How to Write a Disclosure Statement for your Blog

Need to write a good disclosure statement?

You are not the first person to bother in this regard. Don’t worry.

What is a Disclosure Statement?

Actually, the problem lies in the fact that many people don’t even know, what a disclosure statement is. It is basically an official document. It is meant to outline the terms, conditions, risks, and rules of a financial transaction. Generally, the issues like a loan or an investment require a disclosure statement.

Disclosure Statement

In simple words, it is a general official statement that puts together the details like conditions, risks, terms, rules and so on of any transaction like loan or investment.

For instance, in the case of a loan, the disclosure statement will have all the details of the loan such as interest rate, repayment date, the total amount given, conditions, collateral necessities, prepayment details, fines, penalties, and all the other additional important details. It will also contain details of security, agreement, property pledged with all the other details of the documents signed to close the loan deal. Whereas in the case of an investment it will contain the details of the investment, mode of investment, deposits made, withdrawals, fines, and penalties. Likewise, you can create a disclosure statement for your needs.

Blog Disclosure Statement:

Disclosure is known to be the most important thing for bloggers, marketers, Social media marketers, Digital marketers etc. It requires genuineness and that is what accords it worth. The person preparing the disclosure statement should be capable of making something obvious. It is the specialty of a good disclosure that it pays off. It makes everything clear to the readers. In short, it is the act of absolute trust and response.

A disclosure statement is a basic important statement that is a clear, crisp, non-technical details of any particular deal without the necessity of any legal complex documentation. Straightforward information, obligations, rights, penalties, and details of the deal will be mentioned in the disclosure statement.

Now as you have known the notion of a disclosure statement, you have crossed the very first stage of the preparation.

Obviously, it is not important to disclose things. But don’t you think it is good practice to do so?.

It is not important but it should be fundamental. Remember that whenever you make a good disclosure statement you gain more opportunities. It will benefit not just your readers, but also you.

Don’t take it for granted but it is not child’s play to prepare a good disclosure statement. Some things have to be kept in mind while the preparation.

When you prepare a disclosure statement, interrogate some of the basic questions. Surely they will answer your queries.

While writing blog disclosure policy:

  • Ask as if you are ready to accept sponsored posts or not. If no, then what special feature you can add up?
  • If you can accept the respective posts, then what links will be marked as no-follow?
  • If you are a blogger, you should ask yourself if you want products to review or not?
  • What about the relevance of the data? Will it work to put a simple statement at the end of each post?
  • Or if you want to try out something unique or innovative, then what it would be?
  • In short, how will you disclose everything?

Many people doubt the momentousness of Disclosure Statement.

Do you have the same doubt? If no, then why are you stuck? If yes, then you have not even upgraded yourself.

Disclosure statements are very important. They are the protectors of relevant information. You can even call it a two-sided statement because it makes it up to both the sender and receiver.

If we discuss its merits, there are many. Disclosure statements explain all information. The information so recorded relates to the business statement or a transaction. It deals with any issues or problems.

And when it comes to the concerned parties, one of the parties also gets a chance to review the details of the transaction. Isn’t it fabulous? All in all, a person gets an opportunity to express his/her opinions.

Let’s come to the point-

Procedure to Write a Disclosure Statement for Blog?

Don’t neglect particulars or information:

You should have patience in order to disclose things. Try not to exclude any information. Disclose things related to business affairs (especially financial ones). It is because this may discourage your buyers. You are liable to lose your goodwill and market share. Remember trials and errors won’t work in professionalism. Hiding information is not a mistake, it is stupidity. Soon you will get trapped into it. Better to convey everything. Be honest. Put down all the details, be it is a basic or important regarding the deal.

Clear and precise language:

You don’t have to show your vocabulary power to the audience. Even you don’t have to reduce your level. The simple point is that you should use simple words. Manifestly you will be disclosing your income statement or balance sheet with the viewers. Every disclosure needs to be apprehended by the other party. Try to avoid difficult words and vague phrases as much as you can. By making use of your basic English skills prepare a document by putting forth all the details when writing the disclosure statement.

Attachments and attestations:

It should be reminded that you should attach necessary documents for sure. The documents would relate to the type of transaction and so don’t forget to attach them. Official works or formal works need some procedures to be followed. The reader can view and crosscheck the data with the attached documents. Another important step while preparing the disclosure statement is to take care of that all the attached documents are attested by the necessary authorities.

The final emendation:

It is the most important step in the whole procedure. You should check the data. You might have taken utmost care while its preparation but errors are certain things. Detect possible errors. Once the disclosure is sent, no amendments could be done. If feasible, Review and rewrite it. It will be better if you can get someone else to read it. With this, you can ask them for opinions and make the necessary changes to make your statement look perfect.

It is assumed that it is a difficult task to prepare a disclosure statement. It is because not everyone knows very well when to disclose and when to hide. What to say and what not to be said. Many experts and specialists have organized themselves in this regard. They have prepared many disclosures. Even some of them have been copied into posts.

Don’t you think there is something better in their disclosure statement? Or perhaps you are missing out something. Here go the various types of techniques to be followed.

Disclosure statement example:

For example when it comes to the receipt of a product for which you weren’t paid:-

You can write, “Though I received a sample I was not paid”.

Simply you have to just mention the happening and its impact. Trust me it works.

It should be kept in mind that the disclosure statement differs from genres to genres.

For a promotional event:

The write- up should have instructional personnel disclosure. You should focus only on a particular product or service. This is what will make your statement good. You need to tell each and every detail to the customers.

Some of the key factors to be kept in mind:

Firstly you should definitely mention instructional personnel’s name. And then you need to disclose the financial relationships. But there exist many nonfinancial relationships as well. Their disclosure should also be there.

So you should disclose material relationships. The relations you have with brands or advertisers. Your disclosure statement should review or recommend something.

To be on a safer side create a dedicated disclosure policy page. And it should be easily visible. There are many people who get attracted due to the dedicated disclosure policy page. But it will be not enough to have a dedicated disclosure policy page only. You can add up a disclosure statement. It will take care of advanced issues.

When the disclosure statement is written for loan related issue, interest rate, the amount borrowed etc should be mentioned.

While making a disclosure policy statement, you should know

  • What kind of disclosure statement should you prepare if you receive a free product? And what will be the requisites if you are asked to review it?
  • What kind of disclosure statement should you prepare when you receive a commission? Obviously, it will happen when you have to affiliate links.
  • What kind of disclosure statement should you prepare when getting either money or product? Even when you receive a service?

In all the above-mentioned cases, you have to write a disclosure for a company. You need to keep in mind the details about the particular product or a company.

Disclosure Do’s:

  1. You should be honest. It is better to be rejected than to be blacklisted.
  2. If there is anything which a user should know, don’t hide it.

Disclosure Don’ts:

  1. Stop promoting a product if you haven’t tried it. It can harm you adversely.
  2. Sometimes you are paid to try a product. It will better not to write anything in such a case. It might be satisfactory but don’t say it was great.
  3. Don’t invite a problem by writing some expectations. Don’t say ‘the product is better if.’

After going through the article, you might have got everything. You might have understood the importance of the disclosure statement. It is precise cum concise data of a company. It is a written document which speaks the financial language. It is one of the major official documents. The amazing thing is that it is written without a legal perspective.

Disclosure in business requires efforts. The business will hide the critical issues of the business. But at the same time, you are required to disclose certain aspects. It sometimes creates problems. It is because you are expected to work in a completely abstract situation. But this is also very dangerous. Disclosing too much information can trap you into the net. It is because the company will be shown as the weak segment. So you need to evaluate each and everything before writing. Just keep in mind the values. You will be benefitted.

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