How to Get High DA (Domain Authority 60+) Backlinks

The first earning for any individual or business is highly important. It symbolizes that they have overcome most of the initial hurdles of a business and have successfully made a business transaction.

But if we talk about the online webmasters then their core success depends on the link building strategy. For them, their very first authority link is similar to the first dollar earned.

Anyone can earn a backlink. Even, backlinks can be purchased. Hence, there is nothing much special about a backlink.

High DA Backlinks

However, the important thing is to earn a backlink from a website with a great domain authority ranking. For this reason, many businesses even pay thousands of dollars to earn a single DA 80+ Backlink.

What is Domain Authority?

Also known as DA, it is one of the most vital metrics for websites. Introduced by Moz, the Domain Authority of a site reflects how trustworthy and popular it is.

The higher the DA, the more qualitative link!

Though there is no guideline or official rule for bad or good DA rankings. But widely it is believed that websites holding a score of at least 80 or higher are considered the best.

Some of such websites are,, and

If a backlink is earned from any of the high authority websites, you can avail of numerous benefits.

Your website’s DA will increase, your SEO will improve, and you will gain more traffic.

But it is not easy to earn backlinks from high authority websites. A large number of people try hard to gain high DA links, but they eventually fail.

The good thing is that you can actually do something about it!

Here, in this post, we share with you some really effective strategies to earn authority links. No matter what size your website is, you can use these strategies easily.

Target Selective Websites

Before you employ any strategy, you need to identify the websites to go after.

It is not important to target every website in your industry with a DA of 80 or more. Being specific about targeting lets you have a higher chance of achieving backlinks.

The best way to start is to check websites, which are most popular in your niche. For this, even a simple Google search works. You may search for the focus keyword.

Usually, the results displayed on the first page of Google search have a high Domain Authority. But this may not always hold true. Hence, list down all search results that appeared on the first page of Google and then use Moz’s Open Website Explorer to check their Domain Authority.

Using this tool is very easy. You just have to enter the URL and click search. The domain authority for every result is listed against the website.

If the score for a website is 80 or higher, it is worth considering it. Targeting multiple websites at a time can be overwhelming. It is best to target 5-7 websites, to begin with.

Once you have identified the target websites, you can use the following backlink strategies.

Tips to get High DA (Domain Authority) Backlinks:

1. Fix Broken Links:

Mostly, websites have at least a few of such links that no more work for them. They are called as broken links, which result in pages that were removed a long time back.

Think it this way.

If you are an owner of a big website, you definitely want to make sure that your users are able to access everything, including all the backlinks. How it would feel when your users click on a link and it leads to error 404.

This is bad for your website as well as for users.

It can damage your credibility and you may even lose innumerable readers.

So, broken links can be extremely bad.

Even your website does not have high authority like the Forbes website you can still utilize the information to your benefit.

If there is a broken link on a website with a high Domain Authority score, this can be used to help the website and drastically boost the chances of earning a backlink.

This can be done by informing your website about the broken link and provide the content to replace the same.

Simply, you can ask for a backlink in exchange for this help.

Definitely, you require some solid content on your site to qualify for that particular link. It is a highly effective strategy and ideal to build SEO while placing your website as an authority.

For this, you may follow these steps:

  • Identify broken links on the high authority websites. For this, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider tool can be used.
  • Once the tool is downloaded, you may enter the URL into the search box and then start.

It is best to identify the URLs of previous articles. If you index the complete website, you will earn numerous links.

Once the tool is completed crawling the website, hit the response codes tab. Then check the sidebar on the right side and check for ‘client error 404.’

Check the complete list of the dead links on that site or page and to identify the pages on the website, which have such broken links. Click on the URL and then the inlinks tab appearing at the bottom.

You will find the URL with a broken link. Either remove the broken link completely or replace it with content to make it a perfect link for the candidate.

2. Notify Your Website about Broken Link:

This is important to do when you enter and ask for a backlink. You don’t have to appear too needy, but you must also not beat around the bush. The best solution is to be direct and polite.

The simple your strategy is, the better it works.

Moreover, even if you don’t have readers, you can avail of a backlink to use this method and move from 0 to 70 in no time.

In order to go with this technique, you can even identify broken links first and design content particularly to replace it.

It is a highly involved technique. Authority websites need content, which is ideal for readers. Hence, custom content will usually gain an edge over the existing content.

3. Pitch the Guest Posts:

A lot of people practice guest posting to earn backlinks.

For this, they search a website that accepts guest posts. Then, good content is pitched and published with a link in the author bio.

In order to make sure that this technique works, you require a repeatable and reliable formula. This is, first you need to understand the value, which good-quality content brings to a website.

Authority websites are crazy about the content.

Rich content is what that differentiates most authority websites from lesser-known sites. This brings great value to the readers and this is why readers prefer visiting such authority websites.

If you are delivering awesome content, most authority websites will be happier to offer you a link in exchange.

But for this, the content you offer must stand out. It must not be easy articles or pitch general topics.

The posts pitched must be relevant to the website. It implies brainstorming ideas, particularly for individual websites.

This is not an easy method and can be time-consuming. So, take out enough time to generate the ideas, which are close to the content, a website is publishing.

4. Avoid Creating Fluffy Content:

Here, you are considering websites holding Domain Authority of 80 or plus. Such websites can bring business. Often, big-time blogs earn bad guest post pitches. The content adds very little or no value and is mostly fluffy.

Definitely, authority websites are not looking for fluff content.

The websites you aim to target to earn hundreds or thousands of offers for guest posting every week. For this, you need to make sure your guest post stands out.

Your pitch must be informative and short and the content must be in-depth and detailed.

Also, you must try to nail the unique style of the website. It is best to spend a couple of days to browse through the content to avail of a sense of what the entire website is about.

5. Target Contextual Link Rather than Author Bio Link:

You must have seen numerous author bios. But have you ever wondered why some of them stand out from others?

Usually, backlinks go-to author bio with high domain authority and undoubtedly they drive more traffic.

However, contextual links are better than the links on the author’s bio. A contextual link is considered a link placed in the text of the guest post.

Such links are awesome as readers have more chances to click on the contextual link than the link in an author’s bio. If you only receive an author bio link, need not worry. They still work great. Hence, always try to earn a contextual link.

The finest way to earn a contextual link is to ask for it. Avoid crossing the boundaries by including an unsolicited link within the content.

Wait till your website approves the content and then ask for that link.

When the editors or owners see that your content is offering great value to your website, they will be highly receptive to the idea of offering a contextual link. It is a time-intensive process and is highly powerful.

Guest blogging the correct way can create your authority and offer you authority backlinks. This can be a shortcut to online fame, but only when you can do it the right way.

6. Write a Testimonial:

Businesses and companies prefer showcasing success stories.

Testimonials are more motivational than quotes and an engaging way to say good things about a company.

By using good testimonials it is possible to boost sales. Even, such testimonials look awesome on landing pages and home pages.

If you think that testimonials are going to bring benefits only to the company, you are mistaken.

Testimonials offer great backlink opportunities. Many sites offer a backlink in exchange for the glowing testimonial.

This works almost similar to guest posting, but not completely.

Check the testimonial section of Clicky. You will see numerous links there. Clicky has a domain authority of 83 or more.

Hence, a testimonial written well could land you on a website with high DA. This can be achieved by considering the following steps:

  • Identify the famous businesses in your industry

Always check the DA of a website first. There is no reason to identify the testimonial sections of websites if they hold low DA rankings.

For a website with DA more than 80, check the testimonials section. Sometimes, it is known as something different such as ‘case studies’ or ‘customer stories.’

The right way to identify the testimonials is by check the home page of a website and scroll down till you see the footer section, which usually contains lots of links.

Even, you will see the testimonial section in the main navigation menu.

  • Consider Yourself a User of the Product

Definitely, you could use a product for a couple of days and write a good review about it. But most businesses require real stories of their product helped customers solve a problem or do something amazing.

If your product is delivering great results, you can ask your customers directly to use such results and enter a captivating testimonial.

  • Check the About Section of Your Website

This can be done simply by sending an email to businesses that inform them about your success with their offerings.

Sometimes, the website of a company will display submission instructions on the testimonials, so check that section first.

If everything works well, you will gain a nice authority backlink without completing a lot of work.

Summing Up:

Link building is important, hence, avoid overlooking it. You might find numerous SEO strategies and work tirelessly on it, without taking into consideration the backlinks.

A backlink you earn from a respected website will bring good results for your SEO. In order to gain great results, you must take into account the upper echelon of the online arena. For this reason, it is best to focus on websites with a DA of 80 or higher to avail backlinks.

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