The Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Help You Grow

“Instagram,” we think this word doesn’t need any special introduction or description. Nowadays people of all age groups from the younger generation to the older generation use this amazing and popular social media network in various ways. In fact, Instagram has emerged into one of the most popular social media platforms.

With over 1 billion active users every month, this app has become the most important application in day-to-day people lives. It is no wonder that this app is not just used for personal purposes such as sending photos and videos, connecting with others, but it is increasingly used by the businesses as a marketing platform.

But to utilize this platform and all the features that it is offering, you need to enhance your ways and check in what areas you have to improve. Don’t worry, we have furnished the information about best Instagram analytics tools on this page so that you can get an idea about what areas you are missing and need to cover.

You have to remember that no matter what social media platform or marketing tool you are using, tracking the metrics and how you analyze the results is very important and is also key to your success. This process not only allows you to hone in on what’s working but also lets you know what’s not working and how to fix it and get back on the track.

Instagram marketers have dozens of powerful metric tools to implement in their marketing promotion but in those, some are the best ones and some doesn’t even cost a cent also. As we all know Instagram is mostly known for engagement. Most of the people love to interact with other people regarding brands and share information.

We can say that without engagement social media platforms don’t exist, and engagement matters more on Instagram than any other platforms.

Did you know that Instagram engagement is noted as four to twelve times more than other social channels?

Yeah!!! It’s true. This is the reason most of the people are showing interest in promoting their brands or products or services on Instagram.

This channel is known for its best benefits at the top of your sales. But the problem arises when your marketing efforts don’t link to your sales.

Here on this page, we are going to show you some of the Best Instagram Analytics Tools. If you want to see improvement and gain access in your sales, you need to implement at least one or two tools which we mentioned below. These tools not only help you to track and measure your performance but also help to shape your future Instagram strategy.

So we have compiled the list of such tools which can help you to ace your Instagram strategy more effectively and efficiently.

List of Best Instagram Analytics Tools:


Iconosquare is one of the best Instagram Analytics Tools which is designed especially for agencies and for the brands managing multiple accounts. This platform has various features such as growth tracking, competitive hashtag and much more.

Apart from its fully-blown analytics platform, Iconosquare also provides the users to access the Instagram audit for business profiles. It ensures the people that their profile is complete and also shows the platform best practices.

This audit has a capability of showing you 30 most recent posts as well as the general account settings. It helps you to understand how your posts frequency relates to the competition and drives new followers or lost ones on a daily basis.

You can also get the buffer-free like tool which helps you to manage the post across your multiple accounts at a time. This is the reason why Iconosquare has become a perfect tool for freelancers to save time when they have to manage multiple clients from the same dashboard.

It even shows the comments and interactions on each of your post so that you can keep a track on that conversation without leaving like that. This tool also offers the users to quickly search the media library and grab the high-resolution and beautiful images within a few seconds.

Along with this, it also consists of an editorial calendar view where you can schedule the posts ahead of your time and it is easy to manage your social media when you want to promote in advance.

Simply Measured: acquired by Sprout Social

From the name itself, you can imagine how this is going to be useful for you. This Simply Measured tool helps you to see how far and how wide your brand spreads on the Instagram platform. We can say that monitoring your new followers and total follower growth is a very good start for the business.

However, there are many ways where you can track potential growth over time. For example, it includes hashtags which you use and how many people are potentially reaching your post. Always remember that you must and should have a complete snapshot of how your videos are performing from basic views and also the conversions.

This tool also helps you to benchmark your performance by comparing with the competitors. For instance, you can spy on what is working best for them and which content or campaigns are bringing the best results for them. And one of the best features available in this tool is, you can see which potential users are already following you.

Instead of spending big bucks on your massive influencer campaigns, you can just work out on other similar arrangements. Simply Measured offers you the simple-to-read visual dashboard where you can get an idea about posts and which posts are the best bangs for your buck.

It will also guide you if you want to participate in discussions in the direction of new comments and related community discussions. This also features Social Conversion Funnel where you can see all the engagement-based activities and also offers a free scaled report for the basic Instagram analytics.

Sprout social:

This tool is similar to Iconosquare tool which combines analytics with the content creation and management tools. It consists of a fully featured editorial calendar so that you can schedule your new content across multiple social media account platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

We can say that this tool is perfect for larger organizations with rigid guideline because it consists of a centralized media library to manage the built-in editing tools. If the new content is ready to post, you can use the push notification tool to update the new content to that particular person responsible for taking the next step.

This tool also includes a Social CRM which funnels the conversations into a central smart inbox. If you have access to this feature, you can easily boost up your conversations over time. It provides access to the users to view the entire contact history of a particular individual and can send messages. So, your responsible team members can follow up appropriately.

You have to pay close attention to which performance is compared with others. Dive deeper or check deeper into the individual hashtag performance that helps you to know which hashtag is performing well and which is not. If you want to spin all the features of this tool, you can free trail it to preview before paying a single cent.


Most of the Instagram analytics tools offer you a daily reporting feature which helps you to track your performance progress. However, this tool named Keyhole gives the users access to check real-time feedback. It helps you to figure out which internal trends of your own brand are providing the best results and you can glance at the data about what activities are driving the most for follower growth.

You can even create a feed that automatically tracks your competitor’s account and checks what’s working for them and what’s not so that you can get an idea about what areas you need to focus on. With the help of this tool, you can save your time by choosing the predefined KPIs to track.

This tool automatically provides the complete report and organizes your data into an easy-to-read dashboard which can share with your team also. Then your team members also know what changes have to do in order to increase the performance and grab the new followers attention.


SocialRank is also one of the best and amazing Instagram Analytics tool available on the internet. This tool provides detailed audience metrics for both of your Instagram and Twitter accounts. Most of the tools are more focused on hard data or provides your individual posts’ performance metrics.

But SocialRank is more concerned about identifying the follower patterns so that you can tailor on your content updates to provide it your targeted audience. It provides details such as the most popular words used by your followers’ bios and posts. Along with this, you can also see the popular emojis among your targeted audiences.

Based on the keywords, you can search the prospects bios also. This can be useful for you in case of local marketing. Just filter your target audience by their location so that it will be easy for you to reach out to the potential candidates for your local live events and other brand engagements.

In this tool, the follower filter feature helps you to narrow down your followers into smaller segments based on the criteria which include a number of followers, specific companies, gender, and other information.

Once you get the detailed information, you can rank them or prioritize based on their engagement with you or by their follower count. We can say that these filters come very handy when you trying to figure out a specific list of followers.

For instance, just imagine that you are opening a new location in a new city, you can use these filters to find out the people who are using certain hashtags within your new location. Then you can easily pull out the information of that specific location followers list, save it into an Excel or PDF document and share it with your team members.

Well, many of the Instagram Analytics tools give you detailed information about how your Instagram account or your posts are performing as per the KPIs. The tool takes you to the next step by offering you the most tactical insight into the content decisions which you are making.

This tool helps you to figure out which image filter performs best among your followers and compares with your related competitors in multiple metrics. It helps you to track the performance metrics and create the benchmarks to see if your audience growth is increasing based on your content quality and quantity.

In fact, most of all the social platforms use the internal algorithms to determine how many posts of yours are reaching the targeted audience and seen by them. If your engagement is low, it automatically shows how many followers end up seeing your content on a day.

With the help of, you can pinpoint the big players who are already a part of your follower’s list. In fact, it is a great way to identify the potential people who are showing interest in your brand message. It also gives you the insight of how active your followers are there on the platform.


Social media seems to be fairly simple but you need to understand what your audience wants from you and what they are looking for. Instagram often is used to reach the new audience, increase your brand and develop relationships with the targeted audience.

Follow the above mentioned Best Instagram Analytics tools today, update your marketing campaigns and grow faster. Don’t hesitate to share your queries with us. You can just drop your queries in the comment box below and we will get back to you soon.

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