Emoji SEO: Are Emoticons Useful for Improving Traffic

Emojis are loved by all. Do you want to rank for an emoji-based search? 👍 Here’s how emoji SEO can be done as part of the SEO ranking tactics 👨 💻👌

The present generation cannot imagine communication without the usage of emojis. To express their mental state, emojis are being used. So the world of branding and search engine optimization is making use of emojis presently. The current situation is that from clothing stores to food delivery and beauty brands make use of emojis to grab in more traffic and hold a better ranking for their brands in SERP.

Emoji SEO

What are Emojis?

Emoticons or emojis are digital icons that express ideas or emotions in electronic communication. Most of them are represented in yellow and few come in different colors. Across various platforms and devices, these emojis are identified it means that they can be represented in Android, iOS and Android devices.

After the usage of Watsapp, BBM, Viber, etc. all teenagers started using emojis. Till 2014, there was no serious talk about emojis, it was Yelp that introduced Emoji search in the mobile app. In the year 2016, there was re-launch of emoticons use by Google and they appeared in the search results.

Adweek’s research in 2015 represented that about 92% of online visitors make use of emoticons and about 36% of brands across the globe communicate utilizing emoticons. Emojis were identified by Google and is used in indexing search results. To boost traffic emojis are mandatory. With so much importance for emojis, let’s run through a few ideas about Emoji SEO.

How do Emojis help in Your SEO Strategy?

1. Better ranking with emojis:

Website ranking is boosted with emojis. They also play a key role in social media. By making use of emojis, people understood the ranking of posts on Face book and Instagram. Youtube ad can also rank higher by utilizing emojis. A better ranking is possible by making use of emojis in description and title. For the time being, emojis can be used as a valuable ranking factor.

2. Search volumes are produced with emojis:

An Emoji SEO strategy is necessary when there is an enhanced search volume guarantee. The important tips to be followed here are adding Google chrome extension, keywords, etc. These help in adding emojis to the search bar. It is also easy to find if the specific Emoji has search volume.

For example consider the cosmetic industry, instead of using words, adding emojis like nail paint or lipstick helps the brand rank higher.

3. Search listing is popped up with emojis:

While shopping online, customers use words such as a shop, online, buy, etc. When emojis are used for online shopping the ranking is elevated. So eCommerce brands are making the use of emojis in their SEO strategy. Since emojis are the only graphic character that grabs attention during search results, there are more clicks for the website.

4. For younger demographics:

Younger demographics are ones more attracted by the use of emojis. Brands can be represented playfully with emojis. Several sites focus on the younger generation. For example for medication products can utilize emojis related to medication instead of words. It is noticed that sites with emojis are ranked higher.

When social media profiles are checked, it can be noticed that emojis play a major role. A pop of colors is added to the Instagram bio with numerous emojis. Also, the contents would be appealing for younger demographics. Emojis are the best way to communicate with younger demographics.

5. Click through rates are increased:

The CTR for the website is increased by utilizing emojis. The web pages are sure to stand up in the results page by making use of emojis in rich snippets. Emoji attracts the user and hence the CTR increases. With emojis, the user’s behavior is understood. All Google representatives understood that the main parameter for ranking signal is the behavior data. There is an increase in online visibility and CTR increases as emojis are used.

Google Ad word titles also make use of emojis and it is found to have an impact on the CTR. It was found that ads that had Emoji had CTR of 1.26% and ads without Emoji had CTR of 0.38%. When Ad word titles make use of emojis there is a 30% increase in click-through rates. By this way, the quality score is increased which leads to lower CPC and good ad position and finally with a higher CTR.

6. Local SEO is promoted through emojis:

For ones who desire to promote shops and stores near you can make use of emojis as they work wonders for local SEO. For searching purposes such as accommodation, food, varied activities, particular activities, and many other things SEO emojis can be used. For example when any user uses an Emoji for searching pizza, then the sites that used pizza Emoji in the Meta description comes up.

7. User experience uphold:

The main parameter of quality is user experience and Google focuses on it. The main ranking signal in mobile is the UX and it mainly concentrates on user experience. It is also considered a mobile-friendly algorithm by Google. When user experience is considered it is the good human interaction with the computer, good navigation with the websites and there are two aspects to be considered.

  • When emojis are used they add to the UX’s improvement. Quick results are obtained by the users and through the small codes, searching is made faster.
  • User experience is improved that offers results with same language codes.

8. The trust factor is increased:

The trust factor is enhanced by making use of emojis as the content seems to be relatable. The user experiences an in-depth connection by using the special characters as the language is similar to the ones they use. When the right Emoji is used in the right place there is enhanced value and also trust factor is increased.

The Key Reason for Emoji in SEO:

Businesses have started using emojis in page titles, domain names and for several reasons to stand out of the rest in Google SERP’s. There are many industries benefited by Emoji SEO. For example, beauty blogs, fun fashion, eCard sites, etc. The click-through rates are enhanced with emojis. Also, the trust factor is improved.

Emoji optimization is also a factor that must be considered if the page has an emotional parameter involved. Any expression is conveyed in a better way with the help of an Emoji. It enabled the visitor to get to a deeper emotion and the visitors can understand the context.

Emoji SEO is to influence social media to a great extent. The social signals are taken into account along with algorithm updates. These are a few ways by which the site can be improved in terms of Emoji ranking. When emojis are included with topical and relevant updates, then the Emoji SEO success rate is higher.

Emojis in Business:

Presently emojis are considered as important tools in the business. Emojis are mainly used to humanize brands, elevate engagement, and extend communication apart from words. These visual icons are employed in several ways.

  • Social media emojis: It is very simple to toss an Emoji in an Instagram comment or the tweet. When the audience uses emojis, conversions, click through and engagement is improved. Social media can be added with emojis and also encourage the viewers to take part. The audience can be suggested to comment with an Emoji, descriptions can be done with emojis, Emoji messages can be given to the audience to decode. Social media posts can be added with emojis and also the followers can be requested to follow the same for complete audience engagement.
  • Advertising uses emojis: Advertisement faces the public and it is expensive and formal too. Hence many advertisers have adopted the method of using emojis in their advertisements. Irrespective of lack of words and size, emojis have been adopted by businesses and believed that they can communicate better. In advertising, emojis can be used in several productive ways.
  1. Making relevant: When emojis are not appropriate for the brand or campaign do not use them. Check with social intelligence tools and check the emojis audience are using. Also, make sure if the same Emoji is used in social media and other communications. By this way, there would be a natural fit for the advertising.
  2. Clear usage: There should never be any misinterpretation by making use of emojis. It is important to make the right use of Emoji for the right purpose. Always check with the colleagues if they understood the message. Check the advertisement with the sample audience before going live. Bear in mind that emojis should be used in a way they communicate what is required.
  3. Be creative: If the emojis are used by the audience and fit the brand, they aren’t chances for misinterpretation. Advertisers can also think of designing their emojis.
  • Emojis in the email: When one to many communication ratios is considered, email marketing comes to light. Email communication should be personalized for the recipient. In this case, emojis are to be utilized sparingly and only when there is a positive acknowledgment from them. When emojis are used in the subject line, it has worked for about 60% also the open rates are boosted to about 25%. It is important to use emojis relevant to brand and sparingly. Emojis are effective and natural when the audience has seen the same elsewhere. If the audience is not on social media and other digital marketing efforts then making use of emojis in their email subject line can be avoided.
  • Emoji in service: The most significant component of the flywheel is service. This is the only aspect that satisfies customers, boosts them to converse about business and makes them stick around. When its service it means getting linked to the customer, solving their issues and sharing their burden. Here emojis help in amplifying feelings and emotions and assist in providing authentic service to customers. This is all made a success if emojis are used in the right way. Accurate emojis at times of customer service interactions are to be used. Also, remember that along with Emojis, Company approved messages are also to be used. By this way personal connections with customers are created and also feelings and expressions can be expressed.

Emoji Resources:

To explore emojis and learn more about them, there are several resources. It is suggested to explore and find the ones that can help in marketing. Below mentioned are a few favorite ones.

1. Emojisaurus:

With Emojisaurus sentences and phrases are turned into “emojigrams”. This tool helps post a sentence for the followers and can be decoded too.

2. Emojipedia:

An encyclopedia of emojis is none other than Emojipedia. This holds all possible emojis, its brief history, shortcodes, and the look in other operating systems, etc. The present most popular emojis are ranked and also Emoji news can be obtained.

3. Get Emoji:

Get Emoji is something same as Emojipedia and here the users can copy and paste the emojis. The emojis available in getting Emoji works on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android and can be easily copied to any other social media sites too. This tool is great for who don’t like using the Emoji keyboard on the device.


Emojis are gaining grounds these days and help in representing expression and emotions. They are ones that add personality to official communication, marketing as well as advertising. Irrespective of the device, the tweets can be added with a pop of color; also emotions can be represented in facebook, customer service, emails, live chats, etc. They are prominently used in digital marketing and have become an important parameter in Emoji SEO strategy.

Click through rates are increased by making use of emojis and has led to better SEO performance of the sites. Hence effective and appropriate emojis are used for the brands and services. Using the right emojis is the smart way to enhance website ranking and top the Google page results. Emojis in business and marketing campaigns are proving to be successful and has grabbed the attention of many visitors. They helped to drive in more traffic too.

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