How to Improve Alexa Ranking? 10 Simple Tricks

Are you familiar with the terms Alexa and Alexa ranking?

It is a term that every website owner should know.

Alexa is a subsidiary of

Alexa ranking is a deciding factor of your web site’s popularity and overall ranking.

When you are starting a new website or blog you have to know what it really means.

This is very important in getting a useful advertisement and enhancing your product value.

For some of them, this will be a new term. But if you are in this field for some time then you will be familiar with this term.

Improve Alexa Ranking

There are bloggers who don’t believe in this ranking system. They think that it is just a number. But actually, the truth is that its a deciding factor of your website’s future.

In this article, you will get all solutions to the following questions

  • How can I improve my site’s Alexa ranking quickly?
  • Tricks to improve your Alexa Ranking?
  • What is the benefit of a low Alexa ranking?

Now, I am going to explain alexa ranking meaning

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa ranking is a rank system offered by that analyses web traffic using their own tools and algorithms. This ranking is important in determining the status and performance of a website.

A site which gets more quality traffic and pageviews will get a good rank. The ranking is based on the performance of the past 3 months.

Every site is working to get a better rank. Everybody doesn’t believe in Alexa ranking. But it is one of the best metric available for comparing two sites.

There are two types of factors in Alexa rankings

Unclaimed metrics:

It is the automated data collected by Alexa toolbars around the world.

Claimed metrics:

This is more accurate data. It is a premium feature by which you can get accurate Alexa ranking for your site.

The Importance of Alexa ranking:

Alexa ranking depends on your website traffic. So, you have to improve website traffic by available methods.

Popular options are keyword optimization, social media marketing etc.

So now you may think that why don’t we use other popular metrics like Page rank, domain authority for measuring website popularity?

Yes, they are all useful in defining your website popularity. But many advertisers focus on Alexa ranking to know your website quality.

Some other important points

  • It is proof of your site’s popularity
  • It attracts more advertisers to your site and you can make more money out of it. It also improves your brand value
  • You can list your site on online directories. It has lists of websites based on Alexa ranking
  • If you got a good rank, you will also get good backlinks. Most bloggers prefer a site with good Alexa rank
  • It gives you more idea about your product value

Now we have got an idea about the importance of Alexa ranking. Now we can see how can you improve your ranking.

There are a lot of tools and techniques available, using which you can improve your Alexa ranking.

This article will help you to get an idea about improving your rank step by step. So, try to get a lower Alexa rank by implementing the following guidelines.

What is Alexa Rank in SEO

Both terms are proportional to each other.

According to some bloggers, Alexa and SEO are different terms. They think that both of them are not at all related to each other.

But this is not true. Applying some good SEO technique may help to improve your Alexa ranking.

By applying keywords in your blog, it will help to improve your site’s traffic. Alexa ranking is based on your web traffic. So, this is how they relate each other

Next section is about improving your Alexa ranking by applying various methods.

Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking of a Website:

1. Quality decides future:

Try to present your content in a unique way. It helps to attract more traffic towards your site which is a very important factor that decides your Alexa ranking.

Whatever topic you choose to write, it is an entertaining way to attract viewers.

Search engines check your content quality and give an appropriate ranking. Long contents are always rewarded. When readers find your article useful, they share it among their networks.

Thus, you can boost up your site’s Alexa ranking by giving importance to your content quality.

2. Consistency is important:

You must post your blog consistently. You can improve website ranking by keeping your site active. This way you will get some regular followers.

Genuine followers will wait for your next post if the content is interesting.

If you are a new blogger try to post regularly. Then you will get some followers which help to improve site ranking.

If you get established, then you can post once in every 10 or 15 days. This will help you to get a constant pool of traffic. Hence, you can get a good position in Alexa ranking.

3. Create shareable content:

Quality and consistency are two important factors which decide a website’s future.

One other important thing is that your content should be shareable. If you want to spread your content to more people then shareability is very important.

How can you make it shareable?

Content with an attractive title, exceptional structure, and very attractive images are shareable. If your content possesses all those above quality, then it is a sharable one.

4. Use inbound links to increase pageview:

It means you have to increase your pageview by providing inbound links in your article.

It means you can navigate to your other articles by giving their links or articles on your site. It helps the viewer to know more about your blogs. If they find it useful, they will come again and again.

Like this, you can improve web traffic. Try to give related post or link in an attractive manner.

Most sites give it on the sidebar or down their article. Try to post articles with attractive titles and image. Then the viewer will click on that post to know more about the topic. Creating curiosity is the psychology behind this technique.

5. Check your competition:

You can check your competitor’s site and improve your site accordingly. You can refer their keywords and try to implement them on your blog.

This way you can improve your search ranking and Alexa ranking together.

You can also use Google keyword planner to check your keywords. It is one of the most accurate tools than any other keyword search tool.

Also, you can include keywords which you cannot use in content, in your URL. It helps to avoid overusing of keywords in your content.

6. Install the Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget:

It is one of the most important methods to increase Alexa ranking. By installing the Alexa tool bar, every hit on your website will send to Alexa servers.

It counts every hit on your site. Thus you can improve your ranking dramatically.

Alexa tool bar also measures your website speed. It also compares the speed of one site with others.

You can easily install this on your site

  • Go to Alexa toolbar installation page
  • Click on install Alexa extension button
  • It automatically installs it to your site
  • It won’t count hits from the site where Alexa toolbar is not installed or from mobile phones.

So, as an alternative you can use is Alexa Widget toolbar. Alexa widget is similar in function and it helps Alexa to track every hit on your site.

7. Concentrate on link building:

Link building means including links from other articles on the same niche. There are many link building techniques.

You can contact writers who handle the same niche. Cooperate with each other and implement link building. Alexa ranking also covers a number of links to a website when it considers for ranking.

Instead of using unwanted links in your site, try to include links that are related to your own niche.

8. Interact with other bloggers:

You can follow popular bloggers who handle the same niche as you. Find out blogs which have high traffic.

You can comment on it. This is an effective way to improve your site’s Alexa ranking.

Every blogger is a visitor when they visit somebody else’s blog. Most bloggers have installed Alexa toolbar on their site.

So just by commenting on some popular blog, you can improve your Alexa ranking.

Sounds unbelievable? But its actually true. You can try out this to get a better result.

You can also write a guest post on popular blogs. It must be a high- quality blog. It encourages visitors of that site to check your content.

They will follow you on various platforms. If your contents are interesting, your site traffic increases. This automatically helps to improve your Alexa rank.

9. Use social media network effectively:

You know the power of social media. It is an effective way to improve your website ranking by sharing your content on social media platforms.

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Redditt, Google+ are popular among them. You will get followers from those platforms just by sharing your content.

Be careful to make it entertaining and valuable. Then only readers will get impressed by your content. They share it with their contacts and try to spread it to a wide audience.

Alexa ranking gives importance to your followers on social media sites. Use these tools effectively to get a good rank.

You can also create and maintain a mailing list and update them regularly with any new updates on your site. This helps to maintain a good relationship between readers and you.

Also, you can add a share button at the end of each post. This helps the readers to share your site on some other platforms. It increases your site value and thereby Alexa ranking.

10. Join Alexa rank boosting program:

There are many programs that will help you to improve Alexa ranking. You can enroll in one of them. Them people who are associated in these programs, in turn, associate themselves with sites that have Alexa toolbar installed.

They open your site again and again just to increase your web traffic. Thus, your Alexa ranking improves. You need to pay money for doing this. These companies only improve your Alexa ranking. They won’t do anything with website performance and quality.

Though professional SEOs doesn’t recommend or use these kinds of techniques for traffic generation there are still some black hat SEO’s who associate themselves with this kind of programs to generate traffic to their blogs or client websites.

Additional Alexa Ranking Tips to Consider:

  • You can check your competitor’s marketing strategy. By understanding the current strategy, you can implement them into your site. If it works well, your rank also improves.
  • By Improving your site’s performance, you can attract more viewers. Make your site user-friendly. Improve its loading speed and other features. If your site is slow, then nobody wants to visit that again. It may affect your site’s Alexa ranking badly.
  • As I said above search engine optimization is important. Do keyword research first and implement it in your articles. If you don’t use keywords then nobody will see your site. So, focus on keywords with high traffic and low competition.
  • Good sitemaps will help to get your page indexed and thus improves your traffic. You can create it yourself or with the help of tools.
  • Images are also important in generating more traffic. Make sure to add more keywords to images. Also, make it easy to load. All of them help to boost up our Alexa ranking
  • Most importantly you must submit your site to major search engines. They are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They will help to improve the Alexa ranking of your site

These are some effective methods to improve the Alexa ranking of your site. Try them to improve your site’s ranking. A good ranking is very crucial in deciding your website’s future. Quality contents will get rewarded. So, try to maintain your content quality.

Alexa ranking is the key deciding factor of your website quality. People still believe in this concept. So, you should make your effort to improve it. These tips will help you for sure. All of them are proven techniques. Implement them and get featured.

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