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One highly important aspect for every online business is to create a trusted platform for its potential customers. And the customers can feel confident and rely on a website only when they are sure that their personal information or details will remain safe.

Free SSL Certificate

So, how this can be achieved?

This can be achieved easily through an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate builds a strong foundation of trust by setting up a secured connection. To confirm visitors that your connection is secure, browsers offer visual appeals like a green bar or an icon.

If you still have not availed an SSL certificate for your online business or you are looking for some of the best and reliable SSL certificate sources then this post will tell you the same.

What exactly is an SSL Certificate?

Also known as Digital Certificate, an SSL certificate generates a secure connection between the browser of a visitor and website. It ensures that all details and data shared between the channels remain private and secured. The main aim of having an SSL certificate is to prevent thieves from robbing sensitive information from your websites like your customer’s credit card details, addresses, names, and more.

The certificate is in the form of tiny data files, which link a cryptographic channel to details of the organization. When the same is installed on the web, it initiates the security channel and https protocol. As a result, you are able to develop a secure connection from the browser to server and vice versa.

An SSL Certificate usually links together:

  • The identity or company name and its location
  • Server name, hostname, or domain name

Every organization must install its SSL certificate on its online server. This is mandatory to begin a secured connection with other browsers. As soon as a secured connection is confirmed, the online traffic between a web browser and the server is protected.

Once you successfully install an SSL certificate on the server, your application protocol will alter to HTTPS. Based on the kind of SSL certificate you have purchased and the browser being used, an icon or padlock will appear close to your website’s name.

Why Your Online Business Needs an SSL Certificate?

It is the best and easiest way to prevent sensitive information while it traverses across networks. Even if your website does not contain sensitive information, still an SSL certificate is important because it offers critical security, privacy, and data integrity.

The main motive why SSL protects sensitive data shared across online networks is that it is received by ideal recipients only. It is because the data you send online is passed to the final destination through multiple networks. Any computer or network in between the final server and you is able to see your username, credit card details, password, and other details if your site is not protected with an SSL certificate. When a certificate is used, the data is safeguarded and others are not able to read it except the final recipient. This way, you can protect the information from identity thieves and online hackers.

Furthermore, the SSL certificate offers authentication, which implies that you rest assured that you are able to send information to the correct member and not to someone who intends to take your details. This is important as any computer or website can trick your customers and steal their details. It is possible to avoid them only through an SSL certificate.

In addition to this, websites with SSL certification get a padlock, icon or green bar being displayed on their website. With the help of such an icon, the visitors are able to know that the connection is secured. As a result, your website is able to earn the trust of customers and they are more likely to purchase from you.

Most importantly, HTTPS offers protection against suspicious attacks. Such an email is one sent by thieves who are trying to imitate your site. Usually, such an email contains a link to their sites. With an SSL certificate, your users are less probable to go for such an email as they will always be searching for reliable indicators in a browser.

Now you know the significance of having an SSL certificate, here check the best SSL certificates which you can use without spending a dime. Yes, these certificates are available for free!

Best Free SSL Certificate Sources:


It is a robust content delivery network and security service provider that will make your website more secure and faster. It is an excellent platform that delivers rich solutions. For this reason, it is used by numerous popular websites like Mozilla, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and more.

Using this is very easy, as you just have to click on the Crypto icon and the certificate will be configured to your website.

Let’s Encrypt:

It is an open, automated, and free certificate introduced by the ISRG or Internet Security Research Group. It eliminates the pain associated with the trouble of establishing a secured website and maintaining it. Using Let’s Encrypt ensures that you need not to have validation emails, complex configuration settings, the hassle of the expired certificate, and more.

The software is automated and is a great platform to advance TLS security best practices.

Go Daddy:

Though Go Daddy is available at a paid price, it also offers some free versions. It is a leading SSL certification source that offers rich solutions for free of cost. The tool is ideal for those who have an open source project. While the free certificate is available only for a year, the paid version is an ideal choice for securing your site’s private information.


It is a fully-functional SSL certificate and is an excellent choice for basic and small businesses websites. This certificate source is available for a free trial period of 90 days. The best part is that it is greatly compatible with major browsers and once the trial gets over, you can start using the paid version of the current certificate.

SSL for Free:

As its name suggests, it is a free certificate from SSL. Hence, you don’t have to pay any price when you are using this certificate source. It is a non-profit certificate authority that is extensively used by most of the browsers.
It safeguards user data and can even help your website to improve its search engine rankings. Most importantly, this tool prevents your site from all kinds of hacking.


The free SSL certificate from GeoTrust is available to use for 30 days. If you like it then you can then easily switch to the paid version. The free version is like a trial version that provides a highly functional SSL certificate.
It ensures that your website’s entire data remains totally secured with 256 – bit encryption. Using GeoTrust will serve you with rich features like easy installation, fast issuance of certificates, automated validation of domain name, and more.


Introduced from the original inventor of Startcom Linux Operating System, this is another wonderful SSL certificate available for use. It operates with StartCom Certification Authority from 2005 and delivers a plethora of certification. It provides a free certificate to validate domain name, secure personal usage, and ensure that your website is prevented from hackers.


This certificate is from a public SSL certificate provider that conducts domain validation in just 5 minutes. In addition to easy to use an automated system, it holds excellent compatibility with all prominent browsers. Also, it supports smartphones as well as mobile browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and more.

The free trial is available for 90 days and to extend your use, you need to pay a nominal fee. You can also select among the different packages offered by the company.


It is a community-driven SSL certificate that offers a certificate to a large public for free. The core aim of this certificate is to promote education and awareness of computer security through the use of encryption. This is done mainly by offering cryptographic certificates.

It is an amazing certificate to use for encrypts email and digitally signed emails, authorize as well as authenticate users linking to websites. With all such measures, it becomes possible to secure data transmission via the internet.

Instant SSL:

It is an extremely good option that lets you try your website for free of the cost SSL certificate. You can use the free SSL certificate for 90 days before you venture into a long-term commitment. The best thing about this certificate source is that it offers very quick issuance and is trusted by all prominent browsers.

Cheap SSL Shop:

Just like its name tells, this is a reliable service source for free SSL certificate. The free trial is available for 30 days and if you are convinced with the free version then you can switch to the paid version. But need not to worry as even the paid version is available for very low prices.

The certificate is globally authorized SSL reseller of other certificate authorities like GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo, Thawte, GlobalSign, and others. It provides domain name validation with 256-bit encryption. Additionally, it provides instant SSL certificate issuance and customer support from the team.

GlobalSign SSL:

This is another free SSL certificate for all your open source projects. It is committed to offering the best solutions and services and ensures that your website and project security is maintained at par. It helps users and developers to know that they are receiving unmodified authentic source code and software. It is a safe solution for e-commerce websites and perfect content delivery to customers and users.

Basic SSL:

This is another great tool that offers you a 90-day trial for free of cost. It is great to purchase as it makes the validation process much simple and quick. Hence, you don’t have to waste much of your time and money while you are searching for a free certificate, as this one will meet your entire requirements.


This SSL certificate is available at a price, but you can always try the free version available with a validity of 30 days. The free version offers a 100% risk-free guarantee. It is easy to use and loaded with numerous features that make it an ideal solution for your website. The paid version offers up to 256-bit encryption including free reissues, dynamic site seal, infinite server licenses, and 1.25M USD warranty.

Rapid SSL:

It is a trusted certificate source available for use across the world. It ranks top in the list for excellent service and strong support. It comes with rich features and is one of the most trusted SSL certificate providers in the online market. Though this SSL certificate source is available at an expensive price, the trial version is available for free of cost. Even the free version offers complete support in offering the best SSL solutions as per the unique needs of your website.


Finally, we have ClickSSL, which is an SSL certificate source from a reputed IT security company based in the United States. This certificate is available at a paid price, but the trial version is available for free. This company even lets you compare the price between various plans, which make it an exciting source for the users. It holds compatibility with all the browsers and maintains your website security to the fullest. Hence, you can enjoy a safe and secure experience with your customers using this certificate.

To Sum Up:

Once SSL certificates were deemed as a thing of preference, but presently it is a highly important aspect for every website. It is because even Google gives preference and higher rankings to websites with an SSL certification. With an SSL certificate, you can maintain your website’s authenticity as well as earn the trust of potential customers and search engines.

So, now you have the best free SSL certificates with you, pick one among them that best meets your website needs and is good to go!

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