How to Rank High On Google Easily? 17 Simple Tips

If you are wondering about how to rank high on Google, then you need to know that you must impress Google.

What does this mean?

It simply means practicing all those things and techniques, which Google likes.

How to Rank High On Google


To make it everything simpler for you, here we list some top things that Google wants you to do in order to gain a high ranking in SERPs.

For everyone out there, ranking high on Google is the biggest desire. It is because Google is the biggest search engine where websites compete with each other to sell, win, and gain customers.

However, this does not imply that you have to focus only on the online aspect. There are a few offline aspects too, which you must consider to rank top on search results.

But remember, success does not come overnight, you have to build it.

So, here check all the ways to boost your rankings and traffic on Google and get a thumb up from Google.

How to Rank High On Google for Free:

1. Create Short Yet Smart Snippets and Titles in Search Results:

As always said, content is the king and hence it must be treated in the right way. it is essential to focus not just on the page content, but also on page URLs, title tags, alt tags, and snippets.

There are innumerable instances where websites and pages use as well as display dull and unrelated titles. For this reason, such pages are not targeted by Google algorithms and hence fail to rank high in SERPs. Hence, focus on these core aspects and optimize the same to create rich content.

2. Design a Custom 404 Page:

Often time users visit a page, which does not exist anymore on the website. This can be because of numerous reasons, like following a broken link or a mistyped URL. Establishing a 404 page informs users that this page is not working and the same re-directs them to relevant pages, which enhances user’s experience.

Why 404 pages are important?

Usually, 404 pages include a message that guides users to their root page. Along with your website’s home page link, you can offer them with extra links to related or popular content on your website. This way you can retain the customers and convert them.

3. Integrate Structured Data Markup:

Websites use a code known as structured data markup to let Google better comprehends the content on their page. This data is useful to improve the position and page display on search. Mainly, this data focuses on offering enhanced search experience to users and turn them into potential customers.

Also, Google Search uses this data to display complex and rich results, offering more details within narrower borders and in a more attractive way. Once Google is convinced of your page relevancy, it can rank high.

Using structured markup data is beneficial for businesses. It lets them provide important details of their businesses like contact information, price range, prices, physical location, and marketing details such as official logo, name, social profiles, and more. Providing all such information lets your business gain exposure in Knowledge Graph cards, Google Maps, and search results.

One amazing way to bring your website or business in front of potential customers is Google My Business. Also, there is a structured data testing tool designed by Google, which is free and very useful in this situation.

Alternatively, you can enable breadcrumbs. They are useful to trail the position of a page in website hierarchy and eventually creating a chain. It makes it easier for users to track pages, one at a time by beginning from the last breadcrumb.

4. Avoid Showcasing Links, Important Content, and Names in Images:

The best way to convey message including content, names, or links is by using text rather than images. This let’s search engines easily crawl the content, provided the crawlers are not able to recognize text comprising graphics.

But if still, you wish to display words in the image and do not want to include content, it is better to use ALT attributes.

ALT attributes must be short and descriptive. They must describe the meaning of a photo so that it is easier for Google bots to index the content and easier for users to find images in SERPs.

5. Use Descriptive Meta Tag:

The descriptive Meta tag offers search engines a comprehensive yet concise explanation of the content page. Moreover, they are used by Google as snippets for the page when popping out in search results.

Mostly, people prefer skimming the SERPs and read titles to know Meta description. It helps Google’s algorithms and users to understand the page content.

But sometimes, Google may skip Meta description text and select something, which it considers more relevant for the page content query. In case, Google is unable to find something worth mentioning from the page content, it can turn to the description Meta tag. For this reason, it is best to have one, if in case it is needed.

To write a successful description Meta tag, here are some tips you must follow:

  • Create an accurate, clear and relevant summary of the page content.
  • The information must be both informative and engaging.
  • The content length must fit perfectly in search engines display.
  • Create different Meta descriptions for each page.

6. Take the Page Speed into Consideration:

Undoubtedly, page speed has become an important aspect. Every person wishes his questions to get answered fast.

Page speed is an important ranking signal says Google. But in 2018, Google has added a twist to it confirming that page speed will not cater only to desktop users but offer a rich experience to mobile users as well.

Besides this, page speed is a prime indicator of how people experience your website services. If your website takes too much time to load, people can bounce off quickly.

7. Optimize Twitter Page of Your Business to Gain Higher Google Ranks:

Tweets are indexed on SERPs. For a second consecutive time, Twitter and Google partnered again to let user’s benefit using tweets.

Most of the online users are looking for the latest information or update. They don’t even prefer information, which is just a few hours old. Hence, there are looking for the freshest piece of news, which they can avail of. No need to focus that you must optimize the tweets with correct keywords and length so that it can save you interests as well as attract readers.

8. Google Ads May Not Land You in Top Positions in SERPs:

You may not have any effect on your website while advertising with Google. Rather than paying for a position in Google, it is better to deploy relevant, transparent, and organic details to gain a higher rank in SERPs.

There is nothing much compelling that obeying the important rules of doing vital tasks first and after paying for some boost. It’s true that long-lasting fame does not come with monetary gains, but it can be achieved by working hard. Eventually, it will help you stand at the top in Google search result rankings.

Moreover, it is disturbing to users when your paid ad features web page does not deliver the right answer to the query.

9. Implement AMP:

Though AMP is not an official ranking factor, it is of paramount importance for user experience and website quality. For this reason, it is backed up by well-known webmasters.

A large number of mobile users prefer abandoning webpage that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Hence, it is best to consider implementing AMP on the mobile to let it rank better in Google search.

Therefore, use AMP to let your website rank higher on Google.

10. Offer Visitors What they are Searching For:

People with a sweet tooth are always influenced by something that tastes sweet and tempting. The same works true for quality content. The more quality content you have on the website, the more conversions, visitors, mentions, credits, and positive sentiments you will gain.

Also, quality content is highly appealing to the webmaster and drives them a link to your more often. While creating website content, consider using words that are most likely to attract readers to the content. Moreover, scan the competition, the web, as well as your page to see that concern most people have. Pay more focus on the homepage as it is an important page for users.

11. Incorporate Search Friendly URLs:

Just like creating appropriate snippets and title tags, it is equally important to create search-friendly URLs. Such URLs are of great help to marketers and users link to you.

Creating SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and easy texts in URL encourage people to link to you more and make your website more organized and offer potential users an ideal text for anchor texts while linking to you.

Even, URLs with a simple text offer Google crawlers and users with more details than a messy parameter and highly coded would.

12. Use the Correct Blend of Keywords:

Content is available in different forms that are meant to entertain and satisfy the human senses. From blogs, outlets, websites to other aspects, keyword phrases are important for users as well as to win over competitors. The finest thing is to understand what readers want and feed them the same.

As per Google, it is best to incorporate a powerful and useful mix of keywords that can leave competitors behind. It will also make the content more likely to be found by users. Remember, you are serving different kinds of users, both experienced and new ones. So, those loaded with knowledge will let you know how to refine the search and incorporate more specific keywords to achieve results they are searching for.

It can be highly beneficial by anticipating the search behavior of different users and writing the content accordingly. Google offers tools, which can help you, fit the content for the competition ahead – Google Search Console and Google AdWords.

13. Manage Internal Linking:

Though your website is not new and its web pages are already crawled by Google, it would still check the internal links on a timely basis. Google lets you conduct a check and report the internal links pointing to other pages on your website using Google Search Console.

Linking to certain pages is guaranteeing their utility, importance, and relevance. It is a certificate of quality, which can help the less important pages of your website rank.

14. Optimize Results for Answer Boxes:

The answer box powered by Knowledge Graph is the place where every marketer dreams to rank. Usually, it offers answers to the query sparing from flickering or opening for another search result. It means popping two times in the search results.

From product information, answer boxes to recipes, how-to-guides, movies, nutritional facts, and more, you can optimize the content for answer boxes.

15. List Your Business on Google My Business:

As already discussed above, in order to get benefitted from the structured data markup in Google Maps or Search, you need to gain additional visibility. For this, you must use Google My Business service.

There are numerous benefits of listing your business in Google My Business. First, it is available for free. Second, it brings your business in the direct spotlight. Third, it easily attracts customers and shares useful information that is otherwise not visible. Fourth, you have complete control of what people will see for your business. Moreover, you can always update the same, use enticing snapshots, display ratings, engage online, and build long-lasting loyalty and popularity.

16. Let Googlebot Access the Code Data:

The web is now filled with gazillion rich, great, and complex websites, which roll heavily on JavaScript. If Google gets access to the CSS, JavaScript and image files on your site it can see and display a page in a natural way as the user would see it. Eventually, it helps to index the content better.

17. Mobile Optimize Your Website:

The increase of smartphone users is more than ever and it will continue to grow. Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. In order to gain success in today’s competitive scenario, it is vital that your website must fit well into every category. Having a mobile-friendly website is the only way to get great audiences.

To Sum Up:

These are some excellent ways that can help your website rank high in SERPs. Follow the above-mentioned tips for sure. Though they do not guarantee success, surely following them will improve the results to a great extent.

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