How to Get High Quality Backlinks Free for your Website

Developing an online platform is never being the same. Even though you own sufficient builders for your website and content management systems (CMS), building a website is not easier. Most of the bloggers who are new to the industry are still facing problems to create a perfect website.

In a population of around 7.5 billion, nearly half of the people are on the web. That means people who have an online presence even though not continuously but sometimes of the day and cutting out the people who are too old or too young to use the internet and those who don’t have web access.

For most of the people being on the web means they are limited to some of the social networks and some are scattered about subscriptions. But there are billions of websites and also personal blogs with many blog posts or articles related to any topic on Google.

High Quality Backlinks Free

If you wish your website to be easily seen by the people, you need to be smart and resourceful regardless of whatever the reason for your online presence. There are many factors or SEO metrics which are compulsorily required for a website to rank high.

It’s not just about adding a few keywords or posting online. These factors are gone long back and new factors came instead of them which are very essential for your website ranking. Most of the SEO experts stated that the inserting keywords method become somewhat outdated.

Even though the importance of keywords has risen but completely relying on keywords for website ranking is not such a good method. Here’s where the Backlinks play an important role for a website to rank. In the recent SEO studies, Backlinks are stated as an important factor for ranking.

What exactly Backlinks means?

The word “Backlink” is the most used word in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Bloggers who have recently started a website or a blog, often struggle to understand what exactly the Backlink means and different types of Backlinks.

Basically, there are two types of backlinks such as Do-Follow and No-Follow. Do-Follow allows PageRank (Google link calculator) to count all the inbound links that come from the other web pages and websites. No-Follow links are opposite to Do-Follow which doesn’t allow Google bots to follow them.

Backlinks are nothing but incoming links to your webpage. That means, when a webpage links to another page, it refers to as backlink. From many years, Backlinks are one of the important SEO metrics for the ranking of a website.

In fact, a webpage with a lot of Backlinks tends to have a high ranking on all search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Backlinks are still having major importance and it is predicted that this metric will have a large extent.

By simply putting these external links on the webpage directs the users’ attention from one website to another website. These links act as incoming redirection where other websites and pages refer your webpage with a provided link.

When someone visits your webpage via search engine results page, backlinks go hand-in-hand with organic traffic. Moreover, with the help of backlinks, search engines will know how the content on your webpage correlates to more sites and webpages on the web.

Search engines indexing and pages visible directly, relates to your backlinks quality. With the help of backlinks search engines, index your content as per the relevancy. So that’s why generating the backlinks from the authoritative websites are important.

If you are searching about how to generate backlinks or ways to get free backlinks, you landed on the right platform. Here you can get complete information about generating backlinks for free. Now, let’s get started with our main topic.

Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks Free:

Internal Backlinks:

As the external links refer to as backlinks but internal links do match the term Backlink. All the backlinks help the search engines to associate with your website as backlinks and help crawlers and gives search engine indexes update about how the website content ally to other site content.

With the help of internal links, you can develop a user-friendly experience which easily navigates the visitors to your website and discovers related articles which match their search. This process helps to retain the visitors from typing another search question for relevant information that you are already providing on your website.

Instead of adding a definition for each of the technical terms on the webpage, go with the internal linking process. If you have a relevant article related to the technical term in your new page, just give a link of an already existed article to the new page.

Guest posting:

By hearing the title, if you are thinking that this helps another website to build resources, then it is pretty much true. In short, it refers to helping out each other. Get one thing clear that, guest posting is entirely different from ghostwriting.

In the case of ghostwriting, the writer will not be credited, whereas, in guest posting, the writer will get the credit and not for the hosting website. Guest posting is not about generating backlinks only but also improves index ranking in the search engines.

With guest posting, you can increase or build your reputation in a big way especially if you guest post for authoritative websites in your industry.

Blog and forum comments:

Sometimes readers require or expect much more in the post what you are offering. You need to be very focused on this because this is also an important metric you need to follow. To do this, first of all, find the blogs which are related to your respective niche and then follow them.

You can build backlinks with the comments section which is present at the end of each page. We can see most of the bloggers ask their visitors or readers to share their thoughts, queries, opinions, and stories through comments.

Most of the bloggers try to reply with answers to each of the questions but at the same time, readers will give their best answers. This is the point you need to focus on. If you observe that some information is missing or not enclosed clearly, grab that situation and give an indicative comment with the right information.

If you read other reader’s questions, you can find the chance to provide answers. There are some cases where the solution given by the reader is too long to post, then use this as an opportunity and provide a gist of reviewed answer with the link of your other related article.

Yahoo answers, Google groups, Quora answers are some of the most important places where visitors turn into leads. This also offers the same opportunity as the blog commenting section does.

Social media:

Social media platforms are important platforms to generate backlinks for your website and promote your content. In fact, it is a popular and viable option that people have made a career as Social Media Marketing Managers.

To start with the process, all you need to do is create a Facebook page, interact with your users and share your content constantly. Your followers can get regular updates about your new content, promotions, and products. Even your followers can share your posts in their account with their friends and finally, it creates a ripple of backlink chances.

The process is the same for Twitter as it is also a great platform to find opportunities to guest post on other websites. Another social media trend is Instagram. Creating an account in this helps you to promote your product or service and share advertising campaigns.


Infographics are the new trend in Search Engine Optimization. In general, Infographics are a great addition to your content. Nowadays, most of the SEO experts promote the use of Infographics and many people are implementing them in their strategies.

Most of the people think that it is an expensive one to make but actually it is not. With the help of UpWork website, it is easy to find the graphic designer with good experience. Infographics present information in an easy way and help to generate online shares.

All you need to do is, build a short and concise block of information and hire the best experience designer. If you prefer to design infographic by yourself, then find tools like Piktochart and Canva which provide good infographic templates.

Next, share your infographic on your social media mostly on websites like Daily InfoGraphic, Amazing InfoGraphics, and Offer your infographic as a guest post on the authoritative websites in your industry. When your infographic reaches correctly, it can generate over a good number of backlinks.

Create quality content:

If you want to generate backlinks through social media like guest posting, first you need to have quality content on your website. Unless you didn’t have quality content, you can’t attract the visitors or even get a backlink.

You won’t be able to use the broken link method if your website doesn’t have quality content. Having quality content makes reference to your website even if you didn’t approach the users at first. If you have quality content, other websites will also follow you. So you can earn a backlink from them.

Most of the online pages are unique and contain valuable information but some of them only offer unique value. So you need to provide content that enhances user experience than any other website. Your content is the only way to earn backlinks.

Frequently asked questions:

Is there any fixed number to build backlinks monthly?

Well, there is no particular number to build backlinks monthly or daily basis. Don’t focus on the number count, just avoid it and add value.

Without building backlinks, is it possible to get a high rank?

Obviously, the answer will be “No”. The quality and backlinks number count determines your website ranking.

How do I find whether the link is DoFollow or NoFollow?

First right click on the page and view page source.

You can see the hyperlinks.

If the hyperlinks have rel=”nofollow” tag, then it refers to as nofollow otherwise it is dofollow.


We hope, you got a clear knowledge about backlinks and what are the best ways to get free backlinks. All the ways discussed above are simple and can easily get the backlinks for your website free. Follow the ways and get the backlinks to increase your website rank. If you have queries related to this topic, just drop your questions in the comment box and we will get back to you soon.

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