How to Write a Book: The Best Guide for Beginners

Are you going to write a book for the first time?

Writing is artistic talent, and everyone won’t get that. Writing a book is not a simple task. It needs a lot of preparation and patience.

To entertain your readers, you need to know what they want and work on your talents.

You have to go through a lot of challenges while writing a book. Nobody can make their first book perfect. They have to learn new things from each attempt.

Before deciding to write a book, you need to plan in advance. It needs a lot of time to write something serious. There are fiction and non-fiction books. Both of them need thorough research before writing it.

How to Write a Book

When you write a book based on some serious topic then it will take time to research various aspects on that topic.

When writing something, you need to concentrate on that well to produce a good result. Full dedication is very important to get the result you expect.

We can say that writing is a process and it is very difficult to finish it fast.

Many people choose writing as a passion and they can really spend quality time writing. Don’t take it as a job. Then you will get bored easily. Make it as your passion and go for it.

Rest everything will happen automatically. Preparing yourself to be a writer will take some time. This is a guide that helps first-time writers to know how to be a good writer.

If you want to publish your book you need to get some skills like writing the first draft, arranging your ideas properly and self-editing.

All of them are very important to do before publishing a book. Many writers hire someone to edit the book and only after that they publish it. It is according to the writer’s confidence.

As a writer, if you think that you can edit, and proofread your book then that is ok.

Publishing your first book is important because you need to impress readers with your writing talent. Here are some important points you should do before writing your book.

What is the purpose of writing a book?

When you want to be a writer the reason behind it could be many. Some people write books to express their ideas and opinions based on a topic.

Some others want to entertain their people through writing. There is a group who want to make money out of their book by sharing their ideas.

So, writing can accept as a passion or else as a job. Both of the types are fine until you can produce quality books with informative or entertaining contents.

Before writing a book, you need to ask some question to yourself:

  • Am I writing as part of my passion?
  • Will writing books help to improve my skill?
  • Can I take it as a career?
  • What should I provide my readers through my books?
  • Do I get income from writing a book?
  • How to market my book and improve its reach to readers?
  • Will my first book helps me to be successful as a writer?

These are some important question you need to answer. If you get an answer to all the above questions, you are ready to write your own book.

Like any project, you can consider writing also as a project where you need to have good planning on what you want and how to achieve it?

One more important thing is that while writing you will be isolated. You need to sit alone in a room while writing and need your space

You can self-motivate yourself when you feel isolated and concentrate on your work.

Research your audience:

Next step you need to do is to do research on your audience.

When you decide with your topic, the next thing you want to do is to find your audience.

Any type of books is not suitable for all types of audience.

For example, if you write a book on marketing then your targeted audience will be marketers.

So, researching your audience is very important. Researching is very easy now because there are online sites who sell books.

You can go to Kindle books and search for books on your niche. Find popular books on your niche and read them.

You can use this as your writing guide.

Know how the authors conceived their book. You can write notes on important points you can see from it.

It will help you to get a good reference before writing. Taking a reference can always help you to make the process easy.

Write a note on what you are going to say in your book. It should be informative and give something valuable to your readers.

Reading those popular books on your niche can help you to figure out the important points to be noted while writing your own book.

Figure out the content of your book:

After researching, the next step will be to get into a conclusion about your book topic.

Before all these steps you may have some vague idea of the topics you are going to discuss in your book. But this vague idea is not enough to start writing.

You need to have a clear idea of the topic you need to include in your book. Researching your audience and popular books in your niche can help you to come to a conclusion. You should have the answers to the following questions

  • What is the idea behind my book?
  • What points should I include in my book?
  • How to approach the topic?
  • What am I trying to convey?
  • Can I offer my readers maximum value for what they spend?
  • How can I make my book unique and offer something special to my readers?

If you can answer all these questions you are ready to write your book. These tips will help you to avoid time waste while writing.

You can decide everything in advance so that while creating your book you don’t have to think about anything else.

Now the researching part is over. You need to start doing it.

So how you can write the book. Here are the steps you can follow to write a book

How to Write a Book for Beginners:

Getting started:

After researching completes go to the real process. Here there are 3 parts

Decide about the content:

After you find out the research on what the topic should be, you can start writing the real book.

You can make a plan about the content length, the number of chapters, etc. This table of content will help to make your writing very easy.

An outline of your content distribution can also help you to arrange your book neatly.

1. Set a daily goal:

A daily goal is very helpful to finish your book easily. After knowing the content length, you can split it into a daily target.

Try to finish that goal of yours daily and it can make your writing well organized and easy.

For example, if you can send 2 hours daily to write then this will help you to complete your writing process easy. Make your goal small and attainable because writing too much is a strain.

2. Set a particular time and place to write:

When you start to write a book, you need to find a particular time to do writing daily.

If you want to feel fresh and give something new to your audience, then you can write in the early morning or late at night.

Most writers prefer late night for writing because everything around them will be silent. There will be a special place in your house where you can sit and write. Prefer the same place to write every day.

2. Set deadline:

1. Set your word count:

When you start to write a book, you should have to see its end. That means a particular word count is very essential for a book.

You can write books of any length. If you want to try with a small eBook, you can keep the word count around 20,000.

Decide how many words you want to include in your book. A standard non-fiction book length will be around 60,000 words. Above that count, books are considered as long fiction books.

2. Give yourself deadlines:

If you want to get your work done faster, you need to give a deadline for yourself.

Give weekly deadlines that can help you to keep up with your work. Stick to that particular deadline and this can help you to finish your book faster

3. Get early feedback:

Find an expert in this and connect with them. You can use their advice when you write books after writing some chapters you can get it reviewed with some expert writers.

They can read it and advise you about the modifications you need to make. This is better than doing it in the end.

You can easily update the chapters you completed according to their advice. After that, when you write new chapters, you can keep those things in mind and write accordingly.

Revision of the entire book:

1. Finish the book and review:

After completing the entire book, you need to review the content well. Check whether you included everything you want to convey about that topic.

Edit if any modification needed. While reading your book after finishing, you will understand the changes to be made. This is better to improve your book quality

2. Hire an editor:

Editors are professionals who can turn the book you’ve written into a pattern that readers will enjoy. They can help you to improve your book quality and make the writing process faster.

Hire someone and give him a time deadline to finish with your book editing.

To get a good professional, you need to spend some money on it. In return, they will help you to present your book well.

3. Proofreading:

This is the professional way of publishing a book. Here you need to hire someone who can proofread your book and check whether any typo errors present or not.

If you don’t want to spend money on it, you can do it yourself. But sometimes we can miss some errors.

So, one thing you can do is to split the chapters and send some chapters to your friends and family. This is an economical way to do proofreading.

4. Publish your book:

After proofreading next is to publish your book.

Hire a designer who can help you to design the book cover and after doing it publish your book.

Publishing is a costly process. You can self-publish your book or do it through a publisher. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Analyze every possible way and know which one is good for your book. Publishing a book through a popular publishing company will help to increase your book’s reach. You can decide what you want with your book.

Some writing tips you can follow:

  • It is best to write short books initially to know the response
  • Create a blog to get a direct response from your readers
  • Write one chapter at a time
  • Keep a deadline to finish your work when you start and stick to it.
  • Take writer’s break to make your mind fresh and productive
  • Don’t edit while you write. Keep it as the first process after finishing your book.
  • Keep away the things that may distract you from writing

Final Words:

Writing is a process where you need to be patient and concentrate on your work. You can spare 2-3 hours daily when you start writing.

It is always better to write with a fresh mind. This can help you to produce a quality outcome. If you can give a better book to your readers, they will follow you genuinely.

This is the best way you can get more followers and become popular also.

So, are you ready to explore this new area which can take you to new heights?

If yes, start planning your book and go for it.

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