How to be a Good Writer (Content Writing Secrets)

A writer is someone who can communicate too much with few words. He knows different forms of literary art. He possesses the art of creative writing. Everyone can be a writer but not everyone becomes a good writer. So, if you want to be a good writer, this article is for you.

How to be a Good Writer

Traits of a Good Writer:

It will be problematic if you think you can write. But the situation will be worse if you think you can’t. It is because in the former case you will stop learning. And in the latter case, you won’t even start. Every writer has to constantly learn. Only then he can create good content. Every writer has to brush up his skills. In an article, words matter, idea matters, writing style matters, and most importantly the sentence structure matters.

What else is required to be a good writer? Well, there are many qualities of great writers. You just have to acquire a few of them, to be an amazing writer. Given below are some popular and common qualities. Have a look at them and try to acquire them.

1. Great writers love writing:

They don’t write because they have to write. But they write because they want to write. And that is what brings the best out of them. This is a very important element. You have to develop love and passion for your writing. In the absence of it, you won’t be able to write good content. Your passion should be very intense.

2. They have a good vocabulary:

Yes, unless you have a good knowledge of words, you will be trapped. Each and every good writer has a good vocabulary. And he knows their meanings and usage too. He has a proper understanding of different words. He has such a good vocabulary he can easily select the right words. You should also improve your vocabulary. Choose good words so that you can also impress your readers.

3. Strong grammatical knowledge:

This is quite obvious. No one can underestimate the importance of grammar in the English language. A badly used grammar can spoil everything. A wrongly used punctuation mark can change the meaning of a sentence. So, you need to have a good command over grammar.

4. They are very imaginative:

You have to do mental exercise and intellectual activity. It is important in order to generate thoughts and ideas. Unless you imagine, you won’t be able to write properly. Either you are writing biography, autobiography, fiction or nonfiction, you have to think. You can also observe people in order to get some ideas.

5. They are self-motivated

There comes a phase where every writer feels agitated. Every writer has to undergo mental agony. So, you should be well prepared for it. But it is worth mentioning that they never lose their moral support. They are their own inspiration and motivator. You have to be very strong. You have to motivate yourself, communicate yourself and love yourself. This is the very first condition in every challenge.

6. They are highly professional:

A good writer will always maintain his decency and professionalism. This means he will take his work seriously. He will be a keen observer and eager to learn. He will understand his readers. This helps him to develop good content.

Although there are many traits found in great writers. But the above mentioned were highly impressive traits. You should learn and acquire them in order to be a good writer.

Tips to Become an Insanely Good Writer:

You can also be the best writer. You don’t need to do different things but have to do things differently. You have to work really hard. You have to devote time, energy and effort. It never matters when you began or how you began. What matters the most is how well you perform.

Given below are tips. Consider them and get benefitted

1. Read a lot:

Remember that you don’t have to read anything rubbish. You have to read something which is best, appealing, attractive, interactive, and imaginative and something that you love. You won’t believe it will be of great help. Unless you read good articles, you won’t know what a good article is. You have to read great writers, it will give you a base. You will understand various writing styles. So, read as much as possible.

2. Write constantly:

Unless you write, how will you improve? So, make it compulsory to write every day. You have to write something either more or less. But you have to write continuously. Whenever you write more and more, you will commit fewer mistakes. Writing is just a skill, and you can acquire it very easily. You have to practice so as to get improved skills. You have to write what you can write. Be it an article, blog, poem or any other write up. And proofread your articles.

3. Take down your ideas:

You have to think a lot in order to write something. You should also jot down all the ideas whenever you come across any. You can write down in any notebook, it will help you. Keep on making notes, writing about characters, framing ideas and plots. These ideas inspire you a lot.

4. Get rid of distractions

Background noise can act as distractions while writing. One has to be in a quiet environment. Only then a good article can be developed. Whenever you are writing keep your phone aside, turn off your TV, close your mail and just write. It will give you a soothing ambiance. Don’t allow anything to interrupt you while you are writing.

5. Plan out everything:

You have to write something but don’t write anything unplanned. You should clearly know what you want to write. You should properly plan everything in advance. The best thing about writing is that you can experiment. You don’t have to copy anyone. You can write anything of your choice. You can write something new to your readers. You can develop your own style and themes. You can write articles with new words. You are suggested to do this in order to be a good writer.

6. Rewrite your article

You should read your articles after you write them. And read your articles as a reader. It will help you to identify your mistakes and correct them. Yes, it is true that revising the article is a very boring task. But you should also know that it is very important. If you want to become a good writer, you have to revise your articles. You should check grammar and spelling mistakes. You should eliminate unnecessary words. If you find something awkward, eliminate it. You have to change wrongly structured sentences. Your article should be clear and fresh.

7. Try to be precise and concise

You have to write to the point. You can do this during your revision process. It will help you to edit unnecessary sentences and paragraphs. You can remove less important sentences. Every reader loves to read articles with short sentences. Your sentences should be very powerful and strong. You have to use variations in your articles. It will bring freshness to your articles. Try to write something entertaining. It should reach out to your reader’s heart.

8. Take feedback

You have to find people who can tell your mistakes to you. In short, you have to have an editor or critic. You need to get someone who can read your stuff. And that person should be trustworthy. You have to choose a good writer or editor over a common person. You have to find out someone who is a constant reader. That person will give right, genuine, honest and intelligent feedback. Also, you have to be strong enough to listen to your mistakes. You have to accept criticism in order to improve.

9. Get your article published

You should not write something just for fun. You should take it seriously. You should write something so that you can get it published. Don’t keep your write-ups to yourself only. Allow the general public too to read your articles. Unless your readers read your article, you won’t get fame. You can start by writing as a guest writer for any website. Then you can make your own website.

10. Communicate as much as possible

You don’t always have to speak. Sometimes you can express yourself through your articles. Your introduction should be very interesting and inviting. The body of your content should be highly attracting and engaging. And your conclusion should be very strong. Give something interesting to your readers. Once they start loving you. They will automatically support you.

Elements of Good Writer Articles:

1. They are reader-oriented:

Good articles are written keeping readers in mind. It will help the writer to attract the reader. Every writer must think from the reader’s point of view. One should know just three things while writing something

  • The idea to be expressed
  • The words to express the idea
  • The nature of the readers

2. They are informative:

Every good article or blog will have something special in it. It will give knowledge to the reader. It conveys the idea brilliantly. It is properly formatted and amazingly written. It is clear, specific and to the point.

They go through revision
Every good article is an outcome of proper revision. The writer rewrites it. Proofreading an article is very important in order to correct mistakes. Writing involves hard work and dedication.

3. They are logical:

Every great article is properly written. It has logic and a systematic structure. It looks appealing to the reader. The reader gets impressed by the writing style of the writer. Obviously, the writer has to be imaginative, creative and unique. Also, he is allowed to experiment with his writing style. But that does not mean he can break English rules. He has to be logical.

4. They are simple:

Many writers try to be complicated or complex in order to attract the reader. But a great article is always very simple. It is reader-friendly and understandable. The reader loves simple and smooth articles. Yes, your article should be very strong and powerful. But the reader must be capable of understanding it.

5. They are innovative:

Great articles are fresh, innovative and unique. They always have something new to tell their readers. One need be genius to do this. One fresh idea will compensate for everything.

If you can write, no one is luckier than you. Writing is full of fun and happiness. Feel pleasure if you want to be a writer. You will be highly beneficial. You will be able to express yourself in a different manner.

Ways to Improve Your English Writing Skills:

So, it is very easy to be an amazing writer. You just have to be determined towards it. Keep preparing yourself and keep improving. This is to remind you that

1. You have to read a lot. It is a very interesting activity. You will gain knowledge. You will come across different writing styles as accepted by different writers.

2. You need to have an editor. You have to find someone who can edit your articles. Also, you have to get someone who can identify your mistakes.

3. You have to think a lot. You have to generate your thoughts in order to write something. You have to be creative and imaginative.

4. You have to write constantly. It is very important. Unless you write every day, you won’t improve yourself. Also writing is not enough, rewrite your articles. In this way, you will develop good write-ups.

5. You have to get inspired first in order to inspire others. Have some wow factors in your articles. It will help you to sustain your readers.

Think a lot, read a lot and develop good content. Make your mark as an effective writer. Take help from others and keep on improving.

Good luck

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