The Instagram Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2019

2019 has already hit and just like most of the SEO and SMO practices, some newest trends have encircled Instagram too. If you are using Instagram for your business growth and want to leave your competitors behind then you must stay trend-fluent and know about the latest trends in this platform.

Read this post to know all the latest Instagram trends that 2019 has in store for you.

Instagram Trends

Before we explore the newly added Instagram trends, first have a look at trends that were practiced in 2018 and will be prevailing even this year.

Instagram Trends that Boom in 2018 and Will Continue to Thrive in 2019

1. A Bot Free Platform:

As expected and announced, in 2018 Instagram turned out to be a bot-free platform. It took all possible efforts to make the platform free from fake influencers as well as fake likes.

For this, the company implemented its API depreciation program so that doubtful services that sell fake followers would cease. Additionally, Instagram introduced robust strategies to combat automation apps as well as to let users take maximum advantage of it.

Presently, Instagram is removing fake comments and likes from their user’s accounts. Hence, if you have uploaded any fake image or published fake content, then it would disappear soon. Also, some Instagram features will be removed as a punishment for those who are using corrupt practices.

In 2018, a huge wave of cleaning up fake content flourished on Instagram and the same is expected to continue even in 2019.

2. An Upsurge in Instagram Ads:

Presently, the platform houses more than 25 million businesses with 2 million or more greatly investing in ads.

Though the company is trying all possible measures to fight bot and cut fake reach, investing in Instagram ads has proven profitable for a large number of companies. The content is no more limited to just stories ads and feed. You can also explore and share carousel ads, video ads, and collection ads.

According to the recent findings, more than 65% of Instagram marketers function within a budget of around $100 to $1000 per month. The company is spending this budget on ads, influencer collaborations, and augmented posts.

It is expected that the same will be witnessed even in 2019. Hence, prepare a budget for the same.

3. Shoppable Instagram will be the Next Big Thing:

In 2017, shoppable Instagram posts were quite a buzz. The next year, it became a big thing. In 2019, Instagram will not just allow shopifying the feed posts, but will also let users use Shoppable Stories stickers.

The main intention behind this act is to let users shift from inspiration to action in just a single click button and shop easily and directly without leaving the app. In this case, Instagram, brands, as well as shoppers will land in a win-win situation.

But as per the latest annual report of Instagram 2019 Trends & Benchmarks, only 20% of Instagram marketers are actively using these shoppable posts. A vast number of them have admitted that they have not noticed any increase in the sales from shoppable tags till yet.

Still, it is a viral trend on Instagram because around 50% of marketers on Instagram plan to use shoppable posts this year.

Furthermore, Instagram will allow you to buy not just Stories and feed posts, but also enable you to explore video posts. Most importantly, you can have your own customized ‘Shopping collection’ for hassle-free browsing.

4. Instagram Stories will Dominate the Platform:

One of the smartest Instagram inventions to date is Instagram stories.

The stories on Instagram have witnessed rapid growth ever in comparison to similar features on other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Just consider these statistics:

In 2017, around 100 million people across the world use Instagram stories every day.

In 2018, the number increased to 400 million.

This is a clear more than 4 times increase in less than 2 years.

It is expected that even in 2019, the stories will gain more momentum. With shoppable stickers, templates, stories ads, filters, gifs, and other fun elements, you can bet to not miss out these stories.

For now, Instagram has become one of the reliable and most used social media platforms. Its growth pace is faster than ever. With varieties of content marketing strategies available, it can be really rewarding for your business. All you have to do is you need to generate high-quality content consistently and post the same on a regular basis.

In 2019, use more Instagram stories, but don’t stress enough.

While these were some of the major Instagram trends that spruced up in 2018, there are some novel trends added to this list. The year 2019 will witness an upsurge of these and more new Instagram trends.

Here, explore the new Instagram trends that will pep up the platform this year!

2019 – New Instagram Trends Blooming This Year

The trends discussed above will continue to grow even bigger. But 2019 has more to offer.

Get ready to welcome the newest trends in 2019!

1. Increase Focus on Instagram Bio

Instagram offers all possible ways to build your brand’s reputation. In fact, this will be the task for most of the businesses that intend to survive the competition.

From writing stories related to your brand to writing spot-on descriptions of your brand, and getting clicks on your site’s URL, you can practice all these measures to become a task of 2019.

Your Instagram profile is the ideal platform to share who you are, what your business does, and why people must follow your brand. Undoubtedly, all these aspects form the basis for your Instagram strategy optimization, and hence, must not be overlooked.

Instagram has even announced testing multiple ways of presenting your profile on Instagram. The only aim behind this is to enhance user experience as well as bring in more clicks to the brands.

2. Augmented Reality Technology for Stories Filters

Some mobile games gain too much popularity and download. Just like the popular Pokemon Go! The reason behind this is their impressive augmented reality technology that offers a highly interactive experience of a real-world environment with real-time objects.

When Facebook F8 discussed focusing on virtual reality and augmented reality then they appeared as elements of the future. We can say that the future is now close as you can now implement augmented reality technology in your Instagram stories. The cute face filters available on Instagram stories is the next big thing in 2019.

The face filters have already been used in 2018 by famous celebs like Will Smith, Kylie Jenner, and others. The good thing is that you can unlock these face filters only if you are following that person.

The face filer created by Rihanna is a diamond-studded filter that will glitter up your selfies. This is in context for the promotion of her Diamond Ball and to generate awareness for her charitable function.

The face filters created by Kylie Jenner has a purpose different from Rihanna’s. It is designed to help followers find the correct lipstick shade from the lip kit of Kylie Cosmetics. Users can try these lipstick shades by using the Instagram stories camera to see which one is best for you. If you like it then you can buy this product.

The throwback face filter from Will Smith is dedicated to his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days. This filter introduces a sideways hat as soon as you take selfies.

Brands and agencies can create similar face filters using augmented reality to create their Instagram stories a big hit. You can then create your own stories on Instagram filters with the help of augmented reality studio from Facebook.

3. Create Stunning Offline Experiences:

No worries if your brand does not have millions of money to spend. It is still possible to create memorable experiences offline with the latest Instagram trend.

If you have an offline store having a small brick and mortar office, café, saloon, or similar stuff, you can still create memorable moments for your offline customers on Instagram. This would encourage customers to tag your brand, share the posts, and take a snap.

The best thing is that you can customize the décor of your Instagram story to attract customers. This will not just increase your number of Instagram followers but will also bring more clients to your offline business.

4. Brands Collaboration with Influencers:

Another trend that started in 2018 but will continue to prosper in 2019 is the collaboration between brands and influencers. Earlier, most of the brands would send their products to influencers to have a sponsored post in their stories and feeds, presently the brands will take influencers to vacation.

This is simple! Brands are looking out for popular Instagram influencers with millions of followers. The brand will send them to a vacation in a fancy hotel and let them try the product and post everything about it on Instagram.

The fashion brands like Boohoo and Revolve have already started the campaign and are gaining from their influencer’s massive followings.

Since this trend involves huge cost so not every brand can afford it. But the returns expected are awesome. Influencers are only required to create ads of not more than 30 seconds, but the stories and posts must have a deep impact on the brand. The good thing is that brands can promote their hashtag, use UGC, and re-use these shots for a successful campaign.

It is a perfect strategy for brands with a million-dollar budget!

5. The Age of Direct Messaging is Here

DM or Direct Messaging gained immense momentum in 2018. As a result, sending voice messages, gifs, sharing posts and stories became a lot easier.

This way, Instagram direct messages became a powerful way to communicate with the audience. A large number of people have already started using it and find it a great alternative to WhatsApp or FB Messenger.

Even, there is a standalone messenger app on Instagram offering limited availability for iOS. In the year 2019, it is expected that DM will be removed from Instagram and an individual messaging app will be lined up. If this happens then it will be easier for businesses and brands to respond to their customers DMs through third-party solutions.

To let your business make the most of it, the best solution is to create a DM strategy right in place. It is time you plan it for your brand as it can help you enhance customer support and boost the credibility of your brand. In addition to this, Direct Messages can help Instagram audience research well and let your business experience increased conversions and sales.

6. Vertical Videos

In traditional times, people prefer watching videos that fit horizontally well on Facebook or YouTube.

But these days, things have completely changed.

With the increasing popularity of IGTV, Live, Stories, and other similar aspects, vertical videos are now in vogue on Instagram as well as YouTube. It is because you can easily upload vertical videos without experiencing any black bars appearing on the side.

Even, a new update has been announced by YouTube where you can upload videos adjust automatically to the video aspect ratio. This way, no matter which screen you are watching, your video will fit perfectly to it, be it a computer screen, mobile screen, tab screen, or any other.

Moreover, producing high-quality vertical videos on Instagram can boost the performance of your content to a great extent. On an initial basis, you can use apps like Storeo or InShot before you include vertical videos in your Instagram feed.

So, this is all about the newest Instagram trends. While most of the stuff that commenced in 2018 will continue to prosper in 2019 as well, but in addition to these, there are more other trends that you have to watch out. Whether you are an established business or a new start-up, the good thing is that keeping in harmony with these trends can benefit your business to a great extent.

Follow these new trends and make your business Instagram ready!

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