The Best Strategies to Increase Instagram Engagement

The busiest as well as the biggest social media platform today is Instagram. Reports mention that there are billions of active users on Instagram and many are active on a daily basis. Apart from mentioning it as a marketing platform, Instagram is a visual marketing space that is targeted in an enhanced manner.

The loyal audience can be obtained from this platform. Instagram engagement is important for ones who are looking forward to popularizing their product or brand.

Increase Instagram Engagement

What is Instagram Engagement?

The engagement rate that is obtained from social media platforms is Instagram engagement. It is the number of followers who are loyal to you, where the size of followers isn’t counted but the involvement rate in your brand is important. The followers would show participation in the videos, photos, and stories leading to marketing accomplishment. There are a number of ways by which audiences can be attracted and made as followers.

Let’s glimpse through a few tips to increase Instagram engagement rate.

Top 20 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement:

1. Posting visual content:

The main reason for Instagram to be famed is for its visual content. The true fact is that humans are attracted by visual aspects and the brain also receives about 90% of the information in a visual manner. It is the images that hold attention and develop emotions. People thus opt for Instagram and scroll the visual pictures every day.

To increase Instagram engagement, it is necessary to post visual content every day. This would definitely bring you the engagement required. Hence to grab the attention of your followers remember to post best visual content on a regular basis. It is also advisable to avoid over-posting as you may be under the spammer’s list. Based on reports by Union metrics, it is necessary to post for one or two times a day.

2. Posting time is important:

There should be a perfect time, to post your content. It is advisable to post contents when your audiences are active and online. When the content is posted, the followers should be present to interact. Analytics can be used to see when the mainstream of followers is using Instagram. The peak times must be penned down and contents should be posted. It is advisable to avoid posting content when followers are offline.

The other way is to plan for your content to be posted in advance. This assists your content to be posted automatically as followers are active. Hopper IQ is an Instagram algorithm that can be used to upload a bulk of about 50 images and plan in a way to publish them at a specific time.

3. Instagram story stickers conversation:

Apart from comments and likes, Instagram engagement can be accomplished by including stories. Instagram stories are the latest trend that is growing at about 4 million people are watching and posting stories each day. With this idea, new innovative story ideas have been developed by Instagram with engagement stickers for stories. Instagram story stickers are the best way to link your followers to share their opinions, experiences and also to chat. This will assist in developing a loyal following that is linked with the brand. There are many stickers to get started with.

Question sticker: The Instagram Stories question sticker is a perfect sticker to get to know more about the brand. This sticker helps followers to gain more information on products and brands. Questions can also be asked to the followers on the flipside. Also, next season’s plan and ideas can be asked as questions to the followers. It would be conversation, engagement and customer feedback altogether in one single sticker.

Poll vote sticker: As you boost engagement, you also need to know your audience’s opinion. For such cases, poll or vote stickers can be employed. Any product launch can be accompanied by a poll or vote sticker to know the upcoming result.

4. Holding attention:

It is mandatory to hold the attention of your audience as they run through the post. Hence your content strategy should make use of more videos.

For this purpose, hopper HQ can be used to place videos through the sides of photos. The fact is that videos would keep people on the post for a longer time. This is because videos start automatically. Carousel posts can also be included in your content.

This allows about 10 videos or photos to be uploaded in the post. Galleries can be used to represent the product along with step by step guidelines or useful data.

5. Get linked with same niche or industry each day:

The main rule of Instagram is mentioned as engagement nourishes engagement. The opportunity to be visible is increased by interacting with others on the platform. Your account is more visible as you engage more with other users. By this way, the rate of engagement from your visitors for your profile is raised.

It is also important to bear in mind that the quality of engagement should be concentrated than the quantity. This can be accomplished by picking the right account to engage with. Suppose you hold an Instagram account for fashion niche, it is good to engage with accounts that hold fashion label, beauty, etc.

In case, if your account is about social media marketing company then get associated with accounts that hold social media marketing blogs and social media leaders. By this way, your audience would find the right content and also show interest in it.

6. Use long captions:

If you desire your audience to spend more time on your post, then a long and engaging caption is mandatory. Instagram engagement is increased by writing a complete sentence instead of emojis. Jenna Kutcher, an Instagram expert mentions that “captions should represent captivating stories that lure an audience and their interest.”

7. Hashtags:

Hashtags are important aspects to be considered in social platforms. In order to rise in your niche and get in touch with the right audience, the appropriate and perfect hashtags are to be used. You should make sure that the hashtags you use should be associated with your post, brand, and products. To solve such query, tools such as Webstagram can be used.

8. Using appropriate filters:

When discussing Instagram, it’s a unique platform that attracts audiences with visual appeal. So the best way to achieve it is by making use of appropriate filters. Your images can be added with dimensions as every filter has its own specialty. Few famed filters suggested are Valencia, Juno, X-Pro II, Clarendo, etc.

9. Concentrate on quality content:

Quality content is mandatory in an Instagram post as only a few seconds will be there to grab the attention of the visitors. Quality content includes a perfect photo, motivational, inspiring, fun photos, gifs, cool videos, creative pictures, and a perfect theme that presents your brand.

10. An attractive Instagram profile:

All of us know to create an Instagram profile to enhance social engagement. There are a few aspects to be considered while creating an Instagram profile. Your profile should be complete, worthy and accessible too. Your profile should be striking so that visitors are fascinated.

For a perfect profile, make sure to upload a decent profile picture that is associated with your brand. You should develop a bio that is attractive and explains the reason for followers to follow you.

Do not forget to add a web address. Moreover, make your content original.

11. Interact with your followers:

Direct interaction with your followers is one best way to enhance social engagement on Instagram.

It is advised to have a publication personal, concentrate on your audience by understanding their concerns, pave way for the audience so that they take part in your posts, assist them to comment, probe questions, develop conversations and also provide a reason so that they interact. By all these aspects, interactions enhance.

12. Focus on trends:

To grab the attention of followers, it isn’t enough to just hold a social media presence. It is important to interest the followers and it is mandatory to focus on trends to know the category of content to be posted. This is the best way to attract them. The true fact is that social media trends lay emphasis on enhancing engagement.

To get in touch with a number of followers, adding a geotag to the stories can push you into the recommended feed.

13. Posting photos of people:

You get about 38% of more likes when you post photos with faces. Posting photos of people is a great way to grab in more audience. Irrespective of what you’re selling, bringing in people pics increases your audience total more. Photos shared by visitors can be posted; a team of social media you’re associated with can be posted, etc.

14. Before and after post, engage directly:

After your first hour of posting, you would actually look for enhanced engagement for your post. Good advice would be to get engaged with other posts before and after your post has been made. By this way there are lots of chances for the visitor to like your post instantly, glimpse through your profile. By this way, users are directed to your account.

15. Convey your brand and business:

Apart from product images, people on Instagram look for more details. They are looking for people working behind the brand, the brands mission, and manufacturing details of the product. Thus Instagram is a great platform that permits you to share all these details.

By getting to know all these details, audiences are clear and are connected in a trusted way. They follow in an active way and get engaged to your account.

16. Add fun:

It is true that there needs to be proper planning, time and effort in developing Instagram stories. A little fun element can also be added to the same. The latest style is that almost all brands add trending topics, references to pop culture and humor elements.

17. Use feed themes on Instagram:

Your posts can be enhanced with a visual appeal by making use of feed themes on Instagram. Though filters are used by many people, feed theme is yet another way to grab in audiences. There is an added appeal to get you more followers and get engaged. There are many themes such as black and white and other complicated ones.

18. Profile story:

Any user can be converted into a follower within a short span of time. For this, the “highlight” purpose on Instagram can be used. Along with highlights, Instagram stories would last for about 24 hours and if you wish, the lifetime can be extended. This is one way to increase Instagram engagement.

19. GIF’s can be used:

Videos with 15 seconds or less are mostly preferred by the people and they watch till the end. Hence the marketing department should be aware of creating and posting gifs. The truth is that GIF’s are more attractive than images and are shared more. GIF’s are time-consuming and cost-effective too.

20. Learn from top contents:

To boost Instagram engagement rates, the content formula is to be well-read. Look for the top-performing Instagram content, look for their visual styles, effective hashtags, and also by getting to know the best time to post. These ideas would help you understand the right procedures required for your brand. Falcon, a social media managing platform can be employed. This helps in engagement increase and marketing strategy fine-tuning.


An Instagram story has more and more tips to get engaged with audiences. The tips discussed above would be useful and beneficial to grab the attention of many followers. These tips can be followed and your brand and business can be made familiar in social media platform.

There are tons of tips available online too for increasing Instagram engagement, run through them and employ it in your posts. Instagram is one of the best and perfect platforms that offer you an opportunity to showcase your product or brand. Planning and using it in the right way is important.

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