How to Use Facebook for Business: A Complete Guide

Every business should use Facebook as it can be used to target a specific audience. It has turned out to be an amazing platform to increase customers. One can promote products, increase consumers and improve brand recognition.

How to Use Facebook for Business

Facebook page:

This is the first step in promoting business via Facebook. You have to create a Facebook page. Creating a Facebook profile will not be enough. A Facebook profile is a personal Facebook account which is used to share personal details. They are used to get in touch with followers. Ask your users to like your page in order to get updates.

Page Sections:

There is a facility to add multiple sections to a Facebook page. Some of them are discussed below:

1. About:

It is known to be the most crucial section of the Facebook page. You have to mention your residential address, business contact details, and other information in it. Many people trust the brand only after getting basic details about the company. Make the best use of this section.

2. Community:

The Community page is the section where the posts from customers are shown. You can also see the videos and photographs being uploaded by them. This is a section where the audience interacts with the company. They also get to know more about it.

3. Events:

This section is used to promote the upcoming events of the business. You can create an event on Facebook. This will help you to invite more people. You can ask them to share information with others.

4. Home:

This section shows all the updates and posts. This is the initial page your users will see whenever they come to your page.

5. Info and Ads:

It provides transparency to the page. You can run and manage multiple ads on Facebook. And this section helps you show them to your followers.

6. Offers:

You can use this section to tell your customers about various offers. This will help you to encourage people to visit your profile.

7. Photos and posts:

You can add your photo albums in this section. It shows all your posts and updates.

8. Reviews:

This section is used to take feedbacks. You will get to know what your customers think about you. Your customers will write a review in this section. But it won’t be shown to all. You can hide the comments.

How to Use Facebook for Commercial Purpose:

1. Do reply:

You should reply to your customers as soon as possible. With ‘Facebook messenger’ it becomes easier. Facebook users love to use Facebook Messenger. Even Facebook records the response rates of brand pages. It helps customers to know by when they can expect a response.

2. The accuracy of Facebook:

Facebook Insights is also a great tool to show data and is also free. It relates to page views, post engagements etc. You can use this information and be benefitted. Using this you can measure the success of your social events.

3. Use publishing tools:

You can create videos to promote business. This tool is generally used to advertise the business. You should also do the necessary marketing for your event.

4. Focus on your followers:

Use Facebook to promote your post. Focus on targeted demographics, locations and people. Try to know about your customers first. Then develop the ad accordingly.

5. Get personalized:

Unless you get connected to your connections, you won’t be able to convert them. Remember the reason you created the Facebook page. You have to get connected with customers to sell your product. Make personalized ads. Make sure your audience sees advertisements. Create engaging posts.

6. Offer something interesting:

It’s not that easy to manage traffic on Facebook. In order to tackle this issue, many people organize contests. You should also develop giveaways. But follow Facebook’s rules. Otherwise, you may be in legal trouble.

What should one do:

1. Create a profile picture:

You need to have a recognizable Facebook page. You need to get Likes. Use good display pictures. Your profile picture is the most important element among all your posts. You have to make sure to impress your fans. Your followers should get easily associated with your brand.

2. Promote Marketing Campaigns:

There should be some coordination in your cover photo, post, and profile. These are the most visible parts of the Page. You have to do tactics to maximize the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Try to be creative and innovative.

3. Pay attention to organic Posts:

You can use Facebook to focus on paid content. But you can also create organic posts. Don’t develop too many posts at one time. Try to engage your audience. Make optimum use of Facebook targeting tools. Be more specific and generate good results.

4. Improve the performance of the page:

You should track URLs to know the efficiency of your page. Facebook Insights are also a great tool to do so. You need to know the performance of your posts. Only then you can do necessary changes and develop content accordingly.

5. Make use of strategic times of day:

Researches’ say that the apt time to post is between 1 – 4 p.m. This time generates good amount of views and help you get more clicks-through. They will get shared automatically. Make the optimum use of it.

6. Manage through paid budget:

You have to develop promotional content. You should know what works for you. You can increase your reach and can attract more and more people. This is possible if you pay something for it.

Common mistakes committed by people

1. Keeping “About” Section Blank:

The “about” section is found somewhere near the profile picture. People come across this section while going through the page. You should mention relevant information about you.

2. Using a fake account:

Dummy accounts are not accepted by Facebook. Don’t get trapped in trouble by making one such idea. Also, don’t post faulty or misleading ads on Facebook. To be saved, you can set up different settings for posting different posts.

3. Posting multiple times:

The followers get bored or frustrated by many posts. Don’t irritate them by posting again and again. This is the common mistake almost everyone does. Don’t post many times every day. It is better to develop high-quality content than ten normal contents.

4. Posting multimedia posts:

Obviously visual content helps in social media promotion but it adversely affects too. Practically visual content generates audience after some time. Posting multimedia posts helps in specific cases. Be attentive and careful while posting such content.

5. Not replying:

Make customers get irritated on Facebook. It generally happens when they are not responded well. There may be chances that your audience posts negative comments. Don’t ignore them and reply to all positive as well as negative comments.

6. Making assumptions:

Just because something worked for one industry doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Don’t do mistake by making wrong assumptions. You have to find out what strategy will be beneficial for you.

Steps to use Facebook business manager:

Create a Facebook Business Manager account:

Firstly create a Facebook profile. Then you can create your Facebook page. Only then you can create your Facebook business manager. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Facebook. Then you have click on the big blue ‘Create Account button’.
  • Then enter your business name. Click Continue.
  • Then you have to enter your name and the business email address. Then click Finish.

Add your Facebook business page(s)

After creating a different business manager, you get multiple choices. You can either add an existing business page. You can create a new business page too. You can also request someone to give you access to their page.

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. You have to go to Business Manager dashboard. Then you have to click on ‘Add Page’.
  2. Type your Facebook business page name. Then click Add Page.
  3. These steps can be followed if you have multiple Facebook pages.

Add your Facebook Ad Account:

Be careful while adding your ad account. It is because once created, you can’t remove it. Follow the steps mentioned below:

In order to create a Facebook ads account, follow these steps:

  1. You have to go to Business Manager dashboard. Then you have to click on ‘Ad account’.
  2. Then you have to enter your account details. Don’t forget to click on ‘create Ad account’.

Add people:

While using Facebook business manager, you can add more and more people to work with you. Follow these steps:

1. Again go to business manager dashboard. Then you have to click the ‘gear icon’.

2. Then go to the ‘people and assets tab’, Click on it.

3. Then you have to choose which member will work on which page. You can give the following posts:

  • Page admin: He will manage the whole page.
  • Page moderator: He will create ads and content. He is responsible for replying on comments too.
  • Page analyst: He is responsible for all brand related settings.
  • Page editor: He will do all the necessary editing.
  • Page advertiser: He will develop and post ads.

Suggestions for successful marketing:

Make use of Facebook’s unique opportunities. You will be highly beneficial. Some of them are discussed below:

1. Be focused:

You need to have a clear goal. Also, have a strategy to achieve the goal.

  • You can create a post to increase your sales.
  • You can post a daily mentioning any lucky customer in it.
  • You can encourage users to upload their photos along with yours.

Having a goal and strategy will give you a direction. You can do marketing in your own way.

2. Use of human voice:

Have someone who can reply to your comments via voice message. Facebook users generally love this feature. The voice should be genuine and likable. Give them a chance to express in their own words.

3. Regular posts are the must:

Social media requires regular updates. Facebook is one of them. You too have to post continuously but avoid posting multiple things simultaneously. Post engaging and interesting content. Your audience should love it.

4. Respond quickly:

You should encourage your Facebook users to comment on your posts. Ask them to like and share your post. Whenever they comment, reply to them as soon as possible. Their willingness will get reduced if you don’t reply soon.

5. Pictures and videos:

Use as much pictures and videos you can. They help in entertaining and engaging your Facebook followers. You can give interactive offers, contests. You can organize amazing games, surveys, etc.

6. Build relationships:

You have to build good relationships. You have to be patient. You have to engage them sincerely. You have to offer them useful content. Don’t forget to give prizes to those who are consistent.

7. Promotion and marketing:

It is important to have a Facebook page. But it is incomplete if you don’t promote it. You have to promote your business page. Make sure that social media works for you. It should simultaneously work with your traditional marketing methods.

8. Take help from Facebook Insights to learn more about your customers:

Facebook Insights tells about the people and their activities. You can take its help to know about your Facebook users. You can know how much engaging your post is.


So, all in all, Facebook is very advantageous. The only thing is that it should be used smartly. The glimpse of what should be done is as below:

  1. You should create unique content.
  2. You should advertise events.
  3. You should share content from time to time.
  4. You should have conversations.
  5. Highlight business milestones
  6. You should promote your business by developing Facebook ads
  7. You should create Facebook videos

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