How to Comment on Blogs and Become a Better Blogger

To be a successful blogger, you need to put some extra effort to promote yourself and reach out to others for building relationships.

Commenting on other people’s blogs definitely helps to build more and more traffic to your blog and helps you in getting the backlinks also.

With so many social media platforms, communicating online has become easier than before, now you can reach out to those who inspire you and guide you to be better.

Comment on Blogs

The beauty of commenting on other blogs does not mean you have to say something for the sake of it, but add your voice with a solid opinion that someone is interested in listening to you.

For starters, go through the blog and understand the content in it and then initiate a conversation which should add value to it.

Why Should you comment on other blogs?

To begin with, you need to understand the idea as to why comment on blogs is needed.

As mentioned previously, it helps in generating traffic to your own website. It is also a way to reach out to more and more people, who might be interested in your content.

Online space is huge and there may be a lot of people who might be interested in knowing about your content.

Commenting on other blogs is a way to introduce yourself to others and generate some interest in your blog.

Commenting is a way to build relationships with other bloggers, where you can later ask them for a guest post or is another way to gain more knowledge on the relevant subject.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you decide to start commenting on other blogs. Avoid putting random comments which do not make sense to the conversation or the content.

Tips to Comment on Blogs:

Commenting on blogs is a definite art, which requires simple knowledge and a basic understanding of communication and SEO. Both need to fulfill your main goal to get traffic and backlinks to your own blog.

Further, we will discuss the necessary tips for commenting on blogs as given below:

1. Find your target audience:

The first things you need to consider when starting to comment on blogs is to find out where your target audience visit other blogs.

It is easy to know as you need to find the blogs which have similar content as your own.

Before you start commenting, read through the blog, understand its subject or the topic. Go through the comments of others and see what they are talking about.

These simple steps will give a clear picture as to what you need to say, which attracts others to read your comment.

For example, if your blog is about shoes, then search for other shoe blogs and comment on those blogs.

If you try commenting on other blogs like cars, it won’t help because people who are interested in cars might not be really interested in your content.

2. Expand your horizon:

It means that you need to find various blogs with similar content of yours and write comments on it. Just commenting on a few blogs won’t be helpful in the long run.

You can find various blogs by searching them online, try reading and comment on the blogs from other countries too.

Also, keep in mind that you can comment on similar content blogs too.

For example, if your blog is about shoes then you can comment on fashion related blogs or related to accessories. This simple strategy will be helpful to reach out to the larger audience who might be interested in your blog content too.

Also, use the comment section to find other blogs too, where other people might be commenting with the same purpose as yours and you can then find newer blogs which might not be possible to search through Google.

3. Searching the right blogs:

In previous points, we discussed to comment on more number of blogs or search them on Google.

There are a few more methods which will help you to find the blog of other people. Below are some ways to find the right blogs:

Search engine:

The basic step to finding the blog is just to look for it or Google it in the search engine.

For example, if you are looking for blogs on shoes then just type “blogs on shoes“, “top ten blogs on shoes“, “shoe blogs“, etc This will lead you to different blogs which will be talking about shoes.

Social media:

Social media is one of the best ways to find blogs. You can find them on Pinterest, as this is the best social media channel to find blogs.

There are many DIY topics that are shared on Pinterest, which may lead you to blog of your interest.

Forums and groups:

There are many forums which bring people interested in a common subject, together. You can Google these forums and connect with the one relevant to you.


Hashtags(#) are helpful in helping you find the trending topic on a subject. Search for the hashtag of the topic of your interest, with some research it will lead you to the blogs you are searching for.

Learn from other bloggers:

Ensure that you follow your boggers on various social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Do some research on each of their channel, see who these bloggers are following. This information will give you a number of bloggers to add to your list.

4. Share your knowledge:

Simply commenting something like “interesting topic” or “Great post” might not be the best way to get the attention for your own blog.

The best way is to share your own knowledge if there is some information that you are aware of.

5. Use your name:

When commenting on someone’s blog, it is good to mention your name, preferably use your full name. Your name is your identity and it also allows another person to connect with you on a personal level.

Using your name is a way to introduce yourself to the other person. Imagine if you are attending an event and find an opportunity to connect with few people.

You first introduce yourself and then initiate the conversation, similarly, you need to do it in the online world.

6. Avoid spamming the comment section:

Commenting on a blog is about initiating or participating in a conversation rather than saying something for the sake of it.

Avoid spamming others blogs with comments as this will give a negative impression about you as a non-serious blogger.

Commenting should not be an intention to gain traffic to your site by posting your link in the comment section.

It should be a way where you have a genuine interest in someone’s work and appreciate it or share your own personal opinion on the topic.

7. Have patience:

If you intend to make money from blogging then the first thing you need is to have lots of patience to get noticed by others.

When commenting on blogs, the chances are high that you may not be noticed or your voice might not be heard.

Therefore, make sure that you keep on commenting on various posts regularly to gain attention.

Initially, when you don’t see any results, you may get frustrated and may think about giving up. The point here to remember is that blogging is a consistent effort which needs lots of patience along with a strategic plan.

8. Monitor your work:

Keep a track of your efforts if they are generating any results. Keep a calendar and set dates where you track your efforts.

Do check once a month, then in three months to see if any of your comments brought traffic to your website.

You can see this by using Google Analytics in the option of referral traffic. There you can see which blog has sent you traffic, which of your post got it and if there is a spike or drop in the traffic.

Measuring your efforts will help you plan and understand the kind of blogs which will work for you, where you can focus better.

9. Be regular:

Commenting on one’s blog is a regular process, if you think that posting a comment one will give you results then you need to think again.

You need to go to the blog properly, read the posts thoroughly, comment and share your ideas with them.

At least comment twice or thrice every week, since it gives an impression that you are genuinely interested in someone’s work and talking about it with correct information.

10. Use Gravatar:

Gravatar or “Globally Recognized Avatars” provides you with the universal identity in the online world.

It is your face that the world gets to see and hear. Many people do not prefer using Gravatars, but when you are commenting on other’s blog, ensure that you are using it.

Gravatars gives you a unique identity making it easier for others to connect and appreciate you. Another benefit of using Gravatar is that it gives a better user experience.

11. Use your working email id:

Many people are scared to mention their real email id to prevent from getting spam emails or unwanted messages.

Using a false email id will lead you to lose out the opportunity that may come ahead for you.

Imagine if someone trying to collaborate with you sends you an email and end up realizing that it is a nonfunctioning email id.

The best idea here is to create another email id and use while commenting on other’s blog. So if you get spam emails, you can ignore them or delete them.

Otherwise, you may be able to take advantage of some good opportunity on the way.

12. Plan the timing of your comment:

We all know that nobody really cares about the comments which are below the page or requires too much effort to search.

Therefore, you need to keep a strict track to comment on the blog, so that it is on the top of the page and easily seen by others.

The more people get to see your comment, it increases the chances of getting higher traffic to your website.

It might be tricky to know when to comment on the blog to stay on top. Over a period of time and observing the trend, you will easily figure that out and plan accordingly.

13. Use the good URL:

Whenever you are commenting on someone else blog, they ask you to share your name, email id and sometimes the URL of your own blog.

Majority of the people do not mention the URL or even if they do, only the homepage is mentioned in it.

To take advantage of generating traffic through commenting, the best way is to share the deep link. The link to your actual post which will be similar or relevant to the other person’s post.

This method encourages the other visitors to read through your post directly, rather than searching on the blog itself.

It also allows you to increase the traffic to some more pages and collect data on the popular post and reduces the bounce rate.


Blogging is not only the way to earn money but it is more about being passionate. This passion can be of anything, like a topic or a theory, for example, you might move to talk about shoes or cars.

Then this will encourage you to write on your favorite subject. Or you might be just interested in blogging and choose that as your subject for a blog.

Here the essential thing to remember is that blogging is a continuous process and you need to put the best effort for it to work.

Above tips are few ideas that will guide to initiate the process. Otherwise, keep trying and testing different methods to find which one works best for you.

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