How Often Should You Blog Post to Make Money

With the ocean of opportunities that the internet has brought along with it over the years of evolution, nothing is a distant dream now.

With ample opportunities available now, more and more people are turning to blogging. These blogs have made our lives so easy that it is beyond imagination.

Whatever you want to know or have a query about, you will find some or the other blog on the internet answering them.

It is also one of the most profitable businesses for the blogger. Not only does a blogger earn from the blog by various methods, but a good blog also gives him exposure to his niche and builds his goodwill in his niche.

But blogging is not as easy as it might sound. A blogger has to keep specific strategies in his mind and blog according to them. One of them is knowing when to blog, what is the best time to blog and how often should one blog.

If you plan to start a blog and do not know these things, worry not. We have got you covered. Let’s discuss these in detail.

Why Is Blogging Gaining So Much Popularity?

There are many reasons as to why blogging is becoming so famous and why more and more people are turning to blogging, whatever be the niche. One of the most primary reasons for its success is that search engines like Google love new content.

If you develop content that adheres to Google’s guidelines, Google will rank your blog high on its search engine results page. This organic traffic is like bait to bloggers, and they resort to blogging.

Another reason is that through these blogs, consumers and customers stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in that particular industry. That is why these blogs are regularly updated, and consumers trust these blogs to stay updated with their areas of interest.

Blogs help bloggers generate money. That is one reason why so many people are resorting to blogging these days. However, one must know that it takes time and patience to earn that amount that top bloggers in the world do.

Generating revenue through content is a slow process and initially, the amount is almost close to nothing.

What Is The Best Time To Blog?

Before we go further and start discussing this in detail, you should know it for the fact that there is no universal standard time to post something. A blog post depends on a lot of factors.

Factors that affect the time for a blog post:

  • If you have been in the blogging scene for years, you might get a clear idea of what works for your audience and what does not. But arriving at a fixed time to post your blog is still not possible.
  • Creating content has more layers to it than you can see. It is a perfectly synchronized clump of different marketing strategies that come together to generate maximum traffic for a blog post.
  • You have to understand that your readers want just high quality and useful content from you. How your blog post is going to perform depends on how well you understand the demands of readers in your industry.
  • At any given time of the day, there are millions and millions of people online and surfing the internet. With different time zones all across the world, people have different times to stay online. So, irrespective of when you publish your blog post, it is going to reach quite a small percentage of the world’s population.
  • Also, it is not necessary that even if you post a blog post at the same time every time, all the posts will do equally well or equally bad. That is, for example, if you have posted something at 3 pm on a Friday and it did well, there is no reason for you to get hyped up. You might post something else at 3 pm the next Friday, and it might not work at all.

Decide a Competitive Time to post:

Deciding a time to publish is not one of the most effective methods to make your blog post perform well.

Here are a few factors, that you can keep in mind while posting content on your blog or share it on social media.

  • Do your research on what is the most competitive time to post. That is when all your competitors in your industry post their blog posts.

While many will tell you to publish your post during this time, you have to understand that overcrowding the search engine with the same posts from different blogs will do no good for your post.

In fact, your post will get lost in the crowd. The ideal time to post something should be behind or ahead of this ‘golden hour’ to post.

  • Even though it is difficult to pick a perfect time to post your blog, there are certain days of the week which have proved to be quite effective in generating traffic for the posts.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to post something. It is mid-week, people at work are bored as hell, and the workload is less than a Monday or a Friday.

So people get on the internet to find some interesting content that would keep them occupied. This is why the fresh new informative or fun content perform so well on these days.

Factors to Keep In Mind To Determine How Often Should You Blog?

While blogging, you have to remember that you are creating content which will cater to your readers.

Even though you know your readers best, there are few factors that you have to keep in mind while writing a blog post.

The main aim of a blog is to maximize and optimize its SEO so that it can generate organic traffic. The factors that you have to keep in mind are:

1. You have to feed your regular readers:

Whatever industry you are blogging about, you will have few readers who will swear by your blog and come back to your blog every time. Your focus should be on not losing these readers at any cost.

So when you are producing content, remember to produce high-quality content because these readers trust your blog.

Give your readers what they want to read. These regular readers are the ones who build a strong base for your blog and also help you build your credibility in your industry.

2. Search Engine Optimisation:

If your aim is to get more and more traffic, the SEO of your blog has to be really strong.

For this the more number of posts you have on your blog, the better chances you have of generating more traffic.

So make sure that your blog has lots of posts about the industry that you are working on.

However, you have to make sure that the quality of all the posts is high and consistent throughout. If your posts keep degrading in quality, you will lose your regular readers as well as Google will stop indexing your website.

3. Whenever there is some news or a new update in your industry:

When you are trying to determine how often to post blog posts, you have to do your research about how quickly or how frequently new information is updated in your industry.

For example, if your blog is a tech blog, there are going to be new tech releases or new gadget updates every day. In such cases, you do not want to lag behind and let your competitors go ahead. So you have to post daily about the recent happenings.

How Often Should You Blog Post every day?

The main purpose of a blog is to reach out to as many people as possible. While blogs do depend on ads to earn revenues, the most important factor for the survival of a blog on the internet is organic traffic that can be generated only via search engine results.

That is the reason why search engine optimization is so important for the survival of a blog.

Now, there are many sides to proper SEO and high rankings on the search engine results page for a blog post. But the most important thing one has to optimize is to know how often you should blog.

As a blogger, you will hear that you should update posts regularly. But how regular do you?

Before you determine how often to post on your blog, you should ask yourself a few questions. Things like what is your target audience, how many words you can write in a day and if you can really stick to the plan of posting regularly. These answers should be clear in your mind.

  • The main thing that you have to remember is consistency. If you are not consistent with your posts, you will lose out on precious readers. Whether you decide to post articles every day or once a week or once a month, make sure you stick to that plan.

Suppose you follow per week posting agenda for four weeks and then you are suddenly gone for a month, this will confuse your readers and when they find that there are no posts on your blog anymore, they will switch to other relevant blogs.

Inconsistent posting will also affect your search engine results. Google wants to see blogs that post regularly.

  • A lot of blogs out there on the internet post regularly but most of their posts are quite long. When you write long posts, it obviously takes you more time. So what happens is when your schedule gets busy with daily chores, you don’t find the time to write such long articles.

Hence you go for days without posting. Then one day when you have time, you write another long article and posted. This is a very wrong way.

If you want to stay in the blogging scene for long, it is better and smarter to write shorter articles regularly rather than writing long articles not so frequently.

Also, we don’t need to tell you that readers find long posts quite boring. They would prefer shorter, crisp and to the point articles.

  • Lots of bloggers also post on their blogs daily, thinking that it brings them more engagement and more views. But unless yours is a news blog or a tech blog, this is an absolute no-no.

To bust the myth, posting daily does not get you any new or extra views or new subscribers. What you do instead is that when you are posting articles daily, you are changing the latest post regularly and the previous post does not even get time to perform.

As a result, the social engagement that comes from social media platforms gets lesser and lesser.

When you are posting an article on your blog, you also share it on other social media platforms. Why do you do that?

To get more traffic, right!

But posting daily won’t serve that purpose. Also, posting daily would mean that each post gets to stay at the top of your blog only for one day.

  • When you post once a week or twice a week, each post gets to stay at the top for longer, and that is when you would know how much potential each post has.

Posting daily also destroys your credibility with your readers. Because not everyone reads something immediately after it is posted.

For example, do you read an email or an SMS right when you receive it?

You prioritize and wait before you can read it. This way, your blog loses some readers.

Wrapping Up:

As we had already mentioned, blogging is not an easy task.

On the outside, it might look like just writing articles and uploading it regularly. But only a blogger knows the number of efforts and calculations and marketing strategies that go into planning a single post.

The aim is not just to post, but to optimize it with more traffic and engagement.


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