The Best Exit Intent Popup Ideas to Increase Your Conversions

If you find the bounce rate of your website is high or you are struggling to get the right leads for your business then an exit-intent popup is a last-minute attempt to make your customer stay on your website.

You might not believe how effective exit intent popup is for your business. If they are designed correctly, it can easily increase the conversion rate to more than 100% for your website.

Exit Intent Popup

What is Exit Intent Popup?

Exit intent popup is the last resort to keep the customers on your website a bit longer before they decide to leave the page.

Your customer might be browsing through the homepage or any other internal page and before they click on the close mark of the page, an exit intent pops up on the page, insisting with a solid call to action button.

Why use an Exit Intent Popup?

The attention span of the customers these days has reduced drastically, to capture their attention and make them stay on the website, an exit intent popup is a good option.

The majority of the websites have more than 90% of the bounce rates, which shows that the customer might be leaving the page for various reasons like,

  • They found something interesting on another website
  • They were not able to find anything interesting on your website.

Let’s discuss various interesting exit intent popups that can be designed for use.

Exit Intent Popup Tips and Ideas For More Leads:

1. Product image:

Good visuals are a fantastic way to capture your customer’s eyes. If they decide to leave your website in between, then show them a good picture of your product or cover page of the ebook in the popup.

They are far easier to communicate with your customers than putting out too much textual content on it.

2. Offers & discounts:

Maybe your customer was not sure to purchase on your website and decided to leave the page or abandon the cart. Offering them a good discount increases the chance of persuading them to complete the purchase.

3. Download ebook:

If your website has a blog, then do good research on traffic generating blogs using analytical tools, compile them in the form of an ebook.

The ebook is a useful product to be used in the exit popup, where you can offer the customer to register to the website and get the opportunity to download the ebook.

4. Create urgency:

Creating a sense of urgency among your customers is a good way to make them stay on your website. Call to action like “Hurry Now” of “Limited Offer” is effective for your customers to take some action on the website

5. Use a progress bar:

It creates a sense of completion before a customer decides to leave the page. For example, if they are downloading an ebook from your website and decides to leave in between, then the progress bar may show 50% or 70% of the ebook downloaded.

The visual aid of the progress bar prompts the customer to stay back and complete the entire process.

6. Full page overlay:

The idea is to grab the attention of your customers and keep them engaged with your website. Full page overlay design hides the complete content of the website and ensures with a specific message to the customer.

Overlay popup designs offer a clear choice to the customer to opt-in for the offer or they can decide to click no to exit.

7. Keep the design clean and minimalistic:

Choose the right font, make sure the colors used are simple and pleasing to the eyes. Good design is a proven method for customers to stay back and take action on your website.

Your popup is cluttered with fancy fonts and loud colors then it will end up irritating your customers and they will leave the website.

8. Keep a simple message:

When the customer has made up their mind to exit the website, then there are just a few seconds to make them stay back. Hence, keep the popup message simple and direct communicating the right message to your customer.

9. Use unlock as CTA:

Create a sense of exclusivity among your visitors, the use of word unlock sends the message of value and shows how important your visitors are.

10. Use Join Now as CTA:

A sense of inclusivity or to be a part of a community is a motivating factor for your visitors to stay back and join your newsletter.

11. Use data in your CTA:

Offering some statistical data is an effective persuasion method for your visitors to get a clear picture of your offerings.

The CTA is then powerful enough to encourage and call them to be a part of a larger community and quick benefits they will get with it.

12. Give them options:

Allow your visitors to choose the service they would like to be a part of when they decide to leave your website.

For example, if they want to learn about new products or benefits they might be interested in. Giving them three different options eases them to make a decision based on their interests.

13. Consider handling the objections:

It is a possibility the customer might be hesitant to make that final purchase because they found the product as too expensive, not what they were looking for. For example, “This is not what I am looking for” or “Too expensive for me to buy”

So you need to consider the objections and offer them solutions regarding it.

14. A reminder as a CTA:

If your customer decides to leave in between an unfinished purchase or leaves a transaction in between. Let the exit popup ask them if they would like to complete the transaction as a friendly reminder.

15. Few products left CTA:

If there is limited stock left or just the last few pieces of the products are left, then the popup should mention the scarcity of the product of their choice.

For example, if there is only one dress left for purchase then it is good enough reason to convince your customer to complete their purchase.

16. Exit survey popup:

Use exit popup as an opportunity to know more about your visitor. Asking questions about their habits, interests and other relevant information helps you to serve your visitor better and offer them the product they may interest them in the future.

17. Add humor:

A good laugh is the best way to make yourself memorable in your customer’s minds. A sense of happy emotion used in the messaging sends out a positive feel of your brand. Adding some light humor to the exit intent pop is a good way to make them stop and let them take some action on the website before they leave the page.

18. Giveaway as CTA:

An exit intent popup with a freebie or a giveaway is a good way to encourage your customers to opt for your brand. Plan the product that is relevant to your brand and can be easily offered to your customers. Sending your customers a freebie is a good way to promote yourself.

19. Speed optimization:

The moment your visitor clicks to leave your website, sooner the exit popup should come on to the screen, it increases the chances for you to reach out to the customer to interact with them. To achieve this, use images with less resolution and minimal text. You can opt to use popup providers which have high-quality designs offering good speed.

20. Responsive popups:

The majority of the website traffic comes from mobile phones and we all are completely aware of the same. Hence, to have a responsive exit popup allows you to capture your visitor on their idle time spent on the phone. Ensure the popup offers a good user experience which will eventually lead to a higher number of conversions.

21. Use A/B testing:

Use different designs, colors, fonts on your popups, analyze what your customers like and what works for them the best. Keep experimenting and analyzing consistently, and understand the kind of design that works for your brand.

22. Call to action as Teach Me:

If you are offering something educational to your customer, then the exit pop up can present related to your product.

  • Teach me how to do effective lead generation,
  • Teach me how to write a powerful email.

23. Call to action as Claim my:

Tell your customers that they might be missing out on the offers and discounts meant for them. Ensure that your customer takes a few more steps and decides to stay for a while on the site.

For example, Claim my 10% discount or Claim my free giveaway.

24. Call to action as Become a:

This CTA works best as it calls out to the customer to be a better of something or get a chance to learn something new. The possibility of doing something which makes them better at a certain skill. For example, Become a writer in 60 days or Become a cook in 30 days is quite effective since it offers a timeline to achieve their aspirations.

25. Call to action as Send me:

This CTA button offers some form of resource that may interest your customer which is free of cost. For example, Send me a free design, Send me a free idea.

26. The formula of PAS:

It stands for Problem, Agitate & Solve. The process is to identify the problem and find the reason why the problem happened, further finding the solution for the same.

27. Sense of curiosity:

Ask a question that may interest your visitor and look for the answer. For example, want to know how to build a10,000 Email database? Creating a sense of curiosity and mystery leads the customer to opt in to find the relevant answer for the same.

28. Add some animation:

Animations are a good way to catch the eye of the visitor and lets them take an action to the popup page. A CTA button with some animating movement is a good way to create interest in the page. Ensure to avoid using heavy animation as this will slow down the page speed.

29. Call to action as Wait:

The CTA button as Wait is sounded more like as you are stopping someone while walking on the road. It is attention-grabbing yet simple. After this CTA you can then offer the required discount to your customer.

30. Offer a free trial:

This is an attempt that you can ask your customer to use the service before they plan to purchase it. Users are interested in trying the service but might not be sure if they want to pay for it upfront. Hence, offer them to use the product and a chance to get familiar with it before they decide to make the final purchase.

For example, “Signup with us for a free trial of 15 days ” or and “Download our ebook within 7 days

31. Make a final purchase CTA:

There are times while browsing online the customer adds the products in the cart and may abandon it without making the final purchase. Hence, exit popup is a friendly reminder to encourage them to complete the purchase before they choose to exit from the website.

32. Traffic redirection:

Offer other suggestions for the product that the user might be interested in. For example, if he or she lands up on the page showcasing sneakers and decided to exit the page, then the popup can show the latest sneakers added to the website or sports shoes that might interest the visitor.

Exit intent popups are effective ways for you to make them stay on your website. You can apply this in different pages of your website and experiment with the design and content for each page.

These are some of the best tips that you can experiment with the popup and see which one works for you. Exit popups are one of the best marketing techniques to showcase different offers to your customers and are the best ways to increase website traffic and sales.

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