What is Remarketing? How Google Remarketing Works?

Remarketing is a popular term in the marketing field.

Remarketing or Retargeting is a form of online advertising where Google shows ads to targeted users.

The term may not be familiar to you. But everyone who uses the internet may be familiar with this advertisement.

When you visit an e-commerce site to search something search engine will note that and you can see ads based on it whenever you visit a site.

It could be any sites, in between YouTube videos or social media platforms. So, we can say that your being tracked. Once you visited a page, you will see ads from it for a few days on various sites.

These advertisements are exclusively for you. No one else can see them. This is called remarketing. It is also known as retargeting.

Google Remarketing

As the term implies they are targeting users to make them come back to their site. This can increase the site activity, conversion rate and rate on investment.

To do remarketing you need to pay money to Google advertisements. So, we can say that this is a brilliant way to reach to customers and make them come back to your site by showing a similar product they search about.

Now you got an idea about the term remarketing. Now, you might be thinking about how it will work?

How Remarketing Works?

When you want to advertise your site through Google, you need to add a piece of code more like a JavaScript code to your website. It won’t have any connection with your website performance or working.

When a visitor comes to your site, this piece of code will be transferred to their site through browser cookies.

Once this code got transferred they will be part of your remarketing strategy. This happens without your customer’s knowledge and there is a high chance of turning your site visitor as your customer through remarketing strategy.

The code will vary from page to page. You can customize or categorize it according to your page category. This can help you to easily identify the page. This code will travel with the user and they can see your ad in various sites they visit.

So, your remarketing service provider decides when to start remarketing from your website. It will not happen immediately. They wait for some time and shows ads related to search term to those visitors.

According to Google, you must include every user who checks your site homepage into this strategy. But when you do this your budget should be high.

Targeting more people will automatically increase the advertisement cost. So, you have to decide about your targeted audience and budget for advertisement first. Then you can act according to your plan.

Targeting a narrow audience will be more effective than a wide audience. No need to waste your money on people who don’t care about your site.

It is better to target people who already bought something from your site before than non-customers. This can increase response and lower cost per click also.

Types of Remarketing:

There are various remarketing types. You can choose the one that works best for you

Site remarketing-: This is the more popular remarketing type where the search engine shows site ads to users after leaving a website

Search marketing:

This is a type of marketing where they give importance to keywords. When a user searches something related to your industry looking for more information, ads will appear to them

Social marketing:

In this type unlike Google Ad Networks, you will get remarketed ads on social media networks. They mainly focus users through social media network in this type of marketing

Email marketing:

In this type remarketing happens through emails. When you check some of the email ads, you will get more from them. This is also a popular type of marketing. But cannot expect a high conversion rate.

Remarketing vs Retargeting:

According to experts, both are an almost similar type of marketing. In remarketing, you will be targeting visitors who engaged more within your website.

The most popular remarketing strategy is email marketing. But retargeting applies to users who simply visit your website. But both terms are using interchangeably and cannot say any significant differences. When both works together, you can improve your business sale as a result.

While remarketing remind existing customers and inform them about new offers and sales going on in your business, retargeting tries to get your site visitors. There are many marketing sites out there which help to do remarketing.

Google is one of the popular ad service providers. Others are AdRoll, Perfect Audience, etc. We cannot say that both are different terms. They are part of the same type of marketing.

Examples of Remarketing:

There are many examples in front of us where remarketing created magic. You can make a better-remarketing Ad by including an eye catchy image, better call to actions and targeting the right audience.

As I said above, there are various types of remarketing options. These are some successful remarketing strategies that worked well.

Facebook remarketing: Expedia

When we look for something related to traveling like hotels to stay, cars, flights, etc. the first suggestion will be Expedia. The reason behind it is the reach of the brand.

Everyone knows about it and as their tagline says they offer you most impressive last-minute deals. They always do remarketing with better images and a book now call to action.

You can go to the site directly by clicking on the Book now option. The image is so tempting that many users click on it to do their getaway bookings.

Handy: Site targeting

When someone looking for anything related to cleaning, handy will come to their site. Handy is home cleaning business and they use one of the best ads for remarketing.

They show an Ad with their exclusive price for the first 2 hours and a Call to action.

Whenever someone sees that price, they will click on it for sure. No cleaning companies will disclose their rate in remarketing Ads. That’s where this ad stands out.


Hubspot used an effective strategy through an image. Usually, companies promote their product with their logo on it. But what HubSpot did was amazing.

They advertised the time to set up their CRM software as 25 sec and included an image to prove their advertisement. This image will clearly prove that what they said in the advertisement is true.

Many companies won’t buy CRM software without knowing the time to set up. This Ad gives a better answer to all queries.

These are some examples of sites which used this strategy effectively. Creating eye-catching ads is the primary goal you need to accomplish. Just by implementing remarketing, you cannot get the expected outcome.

Create a compelling ad with better images that make the audience tempting to check what is so special in there behind that image.

Benefits of Remarketing:

Remarketing is very useful to make customers come back to your website. Even though you spend so much on advertisement if there is no result then it will be of no use. So, make sure to spend money on the right type of advertisement.

Remarketing is the right type of advertisement to connect with customers. It can help users to remember about your site when they see your ad where ever they go.

To increase the visibility this is the best way. Here are some best advantages you will get from this marketing.

Increase visibility and keep your customers remind about your product:

This is the best way to advertise your business to customers who already know about your service.

If they like your product or service, they will come back again. This will act as a small reminder to them. Sometimes they won’t buy anything from your site on their first visit. The reason could be many.

By remarketing, you are reminding them about your site and creating interest in them. This will also increase the visibility of your site which is a very important strategy to attract more customers to your site.

Increases conversion rate:

The best thing about remarketing is the power to increase your sales.

When you send a reminder to customers through advertisement sometimes they will check if they find it attractive. This can lead to an increase in sale.

Give them better suggestions related to their search through Ads. This is what remarketing should aim at and will get the best outcome if you can execute it properly.

Personalizing Ads:

In retargeting and remarketing the ads are personalized. One won’t get the same ad as the others.

Usually, remarketing ads will be based on the search term each user check on a website.

So, they will get ads corresponding to those search terms. This is why we can call it as a personalized advertisement for each individual according to their interest.

Better ROI:

This is one of the best marketing strategies where you can ensure return on investment.

Better sales can lead to a faster return on your investment. Without getting return there is no use in advertising. Remarketing is very beneficial in that sense

Flexible budget:

You can decide what your budget is before for this advertisement option. The rate varies according to your marketing type and number of the targeted audience.

If you are trying this for the first time, it is better to start with a narrower audience so that you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily on it.

Depending on the result you get from it, you can decide the further marketing strategy

Audience targeting:

Audience targeting is very important in this marketing. Start from narrower target like users who left a product in the shopping cart without buying it. Targeting audience can ensure you a better outcome for your efforts.

Tips you can follow for Effective Remarketing:

  • You can use copy to combat sales objective. Here it is better to include something related to what you are advertising than generic advertisements. I mentioned this type of marketing from HubSpot above.
  • Show products that they are interested in those remarketing ads. When someone searches frequently for designer clothes, the search engine will catch the pattern and shows sites related to designer clothing to that person
  • Push them to take the decision using urgency. Most travel sites use this strategy. When a user searches for flight-related or travel related things the search engine will show them such sites. If you are advertising such a site, make them tempting to book ticket urgently to get that offer.
  • With remarketing, you can also provide coupons and offers which makes more users attract to that website. Usually, women do more online shopping and if they got some offer of shopping they will be more than happy. This is a very good strategy to attract customers
  • Remind cart abandoners to complete the process by checking out. This is a very important and effective way to give gentle reminders to your customers. It can be very effective if you can show some price drop for that particular product to them. It can increase more conversation rate.
  • Show complimentary products to customers when they buy something from your site. This is a very good remarketing strategy for you to try. For example, when a customer bought a phone from your site then show him remarketing ad with complimentary products like back over, accessories, etc.
  • Target past buyers with new arrivals list. You can inform your existing customers about new arrivals and offers. This is a better remarketing strategy to target customers who bought products from your site long before and now they are not checking your site and not visiting your site after that.

Final Words:

Remarketing is an effective marketing strategy if you can use this cleverly. There are many benefits of this marketing and conversation rate is also high compared to all other strategies.

That’s why most of the brands prefer it as an important marketing strategy.

You will also get a return on investment immediately and this is the only marketing method which can ensure this.

Have you implemented a remarketing strategy in your business? Connect with an Ad provider and take advantage of this strategy.

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