How To Use Kontent Machine To Create High Unique Content

Are you worried about the quality of content you create? Do you really want to be a successful content marketer? If the answer to these and other similar questions is yes, you must definitely use a content creating and marketing tool!

Luckily, there are numerous tools available online for creating and promoting content, but this at the same time makes it difficult to select a tool, which is efficient, easy to use, and offers numerous features and functionalities.

Being a blogger and content marketer myself, I thought of sharing about the tool that I use. And it is definitely one of the best tools available online. It is a Kontent Machine!

Kontent Machine Review

Kontent Machine is a great tool that comes with multiple impressive features. Its latest version, Kontent Machine 3 has been recently introduced, which comes with an easy to use interface and offers complete control over the content quality. While the earlier versions were available on a monthly subscription, the latest version comes with a lifetime license.

If all these interests you, here read my detailed review on Kontent Machine.

What is the Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine is an online tool that creates rich content relevant to keywords and builds numerous articles with contextual links, videos, and pictures.

The updated version of this tool is Kontent Machine 3, which is loaded with a myriad of impressive features, comes with different options, and advanced settings. It lets you export articles for all sorts of campaigns, and hence, is an ideal tool for all types of content campaigns and businesses.

Why You Must Try Using Kontent Machine?

Online marketers are loaded with a lot of stuff and are busy doing various things. For this reason, there is very little time available to learn something new or try all the tools available online.

Hence, it can be difficult to write rich content that too within a specific time frame.

Moreover, if you are dealing with multiple niches, writing content specific to each one of them can be quite tricky. Things get complicated when you have to follow different instructions for each project and write content accordingly.

The only savior in this regard is an efficient tool that can help you get rid of all additional stuff and work as an intelligent assistant.

Kontent Machine is one such tool that can help you generate high-quality content, without spinning the original one. As a result, it fetches you the desired results much faster and saves you a lot of effort and time.

In addition to various features, this tool comes with a user-friendly interface, which makes it a promising tool for beginners and experienced professionals.

What About Kontent Machine’s Interface?

The latest version of the Kontent Machine comes with a user-friendly interface, which is easy to use, simple and clean. Since it is easy to use, so you can generate content much faster.

You only have to enter the keywords and make settings for the type of content quality you are looking for. You can also avail of the spinner service, and select media to be included randomly. Ultimately, develop and export content.

Furthermore, you can check for the software you wish to export the article to, which will be saved in the desired format. Once necessary settings have been made, you can open the software as per your selection and then import novel content to begin the campaign.

Hence, using Kontent Machine you can generate quality content in just a few minutes.

Features of Kontent Machine:

Some of the prominent features of Kontent Machine are:

  1. Auto generating summary, resource box, and title for articles.
  2. Generate high-quality articles for link building.
  3. Create quality content and make corrections automatically.
  4. Generate relevant content keeping the LSI terms into consideration.
  5. 100% relevant content in tags and categories.
  6. Powerful spintax
  7. 100% relevant video and images.
  8. Integration of auto blogger
  9. Automatically generating content for well-defined tools such as Ultimate Demon, Sick Submitter, GSA SER, and more.
  10. Popular tools for integration such as SpinnerChief, KM Spinner, GSA SER, Ultimate Demon, and Sick Submitter.

There are more other rich features available within the tool that you will notice once you start using this tool.

How to Create a Campaign Using Kontent Machine?

Setting up a new campaign using the Kontent Machine is very easy. You only have to follow three simple steps:

  1. Select the source of content
  2. Enter the name of the campaign
  3. Enter keywords

You first have to select a software scraper that is integrated with a few local files. You can follow this for 3 different keywords.

This tool also recommends settings in order to let you avail of the quality of content that you require.  But you can always alter the quality settings as per your preference to gain further control.

Once necessary settings have been adjusted, next, you may select a spinner. You can either use the free spinner or a paid version depending on your choice.

Further, you may choose the way you want the videos and images to be included in the content. You can make changes for the video, image, or video images, random selection, or more. Also, you have a few options for the way you want the article to be outperformed including the distinct kinds of character, paragraph, or word spinning.

You can select paragraph spinning and choose the count of a paragraph from 6 to 11. There are a few more options available you can select and make changes or leave them to default.

Features and Functionalities of Kontent Machine:

Now, let me discuss some of the functionalities or options offered by this tool.

1. Main Window:

There is the main window visible that appears as soon as you begin the software. This window comes with numerous options and setting selections and lets you start a new campaign.

You can perform fast article scrapping, check the blueprint of the campaign, and check other tools.

2. Setting Up a Campaign:

This is another important feature for setting up a new campaign in Kontent Machine where you have to add details such as content source, name of the campaign, important keywords, tier content, spinner that you want to use and inclusion of images and videos.

I have already reviewed them in the above section.

3. Bookmark Creator:

This feature is useful for those who wish to select a bookmark for the submissions. It lets you select the spinner software, spintax format, output format, and other bookmarks for each keyword.

4. Article Getter:

This is again a highly useful tool from Kontent Machine, which gives you a list of suggested ideas for your next post.

It is an advanced feature that scrapes content from different huge article directories such as Article Base, Article Alley, Yahoo Voice, EzineArticle, and many more.

You only have to enter the details and click on the button ‘get articles.’

5. Adding Links:

You can add different sorts of links to your generated content using the Kontent Machine.

This feature lets you add random links within the content body, incorporate links to resource boxes, link images and integrate contextual links. For this, you have to mention your website’s URL and the relevant keywords to link for the same.

One great thing about this feature is that it lets you add keywords on the basis of your brand and you can use software to estimate a specific percentage. Like, you can establish 70% keywords along with 30% brand keywords.

You can change the set percentage of links, which you wish as no follow or follow.

As far as I am concerned, I prefer adding contextual links within the article. Such links include sites, which are relevant to your niche, which you can scrape from a few keywords using the scrapebox tool.

This functionality is great for websites that want to earn more money from Google as Google will not see backlinks and will always prefer linking back to you.

It will actually augment the link quality to a great extent. Hence, you can add contextual keywords and URLs and ignore the brand keywords a bit.

6. Building Content:

With all of the above done, you can create content for export. This is very simple as you just have to click on the option build content and it will download the entire content, spin the same and put together.

Once everything is finished, there will be a list of spun articles, titles, bookmarks, and links displayed in the preview.

7. Article Scraper:

There is also an option of article scraper in Kontent Machine that lets you download a group of article directories on the basis of keywords entered by you. These links can be used to bulk spin or perform other tasks that you want.

Also, you can alter the option for searching word counts, the search within the body, and more other things.

8. About Bio / Me Generator:

Another great thing about Kontent Machine is that you can generate about me section using this tool in a number of different ways.

The previous versions of this tool lack this option and so if you want to use it, you have to use the latest version. Along with about me, you can also generate content for the author bio section as well as insert links within the generated content easily.

9. Bulk Spinner:

This particular feature lets you choose a folder of different articles and spin the same. You can also add videos and images randomly using this feature.

This is really a huge time saver and is great particularly when you have to insert videos and pictures to your content.

10. Publish Files:

Another great feature by Kontent Machine is that it allows you to publish various articles to different places. When you choose a few articles, there are certain options that you may select regarding tags and titles. If you do it yourself, you have to spend a lot of time but if you do it using this software, you will save a lot of time and effort.

You only have to choose the tags, which you wish and then incorporate the categories. Once the desired categories have been added, you can add an account by right-clicking in the search box and add a blog individually. Alternatively, you can upload numerous blogs from a CSV file.

How to Export Your Content Using Kontent Machine?

For exporting your content, you need to click on the build option and then on the Export option. Here you have to choose the program, which you would want to follow. There are a variety of options available, which you can customize within the settings of the Kontent Machine.

After making necessary adjustments, you have to click on Export, choose a folder, click saves and instantly your content will be exported.

Once the task is finished, you can create a folder with all the information and content you require like a press release, product descriptions, video titles, bookmarks, and others to start your content campaign.

How to Import Your Content Using Kontent Machine?

The ease of importing your content using the Kontent Machine is one of the finest features. You can directly import content in the link building software and use the same very conveniently.

Once you have created the content, you can click on the import option and the details of your preferred platform. Your content will be imported in just a few minutes.

Kontent Machine’s Pros:

It is a fast and reliable tool that lets its users generate precise articles for successful link building campaigns. It comes at an affordable price and is integrated with numerous functionalities, which ensures you don’t have to spend additional money.

It is a comprehensive solution that will successfully cater to most of your requirements.

Kontent Machine’s Cons:

This tool has it all but lacks an inbuilt proxy generator. Hence, if you want this service you have to purchase premium proxies.


You can start by using the monthly plan available at $37 for a month. If you like it, you can switch to its lifetime pricing option, which is available at a great discount and only for $357 for a lifetime.

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