Facebook SEO Tips Every SEO Guy Should Know

Most businesses these days depend on Facebook pages for additional income.

Although most page owners have mastered the art of Facebook marketing, it is also essential that they know the basics of Search Engine Optimization. This can help them get higher page rankings and improve their presence on social media.

Facebook nowadays has taken several steps that can help SEO improve in the past couple of years.

This has actually created new opportunities for several business owners to benefit in a direct manner and create a good reputation for themselves on Facebook at the same time.

In this article, we are going to give you some of the best SEO tips that can help you gain better page rankings.

Facebook SEO Tips for Maximizing Visibility and Traffic:

1. Have a proper name for the Facebook page:

Want to have the best page rankings on your page?

Choose the right name first and foremost. We know, it is hard not to fill up the title that has generic keywords. But do know that such words can actually make your page look fake or full of spams. Fans may also think you are not that authentic.

Second, try not to give a completely generic page name. That again would be a major turn off. Also, remember that you should use the real name of your business on the page.

Never change the name of the page once you have picked it. Facebook will use your page in the title and because Google dings those pages when the titles change, you will lose SEO points for making modifications.

2. Know how you should post photos:

Now, this is a very important point. You should always have a good idea about the sort of content that goes up on the Facebook page. While posting photos, make sure to add descriptions that are filled with keywords.

While posting regarding any new events, make sure to take a few minutes to add keywords, text in the description field. Adding another discussion forum to the page is also deemed as helpful.

Facebook tends to make all kinds of content shared on Facebook pages easily indexable. Thus, you can easily use the tools Facebook provided.

3. A good URL is a must:

Facebook gives you the liberty to choose a good URL for your Facebook page. This is actually a great way to get more page rankings.

If you want to use the best options, make sure to choose a username that is authentic or one that represents your business and brand in the best way possible.

Once you have picked a proper username, you will automatically become confident using it in the long term. But do remember that the pages don’t have 100 fans, a few more fans will be required until you can make use of this SEO strategy.

4. Use inbound links:

Getting inbound links is a must these days. Getting a good variety of inbound links from different authoritative websites will boost PageRank from different traditional websites. The same is the case for Facebook.

You may do this with the help of text links. Facebook also has an option called “Find Us on Facebook” where it encourages all page owners to use.

Facebook also has a few promotional guidelines where you can promote the page.

Generally, Facebook does not need any page owners to claim that they have partnered with them. But they do want to add more links as this can be more beneficial for them.

5. Having a call to action button:

If you really want some clicks on Facebook, don’t think that sharing blogs and posts will be enough. A call to action button is very helpful in this case. This will make people show interest and try doing something specific.

No matter what your desire is, make sure to end those descriptions with the help of a compelling CTA. This will tell people what they should do next.

6. Use social media tags wisely:

Using social media tags are helpful for the page as it determines the kind of information that will pop on your Facebook or social media once people have shared your URL.

While setting up meta tags, make sure to use social shares to get more noticed and share some too.

Josef suggested that by adding some meta tags to some old content will be helpful to you as this can give your old content a great post. In order to keep track of your social media tags, you can build a new spreadsheet or use online sources.

7. Use metadata very wisely:

Every metadata on the website plays a very important role in terms of SEO.

Getting a good HTML title, decent meta description, a search friendly URL along with ALT tags.

Unlike backlinks, most of the social media shares, the on page metadata will help you get more control over the page. Also, you can add a decent HTML title along with a meta description in the search results.

A lot of people tend to use interesting phrases and sayings in their description and it works wonderfully for them. You can use them too, to get more results.

8. How to get more Facebook fans:

Since Facebook tends to place links to the pages with the help of default profile pages that are easily visible, you have more chances of getting likes, more links and a lot more.

Most pages that have several fans that go up to millions tend to have more links add up.

9. Get fans to strengthen the linking system:

Facebook generally tends to link the names of fans on their profile page. This happens when someone has liked content on the stream of the page.

Google tends to see all the reciprocal links located between the fans of the page and the page because of such reasons. This helps them see a much stronger bond.

Also, that creates a great cycle that can help create a link between your page and indexed profile stubs.

10. A good SEO tool is also advisable:

Using an SEO auditing tool will allow you to focus on the keywords and get a decent checklist style analysis.

One of the best SEO auditing tools is called Yoast. This is available everywhere as a plugin for various platforms such as Drupal and WordPress.

However, do remember that writing keywords with binders are also helpful. When you have search phrases, you have to understand what is really behind these words.

Basically, this method is a level above the old practice of keyword stuffing. So make sure to use this point when you are trying to land some decent results.

Other important tips to remember:

Before we end the post, here are some important SEO tips that will help you boost more page rankings. This can be used for Facebook as well as other profiles on social media.

1. Every image must have an alt tag:

It is important to use an alt tag whenever an image is used. An alt tag is described as a simple string of text which can be added with the image.

The tags generally enable all impaired people to interpret various images. They are also beneficial as they allow people to understand what is being looked at.

The tags give you a simple and powerful way to turn up the page rankings. An important tip to remember in this case is that adding a good description to the file name will help you attract spiders eye.

Those who have done it are amazed by the results and we are sure, you will be too.

2. Optimize your social media profiles:

To have a good social media profile that is SEO friendly, you need to add some good description. Make sure to fill in the basic details such as the ‘About Me’ section along with other ‘Information’ sections.

You can also use phrases and words that will describe your business along with terms individuals that you need to search for the business.

An important tip you can remember here is to fill up the category field. This will help your business become more visible when someone searches for it. Your business should also be kept in the right category.

3. Optimize the updates on Facebook:

To make the most of your content, make sure to use some keywords that are relevant. This will help you determine your business in Facebook updates, pin descriptions as well as tweets.

Sharing some new content on Twitter is highly essential as it helps Google Index work faster. Using the business’s name will help in social posts as well.

Google can associate with the keywords that are used to define the business with its name attached to it.

4. Make the content easy to share by building new links:

One point that benefits are building links. In simple words, it means that you have built good relationships on your website by building links.

This will have your website have more quality. Also, you will be linking towards other quality websites and achieve more authority.

Having more authority will get more SERP rank. Getting enough likes and comments play a significant role. When you engage with more social media content, the SEO value is improved.

An inside tip can allow you to increase more shares and social share buttons to various bits of the website or blog or content that you have.

5. Use Pinterest:

Using Pinterest makes sharing content on Facebook much easier and simple. Pinterest happens to be ideal for those who are keen on building links and improving the strategy of their keywords.

The visibility of the content can be increased in SERP by simply adding more keywords within the title and description.

You may have at least 500 characters to add a description to every individual pin so that you can add new keywords.

Along with this, you may also add the pin’s link and customize it. This will increase a new opportunity for the content to get a higher rank. Try it and do let us know how well it has worked for you!

6. Get Google +

Getting Google Plus will be an added advantage. You can get a business page through Google Plus where you can add several fields such as the About section. Here you can add a few keywords that will help you describe the business better.

Google will also allow you to add more customized links on the profile which can be used as an opportunity to backlink the website.

Spending approximately 15 minutes a day will make content on Google Plus easily accessible. So make sure to get this one out!

7. Create a Google + Local Listing:

Getting a local listing is highly essential. Google has suggested earlier that approximately 97% of the consumers tend to look for businesses on the net. So that you can perform well in the local results, make sure to optimize the listing.

Getting a local Google page is actually quite different compared to the rest Google+ Business Page because it will let customers connect easily with the business and its physical location.

You should always update the basic details such as an address, business hours and phone number.

When you are building and expanding the Facebook page, you will need some creative planning as well as consistent execution. SEO, in this case, is regarded as helpful as it can really boost the growth of your page.

Although viral distribution tends to limit you, SEO will also expose you to Facebook pages as well as the whole user base. This will help you get the most amount of exposure and maximize the results. With that, we bring the post to a close. If you have liked reading this article, please like and share our posts. And if you have a few comments to make, do drop it down in the comments below.

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