How to Use Google Knowledge Graph to Get Massive Traffic

Google is introducing new things every day and making the job of marketing tough.

To offer the smartest and user-friendly search experience, Google introduced the Google knowledge graph to users.

They are updating their algorithm more often. We have seen many like Panda, Penguin, Humming Bird, etc. This is another change from Google which makes it as a knowledge database instead of an informative one.

Most of the webmasters do SEO of their site themselves. For them, these algorithm updates and new introduction will be hard.

Google Knowledge Graph

If they can do a detailed study before optimizing their content, that can bring more benefits. This technique was introduced in 2012 and it makes Google as the finest source of information.

This enables Google to search for data related to the keyword you entered and connect with as many results as possible before displaying. This is a very fast process.

So, the main question here will be the relation of this Google knowledge graph and SEO.

Content writers are the one who provides information to Google about a topic. It’s their duty to provide useful information to their users.

For that, they need to identify the targeted audience and relate their searches to the right content. This can lead to more traffic to your site.

Google can only use this technique effectively only when there are as many users to search as possible. Your web page is very important for Google to get more information about a topic.

What is the Google knowledge graph?

Google is one of the most reliable search engines that exist nowadays. When we search for something this special feature called Google knowledge graph to connect it to relevant topics to give the most accurate search result.

It could be people, places, or even facts. So, this knowledge graph will all relate, result in the search term of the user.

Keyword knowledge graph integrates all available data from the search engine to give a more accurate result.

You can try some example by searching for any keywords. If you search with well-known places, it will show places that are famous all around the world in a picture carousel above the search result.

This is how the knowledge graph works. Google knowledge graph can also use to increase your website traffic. If you get a clear idea of how to use this tool well, you can also use it for your benefit.

This is a complete guide related to the Google Knowledge Graph and it mainly discusses this topics-:

  • How to create Google knowledge graph?
  • How to use the Google knowledge graph?
  • Google knowledge graph SEO
  • Impact of Google Knowledge Graph

So, let’s get into the first part of this article. Here I am going to explain various ways to create Google knowledge graph that can benefit your SEO.

How to Create a Google Knowledge Graph?

This is important to know if you want to get listed under the search result. Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing to relate to users’ query and present with more correct information.

It is very simple and there are many methods to do it. I am including some popular options you can use to create a knowledge graph

  • Create a profile on Google plus account by entering your product/service information. Claim your listing also. This will help to show your product/service on the search result. Other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc to get listed under the search result
  • Create a page on Wikipedia or Wikidata to get information about your company. Google uses Wikipedia or wiki data to extract all information for knowledge graph.
  • Schema markup is also another option to read the pages on your site. These are basically codes, you can use to inform Google to organize information on your site.
  • For content marketers, the best option to create a knowledge graph is to write for a human reader.

Google gives value to quality contents with exceptional information. If you can get Google’s attention through your content, that will be the best way to get more traffic.

How to Use the Google Knowledge Graph?

Answer questions

Google’s aim is to answer the queries of users. When you create content, it should be such that to answer Google’ search.

While creating your content, make sure to maintain its quality and create it for users. Overstuffing keywords will destroy your site.

Google looks for informative content and if you can give it, this will be the easy way to get into the Knowledge Graph.

You should always aim to answer some real question. Create content that can be useful to users.

To satisfy the audience you need to think about all the possibilities you can. The most popular search result will be the topic mostly related to the keyword that users search for.

Google’s new algorithm always prefer to showcase results that are more relevant to the user search.

Better On-site SEO:

Site structure is very important to please the audience. Target your audience and create content for them.

Know what your targeted audience needs and design your site accordingly.

If there is a good site structure, it will help the search engine crawlers to identify the contents of your website.

Balance your content structure that can attract your search engine. Use keywords appropriately to make it optimized for the search engine. To attract knowledge, graph a well-designed sitemap.

Better user experience:

SEO is not about stuffing keywords in your content. More than that you need to write for your audience.

You can include exclusive information to give users more idea about a topic. There is the right recipe for everything.

You need to add every element in proper proportion to make it acceptable to Google. That’s where the knowledge graph will work well.

To get your content under a search result, you need to work too much. When you want to impress your customers put 75% of your effort in helping users find what they want easily.

The rest of the effort must go for its look, appearance. Analyze your result after publishing. If not working, apply effective changes to make it right.

Google knowledge graph for SEO:

You need to apply some specific tactics to get the attention of the search engine. Only by getting this you can integrate with knowledge graph and come under SERP. Here are some specific points you need to consider while marketing your content.

Content optimization for users:

Content optimization is very important when you want to market your product/service.

The first priority should be given to humans. Create contents that can help your readers.

According to many experts, creating contents for users is the main reason for their success. If you are discussing any technical topic use screenshots in your content to make it clearer. If you are discussing the market, then show statistics through graphs.

After creating content, arrange it well to attract readers. Optimize it with keywords to get your content under the search result. Give a catchy title and divide the whole content into a subdivision with subheadings.

Important points should be specified using bullets. An introduction and conclusion about the topic are essential.

Google content optimization:

After optimizing content for users next step is to attract the Google search engine. For that, there are many ways.

If you want to link your content with Google knowledge graph there should be some keywords in your content related to the user search.

Include them in your content properly. Also, don’t think that if you stuff your content with keywords, it will be beneficial to your site. It can cause many negatives like a penalty from Google.

Another important point is to have a proper site structure. This will help Google search engine to crawl your website.

By doing this search engine can crawl all over the site and index all your content. Include meta description also in your content which is a small description of the topic.

This helps the users and search engine to know the content of the topic. So, knowledge graph aids Google to find right answers to users’ queries.

Social shares:

Next important point is to make your content reach to a wide audience. Before the important factors that controlled SEO were link building, On-site SEO, Blogging, and keywords.

There was a small percentage given to social media promotion. All the other factors were important. But now this is not the case.

The main points that affect SEO are Social shares, link building through quality blogs and On-site SEO practices.

Social media is a very important part of marketing your content right now. Google knowledge graph relies on social signals for more information.

Especially you need to create a Google+ account. This is the main source of information for the Google knowledge graph about your product/service. Concentrate on social media promotion also, if you want to get noticed well.

Influencer marketing:

This is another way to do networking. Get in contact with good influencers who can promote your content on their site. This is a very good option and economical too.

Don’t use all your time for social media promotion. There will be influencers in your niche who can influence readers to click on your site link.

You can try that too to get more traffic and link with the Knowledge Graph.

Active site:

Above all, the main importance will be users and then search engine crawlers.

Connect with your users and get good feedback from them. This can help to make our site more active.

Google likes to see sites that are more active on the top. If your site is active, it means that the content is interesting to viewers.

You need to reply to all user queries and make your site live always. instant feedback will help you to improve your content quality always.

These are some important points a webmaster need to consider when we need to optimize content for search engine.

The aim behind it is to integrate with the knowledge graph. To get listed is the important goal of all webmasters. This can be easy if you can follow the above steps properly.

Impact of Google knowledge Graph on SEO

Google knowledge graph is an important innovation from Google that can help with providing users accurate data.

The main aim of search engine optimization of content is also the same.

Gives you more reach:

Knowledge graph of Google gives more idea about your content and help users to understand what is in your content.

If you can link your site with knowledge graph then it is easy for your content to appear in the search result and improves its reach.

Improves engagement:

Knowledge graph has the power to improve content engagement.

When a user searches for something, the knowledge graph appears and they will get more idea about your content from there itself. This can lead to clicking on your link and this improves its ranking.

Create an identity:

This is another impact of the knowledge graph. All webmasters need to create their own identity among all other competitive sites.

Knowledge graph helps you to achieve that identity through your content.

Accurate results:

The next advantage of Google knowledge graph is to give users accurate results.

The main aim of this innovation is to give users the exact result. This is only possible if the content is relevant to the topic and is of good quality.

Final Words:

There are many advantages to Google knowledge graph. You can link your site with it to get a great result.

The technology and algorithm change of search engine impact your SEO. If you want to drive more traffic towards your site, make suitable updates to your content and website.

Your site is essential to Google and you need to concentrate on its quality.

Google wants to create a good experience for users and it needs your co-operation for that.

Link with knowledge graph by making relevant changes and get a good ranking. Use social media to connect with Google and make your site’s knowledge graph.

So, have you tried this before?

Are you ready to see the great change knowledge graph can cause?

Apply above-mentioned changes and check your analytics.

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