How to Find and Fix Google Penalties Easily

Having a website helps every business to reach a large number of people at one click. Many businesses have earned a lot of money by having a good website.

But there are times, having a website becomes problematic especially when it gets penalized. Sometimes the websites commit mistakes and so they get penalized moreover, sometimes they don’t even get to know about it.

All this ends up affecting the website and website owner adversely.

Google Penalties

The Notion of Google Penalties:

Google penalties refer to the removal of the site from Google index. It means that there will be a reduction in the site search rankings. The fall in ranking happens to either the whole website or just one page. Sometimes it also happens to any particular keyword.

A Google penalty leads to the situation when the site losses its name from the search result. When Google penalizes the website, the website is not found by the users. As a result of this audience, traffic and revenue decrease. The consequence of Google penalty is that the ranking cannot be recovered back easily.

Identification of Google Penalties:

Is it possible to identify whether the website has been penalized?

The answer will be YES. It is feasible to know.

SEO experts and other professionals have identified a few ways which can be used. All those tactics have been used and they have proved to be worthier. Some of the ways to do so are given below:

  1. One needs to pay attention if a sudden loss is observed in traffic. At the time of loss, all the updates should be checked.
  2. The user can also type the domain into the search result. If the website comes under the search results, then everything is fine. Otherwise, there might be chances of the website being penalized.
  3. Even the partial penalty can be checked. The website owner can also type a particular keyword on the search bar. If some of the pages are not found, it is a sign of the page being penalized.
  4. One of the easiest steps is to check the page rank to check the significant decrease. Even the number of visitors can be analyzed.
  5. Check the other reasons behind various websites getting penalized
  6. Cloaking refers to the process where unnecessary or irrelevant contents are provided to the reader. The content so displayed is different from the one being sent to the search engines. The variation can be easily identified by Google. Google uses some modern Google tools to check the content. In such cases, the website gets penalized. Such Black-Hat techniques are not accepted by Google in any circumstance.
  7. Spamming is another reason for the website to be penalized. Any website which gets caught by spamming is penalized. Also, websites that generally makes so many URLs get penalized.
  8. Posting duplicate content on the website can also be one of the reasons. Plagiarized content is not at all allowed on Google. To check whether the content is unique or not, various plagiarism checkers are available. In short, the content should be completely unique.
  9. If the website takes a long time to get loaded, this will also lead to a penalty. The website taking too much loading time gets trapped in algorithmic penalties. The improper layout and design of the website also lead to a penalty.
  10. Sometimes sudden penalties happen because of a hacker attack. To be saved from this, one can use Google Analytics.

Webmasters can follow these suggestions to save their websites from the Google penalty.

Some tips from experts:

Is it important to be saved from Google penalties?

Yes, every website can recover from Google penalties. Experts have discovered some measures to do so. They are universal in nature. Any website can apply it to be saved. They are as follows:

  1. One should read the guidelines of the website carefully.
  2. Regular check on the website and content should happen.
  3. In order to avoid any problem, one must keep following the Google updates.
  4. The security of the website should be ensured every time.
  5. It is very important for the website to have proper hosting.
  6. Even if the website has been penalized, by correcting all mistakes, there are many other ways which can be applied as per the situation.

The Best Google Penalty Checker Tools are:

Some Google penalty checker tools are available which can be used. Some of them help in realizing that the website has been penalized. Some others are there which are helpful in constantly checking the Google activities. All of them are given below:

1. Moz:

This tool is helpful in maintaining all the updates. The user can know the specific date on which the particular activity took place. All the additional information also get available with the help of Moz.

Many users use this tool to get future updates. The page automatically gets updated when a major change happens. So if the website suddenly experiences big loss, this tool can be used to analyze the situation. In cases of Google penalties, this tool can be a good aid.

2. Penguin

This is one of the best Google penalty check tools. It is very simple to use. It is easier as well. It is popular in providing a lot of information to the user. In order to use this tool, the website owner has to sign in first. This sign in happens with Google analytics accounts. Just after signing in with the Google the website owner can have a ken of the traffic on his website.

3. Rank Ranger:

This tool is known to have some of the best features of Moz as well. To maintain the history is one of the reasons. The person can also make changes in the history of the webpage. It offers advanced features to users. They can use it to be benefitted a lot. It is known to provide a deeper level of information to the user. It is the best substitute of other Google tools.

4. Fruition:

Fruition is one of those tools which are not popular among users. But just because this tool is not popular, doesn’t mean it is not useful as well. This tool is very powerful in terms of features. It is a very strong contender for other Google analytics tools. It quickly brings forward the reason behind the huge loss of the website. The user has to open an account to use it. Once a person starts using it, he will get plenty of data from it. It keeps on providing Google algorithm updates. The user should definitely use this tool. It is highly advantageous.

5. SEMRush Sensor:

This tool belongs to the category of comprehensive tools. Most of the SEO experts put SEMRush Sensor after Penguin. This tool provides data in the same way a penguin does. But, worth mentioning, it provides data in a precise way. It mentions the recent updates which can be monitored. This tool successfully provides a set of results which can be analyzed.

It easily informs a person whether the website has been penalized or not. The website owners can also put their websites for the analysis. This tool goes through every single page of the website. It also studies the keywords which have been mentioned on the website. This tool is highly suggested by the professionals because of its advanced features.

6. Grump Rating:

When it comes to Google penalty, Grump Rating is also given due attention. It is a tool which has astonishing features in it. It expresses the updates of Google’s Algorithms. It answers questions like,

  1. How active Google Algorithms have been?
  2. When was the last time it got updated?
  3. What is the recent change in the Google algorithm?
  4. How will SERPs perform in the next few days?

This tool also answers the queries related to the past. It takes the past and future simultaneously. In times of traffic loss or ranking loss, the past activities are checked. This tool brings out the mistakes committed by websites in the past few days. This tool should be used to be highly benefitted.

7. MozCast:

MozCast works like a weather forecast. It focuses on providing the current state of activity. It tracks Google’s activity and shows its report. If the forecasting is not favorable, then there is something wrong with the website. If the forecasting is satisfactory then the website can carry on.

One cannot get the same level of flexibility every time. One cannot even have the same kind of features in every tool. But unless a person uses any tool, it is not possible to judge any tool. To be saved from Google penalty, one must definitely use MozCast.

Reasons behind the Google penalty:

Given below are some of the reasons which lead to Google penalty:

  1. If the websites get into the trap of buying links, it leads to the Google penalty. It is because it is assumed to have tried to manipulate the rank of the page.
  2. If the website is observed to be indulged in exchanging links with clients, the Google penalizes the website. Once it used to be the marketing tactic but now it is prohibited.
  3. If the website posts duplicate content, it becomes less useful. Thus, it loses its ranking by being penalized by Google. The content so provided should be completely unique.
  4. Excessive use of keywords also leads to punishment. Some websites post content which has stuffed keyword only. This leads to the website getting penalized by Google. If the content is rich with high keyword density, then it not good content at all.
  5. Footer links refer to the navigational link. They are related to the decision of website footer design. Many websites try to manipulate the page rank by involving footer links. This can be the major reason for the website being penalized by Google.
  6. Some website includes scraped content on their webpage. Scraped content refers to the process of copying content from other websites and posting it on the web page. These websites don’t try to post copied content but still, Google penalizes for this mistake. It should also not happen.
  7. Some websites contain some contents on the websites which are hidden on their website. This step should also be prevented otherwise chances of getting penalized arise.
  8. Those websites which use too much anchor text get trapped into penalty issue. There are many Google analytics tools which help Google to check this. It will be better not to use much anchor texts.
  9. If the website has the problem of loading time, it ends up hurting the user. If it gets down every other day, it leads to a loss in traffic. It is because Google penalizes it.
  10. Google supports the websites having affiliate links. But it does not accept too much use of affiliate links. The websites need to beware while using affiliate links in their respective websites.
  11. If the speed is not good, it will be punished by Google. The slow speed of the website frustrates the user. They find it difficult to access the site. As a result, they go away. The website loses its users and also gets penalized.
  12. The presence of spun content is also very harmful. The spun content or spun article refers to the altering of content or rewriting it. This is done to make the content unique. It is not accepted by Google.


Google never punishes any website without any reason. But it punishes them for the sake of the audience. The websites need to take utmost care in order to be saved from the Google penalties.

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