The Best Grammarly Alternatives To Improve Your Writing

Spelling errors, typo errors, grammar issues, all can be big obstacles in writing rich content. Such issues can damage your online reputation as well as fail to engage readers. For these and more such reasons, it is essential to use proofreading tools available online. Using such tools, like Grammarly, can help to correct all kinds of issues in your writing.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Though Grammarly is the most trusted and useful online tool available that helps to spot errors in your writing in just a few minutes. However, it is quite expensive and may not fit in everyone’s budget.

But you need not worry as here we list the best Grammarly alternatives that check your content for almost all errors, which are identified by Grammarly.

Grammarly Alternatives:

1. PaperRater:

The first efficient among Grammarly alternatives is PaperRater, which delivers great and reliable results. It is an AI-powered and cloud-based program that comes with an inbuilt editor, and hence, ensures that everything you write is free from errors and grammatically correct.

PaperRater highlights errors and offers an explanation for each error. It mentions great suggestions for enhancing your writing and in just a few minutes allows you to write content, which people like and would love to share.

One of the best features of this tool is that it comes with advanced check functionality and identifies your content for duplicate issues. Its AI engine, Grendel reviews the text and offers immediate feedback. The received feedback can be integrated by you in the content before you submit the final draft.

Further, it compares your text with more than 10 billion content copies and makes sure it is 100% unique and error-free. With its statistical analysis and machine learning capabilities, it offers you precise rewording suggestions, which ensure your content performs well online.

The premium package for PaperRater is available for use at $14.95 per month.

2. Jetpack:

The next reliable tool among Grammarly alternatives in our list is Jetpack, which is a plugin from WordPress. This tool comes with robust functionality and allows editing blog content while writing content. It is inbuilt with an editor that strictly checks, updates, and edit your content in real-time using the WordPress interface.

Though it offers numerous basic editing features, it also holds unique functionality, which makes it a great solution for most of your writing requirements. The best thing is that using this tool it is possible to select between various languages such as Canadian, British, American, and other English styles.

Jetpack supports your content in just 30 days and restores it in an archive for further use. It comes with color-coded markup schemes for mistakes that help you assess the quality of the content at a glance.

With the help of this software, it is possible to assess the text for jargon, wordiness, and redundancy. It not only allows proofreading functions but also tracks the website of WordPress uptime and safety.

There are more additional features that it includes such as themes and custom image galleries for uploading pictures and personalizes posts.

The plugin comes with three paid plans, which as premium, personal, and professional that are priced at $3.50, $29, and $9 per month.

3. WhiteSmoke:

WhiteSmoke is another formidable competitor of Grammarly that allows plugging into MS-Office, macOS Sierra, and browsers. It is a great application that garners more reviews for its affordable models and finest features.

It comes with Desktop Premium edition that identifies as well as rectifies errors across most writing platforms such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, text editors, and browsers. Also, it comes with a Grammar Checker that scans your entire text for issues and anomalies like tense, sentence fragmentation, comma splices, and personality shifts.

Another great feature of WhiteSmoke is that it comes with a spelling database, which is managed by the WS community. This community regularly updates its tool with new features and eliminates outdated terms.

There are more than 100 templates offered by WS that are useful to compose resumes, thank-you notes, and cover letters. All its plans, excluding the Desktop Extension, comes with a translator, which checks content word-to-word and offers complete text translation. You can use this tool at a price of $4.16 per month and use it to check your content in 55 languages.

Most importantly, this tool comes with a money-back guarantee but you can always use the free trial period.

4. Ginger:

This is another reliable and trusted tool among Grammarly alternatives that comes with a simple grammar checking functionality. It checks your content not only for grammar problems but also for spelling mistakes.

Ginger is available in two plans, one is premium and the other plan is free. Both of these plans offer distinct capabilities. In order to use the most advanced features of this tool, you can select the premium plan of Ginger.

To edit content online, the best way is to incorporate the Ginger plugin to Safari, Chrome, or other browsers such as Firefox. It is also useful to maintain a thesaurus, which is personal to you that comes with industry-related terminology.

If in case you don’t wish to load the system with different plugins from Ginger, it is best to visit the website and then paste your content that you wish to edit. Moreover, you must know that there is a limit to the total characters that can be pasted.

The free of cost plan from Ginger supports 40 languages and is ideal for translation purposes. If you like the free of cost plan, you may purchase the paid version of Ginger, which is available at a price of $12.48 per month if you pay the money on a yearly basis.

5. ProWritingAid:

As its name suggests, this Grammarly alternative aids in writing error-free and issue free content. This tool comes with a language editor and is highly useful to check your content on the basis of considering numerous features.

This tool is a feature-rich solution, which edits your content for grammar and spelling related issues that beat Grammarly as it is available at affordable pricing. This tool comes with more than 20 reports that include basic metrics such as overused phrases, words, and a content summary. Moreover, you can use this tool for advanced analytics like sentence strength, diction, and clichés.

The best thing about this tool is that it can be integrated into your Google Docs. Just like Grammarly, it also offers the option for content editing, which is useful when you write content or copy and paste text from an application or website.

In addition to correcting your content for various writing issues, it provides the convenience of multiple vocabulary suggestions, which are aligned with context and categorized as per relevancy.

6. 1Checker:

If you are looking for a free of cost solution that lets you check and proofread the content easily, 1Checker is an ideal choice. This is a great plugin for Outlook and Word. It is possible to install 1Checker in the Mac device and use its online version.

This application is featured with a grammar editor, thesaurus, translator, and document templates. It gives your document a score and allows saving the report for in-depth and further analysis. This tool comes with the feature of contextual learning or CL, which comprehends the meaning of content before highlighting errors.

In addition to this, it suggests appropriate synonyms as well as rewording options. The online version of this tool allows you to review your content as well as review your comments, email text, and social media posts.

7. Slick Write:

This is another great alternative for Grammarly that is an ideal solution for those who do not want to invest much money in buying expensive Grammarly packages. It is among a few grammars and spelling checking tool that is available for absolutely free and perfect for professional use. It is possible to integrate this software into your plugin to Firefox and Chrome to proofread the online content.

This tool comes with a 60-day free trial, which is quite longer than those offered by other free tools. Most importantly, when you choose a word in its editor, the information related to that word from Google and Wiki will display in the popup.

It is a great tool for checking your content for various kinds of issues and also to enhance the overall readability of the write-up. This is done by the superlative sentence analysis performed by this tool.

Furthermore, using this software it is possible to design custom reports for your content by selecting the errors, which you wish to correct using this application. In all, it is a great solution that is enriched with numerous features and is available for absolutely free of cost.

8. Hemingway:

Just like Grammarly, Hemingway is an extensively used editing tool for various kinds of text. This tool emphasizes on making your writing more compelling, engaging, and easy to understand. It comes in the form of a desktop app that can be used even when you have no access to Wi-Fi or internet.

One of the finest features of Hemingway is that it highlights lengthy and wordy sentences in a post. It is because readers prefer reading small and simple sentences, which are easy to understand. Hence, Hemingway does this task flawlessly. Next, it highlights passive constructions when your content is weak.

There is a handy toolbar available within this tool that is ideal to make changes inline, like applying italics, heading styles, and bold bullets. The Hemingway software also offers the functionality of one-click integration that lets you publish content on Medium and WordPress.

For website content writers, Hemingway uses HTML heading formatting and incorporates links automatically. It simply exports the HTML and publishes your content on the website. It is a great tool for editors as it allows them to send back the documents reviewed while keeping their markups intact.

The paid version of Hemingway is available at $19.99 per month.

9. com:

This grammar checking tool competes high with Grammarly. It is not only efficient but is also flexible and free. It is possible to access this tool through your website or plugin.

It comes with a promising editor that identifies errors in punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, length, content flow, and grammar. This tool supports numerous languages like Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

With the use of this editing tool, it is possible to upload documents in your preferred language. It highlights errors and utilizing distinct colors and offers great scope for improvement. In order to use this tool, you are not required to install any software or signup.

10. SentenceCheckup:

This is another free tool integrated with numerous rich features and allows you to access all such features through their site. This tool can be leveraged to create flawless content for blog posts, emails, academic papers, and essays. It comes with a simple interface and is very easy to use.

SentenceCheckup mainly emphasizes on enhancing the structure of your sentences as well as also improve its readability. It identifies the fragments and run-on sentences. Also, it comes with a grammar checker that determines errors like excessive use of passive voice, wordiness, and adverbs.

This wool also allows you to edit the content on the basis of British English or American English. It offers suggestions for content enhancement.

11. Reverso:

Finally, we have the grammar checking tool named as Reverso. This is an efficient tool to identify basic grammar errors and make translations as per your requirement. Reverso is great to use with Chrome and Firefox.

Reverso can be used to create a personal dictionary that contains frequently used phrases and terms. It offers suggestions for conjugations and synonyms to avoid repetition problems.

It is also possible to translate text into different languages such as Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and French. With their resource-rich library, it is possible to gain more knowledge about syntax and grammar.

Wrapping Up:

These are the best Grammarly alternatives tools you can use. Using these tools can help you proofread your content and present an error-free text among your audiences. Just pick your preferred tool and once you like it, you may purchase its subscription

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