What are Featured Snippets and How to Get Them

The Concept of Featured Snippets:

Google keeps on adding information to the search results. It does improve the search experience.

The Featured Snippets are a relative concept used to offer direct answers to the questions of a user. The answers are provided on the same search results page. It ends up helping the user. He need not surf so many sites to get an answer.

  • Some people have named them as answer boxes.
  • The snippets can be found above the search result. So, they can also be called as Position 0.
  • They are linked to voice search.

Featured Snippet:

Type any question on Google. You will get a featured Snippet. It will be an apt answer provided by Google. Google only provides definite answers. The answers provided by Google belong to the webpage linked to the snippet. You will find the snippet above the organic search results.

Kinds of Featured Snippets:

Paragraph Snippet:

This featured snippet is textual in nature. Google takes any text from any page. It is then used as an answer to the user query. Try to answer the question immediately. Only then you will be benefitted. Such snippets are popularly used for multiple short questions and blog pages. They are also called text snippets.

The Numbered List Snippet:

These featured snippets are inclusive of lists. Sometimes Google prefers to use a table or list. It does that when the text snippet or a video snippet is not appropriate. Google takes the data from any particular page (It will be linked) and it provides the answer. It answers the question by the way of process or procedure. It is popularly used for recipes and steps.

The Bulleted List Snippet:

It has bullets in it. The bulleted list snippets are popularly used to name the best things. It is found while ranking the items.

Video Snippets:

When Google provides a video as the best answer, it is called a video snippet. They are generally taken from Youtube.

Table Snippet:

Table snippets are the most popular snippet. Google also uses these snippets the most. It does much more than extracting the information. It creates its own table from the available data. There is no limit to the columns. So, you need not worry about the length of the data. The table featured snippets are popularly used for pricing, fixing rates, arranging data and for lists.

The YouTube Snippet:

It is not always a matter of the website. Sometimes some snippets come from YouTube too. This kind of snippets is called the YouTube snippets. You can create a video instead of writing content. You can answer any question through video description.

The Two-for-One Snippet:

Sometimes Google uses multiple sites to answer the user’s query. It is this kind of snippet. This snippet will be more helpful for you. It results in increased your chances of getting a good rank. You can provide creative content.

How to Get Featured Snippets?

Google itself decides which search request deserves the featured snippet. It chooses which domain to be used to answer any question. Featured Snippets can be used with Google’s voice search.

The Secret to Get Featured Snippets:

Your content should be capable of providing precise answers. This is the key to get feature snippets. This has changed the trend of content writing. Earlier people used to use keywords. Now, they have started using WH words. They begin their content by using what, when, why, how etc.

Get featured snippet opportunities:

Find one particular question that your website answers. Then enter it in the basic language of Google. By doing this, you will get a featured snippet. Get the list of questions your people are asking. Use it as an opportunity to get snippets. Write answers to those questions.

Find Out the questions asked by the readers:

There are many platforms which can be used. You have to find out the questions raised by your target audience. You can take aid from various Q&A portals. You will get brief questions. You can also use Quora and Yahoo.

Compete with your contenders:

You have to have knowledge of your competitor. Do a proper analysis of your competitors. Get rid of keywords which won’t work. At the same time, improve the niche of your website. Smartly analyze your contenders. Be prepared to get featured snippets. Make your strategies.

Featured Snippets: The word count:

You have no other choice than to beat your contenders. You have to play hard and smart. Develop content which includes short sentences. Write in about 40 to 50 words only, not more than that. Apply this strategy.

Give an apt structure to your content:

So, you want Google’s featured snippets. It is not that easy. You have to make the necessary changes in it. Take into consideration the below tips:

Here are some suggestions:

  • Include FAQs in your website.
  • Have a space for ‘how-to’ section.
  • Develop content in short paragraphs. Your sub-heads should have questions in it.
  • Your content should have tables, bullets, and images. Also, do involve steps and numbered lists.

Try to know about competitors’ snippets:

There are many analytical tools available now. You can use them as a resource; Try your best to get a variety of featured snippets. Find out featured snippets of your competitors. Also, find out the featured snippets that have got good ranking. It is not that difficult task.

You have to do a domain search. Then click on “Organic Research.”Then you have to click on the “Featured Snippet”. You will find them on the right-hand side of the page. You will find them at the bottom. You can even filter keywords. You have to select the “Advanced Filters” option. You have to develop the same content. You have to use those keywords. Don’t forget to use unused keywords.

Use Google:

Develop content on the topic that is loved by your customers. Try to know the queries of your audience. Search for the questions which are being asked. Also, have a look at the full snippet for every question. You will identify your competitors easily. Just steal their snippet and make your way. It is known to be a very effective and efficient step.

Answer your audience:

Firstly try to find out answers regarding:

  1. What is the issue?
  2. How did it happen? What are the reasons behind it?
  3. When it began or happened?
  4. Why it happened and where it happened?

Then you have to develop the content accordingly. You should do some keywords research prior to developing the content. Make sure to perform optimum research of SEO.

Research well:

It is a very important step. You have to devote some time to get keywords. Find out those keywords which will work for you. Use different tools for the same. You should know about the featured snippets which are helping your contenders. Take the most of those keywords.

Reply to multiple questions:

You have to get a snippet just once. It is because once you get a featured snippet, you will be benefitted later. Your other pages will get snippets automatically. You need to know how to structure your article brilliantly. Try to answer every related question. You can also focus on just one article. But make sure that the article has many questions. You have to answer the majority of them.

Maintain the word count:

Write a very precise and concise content. It should be easy for Google to easily feature your content. Break the monotony of your content. Split your content into different sections. You have to include some lists, paragraphs, and bullets in your content. The word limit is 40-50.

Featured Snippets Tips at a glance:

  1. Do keyword research. Be careful. Try to get words which will be beneficial.
  2. Focus on questions to be answered.
  3. Create good content. It should be creative, unique and imaginative.
  4. Take care of Google. It should be easy for it and use it. The article should be properly formatted.

Content Creation:

Featured snippets are generally mistaken for instant answers, but they are not. They are also not rich answers. Instant answers are the one that gives short and precise answers. No credit is availed on such answers. Rich answers are the one that gives a to-the-point answer. But featured snippets are different from them. They are concise answers to the questions. This is the reason they are called ‘position zero’.

But every content developer faces one common problem with snippets. And that is they are not fixed as featured snippets constantly change. A single snippet can never be found again.

You may also face this problem. It will be advised to create the content according to the need. The types of content are given below. Have a look:

1. Definition based snippets:

Featured snippets for definitions are very complex and complicated. It does not require the usage of the words ‘Definition’ or ‘define’. One need to just type the word and the definition will be there. The dictionary automatically gets opened and the answer is received.

You can also find out such complex terms which will help you. Research well and develop quality content.

2. Comparisons based snippets:

Featured snippets for comparisons are used to compare two topics. In this type of snippet, paragraphs or tables are used. The content is developed focusing on the similarities and differences. Such featured snippets usually have paragraphs.

You can also develop such content. Just add a table to make comparisons.

3. Questions based snippets:

These kinds of snippets contain WH words. WH words are what, where, when, how etc. It raises the questions and answers them. Such snippets require questions related to the definition, instruction, and rating.

You have to find out what kind of questions can be answered. And then develop the content answering them.

4. Rating lists based snippets:

Such snippets are used to give ranking to things. So, they are also called “best lists” or “toplists. They rank the person or a thing on the basis of some criteria.

Think out something that will give you a good rating. Answer directly to the question. Include tables and lists in your contents. Add a short description at the end of the article.

Difference between snippets and other:

Sometimes some special search results are mistaken with a featured snippet. It gives faulty results. They differ from featured snippets. Have a look:

1. Rich Answers:

Rich Answers are the answers that are short and precise. They are also called instant answers. Some people call them quick answers. Such answers are provided by Google. As a result, no credit is given to anyone. Such answers are short, factual and descriptive answers. A featured snippet is a summary of the answer. It includes paragraph, a list, a table etc.

2. Rich Snippet:

A rich snippet is a part of an organic search result. It is used for rating things or giving them stars. One can know information about the product availability, price of the product. A featured snippet is not a part of the organic search result. It has its own place above the organic search result.


Featured snippets are a growing concept now. Due attention should be paid to them. It is one of the important areas of SEO. Everyone should try to get snippets. Those who have made it to the top 10 search results should be more careful.

It is not only important but also fundamental to get Google’s featured snippets. It improves the online search visibility of the website. The websites have to search for correct keywords. It is a key to success now.

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