18 Best Copyscape Alternatives To Find Stolen Content

The world of the internet is purely content based on text format. To maintain the SEO of your website, to achieve higher website ranking or to generate good quality content. All of these require a good amount of time and specific skill sets.

Not everyone who puts up the content ensures it to be original. People want to achieve quick results for which they do not mind stealing the content from someone else. Suppose the content on which you worked really hard gets plagiarised and used then the worth of your work decreases down.

Copyscape Alternatives

Copyscape is known to be a popular tool that helps to find out if there are any chances of content duplication somewhere on the web. But there are more sophisticated plagiarism tools available online, which works well to detect plagiarism, also they ensure to do the grammar check and vocabulary check. Hence you achieve good quality content.

Copyscape Alternatives to Fight Content Scrapers:

Below are 18 best Copyscape alternatives for online plagiarism checker.

1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers which also proffer reads the articles with great precision and accuracy. Grammarly can easily check more than 205 types of different grammatical errors and can check 8 billion web pages.

Grammarly is helpful in enhancing the vocabulary, it is highly used by content writers, students, teachers, and professionals. Being a good plagiarism tool. It comes in handy for academic papers too, making the job of plagiarism check easily for teachers and professors.

Another reason which makes Grammarly popular is due to the fact, that it is a good tool for correcting the punctuations precisely.

2. WhiteSmoke:

It is known to be the second-best after Grammarly, being one of its kind plagiarism and grammar checking tool. Whitesmoke is quick to find the copied content from other pages which can easily affect your content, which later would have impacted your search engine ranking.

3. Plagiarisma:

It is an efficient plagiarism checker tool, with a basic and simple layout. Plagiarisma’s main focus is to detect the plagiarism for the scholars and students so that their effort and articles are safe to use.

Plagiarisma can easily support data from Google, Bing, and Scholar. The free tool is good to go to find the duplicate content, but the paid version works in getting your grammar better in the article. it supports various file formats from pdf, txt, word files and much more. You simply need to upload the file and then it is good to go.

4. Plagscan:

PlagScan is an easy to use convenient online plagiarism tool. It is extremely user-friendly, with various features embedded in it. Depending on one’s requirements, you can customize the features in PlagScsan, which as per your need can be changed.

Before you decide to go for the complete version, it is good to use their trial version to get a hands-on experience of it.

5. DupliChecker:

If you are looking for a plagiarism tool that is absolutely free, then DupliChecker is sure should be on top of the list. It does not have any subscription charges or trial versions.

You just need to upload your article or copy and paste the content that you want to check the duplicate content and it will provide good results with few seconds. Do keep in mind that this is not the alternative tool for Grammarly.

6. PlagiarismCheck:

There are many free plagiarism tools that put the restriction of word counts that you can check. But with PLagiarismCheck, this is not the case. You can check any number of word count you want without paying anything.

Another advantage of PlagiarismCheck is that it accepts all formats of documents. You can access PlagiarismCheck from anywhere across the globe unlike many other tools. Therefore, making it popular among freelance writers.

As this product does not provide any kind of warranty, therefore, if in case you decide to file a lawsuit against them for some reason, it won’t be as easy to do that.

7. SmallSEOTools:

One of the older tools which have been quite popular among writers. SmallSEOTools provides many features other than finding the duplicate content, for example, keyword position, domain authority checker, word count checker, spell checker, etc. Plagiarism checking tool is quite basic in nature, yet everyone loves it due to the fact of its easy utility.

You can copy and paste the texts in the text box and check the plagiarism, within a few seconds you can see the errors in red.

8. Plagium:

Plagium is a free tool for checking the plagiarism of the content. Once you copy and paste the content into this tool, it informs you about the duplicate content within a few seconds. The advantage of this tool is that not only from the web it finds the plagiarised content but it also checks social media platforms for duplicate content.

It is quite popular and is known to be one of the best alternatives to Copyscape.

9. Paperrater:

Paperrater is a free tool to check plagiarised content. It mainly works on three important aspects of the content that is, content duplication, checking grammar and suggesting improved writing. It is most popular among students and teachers.

10. Dustball:

Another popular tool to check the plagiarized content, it is known to be on the premium side of a content checker. The free tool is quite effective to detect duplicate content from the web, but if you decide to go for their paid version then that is also worth trying.

11. CheckForPagiarism.net:

The unique thing about this tool is that it has been designed and build by professionals, computer scientists, academicians. This is an advantage because CheckForPagiarism.net considers every individual’s requirement for plagiarism checking.

Therefore, it is quite popular among, students, teachers, professionals, and publishers. They have 24×7 customer care, which helps to resolve any kind of issue you might be facing.

It is highly popular due to the fact that its accuracy to detect duplicate content is high and is extremely user-friendly.

As they do not offer free trials, therefore, many people might not be interested in trying this tool.

12. PlagSpotter – Shut Down:

It is another alternative for Copyscape as a plagiarism tool. It checks your content across the web and lets you see the duplicate content in the form of a percentage. Which is helpful in getting a fair idea about the similarity of content online. It provides you the information sentence by sentence.

You can upload the document or copy-paste the content, whichever feels convenient to you. A few more features that it offers are unlimited URL checks, SEO, monitors web pages, ensure content originality and much more.

13. WriteCheck:

WriteCheck is another popular alternative to Copyscape for plagiarism checker and to find grammatical errors. It can easily go through the web and find if your content has been plagiarised or if there is any duplicity.

It is most popular among the students, who before submitting their projects and assignment check the content. It helps them if their work has been used somewhere across the web.

WriteCheck is a paid tool and does not have any trial versions. The reason mentioned it to be a paid tool is that there are many free tools which do not adhere to the important rules of plagiarism. But WriteCheck ensures to detect the content duplication to the precision.

14. iThenticate:

iThenticate is another leader to detect the plagiarism of the content. It is mainly popular among scholars who want to ensure that their articles are thoroughly checked before getting published. It helps editors, writers, and research institutions to ensure the authenticity of their content.

The company is located in Oakland, California with a branch office in Newcastle, UK. It boasts about having a database of more than 60 billion web pages and 155 million content files. It has more than 49 million work from more than 800 scholars. With such a strong data in hand, iThenticate ensure to provide you with the precise data.

15. ScanMyEssay:

Also known as Viper is quite an effective plagiarism tool. It commits to finding the duplicate content to a highly accurate level.

Viper works in a way, where you register yourself or create an account with them. You can then select the file that requires being checked and Viper or ScanMyEssay will get back to you with the accurate results.

The advantage it offers is that it can match the data be it local or on the entire web. From journals, scholarly papers, online material and from various other huge database. It shows your work uploaded along with the matching content, hence, it tells you the exact file where it will be the same.

Viper is free is some countries and for others, one has gone for the premium option. In the countries where it is free, Viper insists their users to upload three essays in their database which can be useful for other students to learn. This uploaded data is not used by Viper for about three months from the time of scanning it for plagiarism.

16. CopyLeaks:

CopyLeaks is good at finding out the plagiarized content from across the web. It can easily find out the rearranged texts with accuracy. CopyLeaks mentions using highly advanced artificial intelligence, which makes them capable to find duplicate content.

It is popular among the students and for academicians due to its effectiveness, which ensures that students submit the original work. Meanwhile, for businesses, it comes in handy to ensure that they are able to find duplicate content and protects intellectual property rights.

CopyLeaks works highly on the security of their users, they use an encrypted connection (SSL) so that the user connection is secure. They have free trials where a person can test and decide to go for the premium version.

17. Unicheck:

It is known to detect plagiarism with extreme efficiency and due to its quick analysis of texts saves a lot of time. They have a clean layout, where they highlight the errors depending on the immediate measure which content requires.

uncheck shares the links with you, whenever they are able to find similar content with your texts. Another major benefit of this tool is that it helps the user to find out the repeated content in their own article if any.

Another advantage with Unicheck is that always scans your content with the updated web index information. It is also known to have access to more than 3000 open sources form the web. Hence, this huge data makes it more efficient to provide its accuracy.

Being a file friendly format it is able to upload various kinds of file and it has the feature to let you download the report in pdf format.

18. Quetext:

Quetext is a good plagiarism detecting tool that has helped more than one million teachers, students and professionals across the world to prevent plagiarism. They use DeepSearch technology which makes this tool unique as it ensures to prevent content duplication and helps to improve the writing.

The quetext goal is to assure all the writers that their content is protected and not misused by others. You can upload up to five different files which can check at the same time, these files can be pdf, word or any other format. Also, there are no limitations to the number of files you want to scan.

Their free version has a good number of limitations, it offers you only basic search and up to five hundred words. But for the pro services of Questext, your search for unlimited reports, about 50,000 words, can download pdf reports and easily upload the file.

The plagiarism checker tools as described above are quite good, but it is for you to decide which one works best for you. Some of these tools are highly efficient for students and academicians because they are designed specifically for them. Few of these tools are designed for professionals and businesses which works really well for them.

Therefore, understanding as per your requirement each of these tools will deliver good results. Start with the trial version and later you can go for the premium or memberships.

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