The Best Ways To Improve SEO Rankings of Website

It is very stressful and disappointing to find a website that you made after much hard work and dedication, crawling on Google and not ranking on the first page. And why not, if your webpage ranks on the first page then there is a 33% probability of getting clicked. The more shocking fact is that around 75% of visitors dont even visit the second page of the search result. If you want to be in the clicks of the right consumers to generate leads for your business, SEO must be your foremost priority.

Here we will identify the best ways to beat your competitors and get on the first page of search results. Being on the first page of the search ensures faster conversion to click, improves SEO ranking and helps in generating more revenue. With the help of easily implementable SEO techniques, you can definitely achieve a high ranking.

Improve SEO Rankings

Let’s discuss some latest tactics to increase your probability of ranking on the first page of the search engine results.

Different Ways To Improve SEO Rankings:

1. Provide excellent quality relevant content:

The purpose of content creation is to serve the user and not the search engine. For the content writer, there is no other option than to present quality content. This is because great content is primarily responsible for a good SEO ranking. So, be more precise about your web writing skills.

Try to find out what is the keyword phrase used by users to search a particular page, for example, top restaurants of the world, the best season to visit in Delhi, etc. Use that particular phrase many times throughout your article. It should be used at least three to four times throughout the whole content and once at least in starting and ending paragraph.

2. Add images appropriately:

Images and pictures definitely enhance the appearance of a website. But, not only the quality of images but also factors like file format and size need to optimized properly. Adding very high-quality images may take too long to download which badly affects your SEO ranking.

Hence, compress, resize and include your keywords on the image title to improve SEO rankings in SERPs.

3. Include outbound hyperlinks:

It is very important to do proper research before making claims. The data claimed in your article commands authority and trustworthiness only when it is backed up with some credible sources. Create content with relevant links for the subject. Usage of descriptive links helps to improve the SEO ranking of your webpage as well as the linked page.

4: Ensure faster loading of your webpages:

The algorithms followed by various search engines put emphasis on the time required for loading. Also, the customer response to a website highly depends upon the time he/she has to wait for the opening of the website. Hence, you should ensure the faster loading of your website and webpages.

For this, you can test your website from different locations around the world with help available on the internet. Once the performance of the website is known, you can improve the speed of response of your website by doing the required changes in coding.

5. Use easy and simple content:

Use simple language in your website content. The language should be able to convey the information in layman terms. If a user accesses the website and gets lucid and accurate information then it will be a very satisfying experience and the user may return for some other information too.

Hence, it’s very critical for the popularity of the website to have an easy to understand and accurate information.

6. Make your website mobile friendly:

In the present age, the dependence on mobile for day to day activities has grown manifolds. This has increased with the advent of smartphones. People prefer using mobiles over laptops and desktops for ease of usage. Hence, it is highly recommended to make your website mobile friendly.

This increases the chance to tap the potential of mobile internet users for your website. Note that mobile first indexing is a big factor in SEO ranking.

Hence, you can enhance the SEO ranking of your website by making it mobile friendly.

7. Create free tools:

Content marketing is the most known and popular way of getting website links. Another latest way of generating more backlinks and traffic over time is releasing free tools in the market. It is a better option than content marketing.

By analyzing the companies which are performing well in your zone, you can find out what free tools need to be provided. Using a free tool generates a lot of traffic from its free backlink tools.

8. Impress the influencer:

Influencer marketing has been a very old name in the digital marketing field. It is generally a dead practice and is considered not effective. However, if you manage to get an influencer link your post, it surely guarantees big traffic coming your way.

But the way to get an influencer link for your post is not an easy one nowadays. The influencers generally get hundreds of requests every month. In such a situation, the need is to influence the influencer with a carefully chalked strategy. You may follow steps to influence an influencer:

  • Find out the most popular blogs. Make a list of bloggers who have a huge follower on social media
  • Take the reference from their social media post and try to find out the motivating factors for them.
  • Create content based on your research and mention the name of influencer to whom you have been influenced.
  • Share your article mentioning their names and do share it with them. If an influencer finds it appealing, he/she may share it. That will suddenly give targeted traffic on your website

9. Take help from social media:

The use of social media has grown exponentially in recent times. Any information on social media passes in a rapid manner all over the places. You can use this advantage in your favor.

Make your website and business available on social media. Put social media icons on your web articles. Encourage a culture of social media sharing on your website.

Use your creativity to influence users to share your content on social media for e.g. use a quiz or questionnaire and encourage participation in it. The influence of social media usage will definitely enhance your SEO ranking.

10. Build an easy and fast uploading page:

If the website takes too long to load, it will hurt your SEO ranking. Google will recognize it as a less engaging page and any negative remark kills traffic to your site.

It has been found in many kinds of research that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load then, 40% of the traffic leaves that page. More terrible is that 80% of them don’t revisit that site. On the contrary, people visit a fast loading page, very frequently.

You may get the help of free online services to test the speed of your webpage from any locations all over the world. Google’s algorithm adjusts the search ranking based on the website’s popularity.

11. Be your niche expert:

Becoming a niche expert is not that difficult. Content writers becoming a personal brand to increase the website’s traffic is trendy nowadays. Follow the following steps to become an expert in your niche:

  • Visit various forums and Q &A websites.
  • Share your knowledge wisely and help others without revealing your business secret.
  • If your answer will be relevant, the user will ask for help. You can use this opportunity to provide a link back to the webpage.
  • Once users start to browse and follow your link the traffics on your webpage will multiply manyfold.
  • Be careful and read back linking policy before backlinking because a few websites have a very strict back linking policy.

12. Create a more descriptive and long post:

It has been found in many types of research that a lengthy post ranks higher than a general 500 words post.  This is very obvious as a lengthy post can give holistic information about the product or service.

In this fast-paced information age, it is accurate and all-around information available at a single location, which is more respected by the users.

You can use relevant graphs, data, charts, and visuals to convey the content. The language can be simple yet pointedly focussed on the topic. Information bagged with real-life examples facilitates a better understanding of the topic; hence this trick can also be used.

13. Optimized Meta description:

A meta description is another element that needs to be optimized. Google itself provides few tips to create good description, few of them are:

  • Be descriptive: Description must be enough to solve all queries like who, what, why, when where and how.
  • Be unique: Every page meta description must be different.
  • Be short: It should not exceed 160 characters.

14. Learn infographic strategy:

Infographics stand for information with graphics. The purpose of the infographics is to provide a better understanding of the concept and information via graphics and make it in a fun to read format. It has the power to highly impact your SEO ranking.

To make your infographics eye-catching you must go for an excellent design with high-quality content. Don’t put too much emphasis on the content while creating infographics. Combining the infographics with a long post of at least 2000 words is highly recommendable.

15. Introduce LSI keywords:

LSI is the abbreviation of Latent Semantic Indexing. Google, Bing and various other search engines compare the correlation between various terms using LSI. In other words, LSI is used to search keywords related to your main keywords or simply synonyms for keywords.

For example, if you’re writing an article about toddlers care you’d include “parenting tips” as an LSI keyword. The noticeable fact is through the use of LSI positively impacting your site, many sites don’t use it efficiently. You may get assured high ranking SEO if you find out the correct way to implement LSI.

16. Extend links:

If you use diverse links instead of focusing on one type of link building method then, chances of high SEO ranking will increase. You should link your site from different types of links like blog post link, blog roll link, directory link, homepage link, etc.

Make sure the link you have built must be appropriate and relevant because it matters a lot. It has been found that diversification of links plays a key role in bringing traffic from Google.

17. A way to get links for rare niche:

Some niche such as news, entertainment, travel, are very general so it is not a great deal to get links for these niches. If your material is good then many of the blogs will show their interest to link with.

But in case of some rare niche, it is very challenging to get the link because blogs in that particular niche don’t exist. The best way to come out of this problem is to get links from the related niche. For example, if you are a chef then, the related niche would be

  • health
  • lifestyle
  • spices

The standard SEO trick is to write a post for your site and then make a visit to the relevant blogs asking for a link. You could also use popular SEO tricks like forum posting and guest posting.

First, find out all possibilities of related niches then think of all possible ways to add value to those niches.


The digital transformation in recent times after the introduction of smartphones has changed the paradigm in many ways. The internet nowadays is in the hands of a user via a smartphone. Businesses are done offline as well as online. In such a scenario, the ranking of your website surely impacts your success and revenue.

Using effective SEO techniques as described above can greatly influence your website rankings. Though the algorithms used by the search engines keep getting updated periodically, if you stick to the basics of SEO firmly, you can easily improve SEO rankings for your website.

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