What is Evergreen Content: How To Research and Write

Content is of different types. It can be an article, blogs, press releases, or anything else. But if you want your content to continue targeting readers, then it must be evergreen content.

In fact, evergreen content is good for SEO and caters your website needs for a long period of time.

Sure, you must be now wondering what evergreen content is?

In this post, I will explain to you the basics as well as core aspects of evergreen content. Not only this, reading this post will let you understand how to write evergreen content and why incorporating it into the content you create is a promising content marketing strategy.

Let’s begin!

What Does Evergreen Content Means?

As the name suggests, evergreen content is SEO content, which stays relevant and fresh for a long time. Such content always appeals to readers and keep targeting them.

What Makes an Evergreen Content?

‘Evergreen’ as a term sounds familiar to those who are not involved in online or content marketing. It is because we have been hearing this term since long from our childhood days. Almost everyone is aware of evergreen trees, which is usually the fir or pine variety and is used primarily to decorate homes during a festive season.

Evergreen trees are used during auspicious occasions as they symbolize perpetual life. It is because no matter which season it is, these trees retain their leaves throughout the year. Hence, they never or rarely shed their trees. Similarly, evergreen content is the one that lasts longer and is sustainable.

Now, might be you are thinking that entire content online is sustainable, which means it is there throughout. However, this does not make a content evergreen. The blog posts and articles available online and those will never disappear does not make a content evergreen.

When I am talking about evergreen content, it means the content that stays relevant throughout or for a long time period. The evergreen content is useful and helps to grow traffic over time.

Hence, here check what kind of content is termed specifically not as evergreen.

What Does Not Make Evergreen Content?

  • Numerical reports or statistical data, which is likely to change soon or go out of date
  • News articles
  • Content pieces about a particular season or holiday
  • Fashion and latest clothing trends
  • Articles focusing on a specific pop culture fad or current trend

Evergreen content possesses virtually no date of expiry. Ideally, it retains its value for over a long period of time. For example, any content written about the presidential election of the present time is not considered as evergreen content. It is because the same will become obsolete over a few months. Moreover, most of the keywords associated with that particular topic will become obsolete and never be searched again.

Common Formats of Evergreen Content:

Some of the common formats of evergreen content, which you must consider are as follows:

  • Top tips
  • Lists
  • Product reviews
  • ‘How to’ or Instructional Tutorials
  • Videos

These are a few and not all formats of evergreen content. Writing content in such formats does not automatically make the content evergreen. However, the structure of such content tends to perform well with evergreen writing.

The most effective form of evergreen content is videos that illustrate how to perform something, such as the way to grout a tub or the way of frosting a cupcake. If you are not able to create videos, you can consider creating a series of illustrations, photos, diagrams, or anything else that is to your benefit.

Ideas of Evergreen Content:

There are some subjects, which never expire or become outdated. Here are a few ideas of evergreen content, which is as old as humanity.

  • Careers and job
  • Weight loss
  • Food
  • Parenting
  • Pet care
  • Romance and love
  • Saving money or finance

Definitely, it is vital that the evergreen topics, which are suitable for your business, are addressed properly. For example, if you are selling office supplies the relevant evergreen topics must include the tips to keep the desk organized. Alternatively, it must tell the importance of different kinds of pens and when you must use them. If you wish to generate traffic and leads from the landscaping business, the post can be on types of plants to consider during a specific climate, which can work as evergreen content.

An issue while identifying and creating good evergreen content ideas is that most of the times it feels that the best or relevant topics have been covered. Might be the topics have been covered in excess. In such a situation the best way to go is to add a unique point of view to popular topics. Alternatively, you can go into more details and add other relevant and useful details.

It is best to search for long-tail keywords, which have high volume but does not have super great competition. If there is a particular niche market, you would find there is less volume of content online about that topic. Hence, this makes the content evergreen and even highly valuable.

A Few Examples of Evergreen Content:

As I have already told earlier, evergreen content is of various types. Hence, here consider some examples of what kind of articles are considered evergreen.

  • Ways to Construct a Pet House – Concise, clear, and step-by-step tutorials with attractive photos create great pieces of evergreen content.
  • 10 Different Ways to Enjoy Bacon – Can you think about a future where people will not like bacon? Definitely, it will never happen. Hence, creating this kind of content is an evergreen one.
  • Amazing Tips to Soothe Cranky or Crying Babies – Ever generation will continue to become parents and will see those crying and screaming babies. The new parents will also always be looking for desperate advice. A best, quick tip holds great value and will continue to possess it for years. Hence, it is a form of evergreen content.

These are a few examples of evergreen content. They are considered evergreen because these topics will continue to stay relevant in the predictable future.

Some of the Evergreen Websites:

There are a few evergreen websites available on the web.

Such websites publish the bulk of evergreen content on a range of topics. For example, consider Wikipedia, which ranks on the first page for more than half of searches on Google. But in an attempt to churn out rich pieces of content, some of the evergreen websites eventually produce low-quality content.

It is best to visit such websites not just to see good evergreen content, but also to investigate how such websites will lack and what could be done or written to improve them.

Evergreen SEO: How to Combine Sustainable Content with Highly Popular Keywords

For a content marketing strategy to be effective, including evergreen content is a great way to make it more valuable. Evergreen content can deliver great valuable results when combined with adequate SEO techniques.

Simply consider curating the evergreen content around keywords, which you would like your website to rank on. In fact, the most lasting piece of evergreen content is of no value if people stop searching for that specific topic or it is not related to their business. Hence, it is of utmost importance to conduct keyword research.

In this scenario, it is essential to follow at least the basic SEO techniques such as on-page optimization of keyword, utilizing images alt text and including the social sharing buttons. If an evergreen content is more SEO friendly, the more chances are that it can be shared, linked, and seen. Moreover, it can drive more traffic for further months or years to come.

Tips to Write Evergreen Content:

  1. Avoid Writing Content for the Experts – There are times when you may want the urge to write a rich piece of content that shows off your expertise and skill on a specific subject. However, it can be a huge mistake. It is less likely that experts will search for help. The audience is mainly beginner and you wish to create content targeting them.
  2. Avoid Writing Highly Technical Language – Mostly, the evergreen content is for beginners who are looking for more details. So, if the content is complicated or contains too much technical language, it would scare off the beginners. It is therefore important to stick to simple and understandable language.
  3. Narrow the Topic – If you are writing about a comprehensive topic, your content piece will be quite long and it is more likely to lose the interest of readers, particularly those who are beginners. Moreover, broad topics tend to be head terms or shorter keywords, with the in-depth competition. It is quite difficult to write a broader content piece. Specific, simple topics such as a guide or ‘how to’ are more grabbing.
  4. Links All the Posts Together – If you are preparing content on topics like guide to bike car, it is best to divide the broad topic into narrow, particular pieces like ways to oil the brakes of your bike or how to replace the tire of your bike, and then you can link such articles to each other. It is excellent from the viewpoints of SEO and allows readers to solve a particular requirement. At the same time, it guides them to other relevant and additional articles.
  5. Repurpose the Content Best – When a rich piece of evergreen content is created, you must look for ways to repurpose or spin it into varying formats. The content can be repurposed in an ample number of ways and offers numerous benefits.

Why Repurposing Content is Beneficial?

  • Helps to Reach New Audience – The content can be repurposed by introducing visual Infographics over the statistical content. Some readers select podcasts over the eBooks. Repurposing the content in different ways becomes more attractive to the audiences and helps to extend the reach.
  • Brings Life to Old Content – Repurposing the content helps you put your old favorite in front of those who want it. Just remember, the great content is never forgotten.
  • Make the Most of Efforts and Time You’ve Put – Repurposing the content can place a ton of efforts into a content piece. Also, it helps to break the content piece performance and makes sure that the user who missed the epic blog post or article or has got the chance to read the content for the first time. So, if it is the second time the content can be used for promotion.

Content can be repurposed in a variety of ways such as guides, video tutorials, case studies, slide deck, Infographic, Pinterest post, Newsletter, Twitter posts, and many others. It is best to repurpose content, which is evergreen. It is because only such content can offer more value to you.

You must dig into Google Analytics and identify what is the most popular post are over the past year. Identify the reasons why they performed so well. If there is content, which is greatly relevant then repurpose the same and offer them a stylish makeover to target the audience.

But Evergreen Content Alone is not enough to Bring Results:

Undoubtedly, evergreen content is extremely valuable. However, it is vital to remember that it is not essential that everything you write must be evergreen. It is not vital that every content you create is evergreen. The topical and timely pieces to have their own value.

A content piece can drive a lot of traffic to the website for the next couple of months. But later on, it can be virtually worthless if it is not generating enough traffic. The same is applicable to an article which is highly researched or incorporates recent statistics. Such content pieces are still valuable and vital, but they will never be around forever.

The value of an evergreen content holds the potential to continue to bring huge volume of traffic to your website for many months or even for long years into the future. If the content is evergreen online content then it can help you create a good content marketing strategy. But the best content marketing strategy is one that is a mix of both evergreen posts and topical articles.

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