Competitor Analysis Tools You Need to Increase Traffic

Do you have your own website and often wonder how your websites are performing compared to your competitors’ websites?

If your answer is yes means, you landed on the right platform. Getting to know about your competitors’ weakness and strengths are the great foundations for a good marketing strategy.

Best Competitor Analysis Tools

When you’re evaluating the performance of your company and building a very impeccable plan, it is imperative to take a look at your competitors. By conducting competitive analysis and putting things into perspective, you can spot several gaps on which you differ from your competitors.

There is no shortage in the analysis tools to check about your competitor websites these days. Many of the analysis tools offer various insights which are relevant to the particular niche and contribute the best competitive understanding.

Scrutinizing the competitors’ business, products and marketing strategies are very essential to stay ahead in the competition. There are many aspects and channels to consider while conducting analysis such as organic search, social media, paid search and much more.

Luckily there are many resources which help you to make this demanding process more manageable. Here on this page, we have compiled the list of tools which cover the range of areas from paid adverts to email marketing. You can select any tool and decide which part of your competitors’ website you want to spy on.

As a business person, you need to understand why your business is in the bubble. You have competitors, monitor them using the Best Competitor Analysis Tools and then ask yourself.

Do competitor websites outrank my website? Why?

How they got higher social media love? Why?

You need to track and analyze your competitors, be inspired and outsmart. With the list of Best Competitor Analysis Tools mentioned below, you can learn a lot of things about your competitors, their marketing strategies and what adjustments have to do for your own content.

You can use these tools to benchmark your website against your competitors’ websites.

List of Best Competitor Analysis Tools:


You have to optimize your content for new customers. If you publish blog posts daily, you can generate more visits to your website. The most important point is your content needs to be more valuable and unique. Otherwise, your target audience will get bored and there are chances of losing your potential customers.

Alexa is an Amazon company that provides deep analytical insights to its users to compare and optimize their website in the competition. When you launch a website, the competitive analysis helps you to know whether your language is understandable to the audience. This tool is useful in three categories which are,

Digital marketers:

It gives you in-depth insights to optimize and analyze your users. It provides tools to stay ahead in the competition, helps to understand the overall competitive landscape.

Site owners and publishers:

It provides accurate site metrics such as monthly page views, unique visits, time on the website, bounce rate and much more. When you get accurate website metrics, you can develop the content strategy that helps to get ahead in the competition and increase your presence in the right social media channel.

Content strategists:

For these entrepreneurs, this tool provides information related research, lead generation, content creation, content distribution, and content management.


PPC is one of the important channels to increase your website traffic growth. You may get a doubt that this channel is very expensive and require a lot of skills which you don’t have yet. But the truth is that PPC can be easily used by beginners to increase productivity and leads.

In order to maximize your ROI of money and time, you have to target the right and main keywords. These right keywords can make a huge difference between your success and failure when it comes to ad campaigns and Pay-per-Click.

For example, you invest the same amount on AdWords PPC same as your competing members, but you suddenly discover that your competitors are making money more than you. There are more chances that the keywords which you used are not profitable when compared to your competitive landscape.

Here the SpyFu saves you. It is one of the most amazing competitor analysis tools which help you to find and download the best keywords of your competitors. With this tool, you can even know the list of paid keywords which are targeted by your competitors.

In addition to this, you can also know their keywords of organic search so that you can implement them on your website and you can see your SEO improvement. Here are the easy steps to get the profitable keywords which are used by your competitors and you can use them to enhance the market share.

Step – 1: Find profitable keywords

First of all, go to the homepage and enter your competitors’ website URL in the search box. And then click on the Enter button.

Step – 2: Analyze the keywords

This is a very important step. It is the step where you can know your competitors’ both paid and organic keywords.

When you click on the Paid keywords option, you can know your competitor exact keywords which are used in running ads.

When you click on Organic keywords option, it reveals your competitors targeted keywords for search engine results. They can target the keywords in meta descriptions, product pages, landing pages, titles, content and much more.

The SpyFu is very powerful and best keyword analysis tool where you can get complete information about your competitors’ keywords. The data provided by this tool is very reliable and you can keep an eye on your competitors and their marketing strategies.

Step – 3: Export the keywords

When you are all set to download the keywords from this amazing tool, just tap on the “Export” option and pick anyone such as:

Export as CSV: You will get keywords in a format of the spreadsheet.
Export as PDF: You can understand keywords as easily as you reading the ebook.


If you’re not able to generate the traffic to your website, then what else matters most?

Always remember that it doesn’t matter the value of your services and products. If you’re not having the right amount or kind of traffic to your website, you will fail in the competition. The right traffic has to be your important focus to grab the market share.

According to the HubSpot, B2B marketers generate 67% more leads who use blogs than who don’t use. If you focus more on blogging, you will able to get more positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Blogging is one of the most powerful sources of traffic and sales generating. But the only thing that it requires is, you need to create a best and quality content that attracts users who search on the web, social media people and also your targeted audience.

If the competing members are getting more traffic to their website than your website then you have to get a question as,

“Why my website is not getting right visitors?

Why I’m feeling like a strain to grab the visitors for my website?

This is where the QuickSprout tool comes into the spotlight. It is one of the best competitor analysis tools which helps you to know more details of similar websites and helps you to crack the process to exceed them. For this, you need to follow the simple steps to drive website traffic even in the heavy competition.

Step – 1: Check the website URL

Navigate to the homepage of QuickSprout and enter the URL of your competitor.
Then click on the Yes, I need much more traffic option.

Step – 2: Evaluate the data

Now you have to analyze the data. If you put valuable content, you will be surprised about how you get leads and sales.

Use QuickSprout to make an estimate of SEO and traffic score, sharing in social networks score and bill score of your competitor websites.


When you conduct competitive research, the hardest part is turning your actual data into actionable insights and build your content process. A well-documented content process is always a necessary part to succeed in content marketing.

You can easily improve the strategy just by checking on competitors’ websites and collecting all the important data to optimize your content. We can say that SEMrush is an amazing tool that assists you to do the research on any of the competitor domain. You can use that research information to conduct campaigns as well.

This amazing tool helps to accomplish some of the important factors such as:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Site audit and
  • Backlink analytics

SEMrush offers access to view the SERPs and keywords and its updated information every time. With these real-time keywords and deep competitive process, you can build the content that your readers are interested in. This marketing strategy helps you to reach the target or competitor market.


Can you guess the number of unique visitors your competitors’ websites is generating?

Well, it would be hard but it is not something impossible. SimilarWeb is one of the amazing and Best Competitor Analytics Tool, which helps you to know the visitor’s number of your competitor website.

This tool can be used to search deep into the website, app or the platform. It is one of the most versatile tools which provide accurate insights of any given website. To get started with this website, click on Mobile apps or Website option.

Enter your competitor website URL and then click on the Search button to get all the insights.

Now you can start comparing your traffic statistics with two or more competitors. To do this, you need to click on the Add Competitors option.

Apart from knowing about the traffic sources, it is necessary to have knowledge about what other websites you are competing with. If you want to rank top in the list of 10 organic search results, you need a minimum 9 other web pages.

SimilarWeb is a free tool but you need to upgrade with payment to get access to more intelligence tools targeted by your competitors.


So, if you are looking to build a successful and high organic traffic pipeline that constantly generates more traffic, increased revenue and brand visibility, the competitor tools discussed above will be very helpful.

However, you have to keep in mind that online business growth takes some time and need consistent effort. If you want to make a big difference, then you need to build a content writing strategy with the proven techniques. Still having any queries or confusion about this topic? Then don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comment box below. We will get back to you with the right answers soon.

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