The Color Psychology in Branding and Marketing

Marketing is very important if you want to see your product success. There are many factors you need to consider while marketing a product. Humans like creations and color psychology play an important factor in attracting their attention.

Each color has its own significance in marketing. All brands choose their own colors for marketing and there are many areas where they apply this to advertisements, CTA, banner-ads, etc.

Color Psychology

CTA button color is very effective and can cause different result for different colors. HubSpot conducted a survey and they found that red CTA button outperformed than any other colors.

Marketers want a better conversion rate and for it, they are trying to do anything. Many marketers say that they have successfully created a better conversion rate just by changing the color of CTA. That’s why it says that colors are powerful to attract people’s attention.

If you have an idea about color psychology and have applied it on your website, it can create a huge impact on your conversion rate.

You will get many strategies for increasing conversion rate from other articles. If just by performing some simple changes, you can bring a good change in your brand performance, then why can’t you try it?

What is Color Psychology?

Color Psychology is the area which researches about the influence of colors in decision making and human behaviors. Many branches prefer various colors for themselves.

Choosing a particular color or combining colors can increase brand recognition. When you design a brand’s logo, find appropriate color with attractive features. There are designers who can help with it if you have no idea about this factor.

Choosing a proper color is not an easy task. There are many examples of brands before us who have chosen the most powerful color to get more attractive. Have you noted that before?

Brands and Colours:

Each color corresponds to each quality and brands must be aware of color psychology before designing their logo. Here are some examples of colors and companies who use it.


Red is the color that represents power, energy, youth, and courage. There are many brands which use red color in their brand logo. Coco-cola, Netflix, Levi’s, H&M are some brands which use red as their color


  • Stimulates energy
  • Increase enthusiasm
  • Encourages to do an action
  • Improves confidence


Orange stands for fun, warmth, action, excitement, passion, etc. Brands like Amazon, Harley Davidson, Fanta, Nickelodeon, Mozilla Firefox, etc use orange color


  • Stimulates activity
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Encourage socialization


Yellow stands for happiness and friendliness. This has the power to attract people’s attention. Many brands like McDonald, Hertz, Nikon, Best Buy, etc chose yellow color logos.


  • Stimulates mental process
  • Activates memory
  • Encourages communication
  • Stimulates our nervous system


The green color stands for wealth and nature. It is a relaxing color and can be linked with the growth of power easily.

The main areas where the green color is popular are finance and natural food products. Brands that are using green color for their logo are Starbucks, Animal Planet, Whole foods, Xbox, Android, etc.


  • Relax mentally and physically
  • Reduces depression, anxiety, and nervousness


The blue color is the representation of confidence, loyalty, and strength. It can create calmness in our mind and at the same time, it represents strength and wisdom.

Popular brands with blue logos are Facebook, Ford, Samsung, Dell, Intel, Nokia, etc. Blue comes with banks and businesses usually.


  • Calms and sedates
  • Increases productivity
  • Cool and aids instinct


Grey is the color of intelligence. It emphasis professionalism and reliability. Businesses and expensive gadgets use this color as their logo. Swarovski, Anchor, Jaguar are some popular brands in grey color


  • Authoritative
  • Create expectation


Purple represents wisdom, wealth, spirituality, imaginative, etc. Purple is the color of loyalty and superiority. Brands like Yahoo, Cadbury, FedEx, Zoopla, etc use it as their logo color. Many products in beauty and anti-aging field use purple color mainly


  • Calms your mind
  • Encourages creativity
  • Calms mind and nerves
  • Elevates


Pink is a feminine color and represents love, caring, creative, quirky, etc. T mobile, Victoria Secret, Barbie, Baskin, and Robbins are some brands who use pink in their logo. This color uses for marketing among young girl and women


  • Stimulates energy
  • Encourage action and conditions


Black is a very powerful color and represents luxury, security, elegance, power, authority, etc. Famous brands like MTV, Puma, Boss, Nike, Loreal are some brands who use black color as their logo color. This is popularly used for luxurious products.


  • Mysterious
  • Makes you feel inconspicuous


White is the color of innocence, purity, simplicity, cleanliness.

Adidas, Tesla. Zara, Sony, Apple are some white logo using brands.


  • Enables fresh beginning
  • Add mental clarity
  • Encourages to clear obstacles


Brown is a color of protection and visually stimulating color. This is mainly used for male beauty products. It is known as the safest and sometimes it can be boring also.


  • Relaxed natural energy
  • Stimulate calmness
  • Have you heard about it before?

So, all you have to do is when you design your branding logo consider it as a person and design it using those characteristics. Give colors that are suitable for their type and characteristics.

If you can correctly position your brand in a color, it will lead to your brand’s success. As a brand owner, you must define your brand quality and then choose colors appropriate to it.

The Psychology of Colors in Branding:

Now you know the significance of each color and why brands chose a particular color for their logo. We can say that color is very much related to the personality of humans and that’s the reason for people being color-conscious while picking a brand.

A recent study shows that people prefer brands with red and blue as their logos. The popularity of these colors shows how people view their personality.

Harley Davidson chose the color of orange because it is fun to ride it. The human brain is very complicated, and it immediately picks a brand with attractive colors. This is the main reason why everyone says that colors are very important to build a brand identity.

In color psychology, each color represents a human emotion. But, when you want to project it well with your existing customers, support the character you want to show as your brand personality.

There is not a specific guideline to choose a color for your brand. Each color won’t represent a specific term. When we consider green, it is not only representing calmness. Sometimes we use green to the project environment and in some other context, it also represents finance or money related things.

All you have to look at is your brand characteristic and decide how you want to project it in front of others. If you got an idea of this then it will be easy to design your brand logo with a single color or mix of colors.

Gender and colors:

There are specific colors that each gender like. Men more like colors like blue, green, red, orange, etc and women like to see the colors blue, purple, green, red, etc, more than other colors. Brown, orange, purple are some least favorite colors for both genders.

When you do branding, keep in your mind about these color psychology factors. If your product is for a specific gender then choose the logo color as they like. It should depend on the gender who are likely to buy your product.

Men like bright colors and women mostly prefer soft colors. So, we can say that gender and color have a good relationship and every brand should consider this before designing the logo.

Give recognition to your brand:

There are many examples in front of us where the logo color created great success for the brand. The best example is the Coco-cola. The red color is the trademark of that brand logo and it created a great conversion rate in its marketing efforts.

Many studies showed that red color is more impactful than any other colors like green, yellow, etc. To make the human brain convincing, you need to choose the best color for your brand. Do good research before choosing your logo color and know your customer’s response with it.

Many brands use CTA on their website and the CTA button can be very crucial to their business. Choosing an attractive color button is very important if users need to click on it.

Research showed that a CTA button with red color created 21% more conversion rate than green color CTA button. Like using colors on a website, you should use the appropriate color for your brand logo while marketing.

Choose vibrant colors:

Colors are of various types. Some of them are light and some others are dark colors. Customers like vibrant colors to see in their brand logo. Those colors can create a great impact on the human brain and make it attractive. So, choose vibrant attractive colors on your website while designing.

If you are including a sale button with green color sometimes no one will notice it. It should be red or some bright colors that can create an urgency in the user’s mind. Like this know vibrant colors that both men and women like, design your logo with it. While doing this please stay away from overdoing it also.

Choose a different color from others:

Your brand may have many competitors and it is not a good practice to choose the same color as them. When you design a logo or website for your brand, it should have something special to stand out from the crowd. What you do is to check the most popular color other brands uses and choose a different color.

All social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc use the blue color in their logo. Blue is a very popular color and it represents strength and confidence. But when new apps like Instagram came, it became popular. They tried to outperform other social media platforms and chose a different color for their logo.

Like this, you can also think well and choose a variety of colors from your competitor brand to stand out from the crowd.

Some important factors to consider while choosing colors:

While choosing a color for your business or brand, you must be aware of the following factors. These are some basic points every marketer should know when designing a website, campaign or a logo of a brand. This is the best psychological step, you can make as a marketer to see the success of your effort to please your customers.

Give them their favorite color or combinations and make them believe in your product. Check out these points before marketing your brand.


Before choosing an appropriate color for business, the owner should know the color representations. Choose a color that can convey the type of business you are in. It could be a single color or shades of a color.

Target market:

Next thing one should keep in mind is the market they are aiming to. Define your target market and choose the appropriate choice for your chosen customers. Research well about favorite colors that can be given to each group and come to a suitable conclusion after many trial and errors.


The consistency of color type is very much useful to gain trust among users of your product. Make sure to choose a color that can stand out among the usual brand choices. It will help to build up brand identity and popularity in the market.

Final Words:

Have you thought about color psychology before?

Every business owner or marketer should know the above points before they start to introduce their product to users.

The best example to prove this is when you see a beautifully packed, colorful or good-looking product, everyone will pick it up. This is what the colors do with marketing and conversion rate.

Whatever you give to your audience, make it look attractive with good designs and colors. These rules apply to everything from website logo to campaigns or advertisements.

Are you ready to make your marketing impressive to users? Creative striking designs increase your conversion rate.

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