The Best Google Search Alternatives You Should Try

In the world of internet, search engines are playing a major role. Scroll down the article to know about 40 advanced alternative search engines we have other than Google. A Search Engine refers to a software program which helps the users to search for information online.

Google Search Alternatives

Google Search Alternatives – Top 40 Alternative Search Engines:


It is known to be the very first search engine which permitted users to search confidentially. Even it did not record any of the details of the user. The company started its privacy-protecting email service in 2014. This SEO site is known for allowing the user to browse the internet without getting worried about privacy.


As the name suggests, this site provides sound effects to users. One has to use checkboxes to search the sound. It has proper classification depending upon the needs of the user. Even it is a perfect search engine which increases the speed. The user gets the desired results here.


Users find this site very relevant. They use this site for message boards and forums. Even the page of this site is simple. Many experts believe that its front-end look is what attracts the user. But its back-end is not that simple. The company sells off the user’s data. The data is given to various advertising companies.


This site was started in 2009. This site is a form of is a metasearch engine. It means that it provides the bulk of results. One can find any kind of content with Yippy. Regular images, news, government data, blogs, etc. can be accessed through it. It also provides options related to filtration.


It is a free source code. It has approx more than 20 billion lines of code. It aims to help users in searching for special characters. Special characters refer to the characters which are used in any code. No doubt, it is faster than any other coding search engines.


This is written in C++ and C programming language. It is a helping hand for companies like Zuula, Clusty, Blingo, and Snap. One can search for anything with the help of terms, phrase, filetypes, languages etc. It has more than 12 billion web pages. This company is known to have solved billions of queries per month.

Kiddle and KidRex:

This site maintains its own database. The database includes inappropriate websites and keywords. It runs through Google Custom Search. It provides content which is easily understandable by kids. It aims to serve kids. So the content is written in the simplest form. Kids need not to worry much now.


This search is a German-based metasearch engine. It aims to take care of the privacy of the user. It allows users to open any link anonymously from the search results. They can even keep their IP address hidden. The advantage is that no advertisers can contact any user regarding their marketing.

This is known to be an open source search engine. It helps in finding a software development project. It maintains a minimum of 2.5 million open source libraries. The libraries are spread across 34 package managers. Everything is managed with the help of keywords.

Creative Commons Search:

This search engine proves to be an aid for authors and bloggers. They can reuse the content in their commercial applications or blog post. One can build the content, share lists, add tags and also save their searches. It even allows the user to modify the image, recreate the title.

IxQuic at present redirects to

This metasearch engine uses a ‘star system’ for its working. The ‘star system’ is used to rank different pages. As a result, the webpage which gets the highest rank gets the priority. This site uses a cookie to have a record of search preferences. This is done for the sake of future references.


This site collects results from different search engines. It then shows it to the user. The user has to only set his customize default search settings and own preference. It even keeps a track of most recent searches. This helps the user to know what is trending. It also recommends related content.

Internet Archive:

It is a sort of a nonprofit digital library. It focuses on providing knowledge throughout the world. It includes everything like music, videos, websites, images, software applications, and games etc. It has approx 3 million books for the sake of the public. It is known to be the world’s largest digitization project.


Yandex is the Russian search engine. It became the 4th largest search engine in the world with a minimum of 150 million searches per day in 2012. This search engine is inclusive of blogs, news, image and video webpages, and eCommerce sites. It provides other facilities also like spelling checkers, autocompletes function and antivirus.


This site is a different one. It never provides a list of web pages or documents for the search result. Instead, it gives a to-the-point answer. This search engine is a computational knowledge engine. It has been written in Wolfram programming language. It also performs statistics, numerical calculation, computer algebra, and visualization capabilities.

As the name suggests, it is a question and answering based web search engine. It had a record 180 million global users. Even its mobile application was downloaded over 40 million times. It allows users to ask questions and answers are given by users only. This search engine has also purchased


It is an environmentally friendly site. It is because Ecosia donates 80% of its profit in planting trees. By 2017, this search engine planted over 15 million trees. It even got shortlisted for European Tech Startups Awards under ‘Best European Startup’. It got nominated under the ‘Improving Society’ category.


This search engine is the best substitute. It is because it does not keep a track of personal information. It does not even store the user’s history. It also eliminates ads. So all in all, they do not sell user’s data to other companies. That’s why it is loved by users all around the globe.


This search engine is known to be better than Google. It runs a rewards program for beginners. It means the user has to gather points while searching. Later on, these points can be used to redeem at the Microsoft and Windows stores.

This site is known to gather result from a number of wikis on the net. This is why it is the best choice for users. It satisfies those who are in quest of community-led information.


Many SEO experts call it a real-time search engine. It is because it provides minute by minute updates. That is why it becomes better than Google sometimes.


Many users consider this site to be the best Search Engine for Patriots. It allows the user to make a search without getting worried about getting tracked. This site does not track the personal information of users. This is the reason many users chose to use it.

Search Encrypt:

Search Encrypt is a private search engine. This site uses local encryption just to make sure that all the searches remain private. It is inclusive of a combination of encryption methods.

Some of them are Secure Sockets Layer encryption and AES-256 encryption. It has a special feature in it according to which the search items do not get recorded. This means that personal information will be saved.


Swisscows is known to be one of the unique options available to the user. It is a brilliant family-friendly semantic search engine. It is inclusive of artificial intelligence which determines the user’s query. Even the results provided by this search engine are accurate.


It allows the user to search power point presentation. Users also get access to ebooks and PDFs. It proves to be a helping hand for people belonging to the corporate world. Users can even save slides. Users can download the entire slideshow. Sometimes users also get a chance to edit the slide by downloading it.


It is known to be the largest publishing network. It has so many extensive search features for the user. One can make a search regarding anything. Most of the users use Scribd for articles, books, audio books or documents. This search engine aims at providing information to users all over the world.


It is one of the best search engines for images. One can share photos, illustrations, screenshots, and images on it. The best thing is that the photos do not get leaked. It is because this search engine works on a network basis.


This search engine is known to provide a platform for users to get their videos published. But it provides videos only on selected topics. This search engine is loved by users because the videos are made by the professionals.


This search engine is data based. It provides information related to different companies. It presents the data in such a way that the user understands the details clearly. The data includes contact information, news, documents, and other related things.


This search engine helps in spying other competitors. It even sends the results regarding traffic, demographics etc. This has helped many companies many times. It provides the data related to the companies who get good traffic. This search engine provides the details of almost every brand and companies.


This search engine has captured the largest number of users in China. It provides web content, images, documents, news, and maps. It has all general search engine capabilities in it. It is beneficial for those who want content in the Chinese language.


Who can forget Facebook when it comes to the search engine. It is a good platform to post, comment or even share. It offers good features for users. It helps users to make their social network. The youth loves to spend on it.


It is one of the fastest growing people search engines. It has made finding people easier. One can use this site to create a professional network. It provides facility regarding sorting the search result. Users can also search for job opportunities over there. Users also get the relevant content from this search engine.

Social Mention:

This site helps the user to get comprehensive search results. It collects information from various sources and presents it in one place. So it saves a lot of time of users. It provides blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, and videos. The thing to be noted is that the content is prepared by the users only.

Who’s Talkin:

This social media search engine provides data related to conversations. It shows all the conversations going on across other social media sites. The only issue is that it takes some time. Users can also filter the search result as per their convenience. Networks, blogs, news media, etc can be the basis for it.


This is a good search engine where a user can browse blogs. It is known to have more than 40,000 blogs. Users have accepted that fact that this site provides interesting blogs. It provides numerous blogs on specific data. It even keeps a track of all searches.

Bing Social:

This search engine is used to find any information or detail on Twitter and Facebook. It displays the related content as soon as possible. Some users use it to have a check on trending links and mentions. Some other users use it to see comments and posts.


This search engine helps the user to find any conversation. Users get a chance to communicate with other people. It is a sort of social media site which offers a chance for users to even ask a question.


This search engine plays a helping role in professional photographs. They can use this site to know where their photograph is getting used. Various creators use this site to check where else their image appears.


This search engine is popular across the world to track the data from various other sources. It uses blogs, forums, and news for tracking data. This site monitors over 5 million blogs. Till now it has tracked over 11,500 forums, and 110,000 news media sites.

The above-mentioned sites have made their mark despite the growing popularity of Google.

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