How to Get Perfect 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights

Google ranking is very important for a website.

Every webmaster works to take their page to the top of search engine result to improve click rate and page ranking.

If your page is not performing well there could be many reasons like low content quality, lack of optimization and many more.

One of the important factors that decide your SERP is page loading speed.

If a user clicks on your site and it takes too much time to load your site, he will exit from your site and click on some other sites.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This can increase the bounce rate of your site which is very bad for your site reputation in front of Google.

We can say that the speed of your site plays an important role in building the conversion rate of your website. Google gives importance to page speed than any other factors.

It also offers a tool to test your loading time called ‘Google PageSpeed Insights’. You can check your website in this tool to know the loading speed.

If it shows a 100 % score, then it means your site is fast. But it is not easy to get a full score and the tool will not give instructions about getting a high score also.

You need to find out the element that causes slow loading and rectify it to make the page loading faster.

Every webmaster needs their site to get a 100% score. But is it really possible?

Reaching 100% is very tough. But you can achieve this goal if you found out the factors that reduce your site speed. Remove all those annoying things because they are the reason for not ranking your site well. There are many ways to rectify these issues.

WordPress users can find so many useful tools which they can use directly to make changes to their website.

Others have to find out free tools to make things works. In both ways, we need to make your page optimized to make it load faster.

Why is Page speed so important?

According to Google, page speed is a very important factor in ranking your website. So, you must ensure to improve the loading speed of your website. If you cannot bring your site to the top 10 results nobody will check your site.

Usually, users only check results on the first page. They won’t go to 2nd page to check all the websites. So, we can say that you must improve your site speed to impress Google and take your web page to top search result.

The latest survey from Backlinco, says that page loading speed is an important ranking factor.

Bounce rate is very important to consider. Always you should ensure a low bounce rate and one of the best option to make the bounce rate low is to improve your page speed.

Google won’t tell you about increasing page loading speed. But if your site loads faster then Google give you more preference than other competitor sites. This is the best way to rank higher than your competitor site.

How to use Google PageSpeed Insights Tool:

The tool is very simple to use. Google offers you the best way to check the sight speed using the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Just enter your desktop and mobile sites separately to check the speed of both. Both mobile and desktop version should be optimized well to make them effective.

You can enter the URL and click on the Analyze button. Now after some time, you can see the result.

A 100% score in Google PageSpeed Insights means your site is excellent. Above 75% is ok for your site and still need improvement.

If you want to improve this value, there are many ways you can follow to improve. This article is all about improving page insight speed value. You can try these tips and see how it impacts your page ranking.

Tips to Score 100/100 on Google PageSpeed Insights:

This is not an easy task for you to do. 100% score means you have to make your site exceptionally fast. Some minute changes can help you to make your page load faster.

Even though you designed your page well, sometimes minute defects will be there. If we consider an e-commerce site, there will be a lot of images on a page.

If they take too much time to load, it can make the page slower and increase the bounce rate. Like this, there are so many factors you can consider while optimizing your page for improving speed. Here are some important changes you can make on your page

1. Image optimization:

Image optimization is a useful method to increase your site speed.

It is proven that if there are lots of images on a site, then it will take more time to load. So, you can compress images on your website to make it faster.

For WordPress users, there are so many plugins available to do this task. WP smush image is a good tool you can use to compress images on your website.

Just upload the images to that plugin and let it do the compression. This can compress 50 images at a time and is one of the fastest tools as of now.

If you are not using WordPress, then there are many other tools you can get for free., TinyPNG, Compress JPEG, Optimizilla, etc. are some free tools available for you. Make use of them and compress image without losing its quality.

Quality image is very important you should be careful while using these tools. Maintain minimal size without losing quality.

So, use plugins or free tools to compress the image and make your site load faster. This is a proven technique and can help to improve your site loading speed to around 50%.

2. Use browser caching:

Browser caching is another important thing you can do to make your page load faster. The best way to ensure this is a content delivery network (CDN).

Whenever a user searches for a page then it has to go to resource and load everything related to the page. It is a task with so many efforts. Every time when your page loads all of this has to happen like this.

You can split the load on your site and give static files, Javascript, CSS and images to CDN.

CDN networks are servers located on various sites around the world. They copy the static version of your site and when someone lands on your site these are loaded from a server near to it.

You can keep the HTML files on the main server and other static files on your CDN. This is a way to increase your site speed.

Another option for WordPress users is to use plugins that can help you to do browser catching. One such tool is called W3 Total Cache. They will remember the previously loaded resources and help the site to load faster.

This is a very good tool and improves browser caching and overall performance of your site 10x. You can also use this to minify Javascript, JSS, HTML, etc. which are very important for your site loading faster.

3. Optimize your site for mobile device:

We all check something online from our mobile devices. So, we can say that mobile optimization is also important when you consider your website performance.

You can check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. Use a mobile-friendly tool to know your site response in the mobile version.

If it is compatible with the mobile version, then the next step is to optimize your site’s mobile pages.

You can implement AMP. The accelerated mobile page is a project from Google to make your site load faster.

They are very popular nowadays as many websites now implement this technology and make their mobile site load faster compared to all other sites. So, it is better to optimize your site for mobile by implementing AMP.

For implementing AMP, you need to have some basic knowledge about it. Do some research before implementing anything new. You can also try WordPress plugin AMP for WP.

No need to have any technical excellence to operate this plugin on your WP site. Here when you create a new page there will be a page builder where you can create mobile-friendly sites. This is a proven method that can help you to reduce the site loading time.

4. Minify HTML:

Minimizing the space need for HTML coding is a very important factor when you consider site loading speed.

While minimizing HTML, it will remove unnecessary data and fix it without affecting the browser.

Many processes will be happening there like fixing code, formatting, shortening, removing unnecessary codes, etc.

For WP users there is a plugin to do this particular task. It is known as HTML Minify. Download this plugin to your WordPress site and make suitable settings to minify HTML.

In addition to HTML, you need to minify JavaScript, CSS to improve your site speed. You can see many options in the Settings menu enable HTML and JavaScript minimization.

Also choose the option for removing HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This plugin will give you the necessary suggestions on time. You can follow them if you are new to this process.

Coding takes a lot of time to load. So, it is best to minify coding to see a great change on your site loading speed. This task became very simple because of these plugins.

5. Remove render-blocking scripts:

Usually, JavaScript and CSS files are very important in rendering. To improve the page loading speed, it is essential to remove render blocking scripts.

If you are doing this manually, you need to have better technical knowledge.

You need to move JavaScript from the header and from the body to footer which is a very complex task.

But for WordPress users, there is a plugin called Autoptimize. This will automatically block all render blocking scripts and make your site load faster.

All you have to do is to check two options in the setting.

First, uncheck ‘Force JavaScript in <head>, another one is to check ‘inline all CSS, optimize CSS code, aggregate inline CSS’. Check your website layout after implementing all these settings.

Make sure everything looks well because sometimes these minor changes may break your site design.

6. Server response time:

Server response time is also important to consider. According to Google server response time should be lower if you want to improve the speed. There could be many reasons for longer server response time.

The efficiency of server software, databases, traffic and hosting, databases, resources, and usage, etc. are some important decision factors of server response time.

You can use your existing database effectively, choose a better hosting provider, compressing cache and upgrade your resources for a better server response time.

Here is a plugin that can help you to improve server response time for WordPress users.

Cache Enabler is the plugin popular for this purpose. This can help you to save all static HTML files and deliver it whenever the server wants.

This can improve your page speed automatically. This tool can create 2 cached files. One is plain HTML file and other is zipped. These static files help you to deliver content faster.

Final Words:

In short, we can say that if you want to improve your site speed there are many factors you need to look into.

Some of them are minor factors that nobody notices. But they are very important when it comes to your site performance.

We cannot say that the quality of content is the only factor for ranking. Page loading speed is also very important.

So, you can check your site sped using Google PageSpeed Insights tool and make sure to get a score above 85% for better ranking. Achieving 100% is a very difficult task.

You can get it if you consider every minute thing in your site seriously and make suitable changes.

So, Are you ready to score 100%? Try out the above tips and see how the score changes

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