How to Increase Domain Authority and Page Authority

For a website to be on the top, its search engine ranking is very important.

There are many ways in which the search engine ranking on Google will be affected

Two main affecting factors are the Domain authority and page authority.

So to know how a domain authority and page authority affect the overall search engine rating, you need to know what they are first.

Domain Authority and Page Authority

What Is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain authority is basically a measurement that was created by Moz. To attract a lot of traffic to boost the search engine rating, the domain authority value has to be high.

Domain authority is a measurement that helps you to know how well your SEO strategies are working out and how good is your website compared to the others in the same genre.

Before you get down to business with domain authority you need to know what page authority is and how it affects your search engine results as well.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

So page authority is also a measurement which is almost the same as that of Domain authority. But unlike the domain authority which evaluates the power of the whole domain, this page authority evaluates the value of one webpage only.

Another important thing that needs your attention is how does Moz evaluate Domain authority?

How are DA and PA calculated?

It is generally pointed using a scale of 1-100, with one being the lowest and 100 being the highest.

It works based on an algorithm created by them. Logarithmic value is taken to make the calculations simple.

Domains value of 20/30 makes it simple to make changes then the value of 70/80. Similarly, the value of 40/50 is moderate while 50/60 is termed as good and above 60 is the ultimate best.

To evaluate your domains performance on Moz, you need to follow a few steps.

  • The first select site explores to know where you are standing in the search engine rankings.
    Moz uses a lot of methods to determine your domain authority value where few of them are
  • It is determined by the Linking root Domain i.e., the number of exclusive backlinks your website has acquired from different domains. Having a few backlinks from one website and another few from another website will get you two links in total. So it is profitable to earn a few links from different websites rather than earning a lot from the same one.
  • The measurement of external links attached to your website is known as the MozRank. Quantity is not of the only matter here but quality as well. So you need to have good external links to have better Moz value. In General, a value of 10 is considered to be good for a website.
  • Moz rank stands for quantity while the MozTrust is for quality. It measures to see how many qualities trusted website external links are attached to your website. They are usually .gov or other sites similar to them that help to evaluate your Moz value rating.
  • Like how everyone works to achieve it, you also need to have quality content for your website. It should be original and unique to help with the domain authority rating. This factor affects the overall search engine rating of your website.
  • If a post gets liked and shared many times it means that the content is good. This is a social indication. Similarly, domain authority also uses social indication to know the ranking and rating of your website.
  • Only when a website is user accessible will it attract more traffic. Good site infrastructure, with SEO contents, will help users to reach your webpage easily. This will eventually affect your ranking which is of prime importance for your increasing domain authority.

To know more about your webpage and how it’s responding in the outside world, domain authority is a prime factor.

Similarly, page authority is also a mandatory measurement which will help in knowing your web page’s search engine ranking.

Just like the domain authority, page authority is also calculated using a 100 point log scale.

Even though you might not change anything, the value might keep getting changed as the default algorithm keeps getting altered every now and then.

Just like domain authority, there are many ways in which Moz makes out the page authority.

  • It makes use of social stigma like likes, comments, shared pages on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Whether the page has root domains attached to it
  • Whether or not the page has root domains attached to it via any partial match anchor text
  • The total number of subdomains attached to the page.
  • If the page has a lot of trusted web links attached to the page.
  • Total number of external links attached to the page

Ways to Boost Your Domain Authority and Page Authority:

We now know the main reason for the domain authority of a webpage to be high, and the ways in which Moz calculates them, you must be wondering over ways to boost your Domain authority value.

We have put up a list of steps to help increase the domain authority value of your webpage.

The Domain name must be catchy:

So if you are a startup, you need to have a catchy domain name to stand out in the crowd. Keep a name that relates to your website. The reason why it should relate to your business is only then people will remember it and your product. It should be catchy at the same time simple enough for everyone to remember. And most importantly keep renewing your name at least for the next few years continuously.

Modification of the content present on-page:

Another important factor affecting your domain authority in the Google search engine ranking is SEO. So make sure you have quality content on your page which is regularly updated and is proved from time to time. Keep changing the contents and the keyword and put up new posts and articles to boost your domain authority. New interesting contents will attract more people and you will be able to boost your domain authority value, once the traffic gets increased.

The need for relatable contents:

For the Moz rank and Moz trust to boost your domain authority, you need to have relatable contents posted on your domain page. SEO based content is sure to raise the domain bar. But you need to have contents which are interesting that will lure people to keep visiting your web page again and again regularly thereby increasing traffic. Only when related contents are present, then users understand your webpage and its use and keep visiting it again and again.

Have good internal links:

Though the website’s, in general, will be attached to a lot of links, it is necessary that they have a lot of internal links compared to the external ones. Internal links are the main reason why visitors increase to the webpage as they help in finding out what the customer or user has been searching. Other sites which contain blogs and articles related to the product in the webpage can be given as internal links as well to boost the domain authority. They keep your visitors intrigued into the website for some time and hence make it very easy for search engines to rank your website.

Get rid of unwanted links:

Your webpage should be clear of bad links to keep the domain authority value high. Firstly you need to distinguish the good and bad ones and then remove it, else it will end up destroying your domain authority. Searching each link would be difficult and hence you can use the link managers available to check for bad or broken links to delete them easily. Undertaking this step will make sure your website is clear of any toxic links which will, in turn, boost your domain authority value.

User-friendly website:

Your webpage should be user-friendly. Many users prefer accessing any webpage using their mobile phones and hence you should keep your website mobile friendly as well. You can use the available Google checker to know if your website is mobile and user-friendly or not. Being user-friendly will attract more users to your webpage which will, in turn, increase the domain authority value.

Super loading speed of your webpage:

Bad and slow loading speed will affect your domain authority very badly. It will reduce the number of users to your page and which will in general ruin your web page when users and visitors lack the patience waiting for it to load. It is important for you to rectify the mistakes due to which the loading speed of your webpage is less and improve it. Super high loading speed is a boon to your website.

Campaign using social media support:

Social media is gaining momentum and be it anything people promote it on the platform. Be it Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn or any platform, you can use the contents related to your webpage on it to promote it. People like or comment or share your link, your web page publicity will be boosted and thereby increasing your domain authority. Once they reach the social media platform the webpage naturally gets promoted and you will have a lot of visitors to your website than the usual audience and thereby increase the domain authority value.

Domain authority is an important factor which helps indicate how your webpage works. It also stands as one way of comparison to know where you stand from your competition. Only domain authority will help bring more visitors to your website and thereby increasing traffic.

Likewise, page authority can also be improved using various methods namely

New content on your page:

Keep producing new content for your page. You need to keep changing the contents of your page every now and then to keep your visitors intriguing. Your content has to be related to your webpage and it should prove to have effects. It should be very new and trendy but should be simple to understand. And when your content gets liked and shared, it means your webpage is gaining popularity. By changing your content factor regularly, you will attract a lot of visitors to your webpage which in turn will attract more traffic to your website and finally result in good page authority values.

Grab external links:

When a web page is linked to as many external links as possible it will increase traffic. So you need to attract more websites to your page. For this, you need to have a spot on contents and share them on the social media platform. When they get likes and shares, other websites will notice your webpage and you might grab an external link. You can also do service by being an external link to other websites so they will do the same for you and you will be able to add them as an external link and increase traffic which will, in turn, boost your page authority.

Include images:

Well, who doesn’t like pictures? Adding images to your webpage will definitely boost your page authority. A lot can be gained if you attach images and if those images are of original value and quality you are surely headed to success. Adding images not only will boost your webpage but also make it interesting for your visitors to know more about the content written. Images are shared easily and on a larger scale than contents as people find images more captivating than the content. Unlike the content only webpage, SEO rate will also be boosted when images are added.

You have all the freedom to follow any strategy to improve your domain authority and page authority value. By doing so, you will attract a lot of traffic which will in turn increase borne value immensely.

Only when these two values are high your webpage will be ranked high on the search engine ranking. So, focus with all your might to increase your web page domain and page authority value.

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