happen then your visitors will be confused.

The advertisement and landing page should be perfectly the same. This ensures a smoother transition for the visitor, it shall increase your Adwords score and also increase the chances that the visitor will be your future buyer.

3. The headline should be compelling:

The online market is so tough and competitive that you should have compelling headlines and punch lines. This is mandatory for attracting your target audience.

So make the headline very powerful and compelling. This essentially means that when a visitor even reads it once – they will think of buying your product or availing your services.

4. Information sharing:

When you are done with your headlines and advertisements – the next is the information about your company. The information sharing has to be done very transparently.

Too much of additional information could confuse your clients or rather shun them away from your site. The information should be to the point. You need to highlight those points which are vital for the visitors.

In case your products or services are a bit complex – provide just the major information and not the entire gamut.

This will reduce their anxiety and they shall be your future buyers. In case the business is small – make it short and sweet. You need to elaborate everything on the landing page.

5. Understanding emotions:

Whenever you are designing your landing page – you should understand the emotions of your buyers. Once you know the pulse of your audience then it becomes easy to design your landing page.

You should understand and survey their interests and needs and accordingly offer your products. The landing page should have a pinch of their emotions and needs.

6. A persuasive call to action:

This is the next biggest chance for you to increase your conversion ratio. Keep the call to action very short and simple.

You need to have just 5-7 effective words. Wherever possible, you can use verbs which indicate what is your aim and thus attracting your target audience.

7. Customer specific queries:

Every company when they begin has to build a base for themselves. Initially, they have to market their products and services in full force, so that they build a customer base.

For any product or service, any customer will have queries – hence the landing page should have the details of frequently asked questions.

In case there are specific queries besides this, you need to ensure your experts resolve them at the earliest. This will ensure that the visitors are satisfied with the answers to their queries.

You will be able to build better trust and such visitors are more likely to convert into your buyers.

8. Communication of value:

Every company needs to communicate to its visitor, the value of the product or service that it is offering.

Your landing page should reflect in bullet points – what is the value-addition of using a particular product or service.

The value will create the desire to buy the product and also increase the rate of conversion.

For E.g., if you are selling an e-book you will need to mention how this book will help you to improve certain aspects of your life. Thus providing such details in bullets will ensure that the visitor is glued to your landing page.

9. Ask for minimal information:

When a prospective visitor visits the landing page they need to fill a registration form. This form should ask for very minimal information. If you ask for excess information, the visitor would not be interested to share them all.

Though it is good to have more details – but all that you need is an email address and contact details.

So keep the information in the form as less as possible. This will ensure higher conversion of your visitors while they visit the landing pages.

10. Designer landing page:

The landing page is supposed to be a marketing tool for your business to ensure it is attractive.

The landing page should have proper copywriting and designing done preferably by professionals. The colors, size of the font, type of the font and white space to be left should also be properly defined. This will capture the attention of the visitors.

The images which are to be used should also be eye-catching and most important they should be relevant to your product and services. The image itself should be able to tell what is your business and who are you targeting at.

Thus the landing page or the destination page as it is called has a vital role to play in the modern day digital marketing. It is the landing pages which convert your visitors to prospective buyers. The better the landing page – the more are the chances of your conversion to buyers.

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