The Best Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and SEO

Email marketing may be from the past digital marketing strategy but isn’t outdated. There are many studies that have proved that email marketing is beneficial and productive for businesses. They play a key role in business.

Direct marketing association from the UK made a study in the year 2015 and found that an investment return of about 380% was mainly from email campaigns. It is evident even today that email is a powerful weapon and hence search engine optimizers should make proper use of it. Let’s discuss how to integrate email marketing and SEO to improve your campaign results.

Email Marketing and SEO

How to Integrate Email Marketing and SEO?

Sending top quality content:

The first eligible criteria for email marketing is to send your subscribers with enhanced quality content. The content should be appropriate for the targeted audience and should also fall within their interests. Integrating email marketing with SEO should be your main intention. It is good to include inbound links so that readers navigate from email to website. There are two ways,

  • Creation of content with URL for a particular site.
  • Reference to posts in emails.

For those who aren’t familiar with developing high-quality content, you should look for online tools or get in touch with an email marketing agency. Few online tools with their functionality are mentioned below.

Best email marketing automation tools:


This tool has plenty of proofreading features and offers users with advanced advice and complete analysis.

Paper rater:

Here your content is completely checked for mistakes and your work is rated. This leads to professional output and leads you in a perfect way.


This tool makes you write better by breaking down long and complex sentences into simple and easy to read sentences. Not just that, you will be also be provided with suggestions regarding what to improve to make your writing better and clear.

Slick write:

This also carries the same features as other apps but is mainly used for business writing.


This is a perfect proofreading tool and offers advice regarding your writing style and offers you a faultless output.

2. Newsletter to blog contents:

Interesting data should not reside only in your inbox. Since there isn’t indexing of emails in Google, the benefit of SEO cannot be experienced. Data from emails to blogs can be published. There are two ways

  1. The email can be provided with a brief summary related to the content and your subscribers can get into detail by getting into the blog.
  2. Series of emails with mandatory data can be sent to the user by providing a link for the complete version of the post.

3. Focus on engagement:

As information is shared on an email newsletter, make sure the content is interesting and engaging. Remember to make requests to the readers to leave a comment. Also, social media platforms can be mentioned where they can follow or comment you there.

The truth is that customers obtained by means of email are said to be more engaged. SEO marketers also mentioned that email visitors were the ones who shared the content about four times.

4. Timings to be planned:

Apart from content quality, there are many other aspects to be followed in this process. The success of SEO and email mainly depends on timing. Sending an email is a key factor and the time interval you send is a major aspect. In order to enhance the open rates, you need to concentrate on the target audiences particularities.

A simple example can be about business individuals, these people get in touch with their emails in the mornings as well as in the afternoons and hence you should work in view of that. There are also few studies that mention that afternoon’s and Tuesdays are perfect with more open rates.

5. Concentrate on consistent visits:

You can gain a number of users when periodic emails are sent regarding updates on websites. There are customers who eagerly wait for an updated email that navigates to the page. Such aspects would push them to visit the web page periodically by themselves. Such regularity is to be encouraged as it would decline customer retaining pattern efforts and enhance behavior patterns.

6. Know database of email marketing:

Understand your audience if they use computers or mobiles mostly. By this way, you can plan and pick graphics and send offers to them accordingly. In case your audience is on a time crunch, then an enhanced email marketing click through open rates can be obtained by speedy communication.

7. Creating digests:

To drive in more traffic for your blog, it would be great to create digests. It must be clear that the articles mentioned in the digest are to be stimulating and appealing. The best posts of the week or articles of the same category of posts can be used to create digests.

The digest should possess a valuable post and a popular email subject line. It is important to bear in mind that digest should never be used to promote the product. Make use of digest to drive in quality traffic, readers time is to be saved and also activate subscribers who aren’t active.

8. Concentrating on mobile users:

There is a high count of people who use mobile for internet purpose. There are many CEO’s looking forward to the optimization of email marketing for the purpose of mobile users. Based on a study in April 2018, it was revealed that the email marketing technics main shift was mobile optimization.

After this mobile email UX was concentrated. It is true that ranking will be boosted by means of mobile interactivity. An email marketing strategy has the capacity to elevate your ranking in an effective way. Email possesses search optimization rates, visibility, and high conversion rates. These aspects lead to the next level.

9. Appealing subject lines:

There are bulks of emails received by an office worker per day and hence your email should be an extraordinary one with an attracting subject line. The subject line should be drafted in a way that grabs the attention of the subscriber. The subject line should represent the content, be appealing and direct. It should be keyword rich and develop curiosity and anticipation once dropped in the inbox.

10. Develop a newsletter archive:

Your site should possess an archive with all your newsletters. The search engines would rank the email text and also the readers get a chance to view the items being sent to subscribers. By this way, they would be more interested to subscribe to the newsletter. The headlines must be optimized and attributes, as well as keywords, are to be added.

By this way, the search engine would view the text. There are users who publish in the archive as well as a blog at the same time; such users should make use of canonical tags that direct the blog page. Also with this way, the blog page is indexed instead of being archived by the search engine.

11. Aspects of email marketing:

Email is considered as the best communication tool and is an effective way to get in touch with a vast number of audiences. Planning is important in email marketing where emails are to be scheduled in advance. Your email should hold possess something useful and make sure that the receipt has something desirable. There are few tips to be followed for developing a perfect email campaign.

  • It is mandatory for all emails to have a purpose; also the email must be beneficial for the reader. The useful aspects of the email can be an offer or discounts which the reader would like to receive.
  • As many users these days prefer mobile phones instead of computers, the designing part should be taken care of. The template should employ CSS styles as well as HTML codes so that information is received in the right way. The images should be loaded in the right manner and also the layout should be perfect.
  • To maintain a level of trust with your customers, it is advised to avoid spam emails. It is always good to respect the permissions and preferences of the customers. They must choose and opt for any service and never should anything be forced.
  • Reader’s first impression would be on the page layout and design hence focusing on corporate and professional design is important. Media design and newsletter is to be developed in a professional way.
  • Success in email marketing is achieved when emails are sent at the right time.
  • The customer should always be communicated with easy language. Humor is required at times and being serious when actions are required is also necessary.

12. HTML versions:

Emails must be provided with HTML versions when the reader’s actual email does not open correctly. Different devices may have certain issues with image download too. There are various tools that provide you with the required templates. For ones who possess an archive of newsletters does not require HTML versions.

13. Associate with social media:

Social media like Instagram and Facebook holds about 3 billion active users and offers you an opportunity to elevate your website. There are many research and studies that mention, email subscribers share more contents on social platforms when compared to other channels. It is hence a good plan to integrate emails with social accounts and websites.

By this way, the SEO potential of websites can be enhanced. This can be done quickly just be sharing the social media buttons in emails.

14. Enhance lead generation topics:

Research your email for best click rates. For ones who have been in email marketing would surely have a lead generation efforts previous data. For search engine optimization efforts, these data can be used. Also, make use of offers from email marketing campaigns and moreover top performing keywords can be optimized.

15. PPC can be used for email subject line testing:

Email marketing success is mainly dependent on the subject line. Avoid guessing subject lines and employ the use of PPC to gather data for a perfect subject line. Five varied subject lines can be developed and PPC ad for every subject line is to be done. Gather sufficient data and pick the subject line that has high clicking rates.

16. Using UTM parameters:

The effectiveness of an online marketing campaign can be found with the help of UTM or Urchin Tracking Module. As the subscriber clicks the link associated with UTM parameters, the data related to it is obtained by Google Analytics. Also, the source of the traffic can be found out with this.

17. Designing CTA buttons:

The CTA or Call to action buttons is necessary as they are the basic parameter that guide, email marketing campaign’s perspective. To drive in more subscribers for the site, the CTA should be eye-catching and well-designed. Contrast is the main parameter when CTA buttons are considered.

The color should stand out and be a contrast from other contents in the email. Bear in mind that the color selected should be within the branding strategy. This is because the subscribers should be able to find the website easily.

18. Provide link:

At one visit if the visitor runs through more number of pages, then the site would possess a lower bounce rate. “Similar web plugin” can be used to get this information. Provide a link at the bottom of the page. This would automatically push visitors to enter your website.

By this way, the user reads many pages at one shot and at times of ranking, search engine keeps this in the count.


An email campaign alone does not enhance SEO or elevates ranking. Proper planning and the right strategy are important in integrating email marketing with SEO. The best tool that is available to enhance sales is email marketing technic. Search engine optimization can also be elevated with email marketing.

By integrating email marketing with SEO, you can drive in more number of visitors to your website. The tips discussed above can be followed in order to integrate email marketing with SEO. There are many online tools for the various procedures followed in this technic.

The user can run through all these tips and include them in their integration method. Beneficial and quality results would be obtained and brand or product would reach greater heights in a short time.

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