How to Increase Website Traffic Fast: Simple Strategies

Are you worried about your website traffic?

Every webmaster wants to increase website traffic towards their site. How many sites succeed in that?

Not many can achieve this. The main reason is that it depends on many factors from site appearance to popularity.

There are many technical as well as non-technical factors that affect the traffic of a website. But it is difficult to identify the exact reason without proper analysis.

The reasons could be quality of content, site loading speed, lack of clarity, the appearance of your site and many more.

Strategies to Increase Website Traffic:

This is a common question that arises in everyone’s mind. To get more traffic first you need to impress search engine and then to users. Both are difficult.

Search engine changes its algorithm frequently and you need to update your site accordingly. To impress users, you can include good content with informative elements and write them simply.

There are many articles which can guide you to good website traffic. Some of them explain old techniques and some others are new.

You need to follow the new technique always because technology changes more often. if you want an updated one, this is the article you are looking for.

Here I am going to explain some techniques you can use, to increase website traffic.

This guide will help newbies to get an idea about attracting more users towards their site.

All of them are proven techniques and you can implement them on your site and see the change. There are 5 important points you need to follow

  1. Optimize your content
  2. Use social media effectively
  3. Guest posting
  4. Apply new strategies to bring more followers
  5. Recycle your old posts

These are some simple steps you can follow to design your site effectively. There are many webmasters who are not aware of handling copywriting and SEO properly.

This guide will help them to attract more traffic towards their site. I am going to explain each point in detail.

Optimize your content:

This is the basic point you need to do if you want more traffic toward your site.

Optimize your website contents well in order to get more attraction from the search engine and users equally. Here is how you can do it

1. Analyze current site traffic:

Before implementing something new, you should know about your site’s current traffic.

Use tools like Google analytics to get more details about it. Know your pageviews, bounce rate, pages/visit, etc from this.

You can do it more often. It is very important to check site analytics after implementing some new strategy. This will help to know the performance of that particular strategy.

2. Apply new strategies:

Without a proper marketing strategy, most of the business cannot withstand. More than 50% of business won with a properly written business plan. There are various marketing strategies you can apply to.

Some of them are like free ebooks, videos, more information about a topic, guides, etc.

Include them as a reward to your users if they join with your site. Some webmasters use pop-ups to make users register to their sites.

If the gift you give is that much important, you can turn your visitors to followers.

3. Write catchy headlines:

Headlines are the key factor that can attract users towards your content. When they search about a topic and can find yours in search result with a good headline, they will click on it.

This can improve your site traffic and rank automatically. Use keywords in heading to optimize it for search engine.

Creating curiosity is the better option you can do while making a title. Use powerful keywords to create that impact.

4. Content quality:

Only with catchy content, you cannot increase website traffic. You need to have quality content as well that can make users engaging.

So, how can you create a catchy content? Some of the tips are

  • Create interesting contents to your readers. From the beginning, the content should be compelling to readers. You can tell the contents through an interesting story.
  • Shorter paragraphs are better to hook readers. The larger paragraph makes it boring
  • Ask questions in your content as it can get participation from users
  • Include more visual elements like images, graphs, charts, etc.

5. Internal links:

Internal links are very important according to Google. You can include them on your site to show that there are more details on your content.

Links are internal as well as external. When linking to content, make sure to use relevant ones.

If there are some older post related to your current content you can include it. Use right anchor text and make sure not to overdo it.

6. Conduct site auditing:

Create a content auditing to make sure that your site is performing well. This is a very good option to improve your site ranking.

The main aim of conducting a site audit is to provide quality contents. Remove error pages, update contents, make good contents active, improve page speed, remove technical errors, etc.

All of them will help you to increase website traffic to your site.

Use social media effectively

Social media is the best way to create more inbound traffic towards your site. This is the best way using which you can connect with your potential customers.

If they find your content good they will visit your site again. That’s how you can bring more traffic to your site.

Try to post old contents also if you get more followers. Every social media platforms have their own pros and cons.

All of them are good to advertise your site but you should use different message everywhere to get expected response from users.

There are various social media platforms where you can share your contents. Add social media sharing buttons on your content. You can also include infographics and visual content to make it more shareable.

Don’t share the content more than once which can make it as a spammy link. Make a social media posting schedule so that you can post accordingly.

There are many platforms you can use to be popular. But most effective marketing platforms as of now are Quora and Reddit.

Others are also good but marketers advice to use Q&A platforms to bring more active participation.

1. Use Quora:

There are platforms like Quora where you can participate in active discussions and forums.

Participate in discussions to promote your contents effectively. Users can see the first few lines and make them interesting in your content in those lines.

Use visuals well to explain your points and keep them entertaining throughout your content.

2. Reddit:

This is another emerging platform where you can post contents to get more reachability.

For that, first, you need to find relevant subreddit and post your content on it. If there are relevant keywords, your content will get easily noticeable.

To be more popular you can participate in discussions well. More upvotes mean an improvement in reachability.

Guest posting

Guest blogging is another relevant tool you can use to generate more site traffic.

According to expert’s guest blogging can increase website traffic by 20%.

So, how guest blogging works?

The first option here is to find a suitable site in your niche that looks guest blogging. After finding it, you can approach them to do guest blogging. Here are the steps you can follow

  • Find any suitable platform where you can do guest blogging
  • Research well and choose a topic relevant to that site niche. Make it more attractive
  • Approach those popular sites
  • Prepare your content and submit it
  • Make sure they linked to your original content

Another possible option is to find any experts in your niche and request them to write for your site.

If you can find an influencer in your niche who can write about your site that can help to make site popular.

There is one more option you can do is to turn the interview with an influencer to a blog. This will help you to drive more traffic towards your site.

Blog commenting will also work well. But, don’t choose all sites for this. Only comment on sites related to your niche.

Also, those comments should be valid and related to the topic. Then users of that site will start to notice you and this can bring more traffic towards your site automatically.

Apply new strategies to bring more followers

Use options like email marketing to get more customer base. It can bring more quality traffic to your site. There will be a call to action on every site.

The main reason behind all of them is to attract more customers towards it.

Email marketing can build a stronger customer base for your site and you can offer something interesting in return. Here is how you can use it

  • Include offer sign-up is the most popular way. Make them join your newsletter by offering something valuable
  • Use a welcome page to attract more users to subscribe.
  • Use content upgrades to get more conversion rate
  • Extended guest posting is also a better way to enlarge your subscriber base
  • Free giveaways are very good to build more followers. Find tempting gifts for those who share about the giveaway more.

This will not only improve site reachability but also it’s ranking.

After building an email list of subscribers you have to use it effectively. There is a common practice happening among most of the webmasters. They only use these emails to inform them about anything important.

But after getting all emails of subscribers, the first thing you need to do is to send emails with links to your posts.

Introduce various contents of your page and make them follow your site. You can set an autoresponder mail to do this.

Push notifications are also in demand to build more traffic. All you have to do is to set a push notification mail.

When a user comes to your site a push message asks them for permission to send any new notification. If they allowed it, you can set to send alerts with new content links automatically.

Recycle your old posts:

Content marketing is not all about quality, it also considers quantity too. The number of contents is also important on your site.

If you can create new contents more frequently it is the best thing with which you can keep your site more active.

Don’t leave any old post in your site without notice. You can remodel it and share again to make it reach among more viewers.

Some contents will be so old and it may need some updates. You can arrange, repurpose and update well to make it presentable.

Give it a fresh look to impress your users. Try below options

  • Convert a blog into informative infographics
  • Create power point presentations of old blogs.
  • Take images from the blog and post it on social media and image sharing sites.
  • Tum blog into newsletter or video to make it entertaining to users
  • After making proper updates you can post it on sites like Medium or LinkedIn.

After repurposing your blog, you should post it on the right channels to ensure maximum reachability.

It is not only about updating your old post but you want more conversion rate out of it. Choose a suitable medium to publicize your content.

For example, if you want to post blog images choose sites like Flickr, Instagram, etc. As every form of content has its own channels. Use some marketing sense and try all available options to get a good result.

Final word:

The most important thing among all of these is to track your results. Analytics plays an important role in your site performance.

Every webmaster should validate their content performance and implement new ideas to increase website traffic.

All of the above options are proven methods and most of the experts suggest to boost your site traffic.

A site cannot withstand only with quality contents. Self-marketing is very important in this competitive world to stand out among all other excellent competitors.

There are many tools you can use to analyze site performance and improve it. If your aim is to boost your site traffic then work hard for it.

Experiment new interesting strategies and analyze its result. This is not a fast process. It will take some time so, be patient and try harder.

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