What Are The Best Email List Building Strategies?

To flourish in the field of business, it is mandatory to grow your email list. This is the digital age, with many types of marketing and social media marketing. In spite of all these, email stands out of the rest for a number of reasons.

To be successful in email marketing, it is mandatory to build email and expand your list. Let’s run through a few points about how to build and grow an email list.

Email List Building

Email List Building Strategies for your Blog:

1. Seeking the help of an email marketing provider:

It is always good to hold hands with an email marketing provider to initiate growing an email list. Pick a marketing provider with whom your business model is appropriate. Some beneficial factors of email marketing are that they have a pattern in growing an email list.

• They provide sign up forms
• They have different lists to which send the sign-up forms
• They partition the subscribers based on various aspects
• Automated messages are sent to them based on their business.

2. Side projects:

Side projects can be mentioned as services or projects not associated with your business. They are something associated with a free offer by which customers email can be exchanged. There are many companies that provide free versions for their customers and at one point the customers become ready to pay.

It is important to bear in mind that it isn’t always mandatory to have a costly side project. The side project can be simple and inexpensive.

3. Utilizing opt-in forms:

The initial default and basic way for email list developing are by using opt-in forms. Either in the middle or the bottom of the screen, the opt-in form will be present. Every shopping site would have this form.

Apart from usual opt-in forms, sticky sign-up forms can also be used. Every e-commerce site would have this opt-in form and it is from here that we can learn a number of uses and practices.

4. Driving traffic to a landing page:

With a landing page and an email platform, your next chore would be to turn visitors to subscribers. This can be achieved by driving in more traffic to the landing page. One idea to drive in more traffic is by enhancing SEO efforts. The other way would be to feature the landing page on many channels possible.

You can also share your site on social media. To elevate conversations and enhance exposure, your site can be equipped with CTA.

5. Pop-ups usage:

Pop up forms are mandatory and dynamic. They can be designed in a way so that they pop up at certain time intervals. The pop-up forms can be installed in a way that they occur after the visitor has visited a few pages, certain time intervals, after a few pages are scrolled or after the user is about to exit.

6. Subscription with an offer:

Every individual receives more than a hundred emails per day and many of them are marketing emails. Hence to build your email list, visitors should subscribe and they do so when you give them an incentive. Your brand can improve by providing them with an offer, or value. To grab in more customers the right way would be by providing discounts and benefits.

7. An interactive sign-up form:

The best way to grab in more visitors and develop email list is by pleasing and fascinating the visitors. You should always think out of the box. Sign up forms should be interesting and interactive. For example, the wheel of fortune is a great way to attract customers as they spin for a prize. If they want to spin, they need to sign up.

8. Subscribers segmentation:

The real truth is that all subscribers do not sign up and all subscribers are not of the same mentality. Hence it is mandatory to segment subscribers. The partitioning can be done based on many factors such as location, interests, email frequency and type of messages.

9. Lead magnet creation:

When new stores are introduced online, people hesitate to purchase and leave the site. There are a lot of e-commerce sites where you’ll find a conversation rate of only 3% and other visitors do not come back.

To overcome such a situation, visitors are converted into subscribers with the help of a lead magnet. The lead magnet can be mentioned as an informative resource. Some lead magnets can be templates, PDF guides, images, e-book and more. Email campaigns and newsletters are a few aspects you need to sign up for.

10. Subscribers can connect their family and friends:

Your subscribers can help you by forwarding the content to their friends and family. If you’re offering a discount or promotion, this can be done with an added advantage and action for your subscribers.

You can plan and offer them an incentive to refer and link their family and friends. Hence if you offer a reward, subscribers would surely refer their friends and colleagues.

11. Sending appropriate content at times:

When you have a list of subscribers, it is mandatory to the subscriber’s appropriate content at regular time intervals. Do not send emails often as they may get annoyed and unsubscribe.

12. Hacking Qualaroo:

To build your email list, you can hack Qualaroo. This is a survey tool that asks a few questions to the visitors. This tool can be hacked to build your email list.

13. Options to be minimized:

Many people are annoyed to pass through the various options as they subscribe. Your site should be in a way, with simple steps for subscriptions, rewards, news or anything the visitor is looking for.

14. Gated content:

There are few contents in the website that can be accessed only if the visitor types the email address. Such contents are called gated contents. So, gated contents can be used on your website to build your email list.

15. Webinars:

You can host webinars as they are the best way to have a conversation with business. When webinars are used in a perfect way, you can grow your email list in a perfect manner.

16. Provide free courses:

In order to build your list, providing free courses is a great way. This is because free courses can be developed easily, can be reused often and are considered valuable assets. With free courses, new potential customers can be attracted.

17. Using social media:

Social media is another best platform that can be used for many methods in business and capturing email addresses. It is believed that social media is a proven method to build and grow your email list.

18. Exporting LinkedIn contacts:

For the networking purpose, LinkedIn contacts are the best source. Many people do not know that your contacts in LinkedIn can be explored. The export is done by signing into your LinkedIn site and then navigates to ‘My Network’, move to ‘your connections’ on your screen’s left, then click on ‘imported contacts’ navigate to advanced options and click on export contracts.

19. Scroll box:

Whenever your visitors are ready for action then your call to action would work. The preparedness of the visitor mainly depends on the behavior of the viewer. For this purpose, an A/B test is conducted to find out the placement of CTA. This solely depends on the viewers and the content of the page.

20. Email signature update:

To grow your email list if you’re sending 40 per day or 500 emails per day, you can update your email signature. This can be done within a few seconds. This should be done by just attaching CTA in your email signature.

Irrespective of the type of business you do and industry you’re in, you need to have an active email list. For people who do not have an active email list, can run through these tips and build an email list.

Pick your appropriate platform, the next step would be to develop your opt-in landing page by which your traffic can be enhanced. There should be a purpose mentioned for people to subscribe. Also, remember to provide an incentive or offer to subscribe. Follow the above guide and get to grow your email list.

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