Funnelytics Review: Why it is The Best Funnel Mapping Software

We’ve written this Funnelytics review to help digital marketing entrepreneurs understand how Funnelytics works and the awesome things they can achieve with this particular funnel. As an all-round review that this is, we have also listed out the pros and cons of using this tool, and many more.

I and my team, have been building funnels for our digital marketing campaign for quite some time now and nothing compares to the effectiveness and result-oriented features that come with using this top-notch tool.

Funnelytics Review

After our review, you would have the opportunity to leave your comments on what you think about this great tool. So, we recommend that stick around and read to the very end. We will be offering a comprehensive review of Funnelytics. It’s time to get started.

What is Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is an easy and beautifully designed funnel mapping software that you can use to develop, monitor, and evaluate your marketing funnels. It’s the first product out there among a host of others that pays particular attention to funnel visualization.

This software was created by Mikael Dia after he got frustrated that he couldn’t find a comprehensive tool out there that combined mapping funnels while also tracking analytics. There were just too many funnel ideas that he had thought of with nowhere to place them. However, the creator of Funnelytics wanted more for his funnels than just visualizing them. He wanted to be sure these funnels were profitable just as he had envisaged them. So, Funnelytics was born.

Funnelytics allows you to do much more than just map your funnels – it gives you the opportunity to evaluate these funnels and track their performance with inbuilt analytics and key metrics – all in one place.

Funnelytics has a free and paid version, and there’s a whole lot of difference between the two. However, Funnelytics Basic also has some great features that will help you predict just how first-rate the Pro version would be. When you decide to go for the Pro version, you would be treating yourself to awesome features that can help turn around your business and open more doors for sale sales and revenues. Therefore, expect unlimited funnels, Goal and conversion tracking, enhanced customer profiles, email tracking, ad tracking, thousands of awesome funnel templates built by experts in the digital marketing scene, among others.

Why Choose Funnelytics?

Funnelytics helps you take your visualizations and turn them into reality. It allows you to track your analytics within your funnel maps. Are you working alongside a team or with your friends? You can show them all the really creative funnel ideas you’ve created by sharing a link. They can also download them as an image file. Before Funnelytics became a popular tool for users, the best that a creative digital marketer could do was map out their funnel ideas on a board or put them down in a mind-mapping program. Not so anymore, with Funnelytics, you will see your ideas come to life at the very moment they’ve visualized.

Should I adopt Funnelytics for my Business?

Funnnelytics is an awesome tool that combines really perfectly with funnel page builders like GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels. Even with the Basic version, there would be an immediate return on investment for your business and brand. However, do you need the Pro version? Then you’re about to set your business on a rocket speed.

Most of us who have used Google Analytics in the past must have encountered a challenge when we need conversion analytics for optin pages. While Google Analytics is one of the great analytics tools out there, it comes with its own unique challenges.

Funnelytics takes up the challenges of Google Analytics and turns them into strengths, proffering you with comprehensive tracking for all of your funnels. The reasons below are why you should adopt Funnelytics for your business:

  • You would be able to create aesthetically pleasing funnels at a rapid pace.
  • You would be able to evaluate the efficiency of funnels and analyze if they’re creating the desired results.
  • You would be able to track key analytics of your funnel.
  • Now, you are able to see clearly the endpoint of all of your marketing strategy.
  • You’re able to team up with teammates and friends and share your plan.

However, you can skip Funnelytics if:

  • If you do not make use of funnels for your overall everyday marketing plans.
  • If you have mapped out and designed all the funnels your future business needs.
  • There are other tools that give you exactly what you want in measuring the effectiveness of your funnels.

Reviewing Funnelytics Pro:

It’s been said that most of us learn visually. That is one of the huge benefits that Funnelytics presents to budding digital marketers just getting started on using funnels. It offers beautifully designed funnels that can help fasten their learning curve and taking their brand to the next level.

On the other hand, Funnelytics also offer the digital marketing guru the chance to take their skills a notch higher.

The original plan of the founder of Funnelytics was to give users an environment to express themselves and play around with their ideas. The Pro version was launched two years ago and comes with outstanding features. Its current BETA edition means that there are upcoming features that would be incorporated

With Funnelytics, you would be able to learn more about funnels from industry experts. This you can achieve by building up the necessary data. Develop your ideas and map them out using Funnelytics.

Now, you can identify where your highest traffic data source is coming from. When you must have identified your traffic source, you would know the pages you need to pay more attention to.

The Best Features of Funnelytics and their Benefits:

1. Funnelytics Vault:

The free version of Funnelytics has the Funnelytics Vault that gives users lifetime access for just $47. Present in this Vault is a collection of pre-installed funnel templates from the most influential and successful digital marketers in the world. Imagine having being able to access resources from great marketers such as Molly Pittman, Dan Henry, Sam Ovens, Ryan Levesque, Grant Cardone, and Russel Brunson, among others.

So, being able to run on the shoulders of these greats would give you the needed speed to improve your business in every area. In other words, there is no need to start from the basics when you can access funnels created by successful marketers.

Funnelytics curated all of the best funnels from around the world, bringing them to you so that you don’t stress yourself looking for them. According to Dia, his Funnel Vault contains at least $35 million worth of funnel hacks from top experts. And what’s more? lots and lots of funnels from these experts are being added every month. These funnels are from varied industries, including product resources, book funnels, and membership sites.

With Funnelytics, you would have every tiniest detail of these funnels explained thoroughly to you, from the upsells and downsells to the landing page and ads.

And yet again, there are all lots of tutorial videos to guide you on how every funnel works on Funnelytics. Wait for the best part – all of these funnel templates come preinstalled into Funnelytics. On the click of a button, any template of your choice would appear on your funnel map.

2. The Drag and Drop Funnel Builder:

This feature can be termed the core of Funnelytics. Users are able to access it in both the paid and free versions of Funnelytics. It is so easy to use that you almost do not need any guidelines.

3. Track and Analyze User Flow:

All of the funnel mappings actually take place in the Map setting. However, to turn to Analyze mode, click on the highlighted button which appears at the top of your screen. This will bring up all of your traffic and conversion analytics. Here, you get to view how you achieve client conversion from your traffic sources during every step of your marketing funnel. You would be surprised how a minute change in your sales copy can bring in new customers more than you ever imagined. So, Funnelytics helps to analyze where your customers are coming from, and where you are losing revenue so that you can work on the weak links in your business.

4. Track External Traffic Sources:

You’re able to track external traffic to your funnels using UTM tagging. UTM, which is an acronym for Urchin Traffic Monitor, creates unique tracking codes when you attach the UTM codes to your website URL. This, in turn, helps you to track the activity of every user every time they click on a link to your site.

5. Adopting Google Tag Manager to Evaluate User Engagement:

The Google Tag Manager, the tool developed by Google helps you to manage your tags. Using Google Tag Manager in your WordPress site can allow you to track user engagements, including button clicks, pop-ups, page scroll percentages, the percentage of video views, and events.

Creating your First Funnel:

Let’s show you to create your first funnel:

Tap on the Create a Project button that appears on the top left side of your screen and input the name of your new project.

Choose your name in the field and tap on the Create Funnel button that appears on the top right side of your screen. Now, you’ve created your first funnel.

Designing Your First Funnel:

The mapping canvas is where you would spend time building your sales funnels. So, it is very important that you understand how the entire process works. One of the first steps in designing your sales funnels is by creating at least a funnel inside your workplace.

To map out your funnel, you need to place icons unto the canvas. These icons will represent either pages, actions, traffic sources, or miscellaneous icons in our funnel.

Start by mapping a page unto the canvas. To do that, all you have to do is click and drag a page unto an empty spot in the canvas. If you click on a canvas, it would close that side window, and then you have your page.

To map more pages, simply go to the icons menu again and drag another page out, or you can click on your existing page, and from the arrow on the right-hand side, click and drag that out unto the canvas. When you release your mouse, you will see new icons that has the same options. So, here you can map out another page, an action, or traffic source.

Once you have all of your pages mapped out, you can go into the page Settings to reconfigure those options. Simply click on the page, go to Settings, and customize your preferences.

When you’re in the canvas environment, you will find an icon folder in the left-hand side of the screen. These tabs represent different icons that you can utilize on your canvas, and they include:

  • Pages: This tab contains icons representing the different pages in your funnel. You’re able to customize the moniker of the pages, add a URL, generate a preview of the page, and other custom settings.
  • Actions: This tab contains the various actions that prospective clients can perform on your website, including making payments, accepting event invitations and browsing through your site. However, for the Pro users, they can do a lot more than just being aware of visitors’ actions on their website. They can actually assign key performance indices to these actions using the Settings button, or they can track these indices using Google Tag Manager.
  • Traffic: This tab represents the source of your traffic, whether they’re from social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), search engines, email or affiliate marketing. You can change the label of this icon in the label. The Pro users can add their UTM parameters here.
  • Misc: This tab represents all of your offline dealings with customers. So, here you can add your flyer posters, billboards, telemarketing and print and TV media, etc.

The Pros of Funnelytics:

  • Funnelytics curates millions of professional funnel templates tested by top leaders in the industry.
  • You can share and download all of your funnel designs.
  • You’re able to get a detailed analysis of how well or otherwise your funnels are doing.
  • You would be able to track your revenues.
  • Now, you’re able to build better funnel designs at a faster rate than before.
  • It offers top-notch funnel maps suitable for those killer presentations to your friends, colleagues, and teammates.

The Cons of Funnelytics:

  • There is no payment gateway integration, especially with popular shopping carts like ThriveCarts
  • It doesn’t integrate with email marketing services.
  • You need external tools such as GrooveFunnels to build and host your pages and funnels because you cannot actually do that within Funnelytics.
  • It can be quite challenging for the non-techy types to track their on-page events.

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