Free and Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

Is your marketing strategy unable to perform on online platforms?

You need not worry, as all you require is reliable support and some impressive marketing ideas.

Free and Creative Marketing Ideas

Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses:

Here we share with you the best marketing ideas along with some bonus tips to promote your business online and let you earn more leads and boost online sales.

Ideas for Marketing Your Content:

1. Infographics:

Readers prefer visual content over other forms of content and one of the finest ways to attract them is through Infographics. Infographics can come with linkable assets and are quite simple to create.

You can purchase online software for the same in order to make an attractive Infographic. Moreover, there are various pre-designed Infographic templates available which can be personalized as per the requirement.

2. Incorporate a Visual Element to Your Content:

If you are posting long-form content, it is best to increase a visual element to it. This is necessary to keep it engaging and let visitors enjoy reading what you have posted. Add relevant images to your content and break the text into small paragraphs.

3. Create Content for Your Audience:

No matter to which industry you belong, you can target relevant audience only if you create content for them. Understand the pain points and requirements of your customers and know what keeps them driving. Make sure your content addresses all their concerns and needs.

4. Create Videos:

One of the finest strategies to market content is videos. Videos can draw the attention of massive users and retain the attention of your customers. Moreover, customers who view product videos are likely to convert. Video content is an excellent way to illustrate users about your product and educate them about it.

5. Create Charts and Graphs:

If you don’t wish to create Infographics, the other viable option is to design charts and graphs. One-piece charts and graphs can help you place visual content in an impressive manner. They are not much attractive as Infographics, but they need less effort and time for preparation.

However, the best part is that they are shareable and can be used generously. A graph is also very easy to interpret as compared to text and numbers.

6. Use Templates:

Another great visual asset is a template, which can be of great help to visitors. It serves as an excellent visual framework, which can help users design custom pieces without letting them start from scratch.

Templates explain the basic fundamentals and layout and there are numerous of them available for free, which can be personalized as per needs.

7. Controversial Content:

One way to grasp immediate attention from maximum customers is by creating controversial content. This form of content always grasps attention. But make sure the content you create does not affect your business’s reputation and online credibility. Keep it safe when it comes to your business.

8. Consider Future Trends:

Predicting future trends in your niche or industry can help you create content that matches the need of your audience. Make sure you possess some data that supports your hypothesis.

9. Statistics Lists:

In order to market your content across various platforms, it is best to gather interesting statistics on a specific subject related to the biz and design a post about the same. It is very easy to prepare massive statistical lists and they are highly shareable. Moreover, the wider stats can help you think about other content ideas as well.

10. Slideshare:

It is best to use Slideshare and repurpose your presentations made in PowerPoint to make it more audience-friendly. Rich presentations on Slideshare can bring you more views.

11. Webinars:

Another great way for marketing your business is to host a free webinar. You can also partner with other businesses, which will boost your expertise furthermore. A webinar is an excellent source of generating leads for the business.

12. Top 10 Lists:

People prefer reading top-10 lists, which highlight important information to them in a more concise manner. Make sure each title in your list is informative and catchy. This is also a great way to let your list stand out in search listings.

Such lists are highly scannable and fast to read. It is an excellent content marketing strategy that involves a series of quick, short content pieces.

13. Search Related to Google:

Check all searches related to Google to find the bottom and top of SERP for a specific keyword query. It is a great way to generate rich content on the basis of keyword that is trending and gain higher rankings. You only have to Google one term and see for searches that turn up.

14. Guide Comparing Products:

It can be tough being a customer with so many products and services to choose from. You can lend help to customers by offering them a comprehensive guide comparing the top products and services. Creating a guide is a great idea especially if you have a series of products to compare.

When comparing products with competitors, offer fair and objective reviews.

15. Post About Hot Topics on Industry:

Check for stuff trending in your industry. Post about trending topics and topical news related to your niche to get in front of your audience and let readers know you too are in the market.

16. White Papers:

White papers, EBooks, and guides all can add great value to your business. You can label such assets in a distinct manner and let your message resonate with various kinds of audiences. Also, test the labels to see the tool that works best with your readers or followers.

Ideas for Marketing on Social Media:

1. Short Video Clips:

Short video clips known as vines are around 6-7 seconds. Displaying fun content or something meaningful can help you beat your competitors.

2. Twitter Handles:

To engage that audience on Twitter, you must use Twitter handles on the slideshow of your presentations.

3. Join Weekly Hashtag Themes:

Build a large following on social media by actively participating in weekly hashtag themes. You only have to post relevant posts on a consistent basis and this will help you build a loyal audience in less time.

4. Check Your Competitor’s Social Tabs:

Your social media page on Facebook lets you follow other accounts through the feature of Pages to Watch. Use this feature wisely and keep a close eye on your competitors and see what they are posting. This way, you can know about the posts that receive most likes and shares and you can then work to stay ahead of them.

5. Pin Images:

Pinning high-quality images can bring great value to your online business. It is a great marketing strategy to outshine your business among the audiences. Pin images that belong to you as well as those that belong to others. Post relevant images about your business including Infographics, templates, and more and link them to webpages for gaining bulk traffic.

Ideas for Marketing Contest:

1. Conduct Video Contests:

Not many people prefer entering a video contest. It is because creating a video requires more time and effort than clicking a photo. However, rich videos can bring you great benefits. Video contests are of great value to businesses, particularly when you have professionals in your team who can create attractive and engaging video content.

2. Organize Photo Contests:

If a video contest is not your cup of tea, you may go ahead conducting photo contests, which are beneficial for a number of reasons. It is very easy to start a photo contest and anyone with an account on Instagram or other social platforms can carry ahead with it.

Photo contests also lend an opportunity to gain sponsors for your business in the form of user-generated content, which can be reused and executed on other platforms.

3. Sweepstakes:

It is a traditional form of content marketing that is proven to deliver exceptional results. Sweepstakes are fast and easy to enter. Most importantly, it is convenient to ask email subscriptions from the participants in the form of submissions as compared to asking other details.

4. Caption Contests:

This is another easy way to conquer loyal customers and mass audiences for your business program. You can simply post any photo related to your business and ask participants to offer their best caption. Give rewards in the form of a discount or something for free for the best caption as it will encourage more audiences to engage and enter the contest next time.

5. Submit Vote Contests:

You can submit vote contests for your business to avail of numerous entries as they are very convenient to participate and does not involve any hassle. The best thing about voting contests is that it lets you utilize the data obtained from different votes for creating a small data-collecting study.

Ideas for Marketing Urban:

1. Promote Across Local Streets:

One of the best forms of physical promotion is promoting your business on every possible street within your locality or region. This is an IRL form of marketing where you can paste posters and flyers of your business in local cafes, sidewalks, and other areas.

2. Promote in Your Surroundings:

The best way to use the surroundings within your locality is to carry innovative promotion campaigns. You may use these surroundings to actively promote your business and services.

3. Design a Mural:

Take approval from the respected authorities within your locality and decorate a major side of any building with a big and attractive mural.

4. Unique Sponsorships:

Living in an urban area brings to your benefit some really impressive and unique marketing opportunities. Such opportunities are not available anywhere else. Just think a bit creatively and you can easily capitalize on such opportunities.

Ideas for Marketing Contest Promotions:

1. Hashtag Contests:

You can add a unique and relevant hashtag to the contest organized by you in order to keep tracking entries and make it easier for your audience to scan through the contest as well as organize the same. The best thing is that this is a fun way to bring more audience to your contests.

2. Offer Free Stuff to Websites:

People prefer using free stuff and those who are fond of good deal trends love to steal it from forums and websites. When you are running a contest forum or sweepstake section on your website, you can add it to your contest.

Such contests can bring you more than 90% traffic and the same is driven to such a form of websites. These are not always the most qualified leads. However, if you wish to gain quantity over quality, it is best to prepare a sound strategy for your business. The best way is to submit to slickdeals, which is great for most of the businesses.

3. Provide Bonus Points for Contest Sharing:

When you offer bonus points to those who share your content or news through social media, it is more likely to concede. There are various effective tools available for use such as Rafflecopter, which makes it very convenient to offer users additional entries for distinct actions.

4. Design Shareable Contest:

It is essential that you always create content, which is shareable. For this, you must add a shareable button on your website. This is a great way to encourage social sharing as a whole. When more people are aware of your contest, the better results you can expect.

5. Promote Contest Across All Social Platforms:

No matter what kind of contest you have designed,  you wish to gain a high number of followers, you must promote your contest on all social platforms. From Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media, each platform can bring you benefits in its own unique way. Hence, make sure you don’t miss any of them.

6. Notify Subscribers about the Contest:

If you already have a list of email subscribers who are interested to know what you offer and are also willing to share your contest, it is best to notify them as soon as you announce a new contest. When you are running a contest for absolutely free, you would definitely want a number of subscribers.

Summing Up:

With these marketing ideas, you can promote your business effectively in the online market. Just adopt these strategies and see the awesome results yourself!

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