What is the Perfect Home Office Setup That Works

Many small offices and business are usually allowing in doing a home office setup that adds to comfort or productivity of their employees

There are many benefits to setting up a home office. The biggest advantage is the reduction in traveling time.

You can save a lot of time and energy as you don’t have to travel. The time saved can be invested in the business for better productivity.

Also, the money that is saved by not traveling i.e. commutation charges is used in business and can help get better returns.

Home Office Setup

The second advantage of setting up a home office is that there is a better personal and professional life balance.

You can devote time to your family and also to business as per the requirement. Not always, but there can be a room for flexibility in office timings in case of emergency.

Though it seems interesting and relaxing, setting up the home office, in reality, can be full of challenges and difficulties.

Let’s get started and let you know the pre-requisites for setting up a home office.

By referring to these tips, you can make the setting up of the home office an easy process.

How to do a Productive Home Office Setup?

1. A distinction is Necessary:

Always make sure that there is a clear difference between your home and the office.

Mixing of the two can be really dangerous and can lead to more problems than profit.

The blurring of home and work life boundaries should be avoided in any case. If you have small children or toddlers, then their entry to your office area should be restricted.

This will help in avoiding home chaos entering your office.

2. A Separate Phone Connection and Internet is a Must:

There should be a separate phone connection for your office. It helps in creating a separation between personal calls and business calls.

Also, tracking the records of your calls and tasks-to-do is easier and is well managed.

A well connected and a reliable network is one of the basics of any office, yet the most crucial thing you should go for, before starting a business.

Even if you have an internet connection at home, try having a separate connection for the office. It helps in maintaining a professional environment plus smooth working.

3. Distinguished Office Address:

Though the address of your home office and home is the same, make sure that you get your visiting card printed with a separation of the two.

Make sure that home and office are two separate identities and these need not be mixed.

It gives a good impression to others and creates a sense of professionalism for both; you and your clients.

4. Accommodation of Proper Chair and Table:

Always have proper furniture accommodated in your office like table and chair so that when a client/prospect comes, his time spent in your office is worth the time.

Try to make interiors of your office as cool as possible. It will bring in a positive vibe to the vicinity and more business to you.

Also, if you have a lot of desk work then the chair should be comfortable and relaxing.

Profit is the main concern in business. But, compromising on health should never be done.

The level of the computer screen should be at or below the eye level. The keyboard should also be at a level where your forearm is parallel to the floor while typing.

These small tips can help you save a lot of worry in the future.

5. Try to Reduce Unnecessary Cost:

Try to reduce setting up the cost of your home office without compromising the beauty and serenity.

For instance, you can reduce your electricity bill by moving your desk close to your window and letting sunlight in so that you can work without straining your eyes.

It will also help in setting your mood by looking outside when you get bored.

Even a small office can have a lot of cords, so put the wires under the carpet or table or inside the wall.

This will help in making your office look well organized and less messy.

6. Proper Storage and Cabinet:

Make sure you have a dedicated place for every file, folder and everything else.

This helps in the better organization of your home-office. So, next time you don’t have to waste time searching for important things.

The cabinet is a very useful item when it comes to any kind of office. It helps in keeping things organized and in one place.

You just want to keep the important things needed in your office but not in front of your eyes.

7. Printer/Fridge/Stocks:

Having a copier and fax machine in your office is very beneficial as it avoids the last minute rush to the nearest photocopier for even a single printout or copy.

For clients, it is the basic etiquette that you offer him/her a tea/coffee. So, it will always be handy if you have a fridge or coffee vending machine in your office. If not, hire a person who can perform such petty tasks for you.

Similarly, one should look for having an extra set of files, folders, and other stationery items, in case, need arises.

8. Separate Bank Accounts:

Have a separate bank account for your business. It will help in making tax calculations easy later on. Here too, separate maintenance of the two accounts should be done.

There is a difference between corporate and individual tax rates and this need to be kept in mind.

Accountability is much easier and it is very time-consuming at the end of the financial year if things are not managed properly. Managing things from the very start will benefit you in the long run.

9. Daily Routine should be Followed:

Though home office gives you the flexibility to work as per your timings and convenience, it also can make you feel lazy.

Try to have fixed office timings and stick to it. It will work wonders and will bring in more focus on your business.

For instance, you fix the timings as 9 AM to 5 PM then, you know that you have to be in office before 9 AM and have to finish the day’s task by 5 PM. extending the office hours is in your hands, but try not doing so.

10. Rules and Regulations to be Followed:

Just like any other office, have a list of rules and regulations in your office.

It will bring in more discipline in you and in your staff. Results will be achieved better and timely.

Similarly, have a notice board and display board where you can set deadlines and priority list.

Having a deadline helps in focusing on the task more. Similarly, priority list helps in figuring out the process to complete the task on time and in sequential order.

11. Arts and Interiors to be Taken Care Of:

Making your office interiors more welcoming will make you feel better.

Also, doing office tasks is enjoyable and productivity is enhanced. Try to keep changing it once in a while for a refreshed look.

Reorganization should be easy to do. Try having a color combination which is soothing and appealing.

Different colors have a different emotional and physical impact on our mood and energy levels, so keep the impact of the colors in mind while choosing the color for your office walls.

For example,

  • Blue and green give peace
  • Yellow catches attention
  • Red color makes you feel energetic
  • White and grey helps in minimizing distractions
  • Purple and violet help in inspiring creativity.

Having a lamp or a showpiece, fish aquarium or pieces of stuff like that is always liked by prospects visiting your place.

The better they feel, the higher the chance of them becoming a client.

12. Create an Aura of Positive Vibes in Your Office:

Incense sticks, some green plants or flowers inside the office to create an aura of positivity in the office.

There is always an increase in effectiveness when you are at peace while doing work.

Always have a mess-free desk at your office. Decluttering is the final yet the most important step after any task is completed.

Cleaner the office, better is the changes in completing the task in time and management of the check-list.

13. Add Greenery to the Bay:

Add some calmness and serenity to your home office by adding green plants.

Greenery in the vicinity that helps in creating a perfect mood to work.

Apart from giving oxygen to us, they are a perfect item to use as a decoration piece. Indoor plants are a must in any office, as it keeps the air fresh and clean.

14. Better Lighting is a Must:

Investing in lights for your office is one of the crucial tasks when it comes to setting up a home office.

Lighting in your office is an influential factor not only for people paying a visit to your place but for you too.

Good lighting results in good productivity. Though natural light is the best, experimenting with beautiful lighting fixtures will take your productivity and office décor a notch higher.

15. Invest in Equipment that is Necessary:

Investing in the necessary equipment is essential. It is essential, as it aids in keeping the clutter away.

A spacious looking office is always better. Incorporating equipment that will help in increasing your productivity and performance is the best option when it comes to a home office.

16. Hang a Wall Clock to Keep a Check:

Hanging a wall clock or keeping a clock on the desk is essential. This lets you keep a check on the time and working hours.

Many a time, engrossing in work leads to stretching of office hours which disrupts home- office balance.

To avoid the same, keep the wall clock that’s clearly visible with naked eyes.

17. Add Personal Touches to Your Office:

Adding a personal touch to your office area will help you in remaining focused.

For instance, incorporate things you love like, the favorite laptop sleeve, CDs etc. This will make your office place more welcoming.

18. Follow Procedures:

Having a formal system of operations is always a good idea. This helps in standardizing and adding an overall structure to the workplace.

Following procedures religiously will aid in keeping things handy and ensure the availability of information when needed.

19. Vertical Space is a Good Idea:

Floating shelves are an easy way to do a makeover of any place.

Vertical Space helps in keeping the office look neat and clean by keeping important things on display.

Incorporating floating shelves instead of a bulky bookcase is best when space is limited.

20. Break up with Your Routine:

Breaking your routine once in a while is a must. This helps in ditching monotony of daily grinds.

Ditching your home office and spending a day at café for official tasks will give you a refreshed zeal. The best part is, you will never run out of your favorite tea or coffee at the café.


So, the above written are some tips which will surely help you in easing your home office setting process.

Before summing up the idea of creating a home office, we would like to elucidate that everything comes with its own pros and cons. Just weigh them with due diligence and then start working on it.

The concept of a home- office looks alluring but requires a huge amount of effort. Looks easy but in reality, it is not!

Small changes and discipline will give you a feeling of accomplishment and will play as a motivating factor for working in a home office despite distractions in the vicinity. The enhancement of the work productivity and positive influence of tasks accomplishment will surely add contentment to your life.

Now, that you are considering the tips mentioned, treat your space as premium and realize that working from home is not that difficult if combined with determination and discipline.

It’s a trend nowadays that a number of people are opting for the home office instead of buying or renting a space for an office separately.

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