Hootsuite Review – Is It Worth the Investment?

Social media management is a time-consuming job for every company.

Your company needs a team of dedicated workers to handle this section. Sometimes you have to share the same messages on multiple platforms.

The process is repetitive and costly if you handle it manually.

But the technology developed people found new software and applications to do the same, as Social media management is essential for business progress.

For those who search for a tool that helps you to integrate all your social media management, Hootsuite is a good option.

Hootsuite Review

Have you heard about Hootsuite before?

It is a famous tool, you can choose to digitalize your social media management.

There are many other tools which do the same functions as HootSuite. They are Spread Fast and Sprout Social etc.

All of them compete together and try to develop new features to attract users.

Hootsuite is a prominent app with more than 16 million users across 175 countries. It helps to create a good relationship between a business entrepreneur and its customers.

This works on customer satisfaction Algorithm which is behavior based.

You can gather customer reviews, comments from various social media platforms and reply instantly.

The data is easy to understand and you can improve your performance accordingly. Before getting this app, you need to know more about its function, features and price details.

You will get all details related to Hootsuite here. First, let us see what a Hootsuite is

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. It was developed by Ryan Holmes in 2008. This is software you can use to integrate your social media management.

You can manage Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, YouTube, Instagram, and many others.

You can use HootSuite scheduling, managing and reporting on social media content.

Using this tool you can view all your companies’ social media account on one screen.

Interesting right?

It is difficult to log in to each and every account and manage them. Don’t worry about that now. Get HootSuite and do your job easily.

Benefits of using Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a very useful platform to integrate all your social media account. As you can see all of them on a single page, you don’t have to remember the password for each account separately.

Using this, you can also connect with your clients and create a good bond with them. Also, you can review the responses instantly. It helps you to improve your service accordingly

Using Hootsuite, you can manage more than 35 social media website at a single window. This increases your customer base also.

Here are some popular social media sites that link with Hootsuite

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress blogs
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • Vimeo
  • Reddit

Features of Hootsuite:

Scheduling social media post:

You can schedule your social media post and make your account active. If you cannot show your presence online always, then this is a good option.

You can set up messages that you want to post on various accounts and schedule a particular time to post them.

Set up different social media account like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and send the same messages to all those accounts.

All your post will go live, the time you set in the scheduler. In short, Hootsuite allows you to do the following functions

  • Keep your account active 24×7 by scheduling post to fill up the gap in social media content.
  • You can save your time by uploading, editing and scheduling the same message all at once.
  • You can see all your scheduled social media content as a list. You can see it monthly, weekly or daily basis.
  • Download its mobile app and control your social media posting from anywhere, anytime.
  • Whenever you search on Google, you can schedule those to post by scheduling in advance through Hootsuite.

Content curation:

Whenever you cannot find any post to share, don’t worry Hootsuite is there.

You can curate the content using this service. Its browser extension helps you to curate interesting content you can find online.

You have to find interesting content online and organize them early to post. Pre-approve them and save them to the shared content library.

You can keep your followers engaged without keeping any gap in social media feed. This helps to keep your account active always.

You can also find curated content from your cloud services like Microsoft One drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. By checking the scheduling calendar you can get an overview of scheduled social media content.

Hootsuite only posts approved content. It makes sure to maintain your social media posts up to mark.

Data Analysis:

Using this feature you can track all your post on various social media platforms with their response from the audience.

Keep track of current trends and activity growth. This offers customized analytic dashboards from which you will get a clear idea about audience response about various contents.

You can share these reports with your teammates and clients in just one click. Measure your team performance by checking those metrics.

If you want more insight into your performance use social media integration tools and apps like Lifemetrix, Klarity Analysis etc.


Using the monitoring feature, you will get an idea about various popular topics. You can make a post accordingly.

You can stay organized and see conversation easily using this feature. Search social conversation messages using a specific location or keyword. You can share any messages with teammates in a single click.

If you want to respond to any queries related to your post then you can assign it to appropriate team members. You only need to approve the message before sending.

Team Management:

You can manage your social teams and posts efficiently using this feature.

By protecting your social media account using password, you don’t have to worry about your account security. Also, manage your employee approvals and user levels. This helps to avoid errors and rouge post by managing your account.

Manage your team well to organize each task properly. Assign each duty to appropriate team and departments.

You can also bring every team members to a single page and improve the consistency of responses.


Hootsuite offers you maximum security to your social media account. All you have to do is don’t share your password with anyone.

Also, assign a specific job to each teammate. Don’t give permission to post anything without your approval. This helps to maintain your brand quality.

If any suspicious activity with your account happens, you will receive an instant security alert. So you can stay secure using most modern features of Hootsuite.

Apps and Integration:

You can search for various apps that help you to develop your business and integrate them with Hootsuite.

There are more than 250+ apps available in its app directory. If you don’t want to explore outside this, app directory will be useful to you. It is the biggest ecosystem with more than 250 apps installed.

Other features:

Other than all the above features, Hootsuite lets you run contests. All of us know the importance of running contests in a business. It is the most popular marketing strategy using which you can build up your brand name.

You can run various contests like a photo contest, sweepstakes, caption contests and sign up contests. There is a built-in tool through which you can manage your contest and analyze the resultant changes.

Other popular features are that you can create an approval chain.

A team handles social media related posting in every firm. So if you want to post content it has to be approved by your manager.

Using Hootsuite you can create an approval chain exactly as the way you want. So that post only goes live after getting approval from the responsible person.

How to use Hootsuite?

It is easy to get a Hootsuite account. If you get one, you can easily improve your customer base by managing various social media site at a time.

Now, I am going to explain the steps you need to follow to join in Hootsuite.

  • Sign up for this tool using a user id and password.
  • Select a suitable plan from various available plans. There are free, professional, business, team, enterprise etc.
  • Now you can add social media site and modernize the received messages to Hootsuite and response through it
  • If you want, you can download its mobile and control your social media scheduling from anywhere, anytime.

Hootsuite Pricing Plans:

When it comes to Hootsuite plan, you can choose one from 4 available plans.

Four plans are free, business, Professional and team plan. Each has various features and prices. If you are new to this field then opting a free plan is suitable. After using it, you can decide on the required plans.

Hootsuite free plan:

One can use Hootsuite free plan if he wants to try it for the first time. But, the features are limited here.

Only one person can log into this account. Using this you can manage 3 social media network at a time.

All of them should have the same password also. Also gives you basic analytic statistics and can schedule up to 30 messages.

Hootsuite Professional plan:

Using this plan one user can log in and manage 10 social media accounts at a time.

You can track your social media engagement in real time. Also, schedule as many contents as you want to post in advance. This plan also enables you to explore unlimited RSS and post your favorite one automatically.

You can try a 30- day free trial before subscribing to this plan. You have to pay 1260 rupees/month.

Hootsuite team plan:

You can try a free trial for 30 days before getting a paid account. Using this plan 3 users can log in and can manage 20 social media profiles in one place.

The monthly plan is 6600 rupees. This also gives you the opportunity to schedule bulk contents and give access to 150+ free and paid apps.

You can give team assignments using this tool and analyze your social ROI with real-time analysis. This plan is suitable for a small team.

Hootsuite Business plan:

You can get more customer base using social media management using this plan. It is for a large business establishment.

Monthly payments will be 45000 rupees/month. In this plan, 5 or 10 users can log in and manage up to 50 social media profiles at a time.

This allows you to do advanced analytics and improve your social media promotion according to it. Also, schedule bulk automatic content to post and assign a task to team members in just one click.

If you want an Enterprise plan you have to contact Hootsuite for pricing. This is a very advanced plan through which you will get training and advice to improve your social media management.

Final verdict:

Now, you got every detail related to Hootsuite. You can use it according to your company needs.

Hootsuite serves a different purpose for each individual. If you are a blogger and want to manage your social media profile in a short time Hootsuite free account is a good option for you.

This not only saves your time and effort but help to get more followers. You can brand your business through this tool.

Check the pricing and compare with other tools before subscribing its plan. All the tools like Hootsuite offer you their service for the same price range. But when it comes to feature Hootsuite is the best choice.

Don’t think twice when it comes to expansion of your business range. By spending a small amount monthly, you can manage your social media profile at once. Also using such tools will help you to save money for online promotions.

So, which plan do you prefer? You know what your business needs. So, enroll in a plan that supports your business well.

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