Hootsuite Competitors or Alternatives You Need to Know

Hootsuite is a social media management system which allows customers to promote their brand. It has become the best social media marketing software.

People using Hootsuite have experienced increased social traffic to their websites. Hootsuite helps users to connect their company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media accounts through one system.

It succeeded in making millions of users, in a very short span of time. Still, it is not recommended by many people. This has led experts to bring out some of the alternatives to Hootsuite. The comparison has been done on the basis of popularity, features, media mentions, etc.

Hootsuite Competitors that one should explore


It is one of the most trusted alternatives. It has a variety of features for its users. Users can perform their tasks with ease, speed, and accuracy. They can run social media campaigns. It is advantageous in many ways. It is connected with all key social networks.

It provides the platform to have a busy social media calendar. It also has some automation tools which can engage followers on Twitter and Instagram. Many users don’t like it because of the inaccuracy geographic keyword monitoring. It is also not available for free. In order to have a demo, users can take a 30-day trial.


It is trusted because it provides one common place to manage all other social media posts or messages. It uses a social media inbox which can retain all other old conversations as well.

One can easily sync social media accounts to get updates. Notifications can be received after every like, tweet or comment. The user can quickly reply afterward. Another feature offered by this system is the facility for reviewing any filtered content. It is advantageous because it helps in managing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

It uses great graphics to analyze reports. It allows the user to categorize users on the basis of their presence. Even various promotions, campaigns, and contests can be arranged properly. But it fails to support the management of Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube. Also, it is very expensive as well.


Buffer helps users to update and post content. One can easily add posts. The posts can be either in the form of articles, news, videos or photos. Users use this system to share posts with targeted viewers. They keep doing so throughout the day.

It provides measures to attract traffic to various social media profiles. It also provides valuable reports to understand the effect of posts. The reports are prepared on the basis of the response given by users. It is also advantageous in many ways. It allows users to post content on social media profiles without individually scheduling them.

One can create their own images. It brilliantly supports RSS feed integration. But users deny using it because of some of its failures. Its plans have been made keeping in mind the team of 5 members. The team with 4 members or less have to purchase the plan for 5 members. It leads to wastage of money.

Sprout Social:

This system helps in maintaining the social networking site in a well-organized manner. Different SMM tasks can be divided among different team members. The team will have to coordinate for smooth functioning. There should not be a duplicate posting of the content by two members.

The team will also stay updated with all the social media engagement activities. Sprout Social also analyses the results with weekly reports. So, the performance can be measured and future course of action can be decided. It is advantageous because it successfully manages Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

It helps users to add customized logos to the analytics reports. The analytical reports have to be presented to clients. But it fails to support the management of Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups or Pinterest. So those who want to work on these sites cannot use it.


This tool was launched to increase productivity. For this, Twitter was used for effective management. Earlier it was called TweetLater.com. But with passing time its name changed to SocialOomph. It offers a variety of features to users. Some of them are keyword searches, digital Marketing, cleaning the inbox, following back people who are already following.

Users can track quality profiles and can follow them. Users can, now, control different social media activities too. This tool has an auto-responder feature which ensures that visitors are kept engaged. It also helps in managing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

One can also manage Tumblr, blogs, RSS feeds, Plurk and App.net, etc. It has an advanced DM management which saves a person from spam. The user can manage multiple accounts and that too free of cost. But it was started with Twitter. So, most of the advanced facilities have been created only for Twitter.

ViralHeat: Acquired by Cision

This is a sort of a comprehensive SMM solution. It helps the user to track all the conversations. It allows the user to create a smart stream for the proper functioning of various social networking platforms. Such a smart stream can be used to have a ken of trends and to analyze them.

One can produce well-informed decisions related to blog, business, brand or products of the website. The users are provided with plenty of content so that they can schedule any post in advance. They will get a busy calendar. They will, in short, stay organized and mannered.

ViralHeat helps the users to be an active part of various social media conversations. The users can interact with a large number of audiences at the same time. It has been acquired by Cision which is proof of its excellence. But it is a paradox because it will be disadvantageous as well. Cision can make necessary changes in the features of ViralHeat. Also, it is not available for free. This causes a problem for various users.

Social Clout:

Social Clout is a sort of SMM tool. It focuses more on putting social efforts to engage the crowd. For this purpose, it provides detailed reports which help in decision making. The detailed reports are the result of the scientific analysis of data. It helps the user to continuously track all social media conversations.

The users can interact with their audience. They can maintain a good relationship with their customers and key stakeholders. They can take feedback from consumers for improving them. Many users love Social Clout because it also provides an analysis of competitors’ profiles.

One can compare himself with that of competitors’ profile. Along with managing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube this site can also manage online forums, news sites, and blogs. It helps the user to have control of brand mentions on social networks. But it does not offer unlimited analytics reports. Also, it is not freely available. The user has to pay in order to avail its services.

Social Booster:

This tool is known to be the closest competitor of Hootsuite. It successfully controls the progress of traffic on the Facebook business pages, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, LinkedIn profiles, etc. It also fulfills SMM requirements for various social media profiles or business pages. Even if the user is offline for some time, the user profile will remain active.

Social Booster makes this possible without letting the user know. It uses advanced scheduling of messages and posts which are submitted on various platforms. This can happen automatically after several weeks and months. Social Booster dashboard can be used for the same. This also helps to improve overall business productivity.

It is ideal for every business be it small-scale, medium-scaled or large scaled. It always functions properly. All experienced users and beginners get the same sort of services. It proved to be advantageous for various users. They have got an opportunity to conduct paid advertisement campaigns directly from the dashboard. But it cannot maintain Google+ business pages. They charge different prices from different users. This is the reason they never display prices on their website.

Other Hootsuite Alternatives you should definitely try:


SocialPilot is the best alternative to Hootsuite so far. It is an all-in-one social media scheduling tool. It aims to help marketing professionals and organizations to organize their social media activities. It makes sure that all arrangements happen smoothly. It has all Hootsuite features but they are more advanced.

One can create and schedule many posts for different time and day. This helps the person to have a backup when he is offline. The scheduling can happen in different time zones as well. Multiple posts can be posted to keep social media engagement with the viewers. Many times single posts are needed to upload at every site. This is also feasible.

One single post can be posted on various social media profiles with one click. It is advantageous because it helps in tracking various posts by creating a scheduling calendar. Brand visibility can be improved with SocialPilot. For people, who are engaged in multiple things, the feature of bulk scheduling is also possible.

Friends plus Me:

This tool is not much popular but it is very good. It is available to users for free. It can be used along with Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It has launched its mobile app, browser extension, and a desktop app.

It is used by many users because it is cheap. But the drawback of using Friends plus Me is the limitation it has. Its free plan can be used only for two sites.

Zoho Social:

This social media tool has been created to provide assistance to agents. It can be said that it is meant for agency-level usage. It deals with publishing only. It is limited by its features. It means that it does not have any advanced feature. It also does not support publication calendar or bulk scheduler. But still, people recommend using it.

It is because it acts as a gateway for their higher tier offerings. Though it does not have many facilities, still it has succeeded in satisfying many users.


It is a sort of an automation platform. It works to provide an ease to social automatic posting. It also lacks advanced features. Still, it works with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Flickr, Medium, Tumblr, and many more.

The only condition is that the user has to pay for it. Its free version is used only for one social media account. It is just to mention that it need not have advanced features. It is because its basic features are strong enough to provide aid.


It is an app which works brilliantly with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Its free version offers three total social media usage. The users get scheduling options in it.

They can also have link previews. It is good for beginners only. It helps in having a ken of what social media management is all about. Experts or professionals cannot use it because it is poor with features.


This tool is a recommended tool. It is available for free and so it is a very simple tool. This app has basic features. It offers a one-button share to all social media platforms.

It works only with orders. It does not have the feature of advanced sharing. If the person is offline, his account will be shown inactive.


The world is too much indulged in social media. The excessive use of social media has led to the creation of accounts on multiple social networking sites. To properly arrange various social networking sites, some platforms have been created. Hootsuite is one of them.

Now as not everybody likes it, this has led to the launch of various other platforms for the sake of the user. Those platforms have proved to be the best alternative for Hootsuite.

The best alternatives have been covered in the article. Now, it is easier to handle so many social media accounts. Dealing with social media issues have become possible now.

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