What is Influencer Marketing? The Complete Guide

Are you looking for new options to enhance your product visibility?

Then you can try influencer marketing. If you are not familiar with the term, I am explaining it here for you.

Like any other marketing, influencer marketing is an option that you can consider to increase your product reach among many users.

As online marketing methods got popular, influencer marketing became an essential part of it. This is one of the most proven marketing methods, one can use.

Now we can discuss that term

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of online marketing where business progresses by working with someone who can influence people to buy a product.

What is Influencer Marketing

For that first, you need to identify an influencer who can promote your products.

How can you find an influencer?

An influencer is someone who can guide the buying decision of others. They are basically brand or niche promoters. They can influence people with their decision. There will be many followers for him on social media.

He will be an expert on a particular niche and also have got the authority and special relationship with his followers.

A true influencer should have the power to make people believe in his/her suggestions and make them follow you. That’s the power of influential marketing.

In every niche, there will be some important people with many followers and can influence others.

If you need to promote your product you can contact them and request them to promote your product. You will be surprised to see the sudden increase in sales after implementing influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Strategies:

Every marketing type will have its own strategies. That’s what you need to know when you follow that particular marketing. Like that, there are some strategies you can follow on influential marketing too

  1. Plan your influencer marketing strategy
  2. Find out the best influencer
  3. Get into action
  4. Monitor changes
  5. Optimized distribution

Before applying the above strategies, you need to know your goals and work for your targeted audience.

The first step you need to do before finding an influencer for marketing is to find out your targeted audience.

You have to keep them in mind and define your goal. The main goal of everyone that follows influencer marketing is to improve their sale or create a product awareness etc.

Now we can discuss various influencer marketing strategies

1. Planning an influencer marketing strategy:

Nothing will happen without a particular business goal.

First, you need to decide why you want to choose influencer to market your product?

If you got an answer to it, then half of your job is done.

Just define the outcomes you expect from influencer marketing. This is very important when you approach any influencer with a request.

If you can convey your strategy to them well, they can promote your product accordingly.

You can write down various goals and the outcomes you expect from this influencer marketing. This will help to build an effective business plan

2. Influencer identification:

This is a critical step you need to work on. It is very important to find the right person who can influence people and promote your product.

There are many sources from which you can find out someone. It will depend on your expectation, budget and campaign type

You can find influencers from Google search. You will get many results related to your niche.

To get more information you may need to check their webpage thoroughly. After getting their contact info, you can connect with them.

3. Getting into action:

After finalizing an influencer for your marketing, the next step is to connect with them.

You need to build a good relationship with potential influencers. They are about to work for you. So, it is important to know them well by following them on social media.

Create friendship with them and discuss things. After building a good relationship, you can present your request to them.

If they agree to your proposal, then that relationship will grow and with that, your business also grows.

4. Social media monitoring:

This will also help you to find influencers for your marketing. There will be many people who do reviews and product promotions.

You need to read every blog or post related to your product or niche and find someone who can picture your product well.

There are many networks who can help you to find influencers. They will have a direct connection with an influencer. But one thing is that you need to contact that influencer through that network only.

There are various sites that you can use to get details of influencers. They will help you to find the right influencer for you with a small commission.

There are different types of influencers like celebrity influencers, good quality content creators, buzz creators, advocates, and employees, etc. Choose someone that suits your business promotions.

5. Optimize distribution:

Just by creating promotional contents, you cannot popularize your product. You need to build your own strategy to promote your product with the help of influential contents.

Try to include various quotes and positive reviews on your product site.

You can promote your product using celebrity influencers and you can promote your content via various medium with good reviews from those influencers.

Track your result:

After introducing influencer marketing, you need to track result and know how it works.

Usually, influencer marketing can create a sudden growth in your sale. They can create that impact among their followers uses these analytics to optimize your marketing.

You can arrange your influencers based on content response and the impact they created among followers.

Also, find out the best medium of content distribution. You can use all these details and apply it next time.

Influencer marketing Instagram:

If you have an Instagram account you might have noticed influencer marketing before. This is a good type of promotion you can do.

Instagram is a growing platform and you can use its benefits to promote your product/ service. For that, first, you need to make a good campaign that will work well with your product.

Next, you need to check whether it is a good option to execute it through Instagram. If you have that much confidence about your campaign then go for it.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing on Instagram.

Wide reach:

This is one of the most popular social media platforms with a wide reach. It has got the second place among all other social media after Facebook.

More than 30% of internet users have an Instagram account. So, if you want to promote your product this is a good option.

Most preferred:

Instagram is the choice of most influencer for product promotion. The reason behind it could be it reachability and its capability to engage its audience.

Before going to select this marketing, the best option is to make a detailed budget plan. The budget will vary according to the campaign type and popularity of influencer you choose. The cost will differ according to industry type also.

It is better to do some research and know about the approximate cost of influencer marketing. This will help you to get an idea of the budget you need to spend on your campaign.

After getting an idea you can decide the number of influencers you want to get for your campaign. Here are some best examples of Influencer marketing on Instagram

Influencer marketing examples

One of the best examples of influencer marketing is of Sony Xperia Z5. They created an Instagram account @sonyxperiafr.

They wanted to promote its powerful camera which has the power to zoom its lens 5 times. They promoted it using pictures.

They created #instazoomZ5 in which they posted pictures taken with Z5 and cot it into smaller shots arranged into 5 layers.

With this account, they created 100 other accounts and linked them to each other by tags.

You can zoom this picture to any part of the real photo and there are more than 50 hidden surprises for you.

Sony did this campaign with the help of 30 influencers and it was a huge success where more than 17 million people participated in it.

Another example of influencer marketing is the launch of Moto Z family and Moto Mods. The main specialty of this phone is that you can switch modes in and out of the phone. You can even connect a projector to it. To promote this Motorola chose 13 influencers from various verticals and made a YouTube video.

Each of them made a video by specifying each moto mods. This video generated 11.6 million viewers. This was a successful campaign made using influencer marketing.

Pepsi emoji product from Walgreen store is also a good example of influencer marketing.

Pepsi created a limited edition with emoji and created a campaign called #SayItWithPepsi#. They promoted it through social media and it was created to promote the specially packaged Pepsi bottle which is only available at Walgreen store.

Pepsi used influencer which created content about 200 Pepsi emojis and distributed among their followers. The content they shared contained pictures, videos, etc.

This created a good impact on youth and they rushed to Walgreens to get their bottle and posted it. This campaign was a huge success.

Influencer Marketing tTools:

Influencer marketing is a very important procedure and you need to choose the right influencers to promote your product.

You don’t have to search for influencers on various platforms. There are free tools available to help you to find good influencers. There are many paid tools and free tools there.

Here are some free tools that you can use to find some best influencers for your marketing campaigns.

1. Followerwonk:

This is a very good tool that shows you to search for keywords on Twitter. You can see various influencer list with their number of followers.

You can shortlist influencers based on their authority and number of followers.

Using these analytical features, you can find out the influencers who follow your competitors also. Find out suitable influencers for you.

2. Buzzsumo:

Buzzsumo is a popular content that you can use for influencer marketing. This will show you the popular content that is being shared about a particular topic.

You can also find out influencers using keywords or hashtags. You can shortlist influencers using their type companies, bloggers, etc.

3. Mavrck:

This is also a very good platform you can use as a tool for influencer marketing. Mavrck takes a different approach in this field.

Here they turn their existing customers to influencers. The main advantage of this idea is that one doesn’t have to convince an influencer to promote your brand.

How to launch a killer marketing campaign?

Everyone wants to create a killer marketing campaign. But it is important that your campaign should stand out among other competitive campaigns. There are no magical tips to make your campaign attractive.

Most important points are known as your target audience, research about your competition and choose the best channels to launch your campaign.

Make good ideas check the possibilities and launch it where ever you want. After launching something you need to review to know the outcome. If it is not working well you can relaunch it with a new face.

Final words:

From this article, you will get a good idea about influencer marketing and how it can change the whole marketing efforts.

When a product wants to improve its visibility, there are many options available.

But it is important to choose one program that can give you maximum visibility. Consider your budget and expectations while picking a plan.

Influencer marketing is the most preferable option where you need to find a suitable influencer. For that, there are many tools available to help you. This will make your job easy.

There are many types of influencers like celebrity influencers, social media influencers, etc.

You can choose the type of influencers depending on your product/service type. After launching the campaign, make sure to follow up well to know the result.

The success of your brand depends on the type of influencer you choose. Just trust in your product and go forward by choosing new marketing strategies to win new heights.

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