How to Get More Twitter Followers Free, Fast and Instantly

One thing that every brand aims at is to get more Twitter followers.

A good follower count is fundamental to a brand’s authority and credibility. Even, it is the best way to boost organic reach on Twitter.

Also, a higher number of Twitter followers means your brand has more influence in the industry and also indicates that your customers, leads and audiences are interested in your offerings.

Get More Twitter Followers

As per some recent social media statistics, more than half of online marketers consider Twitter as the best platform to engage with customers. Also, Twitter is simple to use, fast-moving, and undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to achieve results from scratch.

But, how you can increase the number of followers on Twitter? Here check some of the best ways to get more followers on Twitter:

Best Ways to Get More Twitter Followers:

1. Tweet Often:

As compared to Instagram or Facebook, Twitter needs a more robust content strategy. It may take three to seven tweets for a brand to enhance its engagement.

Depending on how fast success is achieved, brands can manage their Twitter posts. The key strategy is to keep promoting yourself.

There are endless possibilities to promote you on Twitter using a content strategy such as personal updates, buzzing statistics, articles relevant to the industry, breaking news, and more.

Use fresh content for potential followers to let them know you are engaging, active, and worth following. You can use social scheduling software, to constantly line up content without the need to regularly tweet in real-time. This efficiently lets you attract new followers easily.

2. Tweet on Time:

Posting your tweets while your audience is offline or sleeping will not help you increase new followers. The best time to post on social media is during late afternoons and early weekdays.

The number of Tweets may vary based on your audience and time zone, timing the tweets can help you gain the required exposure.

Identifying how to avail more Twitter followers does not mean you have to sit in front of the laptop and continuously post tweets. It is best to schedule the tweets and post when users are more active.

3. Post Visual Content:

One known fact is that tweets incorporating visual content receive more shares, retweets, and likes than those that do not include visual elements.

Brands must attempt to include some accompanying images with their tweet. Tweets with images encourage followers to look at your post.

You can include memes or GIFs into your posts. Also, you can share Infographics often than other kinds of images on Twitter. If there is great compelling data to share with others, it is best to include images into it.

4. Tag, Retweet, and Reply:

Receiving more Twitter followers must mean you are spending most of your time doing fruitful things on this platform.

You must schedule tweets to enhance engagement. But at the same time, you must get into trenches with industry leaders, customers, and followers. Practice retweets, tagging, and replying immediately to engage with followers and gain the attention of new followers.

Responding through a thoughtful and detailed manner will help you score more reliable followers than a simple, single word reply.

Moreover, you can grab the attention of other brands by shouting them out. You can tag a compliment to other brands and show some love to their industry in order to get the same in response.

Similarly, getting tagged in a tweet can let you grab new audiences by comprehending who all share your content. In order to get tagged by others, you need to do the same yourself.

5. Use Hashtags:

Including numerous hashtags to a given tweet is a fast way to increase the chances of getting new followers finding the account. Also, it takes a couple of seconds and there are numerous hashtags to select from.

Industry tags like #SEO can be used for professional content. Even two hashtags can be used ensuring they don’t distract followers from the content of the post.

To add unique personality to your feed you can even use the hashtags popular in your community. The only important thing to remember about hashtags is that avoid going overboard. Such posts may look spammy and are highly distracting.

It is best to take advantage of Twitter analytics and dig deeper into high performing tags for a specific brand.

6. Optimize Twitter Profile for New Followers:

In order to earn more twitter followers, optimizing the profile is important. This will make the profile friendlier to the new followers.

You can optimize your profile by following these simple steps:

  • Use a clean profile picture. This is ideal if you are not using a high-resolution brand photo.
  • Complete your profile description by including relevant industry keywords, location details, and tags. You can describe your title, the work your companies do, and where you function.
  • Let your followers know a sense of your personality.

7. Search for Followers Within Your Network:

Another way to gain new Twitter followers and appear in Twitter search results is to search new followers within a network.

It is best to upload your contact list to a social network. You can sync the contact list to twitter to search for new people within your network. By syncing contacts on Twitter, you have higher chances of appearing as a recommendation under the section of ‘who to follow.’

If your contact list is vast, you have higher chances of gaining new followers on twitter.

8. Design an Engaging Bio:

Your twitter bio gives you a chance to tell people what you are about and what you exactly do. It is an excellent opportunity for individuals why they must follow you.

You can break your bio into sections and start by writing what you can do for your followers. For example, ‘earn more clients by using my services,’ or ‘make triple income with my techniques.’

In the next section, convey to people what you are all about.

The best thing about this is that by conveying the correct message, you can attract relevant followers and people having common interests. This way, you can connect to a more meaningful group.

9. Define Your Header Image in a Unique Manner:

Integrating a header image is an excellent way to make your Twitter profile outshine your competitors.

You can create an image that clearly defines your purposes by including a custom header feature.

10. Use Customized Color Scheme for Your Twitter Account:

Incorporating some color is an awesome way to add a unique flair to your profile.

You can even use a color similar to your brand or blog. It will keep the branding consistent and maintain the connectivity of your twitter account with your blog or brand.

If you are using your blog to attract new followers, the best asset to gain more twitter followers is to do certain things you require to be doing.

11. Include a Follow Button to Your Twitter Blog:

In order to grow your Twitter following, you must remove all obstacles to entry and the main constraint to entry is searching their way to the twitter profile.

The simplest method to do this is by including a follow widget or social media button to your blog.

One great example of this is from Brian Dean where he offers an excellent introduction along with social proof with a simple yet effective call to action.

The thing that stands out from others is this would not instantly take people away from the site. Even bloggers prefer visiting the website again and again.

12. Create Twitter Cards:

You can create and set up Twitter cards when a person shares a specific link from your blog.  Usually, this appears in the summary.

Creating twitter cards is attractive and boosts engagement that increases your chances of earning more followers.

It is easy to setup twitter cards if you are using WordPress. It is because it already has an option to create and add such cards within the social settings.

You only have to activate that option and your twitter card link will be approved.

13. Link the Twitter Account in Author Bio:

Next, add a link to the Twitter profile in your author bio. This is a simple way to gain more followers.

This technique is worth considering if you are checking other blogs within the niche.

Before you add a link, consider the impact it will generate on your goals. You can prioritize creating an email list before the Twitter following. You can even link to the landing pages in the author’s bio.

14. Link to Other Influencers in Blog Posts and Let Influencers Know About It:

There are individuals in your industry or niche who create a direct influence over the target audience. They have bigger audiences of their own and you can easily tap into them.

When you publish a post, you can link it to some influencers. Make sure they also know about it.

You can inform them through Google+, email, or twitter.

Considering twitter specifically, there are numerous ways you can add structure to your tweets. Just check the example of Okay Marketing by Brian.

The main reason it worked well is that it is flattering and immediately headed over the blog post.

15. Include Tweetable Quotes in the Blog Posts:

Another fast way to grow your followers on Twitter is to use the click to tweet boxes within the blog posts.

Adding tweet boxes in the content boosts traffic as well as following on twitter.

By clicking on the box above, your twitter window opens up and gives you the option to include or share a quote with the followers.

You can add such quotes to your post. These boxes are available in various designs and even offer the option to design with CSS.

16. Avoid Sending Automated DMs:

This is a great technique to gain more traffic or promote social networks when done correctly. But as a side effect, you may lose followers.

It is because a large number of people hate receiving automated DMs.

17. Keep Following Others Who Value Your Offerings:

One popular technique, which people have been using to gain more followers on Twitter, is by simply following other individuals having similar interests and preferences.

Most of the time, this works well but there are very fewer chances of someone following you back.

Rather, people try to follow people who already know about you and value what you offer or say.

Therefore, it is best to head over to Twitter. Include a URL to the current posts into the search box.

18. Ask for Retweets:

Studies have revealed that asking the followers to retweet can help boost the retweets volume by up to 4 times.

When you receive the number of retweets, you can expand the reach and with a retweet, you gain the chance to earn more followers.

Only, you have to add ‘please retweet’ in your tweet.

This will work great because you are including a direct CTA for the followers. However, make sure it is vital to note that some individuals on Twitter may find this annoying.

19. Share Different Kinds of Content:

It is extremely important to post different varieties of content on Twitter.

By sharing an endless stream of the links you won’t be able to gain adequate results.

It is best to mix up things and share content like engaging questions and quotes.

If you wish to gain more engagement, it is best to use an online tool to design images for your quotes in a few seconds.

20. Optimize and Leverage Hashtags:

Integrating relevant hashtags in the tweets is an excellent way to gain more attraction.

This issue is that not all hashtags work well. So, it is best to find hashtags that are worth using. You can use an online tool like RiteTag, which you can use to find relevant hashtags for your post.

Summing Up:

It is not easy to grow twitter followers. The process takes time and involves effort. Though some shortcuts may work, you can gain adequate results only after consistently performing. Hence, use the above-mentioned techniques to get more followers on Twitter.

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