How to Improve Your Google Search Engine Rankings

Search engine ranking refers to the level at which a particular site appears on the internet. Every search result shows at least 10 websites as per their search engine ranking. It is very important to have a good search engine ranking. Sometimes local listings, videos, and images contribute for a good search engine ranking.

In order to get a good rank, websites try their best SEO tactics. It is obvious that a high-rank website will attract more and more visitors. When the traffic is experienced, it is known to be a good sign for the website. It is worth mentioning that lower ranked websites get adversely affected because of this.

Many website owners even hire SEO consultants and experts to get a large number of visitors. It is because having a good ranking attracts more users to go through the webpage. There are many factors which affect the ranking of a website. Relevant content of the page, competitiveness, site’s links with others etc are some of them.

Why SEO is important for your website?

Even Google has mentioned more than 200 factors which affect the search engine ranking of a website. The higher the raking, the better will be the website. This means more and more users will be attracted towards it. This is the reason SEO is very important.

With the increase in networking and online activities, search engine ranking has gained so much importance. It is known to be the secret behind the success of online businesses.

The notion of ranking the web pages is known to none. A team of professionals’ takes care of this issue. The search engine placement happens on the basis of the performances of the websites.

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

Based on the experiences of SEO experts, few points are given below which affect the search engine ranking. Every website owner must keep that in mind. These factors will help in getting a good search engine result.

1. Usage of keywords:

This is the most common suggestion given. One should definitely include the search keywords as a webpage’s title tag. The title tag refers to the text which is visible on the top of the browser window.

A user gets to know about the title of the website when he does a Google search. So, it is important to have proper placement of keywords in the article. One needs to have a customized title for each page. Many websites do mistake by putting the same title for every page. This can be disadvantageous. One should make a custom title for each page.

2. Anchor Text:

Every website has few anchor texts in their article. The anchor text refers to the text which can be clicked to go to the other page. It is the visible and clickable link of the page. How different websites use their anchor links helps Google to rank their website.

When more and more websites link their page with the same website, it shows that a particular website has good content. It is obvious that the website will get a good ranking. It is suggested that one should try to get anchor texts from different websites in order to get good search engine result.

3. Global acceptance of the website:

It is very important to know how many other websites are associating with one website. The more inbound links are there, the better the situation it will be. SEO consultants say that inbound link performs as a “vote” for one particular site.

When many websites link their pages with one particular website, it shows that the website is beneficial. As a result, it gets a good ranking. But not every time quantity is taken into consideration.

It is the quality of the inbound links which matters. One should try to get more and more qualitative inbound links in order to get a better rank. It is also a part of online marketing strategy. Inbound links from unrelated websites are of no use.

4. Age of Site:

It is a common saying that the site gets importance when it becomes older. It is because it is assumed that if the site has stood for long, it is relevant. There are chances that it will be given priority than a new site. That’s why it is usually said that one should try to gain the trust of Google by being on the search result.

One should even register the new domain name for at least two years. One needs to patiently work for a couple of years. Things get better afterward.

5. Popularity within the Site’s internal link structure:

With the lack of proper linking structure, the page will not be able to get attention. In the absence of linkage from the home page, the rank can be affected. So it is important to showcase the particular page properly.

One can also link it with most frequently visited pages. It will also help. Along with linking the page with other websites, one should associate it directly within the webpage as well.

6. Importance of Inbound Links to Site:

As mentioned earlier, quality plays a better role than quantity. So the sites getting connected with one website need to be relevant. The content should be accurate. There should be a link between the topic and targeted keywords. If the anchor text relates from the unrelated website, there are chances that the website might lose its search engine ranking. It is sure shot that relevance matters.

Every website owner should concentrate more on building relevant links. Putting efforts in the right direction will lead to better results. Emphasis should be given to quality over quantity.

7. Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community:

This refers to the relevance of the site for related people. Many websites succeeded to get good search engine ranking despite having fewer links. They made it possible only because of the quality based content. They could provide relevant information to the topical community.

It is very important to build links but it is more important to build better links. It becomes difficult during the initial years. But one needs to master the art of creating better results in order to get good search engine ranking. Provide quality based content in order to get a higher search engine ranking.

8. Usage of keywords in the content:

It is not enough to use the keyword in the title only. How perfectly keyword has been linked in the article also plays a major role. The power of the targeted keyword should not be underestimated.

Search engine ranking also depends on the words used to connect the targeted keyword. The experts get to know what the page is all about. So they should be given a reason to give a good ranking.

One should use the appropriate phrase or keywords smartly. It is worth remembering that Google charges for using keyword stuffing. SEO experts suggest using the keyword within the first 100 to 200 words of the article.

9. Marketability of the link:

Links from big websites help in getting a good rank. One should pay attention to when -getting in touch with good websites. Websites having a large number of inbound links get benefitted. It is only because of their networks. Many other websites having a lot more links with smaller sites get deprived only because of their connection with small websites. Thus it is suggested that one should have contacts with the most authoritative sites.

The marketing efforts need to be directed towards big sites. SEO experts even suggest having a relationship with less big sites. All in all, it is better than having contacts with a large number of small websites.

Why Google Rankings Dropped?

Every website owner is free to find his own way of improving the search engine result.

Sometimes websites suffer from rankings and traffic loss. Various web developers find it difficult to know the reason. SEO experts have stated a few measures which lead to a ranking loss. Some of them are stated below:

When link gets removed by mistake

This causes short-term ranking loss. Every website has a small backlink for its smooth functioning. Sometimes those backlinks can be unavailable. This causes a loss in traffic. So, when ranking is lost, this can be one of the reasons. Ultimately one should check whether the links have been lost.

The occurrence of penalties:

Sometimes Google issues a penalty to the website. This also causes a disturbance in the search engine ranking. One should take corrective measures to remove the problem. One should remember one thing that these penalties can be either manual or applied algorithmically.

Technical issue:

One needs to check whether there is any technical issue. Sometimes errors like incorrect canonical tags or lack of index tags cause a problem. It adversely affects the rank of a particular website.

It is suggested to usually check the technical fundamentals. But if it is not possible then it should be done at times of rank loss. Especially the homepage should be checked every other day.

Reshaping the website:

This is quite common in day to day life. Website owners hire web developers for their websites. Sometimes they do some amendments in it without informing the owner. Making such changes will definitely affect the appearance and performance of the website. It should also be taken care of.

Problem-related to server:

This problem is known to be the most common. Many people find it difficult to detect this problem. This happens every other day. One should have a strong team which can cure this issue as soon as possible.

The server should be checked after a few intervals. It is because one cannot afford the consequence of a fall in ranking. The loss in ranking means loss of visitors.

The difference in the search result:

Sometimes it is not the fault of the website owner or web developer but still, the ranking falls. If it happens when the user might be the reason behind it. Sometimes what user wants differs from what the website is offering. This happens when the searches require news-based results. The website developer has to either create the demanded content or has to wait until everything gets back.

Entry of fresh links:

Sometimes a sudden powerful movement is observed in websites. This causes a temporary decline in rankings. Here the website, who has won the support of Google, wins. It is because Google can use the power to apply “rank transition function”. This function is used to control every attempt which may manipulate search results.

Fluctuation in Click-through rate:

Click-through rate refers to the ratio of visitors who click on the hyperlink to the total visitors. This functions as a measure to check the success of an online advertising campaign.

If click-through rates fall, the impact of keywords also declines. It can be said that the click-through rate has an impact on search engine ranking. Sometimes it falls suddenly and so the ranking gets disturbed. Pieces of evidence have shown that this factor has badly affected many search engine rankings many times.

One needs to have the proper ability to come across new links with time. A constant check may safeguard from an unnecessary disturbance in the search ranking. Along with it, every website should check and compare the click-through rate of the last few days. It will definitely help them to cope up with changing Google ranking. A right team will protect from experiencing search engine ranking loss.

One need not panic in such times. Traffic loss may occur only for a short run. After taking specific steps, it is feasible to get back to the earlier rank. There are a number of grounds which lead to a ranking drop. Losing position can be unanticipated but it does require few actions to be taken.

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